Chemist Candidates

Candidate 1:

  • Candidate 1 has a BS in Chemistry and 1 year experience in Chemical Formulation.
  • She has 4 years’ experience working in an FDA regulated environment, including her current position with a pharmaceutical company.
  • She has experience in project management, administrative duties and working autonomously with little direction.
  • Candidate 1 is located in Georgia


Candidate 2:

  • Candidate 2 has his PhD and 20+ years experience in formulation chemistry and FDA regulations.
  • He has strong product development, quality engineering and product implementation experience in the chemical field.
  • His FDA formulations experience includes polymer testing, consumer testing, quality engineering, manufacturing, ISO certified and working regulated testing.
  • He has also handled the customer side and marketing.
  • He has been in charge of multiple projects, one grew from 4 to 100 people. This project implemented a new product
  • Candidate 2 is located in Georgia


Candidate 3:

  • Candidate 3 has his BS in Biotechnology & MBA
  • He has 4 years experience in formulation
  • He has experience in data interpretation, presentation, and experimental design and experience using Excel and MiniTab.
  • He has worked on method development, method remediation, Mean targeting (Specifications), Non-conformance/ CAPA projects, Six Sigma projects, laboratory improvement projects.
  • He is accustomed to completing  20-30 page reports where he captures that he has completed the requirements of the original approved protocol, noted any deviation to the protocol and the effect or non-effect. Summary of all raw data and copies of any training records then a conclusion and summary of the test.
  • Candidate 3 is located in Georgia

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