Webinar: “16 Ways Your Leadership Approach Can Kill Innovation in the Supply Chain”

Dr. Kim Moore

Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer, The John Maxwell Team


Dr. Kim Moore

Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer, The John Maxwell Team
moderated by Scott W. Luton, CSCP, LSSGB, APICS Southeast District STaff Member, and Managing Partner, TalentStream
Thursday, February 8, 2018
12 noon - 1 pm
Registration Closed

Leadership and supply chain innovation may seem unrelated to some, however, one’s leadership approach can kill innovation within the supply chain.

Until recently, many companies were top-down organizations. Leadership, power, and authority were built on status, longevity, or position. However, this is no longer the case. Today, leadership is established through
integrity, professional reputation, effectiveness, communication, and collaboration.

During this webinar, you will learn how your leadership approach may be killing innovation in the supply chain.

You will learn strategies to foster a culture of innovation and how to optimize team members for growth,
collaboration, and success.

Team members must feel they’re an indispensable part of a supply chain, with leaders that appreciate and support them, and help them to innovate. Assuming you have hired the right team members, it’s up to you as the leader to create this type of culture.

You are the leader and the innovation you seek in the supply chain must start with you!


Facilitator Info

Dr. Kim Moore is a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with The John Maxwell Team. Dr. Moore equips aspiring leaders to expand their influence, guides emerging leaders to lead with confidence, and coaches accomplished leaders to achieve

For 30 years as a military officer, educational leader, adjunct professor, cancer survivor, and leadership guide, Dr. Moore has been at the forefront of equipping others to maximize their potential. Her philosophy is simple: All people are leaders—from the stay-at-home mom raising children, to the store clerk representing a franchise, to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. The only question is this: How effective are they? Learn more at kimdmoore.com .

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