Automation Engineer Candidates

Candidate 5:

  • Candidate 5 has his AAS in Industrial Electricity & Electronics Technology
  • He has other certifications in hydraulic, pumps & piping, principles of welding and preventative maintenance.
  • He has been in a maintenance role since 2004 where he has continued to progress in his career.
  • He has experience programming PLCs and other solid state controllers for PID loops, servo systems, motor control, and various machine automation.
  • He has experience installing industrial equipment and machinery along with basic pipefitting and fabricating skills to include welding, plasma, and torch cutting.
  • Candidate 5 is located in GA


Candidate 6:

  • Candidate 6 has his BSME
  • He has four years’ experience in manufacturing; 3 years in automotive and 1 in Food Production.
  • He has 3 years’ experience troubleshooting and programming PLCs. He has primarily worked with Allen Bradley PLCs
  • He has experience with PLCs, Robotics and SolidWorks.
  • He has made adjustments and modifications to machinery as well as assisted in installing new machinery and troubleshooting issues on the plant floor.
  • Candidate 6 is located in GA


Candidate 7:

  • Candidate 7 has 14+ yrs experience in equipment automation, mostly in Automotive (plastic and injection molding) but he has also worked in textiles in the past. He has extensive experience with robotics.
  • Robotics experience includes ABB, FANUC, KUKA and SIEMENS. He has extensive experience troubleshooting and optimizing programs as well as programming from scratch. He is strongest on Siemens and Fanuc.
  • His design experience includes building programs, systems, and processes to improve overall efficiencies and customer service.
  • He has very strong project management skills and in his current company does mainly project work. His goals are to increase productivity and run more efficiently.
  • He has a solid knowledge in programming Allen-Bradley Logix 500 and 5000
  • Candidate 7 is located in GA


Candidate 8:

  • Candidate 8 has a BS in Electrical Engineering and 15+ years of industry experience and 4yrs in Electrical/Automation Engineering.
  • He has 3 years experience with all aspect of FANUC robotics, troubleshooting, installing, programming from scratch, modifying features, adding features, etc.
  • He has solid knowledge and proven competence in programming AB Logix 500 and 5000 (he uses almost everyday).
  • He has extensive project management skills. His last project was a Robotic fabrication machine, he doubled it’s capacity and saved 230K per year for company. His current project is taking a 35 year old machine and is in the process of upgrading it’s control system and replacing its unwind system.
  • He is always looking for ways to reduce cost and improve machine performance.
  • currently lives in NY but wants to get back to Atlanta area to be with his family. He currently makes 75K +7% Bonus and would like to stay close to that salary. He has had several phone interviews and is scheduled for a face to face next week. He is very interested in this position because it does not include travel and gets him to the Atlanta area but he will not be on the market long.


Candidate 9:

  • Candidate 9 has a BS in Electrical Engineering and 10+ years of experience in design, specifically related to automated systems control and production support.
  • Extensive experience with PLC Programming in AB Control Logix 500 and 5000 and has been exposed to Solid Works though schematics for electrical panel.
  • He has experience with AutoCAD and AutoCAD electrical and has experience writing software for automation.
  • He has extensive knowledge of pumps, air and hydraulic systems, electrical schematics, and well-versed in state of the art process control methods.
  • He has very strong project management skills with 3+ years experience as a PM, he is a very hands on engineer that leads by example, he has extensive experience in production support and leading production personnel.
  • Candidate 9 is available immediately and is located in GA

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