Maintenance Engineer Candidates

Candidate 2MaE:

  • Candidate 2MaE is a Mechanical Engineer with a degree from Georgia Tech (2007).
  • He started his career out of college in a small to medium sized custom metal fabrication shop working with his uncle. He was the only engineer on staff when he began, which basically put him in charge of all technical requirements from material sourcing, to engineering, shop instructions, and customer support.
  • He transitioned to a different organization and works in their manufacturing engineering technology group doing process improvement activities using lean and 6-sigma tools.
  • He says he’s typically out on the plant floor 60-70% of the time. He reports to the Director of the Manufacturing Technology Group who reports to the Site Manager of the plant.
  • He’s been responsible for several projects designed to improve production throughput. He’s secured new equipment quotes, helped install and validate equipment, and is responsible for training employees on the new equipment.
  • He has a lot of engagement with plant personnel. It’s his job to ensure successful implementation of new equipment installations.
  • He’s found that the production personnel know the processes and the products. He engages them in helping identify best practices in their area, and then creates standard work instructions for the process on the new equipment.
  • He values communication with floor personnel, and understands the occasional challenge faced in getting them to adopt change.  He conducts a lot of time studies on the floor. He also does a lot of information gathering to determine where they have gaps or waste in their processes.
  • He’s not involved in any Kaizens right now, but has been in the past.
  • He is greenbelt certified in LSS. His greenbelt project was in waste reduction which he worked on with some of his colleagues to achieve targeted goals.


Candidate 1:

  • Candidate 1 has 28 years experience in Industrial fields, 22 years in Automotive
  • He worked his way up from Maintenance Department, to working as Continuous Improvement Manager. He now works as Maintenance Supervisor with 13 direct reports.
  • He has extensive experience with coating and primer application. He also has extensive experience with PLC (Mostly Allen Bradley) including programing.
  • He has applied 5S/Lean principles his whole career.
  • He was in charge of teaching the Lock Out/Tag Out class for all new employees.
  • He is self-motivated, and safety is his first concern.
  • Candidate 1 is located in South Carolina


Candidate 2:

  • Candidate 2 has his BS in Mechanical Engineering
  • During his caree,r he has gained extensive experience as a Process/Maintenance Engineer, including improving and implementing preventative maintenance process and optimizing production by reducing set up times.
  • He considers himself and expert on Machinery. He is very comfortable with all types of equipment, how it works, performing preventative maintenance and writing procedures.
  • He has conducted many Kaizen events and is very comfortable on the Manufacturing floor. He is a completely “Hands On” Engineer.
  • He has more than 18+ years experience in Manufacturing Process Engineering. He is looking for a “Permanent” Engineering position within an organization where he can grow and build his career.
  • Candidate 2 is located in Georgia


Candidate 3:

  • Candidate 3 has 20 + years experience in Automotive foundries. He has worked on Break Systems, Rear Axil and Steering components.
  • He has 30 years experience in Maintenance and Automation controls. Extensive experience with Mitsubishi and Allen Bradley PLC’s; trouble shooting, repairing and programming.
  • He has been exposed to 5S and Lean principles his whole career.
  • He has 20 years experience as a supervisor and working with OEM companies. He has performed and trained shut down/tag out.
  • Candidate 3 is located in Illinois and is interested in relocating to the South


Candidate 4:

  • Candidate 4 has extensive experience working a variety of roles from plant manager, operations manager, director of engineering, maintenance engineer and controls engineer.
  • Everything in him is LEAN. He has extensive experience in the AUTOMOTIVE industry.
  • He has extensive experience and is a very “hands on” supervisor.
  • He is considered a Turn around/start up specialist in all systems and fields. He has helped open several plants and help underperforming plants turn around.
  • He specializes in automation and body shops. He is skilled in metal stamping, forming and assembly operations.
  • He has strong robotic and PLC programming skills. He is certified in Hydraulics and Pneumatics.
  • He was so much fun to speak with, he has great personality and a lot of confidence in his ability to make a difference within a company.
  • Candidate 4 is located in Alabama and is open to relocation in the South East.


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