Manufacturing/CI Engineer Candidates

Candidate 6MaE:

  • Candidate 6MaE graduated in 2013 with a Mechanical Engineer from Mississippi State where he began his on the job career training as a co-op in a waste water treatment facility.
  • He has been working as a process engineer since graduating from college; three years in PVC compounding and the last two years in activated carbon production.
  • He oversees production of carbon activation, drying, off-gas removal and destruction.
  • He works directly with their engineering group to support and implement process improvement projects including capital equipment installations on the plant floor.
  • He writes a lot of daily process notes which are used to push suggestions and approaches up to management for developing new initiatives.
  • He describes himself as a forward-thinking engineer with a passion for keeping the plant running.
  • He also works with their co-ops requiring them to take a statistical class to be used in analyzing data for process control.
  • He has no direct reports right now, but he has a lot of dotted line responsibility in the production operation. He works through the foreman to promote changes on the line.
  • At a previous organization, he was the black belt engineer for the division. He worked with a trained many of their green belts.
  • He is LSS certified, and utilizes statistical process mapping to determine whether or not a Kaizen event is needed.


Candidate 5MaE:

  • Candidate 5MaE got his degree in Polymer & Fiber Engineering in 2013 from Auburn University.
  • He co-oped during school in the carpet industry. Upon graduation, he took a position where he advanced through their training program into a quality role in the plant. This is where Chris gained his experience in SPC and six sigma process optimization.
  • He was eventually promoted into a Sales Engineer role where he got some good experience on the sales and planning side of the business, but he missed being in plant operations. He says he enjoys the engineering side of the business more than technical sales.
  • When the opportunity came along to work as a Process Engineer almost two years ago, he took it.
  • He is very involved in operator training, teaching machinery functions – the floor associates don’t report directly to him, but he works very closely with the line supervisors.
  • He is constantly out on the plant floor, and he does manage the blending dept. He has 4 people reporting to him.
  • The plant he’s currently in does all their own raw material compounding and extrusions.
  • He regularly uses SPC in his work. He was developing a company-wide control center for statistical trend mapping to predict failure occurrences designed for PM scheduling prior to occurrence.
  • His organization is addressing some quality issues, so he is using Power BI as his tool for variation studies.


Candidate 4MaE:

  • Candidate 4MaE is a Chemical Engineer with 4-year experience, 3 in the paper industry.
  • During his time as an Early Career Development Associate, he rotated through various areas of the Company. (Mill, Carton, Printing, Boxing, Lab) It was a valuable way to find where he was best suited, Process Engineer.
  • He is Six Sigma Green Belt Certified. He has led many projects; several are outlined on his resume. The one he is most proud of is the Unscale Waste Reduction. Not only did it save the most money but also it was a simple idea no one had thought of and shows the potential of a Kaizen project.
  • His Excel skills are excellent. In fact, he knows Macro. He felt bad asking the same questions so: “ I learned how to Macro myself instead of bothering my co-workers now I am more efficient.”


Candidate 3MaE:

  • Candidate 3MAE is a Chemical Engineer who runs the R&D batch production operation.
  • He handles production of new product mixes and supplier quality oversight. He’s also in charge of projects involving equipment improvement.
  • When he first got hired on, they were lacking in P&ID’s and had few SOPs in place.
  • He said they were losing one batch (unsaturated polyester resins) a week in the R&D operation when he took over, and now their yield is at 100%. He was able to apply lean best practices to his operation in order to achieve this.
  • Two major KPI’s he’s worked on over the past couple of years – reducing off-spec mixtures and delivery times (lead times) – he says his on-time delivery is tracking around 96%.
  • Some of the improvements he’s made include changing a lot of cleaning procedures in batch changeovers, implementing 5s practices in his area, keeping up with product tracking (testing analysis) for comparison against specifications and customer audits and developing equipment PM schedules.
  • He performs a lot of root cause analysis. If production has an off-spec batch, he gets involved. They had one product that was leaving the mixing tank and getting clogged in the discharge piping. He had to come up with a corrective action plan to adjust the flow temperature through the pipe to prevent the change in viscosity.
  • He likes process work, but wants to expand his industry exposure and the level of responsibility he has.


Candidate 3:

  • Candidate 3 has 10+ years in manufacturing. Mainly in fabrication.
  • Has led several Kaizan Events and participated in several as well. Most recently, he led a Kaizan Event where he was able to save 35-40% of flow space/ Warehouse space
  • He currently works in a Quality Role but has a strong background in CI/ Lean Manufacturing and would like to get back into a role in Continuous Improvement
  • He is interested in working in a warehouse or DC and feels he could significantly contribute to cost savings and improvements.
  • Candidate 3 is located in Georgia


Candidate 4:

  • Candidate 4 has his Masters in Industrial Engineering and 5 years Manufacturing experience in the auto industry, spanning process planning and improvement, project management and supplier assistance.
  • He has led Kaizen events focusing on elimination of 7 wastes, cost reduction and efficiency improvements.
  • He has some management experience and always been in charge of CI teams in all positions.
  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and Proficient in PPAP process, SPC, APQP, FMEA, VSM, Root Cause Analysis.
  • Candidate 4 is looking for opportunities in the Atlanta area and requires sponsorship


Candidate 5:

  • Candidate 5 is an Industrial Engineer with his MBA and 6 years Industrial Manufacturing experience.
  • He has managed multiple continuous improvement projects including various disciplines such as quality, waste, productivity, and materials. He enjoys making things better. “More for less”
  • He has 3+years Management experience. He currently has 3 direct reports and 140 employees. He leads cross functional teams and likes handling multiple discipline projects.
  • He has been trained in Six Sigma and lead many Kaizen programs. He has functional experience in Assembly, Injection Molding, Painting and Stamping.
  • Candidate 5 is located in Georgia


Candidate 6:

  • Candidate 6 has 15 years experience in Manufacturing and 11 years in Continuous Improvement. He has been in management roles almost his whole career.
  • He has had anywhere from 8-10 direct reports and up to 60 indirect reports.
  • He is a Lean Champion and is always looking for ways to reduce waste.
  • Candidate 6 is located in Georgia


Candidate 7:

  • Candidate 7 has over 15 years’ experience in industrial operations impacting manufacturing and distribution efficiencies.
  • His undergraduate degree is in Project and Operational Management. In addition to his college degree he has trained under the Toyota Lean system and is an APICS certified CPIM. He is currently pursuing an MBA in Finance.
  • He manages continuous improvement on 3 different industrial campuses.
  • He was originally hired as Value Stream Manager where he was able to move the profitability needle from red to black in 90 days utilizing lean manufacturing tools.
  • For the last three years he has been driving lean initiatives across three of their business units: Medical, GE turbines, and Automotive.
  • He has experience with MS Project and other lean worksheets for project tracking.
  • He has done CAD projects in their automotive division to design a pull system and shrink the production footprint.
  • Candidate 7 is located in GA


Candidate 1MaE:

  • Candidate 1MaE graduated from Georgia Tech in Biomedical Engineering in May of 2012.
  • He began his tenure in medical manufacturing as a product development intern, but quickly advanced into validation engineering where he was responsible for test method validations and inspection method validation plans/reports, generating equipment specifications and tool specifications, and designing new inspection tools.
  • He then went into NPD. He is listed on a patent for a transdermal electrical stimulation patch.
  • He moved back to Atlanta at the end of 2015 and took on a role as a Manufacturing Engineer.
  • He is currently the Process owner for several key processes in their operations.
  • He’s done new equipment validation, IQ/OQ/PQ and has been very involved in the quality process.
  • One of his processes involves the sterile barrier and pouch sealing operation is done in-house. He’s designed tests for pull force and pouch seal strength.
  • He also owns the pouch coating process. He gets very excited about the design of experiments.
  • He is a member of the supplier quality management team and is currently validating one of their suppliers involved in the pouch coating process.
  • He has done installation qualification of equipment. He usually authors the protocols and oversees the implementation.
  • Candidate 1MaE lives in Roswell, GA.

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