Buyer Candidates

Candidate 25:

  • Candidate 25 has 20+ years of experience in purchasing and strategic buying roles.
  • She holds a BS in Business Management.
  • In her most recent positon, she handled both MRO and direct procurement.
  • She was handling purchasing and sourcing for 12 plants
  • She has especially enjoyed the category management piece in her procurement career. She is good at managing spend and negotiating contracts, and works well with suppliers.
  • She is quite open to business travel.
  • Candidate 25 is located in Georgia


Candidate 26:

  • Candidate 26 has a BA in Commercial Science
  • He is a Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM)
  • He has worked in operations and supply chain during his working career since the late 70’s.
  • He has very good track record for being a hard negotiator which has netted big cost savings for companies he has worked for in the past.
  • He has worked in a broad range of commodities that he has purchased which range from castings, forgings, machined parts, cable harnesses, stampings plastic components to mention a few.
  • He has lead large outsourcing projects with past companies that have produced significant savings and reduced leadtimes.
  • He has a strong ability to identify and eliminate non-value added activities and rationalization opportunities. Well-versed in SAP and Oracle systems and inventory control systems (Kanban, SCM and Lean Management).
  • Candidate 26 is looking to relocate to Georgia


Candidate 27:

  • Candidate 27 is working to complete her BS in Business Administration-Completion in 12 months.
  • She has experience with various ERP systems through previous positions she has worked. AS400,JD Edwards
  • She has worked in supply Chain positions since 2003
  • She has a solid understanding of purchasing, inventory control, forecasting and business operations.
  • She excels at organizing and setting up new procedures, troubleshooting and taking adverse situations and making them positive.
  • She helps to drive the development of Buyers through teaching, task delegation and stretch goals.
  • Candidate 27 is located in Georgia


Candidate 28:

  • Candidate 28 received his BS in Industrial Technology
  • He is APICS Certified: CPIM & CSCP.
  • He has 20 years experience in Strategic buyer or Purchasing roles in International Manufacturing Companies.
  • He has extensive experience sourcing materials and products in 52 different countries and has traveled to 10 countries. (He especially likes Dominican Republic)
  • He has extensive experience with New Product development during his time with all his previous companies.
  • He believes in innovation and improvement. He has applied this to every project he has ever taken on. He learned well from the Japanse/Kaizen long ago.
  • Candidate 28 is located in Georgia


Candidate 29:

  • Candidate 29 has over 15 years in procurement most of it in operations
  • He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has been trained in lean six sigma and fundamentals of supply chain management
  • He has developed supplier score cards in his roles in procurement consisting of on time delivery, number of rejections, number of passing QA and useable deliveries.
  • He plans purchases based on past usage and sales reports. He will also evaluate the cost/benefit of quantity driven pricing.
  • Most recently he was a Purchasing Manager where he had 7 buyers that reported to him, and he was managing all procurement company-wide.
  • His annual spend reached as much as $42M
  • He has been in charge of many vendor managed contracts in a number of supply and MRO programs including hardware, wire chemicals, furniture, lawn care, cleaning, computers, and packaging
  • He knows the challenge of negotiating favorable pricing in a sole source situation. He managed to contain costs by developing a case based on pricing data off of similar federal contracts and rates.
  • Candidate 29 is located in Georgia


Candidate 30:

  • Candidate 30 is seeking to get to the Charleston, SC area and he is seeking a Director Level position in supply chain.
  • Developed new purchasing operations reporting structure to track MPV, PPV, standard purchases, new product launches, supplier quality, delivery, and service levels
  • Strong forward thinking acumen to predict issues and plan for contingencies
  • Expertise in Global Sourcing, risk mitigation, supplier development, margin improvement, and program management
  • Fluent in developing PFMEAs, Control Plans, GD&T certified, and spearheading continuous improvement
  • Highly educated in the AIAG – PPAP process and trained direct reports to understand the relevance with regards to risk mitigation and successful new product launch
  • Improved lead times with 85% of supply base to meet the on time delivery goals to customers
  • Year over year cost reductions in excess of 10%; 30% reduction in the first two years
  • Achieved a 40% cost reduction in MRO by consolidating vendors to leverage opportunity; further offloaded inventory through a vendor managed inventory agreement which helped reduce consumption


Candidate 31:

  • Candidate 31 has experience in Management – Purchasing, Production, Inventory, and Shipping and Receiving.
  • Experience in a fast past environment with ever changing priorities and situations.
  • He is energetic and enthusiastic work habits, dedicated, self-motivated, trustworthy, responsible, honest, enjoy challenges, innovated, and take pride in my work.
  • He has experience in Electronics, injection molding, die castings, forgings, machining, and metal fabrication.
  • Annual Savings provided by working with current and new vendors on component sourcing:
    • 2012 Cost reductions provided $730K, across 9 products
    • 2013 Cost reductions provided $600K, across 6 products.
    • 2014 Cost reductions provided $606K, across 5 products.
    • 2015 Cost reductions provided $765K, across 6 products.
  • He has an Associate of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering,
  • Candidate 31 is located in Wisconsin and would like to relocate to the south


Candidate 32:

  • Candidate 32 has 16 years’ experience in supply chain operations,
  • At her most recent position, she was handling $125M in annual spend which included transportation contracts and MRO purchases – janitorial, event services, facility maintenance, packaging material, waste mgt, etc.
  • She had 7 people reporting to her on her team.
  • She is an SAP key user and has been strategic in incorporating data and extracting reports in many different ERP systems.
  • Candidate 32 is located in Georgia


Candidate 33:

  • Candidate 33 has her BS in Industrial Engineering and her MS in Engineering Management
  • She has 15+ years experience in Procurement
  • She has been responsible for up to 275 million dollars in spend
  • She has extensive experience in negotiation of contracts, relationship management, customer and vendor interaction, score cards and cost savings initiatives
  • She identifies cost savings through KPIs, Resourcing, Introducing New Programs, and providing initiatives for Key Suppliers. She has also used her Engineering Background to visit suppliers and walk through their process helping identify areas of waste that would create long term cost savings.
  • Candidate 33 is located in Georgia


Candidate 34:

  • Candidate 34 spent 12 years in the Navy getting trained as a Project Manager
  • He has 5 years experience in sourcing and procurement in the private sector
  • He is currently managing $250M in annual spend.
  • He was also able to save them $260k in fuel contracts and $50k in pallet expenses.
  • He is very adept at negotiating terms, SLA’s and implementing VMI programs.
  • He has a green belt in lean
  • He is enthusiastic about being able to move the needle in cost savings and better processes.
  • Candidate 34 is located in GA


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