CMM Programmer Candidates

Candidate 5:

  • Candidate 5 received numerous certificates for programming CMM’s.
  • He has held Manufacturing or Quality positions where he has supported the facility with his CMM knowledge.
  • He is currently seeking to relocate to the South to get out of the cold winters.


Candidate 6:

  • Candidate 6 Reports to Quality Manager in Stueken. Quality Dept about 8 people.
  • He works as a CMM Tech/programmer, but acts as a Quality Manager schedule and situation requires.
  • Dimensional work and gauging. 100 employees in the plant. Do deep draw metal parts for fuel injectors. Very tight tolerances.
  • Candidate 6 is located in South Carolina


Candidate 7:

  • Candidate 7 has been working in metrology for close to 20 years programming CMM’s.
  • Most of his programming has been done in Zeiss, but he has been exclusively programming in PC-DMIS for over a year at Woodward.
  • He spends the majority of his time programming, but he also performs audits, training and troubleshooting out on the plant floor ~30-35% of his time is out in the plant.
  • At his most recent employer, he spent about 95% of his time programming. He wrote all the gear machine programs for the wind power unit.
  • Candidate 6 is located in SC


Candidate 8:

  • Candidate 8 has programmed on Allen Bradley PLC’s familiar with Siemens
  • Had exposure to robotics at Exide – some with photo eyes
  • Currently on 2nd shift willing to work night shift. Starting 3rd shift Sunday.
  • Candidate 8 is located in SC


Candidate 9:

  • Candidate 9 has been working in a manufacturing environment, primarily in quality for over 25 years.
  • In his current role, he is programming CMM inspection on power generator parts for GE & Siemens.
  • He writes and troubleshoots programs. He also qualifies the CMM once a week and schedules calibrations.
  • He was trained in Level I & II PC-DMIS programming at Hexagon Metrology in 2014.
  • Candidate 9 is located in SC


Please contact us here or call us at 678.296.5268 for more information on a specific candidate.