Maintenance Technician Candidates

Candidate 7:

  • Candidate 7 has 12+ years experience working as a maintenance tech and then an automation engineer
  • He’s been at his current job since startup – was involved in building the building and getting the lines installed and running.
  • He has been programming robots, troubleshooting production processes and installing vision systems. He works in encapsulation.
  • His passion is working with automating processes and robotics.
  • Candidate 7 is located in GA


Candidate 8:

  • Candidate 8 has an ASA degree in Computer & Electronics Engineering Technology
  • He has a very broad background in manufacturing where he worked as a maintenance tech and up to an including a Lead where he has supervised up to 28 direct reports.
  • Candidate 8 has several certifications
  • His mechanical skills cover a broad variety of equipment which includes Pneumatics, Hydraulics, vacuum systems and PLC controllers.
  • Candidate 8 is located in Georgia


Candidate 9:

  • Candidate 9 has 24 years of industrial/commercial Mechanics
  • 19 years conveyor systems (Hi speed Machinery)
  • 14 years Electrical & PLC Troubleshooting (Siemens & Allen Bradley)
  • 18 years Welding & Fabricating
  • 11 years Automotive/Restoration Maintenance and machinery (3 award winning cars built)
  • He is able to run all the equipment in a machine shop such as drill presses, lathes, milling machines and saws.
  • He and his family are seeking to relocate to the Atlanta area from Tennessee.


Candidate 10:

  • Candidate 10 completed his degree in Electro/Mechanical Technology
  • He has also completed a 5 week course on troubleshooting Allen Bradley PLC’s in 1997
  • He served in the US Air Force for 4 years
  • He has worked for leading automotive companies
  • He is a well versed maintenance tech that has weld/fabrication skills along with great mechanical skills as well as electrical skills.
  • He can work in different roles as required up to and including a lead role in order to keep machines working properly.
  • Candidate 10 is located in Georgia


Candidate 11:

  • Candidate 11 has his diploma in industrial electricity.
  • has the ability to run any shop equipment such as mills, lathes and is able to mig weld for any needed repairs.
  • He has basic PLC troubleshooting skills with Siemens & Allen Bradley as well as robotic experience with Fanuc pick & place units.
  • He has shown very good stability in his working career but is seeking a company that can provide a good working environment along with good benefits.
  • Candidate 10 is located in GA


Candidate MT1:

  • Candidate MT1 has 12 years’ experience working as an Electrician.
  • He has his Associates in Industrial Maintenance.
  • He has worked in Recycling, Alloy Extrusion (Auto), Palletizer/Material Handling Manufacturing Industries.
  • He is hands-on and currently working as a Maintenance Lead.
  • Experienced in Maintenance and currently scheduled PM once a week for 3 plants.
  • Experienced in AC/DC motors, PLC troubleshooting, control panels, hydraulics, pneumatics.
  • He also is a certified Forklift operator and crane systems.
  • Candidate MT1 is located in Alabama, but looking to relocate.


Candidate MT2:

  • Candidate MT2 is working in California as an Equipment Maintenance Tech at a large automotive manufacturer.  Previous to this role, he worked at another large automotive manufacturer for 13 years as an Assemblyman and Robot Keeper.
  • He is experienced in the OEM Automotive Manufacturing industry and understands plc troubleshooting and robotics maintenance.
  • He is currently in California, but would like to relocate back to the south.


Candidate MM3:

  • Candidate MM3 has a AS degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from Piedmont Technical College and extensive experience in the Automotive industry.
  • He has 12 years experience in Robotics, including Kuka (2yrs), Allen Bradley SLC5, RSlogix 5000, Siemens S7, Staubli and ABB. He is comfortable troubleshooting PLC systems, control systems and conveyor systems.
  • He has 12 + years experience with hydraulics, pneumatics, injection machines, vision systems, conveyors, robotics, control systems, etc.
  • He can read and troubleshoot using Ladder Logic and interface and get online with HMI but cannot program.
  • He currently lives in Tennessee but would be open to relocation.


Candidate MT4:

  • Candidate MT4 has been troubleshooting and working maintenance on robots and PLC’s for over 5 years.
  • He has an Associates degree in Electronics and Automated Controls. He’s quite practiced at motors and controls and is an experienced electrician.
  • He is able to go in and make changes to timers and loops. He’s good at pinpointing problems. He doesn’t do any programming but is able to read and understand ladder logic.
  • His most recent position was with an automotive manufacturing plant in Nevada that makes large cell lithium ion batteries.
  • He is currently located in Nevada but looking to move back into the southeast.


Candidate MT5:

  • Candidate MT5 works for a Robot integrator services company based out of Ohio.
  • He has been working as a Robot Technician for the company since 2014.
  • In his day to day, he is involved in Mechanical and Electrical robot building, troubleshooting and maintaining systems predominately for the Automotive industry.
  • He has PLC problem-solving experience as well as HMI, Control panel, and Servo Motors problem-solving experience.
  • He works with FANUC robots with AB and Mitsubishi PLC’s.
  • Candidate MT5 is located in Ohio, but happy to relocate.


Candidate MT6:

  • Candidate MT6 began his career in welding but decided to change direction.
  • He went back to school to get an Associate’s Degree in Mechatronics which he finished up in May 2013
  • He developed strong on-the-job maintenance expertise working for Tier I automotive and plastics manufacturers.
  • He has worked with a variety of PLC’s, Robotics platforms (Kuka, ABB, etc.), and has maintained a variety of injection molding machines.
  • He currently lives in South Carolina and would be able to relocate if necessary.


Candidate MT7:

  • Candidate MT7 has worked with both Fanuc and Motoman robotics controls.
  • He has basically worked with hydraulics, pneumatics, motors, and controls everywhere he’s worked.
  • He’s also worked with HMI’s. They converted all their start/stop switches in the cutting operations at A.K. to HMI control. He’s worked on Mitsibushi, Rockwell and others.


Candidate MT8:

  • Candidate MT8 has been working in field service and industrial automation maintenance and repair for over 15 years.
  • He’s worked with almost every type of automation equipment.
  • He has worked on all Kuka equipment at Flextronics – equipment was installed by Grenzebach.
  • Don is not a PLC programmer, but he can troubleshoot PLC’s.
  • In a orevious position, he was in automated bottled water production plant where he did both facility maintenance and production equipment repair.
  • He says he’s pretty comfortable with maintaining hardware and electrical components.
  • He is currently a full-time employee of ATXRS (a division of Voltavox) that manufactures lithium ion batteries used in Teslas, mining equipment, and electric rail cars.
  • He services the automated production equipment that produces the cell packs and modules. They have 6-axis pick and place robots manufactured by Yaskawa. The line includes MFP400 Miyachi Weld Heads and MFP800 Miyachi Dual servo weld heads. Both lines run on Siemens S7 PLC’s.
  • Candidate MT8 lives near Austin, TX.


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