Mechanical Engineer Candidates

Candidate 19:

  • Candidate 19 has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech 2016.
  • He is certainly not afraid of getting his hands dirty and welcomes any challenge that comes his way.
  • He is seeking his first opportunity to be able to use the degree that he earned at Georgia Tech.
  • Candidate 19 is located in GA and open to relocation


Candidate 20:

  • Candidate 20 has a BS Mechanical Engineering
  • He currently doing a contract position that will end in May
  • He is comfortable with working out on the shop floor and does not mind getting his hands dirty
  • He rates himself at a 7 on mechanical aptitude.
  • Candidate 20 is located in GA


Candidate 21:

  • Candidate 21 has a BS in Mechanical EngineeringTechnology where she maintained a 3.2 GPA.
  • She had a senior project where she worked as team member to design/build a Knife Grinder. The team had to design, build or buy the necessary components to build the knife sharpener.
  • She is proficient with solidworks and has hands on experience with CNC mills and lathes and can also weld.
  • Candidate 21 is located in South Carolina and open to relocation in the South East


Candidate 22:

  • Candidate 22 completed his BS in mechanical engineering Dec 2016 and is now seeking his first opportunity to use his degree.
  • He is not afraid to get out on the shop floor for 70+% of his day and get his hands dirty.
  • Dedrick got the opportunity to work on a senior project to solve Quality issues and improve line speeds. He and the team designed and built a mask to go over the transmission for bolt insertion and they also incorporated a bowl feeder to speed up the process and get the bolts in the correct position for torque purposes.
  • He was the team member that had the ability to go to the shop and use the lathe or mills to produce needed parts for the project.
  • Candidate 22 is located in GA.


Candidate 23:

  • Candidate 23 has his Associates in Mechanical Technology and 14 years experience in machine design and has designed automated machines and mechanisms for a variety of industries including textile.
  • Candidate 23 has 12 years experience with SolidWorks and has used the program to design, customize and make modifications.
  • Candidate 23 has strong project management skills and has brought countless projects to completion. He has led everything from procurement to instillation. He likes to get on the plant floor and assist with reading blue prints to ensure machinery is installed correctly.
  • He has a great attitude and is a hard worker ensuring that he “gets the job done”
  • He is currently working a contract position because his role at JSI/SPS was eliminated due to a change in direction for the company.
  • Candidate 23 is located in GA


Candidate 1ME:

  • Candidate 1ME is a Mechanical Engineer with almost 20 years in the linear drives & actuators custom applications industry. Most of his career has been as an Applications Engineer.
  • He is actively pursuing a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management.
  • He is currently located in New York but is open to relocation.


Candidate 2ME:

  • Candidate 2ME has his degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University and 30+ years experience in manufacturing.
  • He has worked in a variety of industries but most of his career was spent in automotive and Lean environments.
  • He has extensive training in Lean and even worked for 3 years as a Lean consultant where he would spend a month to a month and a half at different manufacturing facilities training employees on Lean techniques including 5S, Genba walks and Kaizen events.
  • Robert has a strong mechanical aptitude and familiarity with machinery, as well as project management experience and strong leadership skills.
  • He is located in GA.


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