WEBINAR: “How to Effectively Identify, Manage, & Mitigate Risks in the End-to-End Supply Chain”

Carlo Peters

Senior Consultant, BCI Global


Carlo Peters

Senior Consultant, BCI Global
Hosted by Scott W. Luton, CSCP, LSSGB, Managing Partner, TalenStream, and EVP, APICS Atlanta
Tuesday, July 10, 2018
12 noon - 1 pm EDT
Registration Closed

Most companies are aware of supply chain risks and willing to invest in risk management given their uncertain and volatile environment. Yet they have difficulties orchestrating a systematic approach to assess and manage supply chain risks.

BCI Global has developed a unique framework which encompasses of resilience assessment, risk evaluation & prioritization, and financial impact analysis that can be applied as a standalone supply chain risk audit or as part of a review of the end to end supply chain network. Companies that have balanced their supply chain risks sources and organizational resilience competencies, will have a competitive edge when any event occurs. If you have questions like the following, this webinar will be of interest to you:

  • How to create thorough insight into our supply chain vulnerability?
  • What events that might jeopardize our business can we foresee?
  • How to integrate supply chain risk management in designing our manufacturing and distribution network
  • What risk mitigation measures should we invest in?
  • How to create a solid overview of our company current capabilities to deal with supply chain disruptions?
  • How to improve resilience in our organization to deal with unforeseen events and the known but not upfront mitigated risks?

Join us, as we will discuss the BCI approach and two example cases. You will understand where gaps might be found in your existing risk management approach, as well as best practices from other organizations.


Facilitator Info

Carlo Peters is a Senior Consultant with BCI Global.

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