Design Engineer Candidates

Candidate 3DE:

  • Canddate 3DE is a 2014 graduate in Mechanical Engineering.
  • His passion is design work.
  • At his current company, he has advanced his expertise in plastics and other packaging materials in his role in the R&D Dept. He primarily assesses new technologies, PET, and coatings.
  • He has strong Autodesk Inventor (3D) skills and has worked in Catia earlier on. He also used Solidworks at DBS, and has run FEA on all three platforms.
  • He has managed projects using MS Project
  • Much of his R&D work now is more analytical – assessing how well the design/technology is performing.
  • Candidate 3DE is located in GA


Candidate 4DE:

  • Candidate 4DE has a BSME from Southern Polytechnic State University and has been working his whole life on cars, motorcycles, ATV’s.
  • He has extensive experience designing and building chassis, he has done suspension work, he has even done his own welding and fabrication.
  • Candidate 4DE has experience working with vendors, he is the “go to guy”, he has also worked trade shows and is comfortable with presentations.
  • He has 15 years experience using AutoCAD and SolidWorks. He can create 2D and 3D models and drawings.
  • Candidate 4DE is located in Georgia.


Candidate 5DE:

  • Candidate 5DE has a Mechanical Engineering degree.
  • He has working experience in Solidworks and participates in weekly project status meetings for tracking progress and activities for next phases in development.
  • He emjoys working in the R&D process, particularly prototyping and testing. He does a lot of hands on prototyping taking designs he has modelled in CAD to 3D printing.
  • His work in soft robotics has introduced him to a variety of fabric and fiberglass applications.
  • Candidate 5DE is located in Georgia.


Candidate 6DE:

  • Candidate 6DE has a Mechanical Engineering degree.
  • While earning his engineering degree he co-oped for an Automotive part manufacturer much of his responsibilities impacted the production process such as putting together work instructions for various line operations. He did perform some CAD as well but mostly assemblies for improving shop processes and material handling.
  • He is proficient in both AutoCAD and Solidworks (over 500 hrs of Solidworks in school.) He dealt with a lot of extruded products and had some stamping experience on a few of his projects there. In his senior design course, he concentrated on designing a machine that taught STEM principles through PFMEA’S.
  • Candidate 6DE is located in Georgia.


Candidate 7DE:

  • Candidate 7DE has a degree in ME from KSU.
  • After graduation in 2014 worked for a year and a half, advancing into a Design Engineer role. He worked closely with customers on new concepts, and has a patent pending in both the AU and EU.
  • He is currently a Product Engineer withan automotive manufacturer working primarily on design improvements that affect part production processes. He drives the drawing and documentation for ECO’s. His projects involve material testing and product/process validation.
  • In his daily role he creates the drawings that get sent to suppliers for fabrication, mostly for injection molding.
  • He’s done some one-off design as well as mass produced product development.
  • His career goal in his next phase is to in the engineering field with more of a focus on the design side – new innovation.  He likes product development including the market research, design phase and validation.
  • His best CAD proficiency is in Solidworks but he works in CATIA.. He has experience with AutoCAD/Inventor, too.
  • He wants to settle down for a long term with a solidly managed company.
  • Candidate 7DE is located in Georgia.


Candidate 8DE:

  • Candidate 8DE graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University.
  • During college, he co-oped with consumer manufacturing company where he was introduced to product development.
  • Soon after graduation, he worked as a product development engineer, he has very strong design skills. He has worked on a number of CAD software platforms, 5 yrs on Solidworks as a co-op. He has been doing 3D modeling at using AutoCAD for 2D layouts, BOMs, and wiring diagrams.
  • He also has done a good amount of project management. About 50% of his current role involves control integration, product development, and lifecycle management.
  • He has worked on a handful of projects that have direct interface with customers. Their typical product development cycle is 3 months. He has used MS Project does product cycle management through Excel, reports, and communication.
  • His other role is spent on developing documentation and driving product quality management.
  • He’s worked with a large variety of materials and components including motors, compressors, plastics and sheet metal.
  • Candidate 8DE is located in Georgia.


Candidate 9DE:

  • Candidate 9DE has a BSME and a Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification.
  • He has the ability to analyze needs, develop solutions, and communicate effectively in a professional and polished demeanor.
  • He has an exemplary knowledge of force analysis, machine dynamics, thermodynamic properties, and material application.
  • He has a high comfort level and adaptive ability with technology and computer programs such as AutoCAD, MATLAB, LabView, JAVA, SolidWorks, MSSQL, Microsoft Suites.
  • His work experience includes dealing with OEM vendors, customer service, sales techniques (including qualifying sales leads), and excellent interpersonal social skills
  • Candidate 9DE is located in Georgia.


Candidate 10DE:

  • Candidate 10DE he graduated with his Master’s in ME in 2011.
  • His day toda work is in the bearings side of the business involves developing different bearing linings based on customer requirements. They do not produce off the shelf bearing products.
  • Quick turnaround is something he deals with every day – usually about a 2 week cycle for a new bearing design – developing concept drawing, cost estimates, manufactured sample and sales proposal.
  • He is familiar with several different design platforms, but works most frequently in NX.
  • He would like to explore a different industry as long as it holds the challenge of developing new ideas and products, he would welcome the opportunity to broaden his exposure.
  • Candidate 10DE is located in CT.


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