WEBINAR: “Sales Technology: Sales Execution in the Modern World”

Rusty Wiley

Senior Vice President of Sales, TeamOne Logistics


Rusty Wiley

Senior Vice President of Sales, TeamOne Logistics
HOsted by Scott W. Luton, CSCP, LSSGB, Founder & Host of Supply Chain Now Radio
Thursday, January 17, 2019
12 noon ET - 1 pm ET
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Sales technology that helps companies prospect, gather data, reach out to prospects via automated emails and cadences, and track literally everything about how they engage with your outreach is abundant with the rise of tech startups over the last 5 years or so. How do you utilize these tools and create a sales process that you can effectively navigate and execute on? How do you bridge the gap and use this technology to gain valuable face to face interaction in a complex sales environment?

In this live webinar, Rusty Wiley shares his experience leading a fast growth logistics workforce firm and insights into how technology can refine your sales strategy.

Facilitator Info

Rusty Wiley is the Senior Vice President of Sales at TeamOne Logistics, and a 11-year veteran in sales and marketing. In 2007, Rusty started his career in professional sports with the AAA base-
ball franchise in Oklahoma City and then helping launch the sales for the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA franchise when they relocated to Oklahoma from Seattle the summer of 2008. Rusty then worked on two new stadium projects with the NFL (San Francisco and Atlanta) (2011-2016) focused on the market strategy and sales execution of luxury suites and seating. His
knowledge of sales process, execution, team building, and proven growth strategies have led to TeamOne Logistics rapid growth from 2016 to current as he leads the sales team nationally for the company.To learn more, visit: www.teamonelogistics.com

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