WEBINAR: “Fundamental Philosophies in Negotiation for Buyer & Seller”

Mark M. Bilgin, PhD

Author, "Mastering High Stakes Negotiations"


Mark M. Bilgin, PhD

Author, "Mastering High Stakes Negotiations"
Hosted by Scott W. Luton, CSCP, LSSGB, Managing Partner of TalentStream, EVP of APICS Atlanta
Friday, August 24, 2018
12 noon - 1 pm EDT
Registration Closed

Every negotiator has a set of core principles that are part of his or her negotiation DNA. These principles are often shaped by the negotiator’s education level, battle experience, and cultural upbringing, and act as fundamental building blocks of his or her negotiation style.

Every negotiator should pick his or her own set of core principles that the negotiator is comfortable with and continuously refine them based on their experiences. Choosing the right combination will have a substantial impact on a negotiator’s success and failure in what he or she is trying to achieve in his or her career. In this webinar, we will go through some of the most important philosophies that are needed for anyone that is working in the buying and selling arena to maximize their results.


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Author, “Mastering High Stakes Negotiations”


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