Fabricator Candidates

Candidate 1:

  • Candidate 1 has a welding diploma
  • He has over 20 years experience with welding and robot programming.
  • He has 4 years experience as a Quality Control Supervisor where he performed in-process inspections.
  • He has the skills to install parts on robots, complete required maintenance on jigs/fixtures and program robots.
  • He is qualified to train and supervise new employees on correct welding procedures.
  • Candidate 1 is located in GA


Candidate 2:

  • Candidate 2 has his welding & joining certification
  • He has performed structural welding where he has worked on stadiums, bridges, schools.
  • He worked in several privately owned shops where he fabricated security gates, security grills, security window frames and made repairs to logging trailers.
  • He is seeking to work for a company that will recognize his hard work and provide an opportunity to continue to learn and take on greater responsibility.
  • He is a green card holder and is located in GA

Please contact us here or call us at 678.296.5268 for more information on a specific candidate.