Operations Manager/Plant Manager Candidates

Candidate 23OPM:

  • Candidate 23OPM has five years’ experience in food production and 5 years’ experience as a Supervisor.
  • In his current role he supervises 40 operators in the production.
  • He is very big on Safety and is constantly explaining why it is important to follow SOPs.
  • He has a strong mechanical aptitude and is a very hard worker
  • Candidate 23OPM is located in GA.


Candidate 24OPM:

  • Candidate 24OPM has been in manufacturing/ production for 17 years is passionate about Lean and CI.  She explains Lean to an hourly employee as a way to eliminate waste, meet production goals and ultimately make everyone’s job easier.
  • She lead many CI projects including where she identified wasted time and movement when boxes were brought from the warehouse to production and then unpacked and loaded on racks.  She moved the racks to the Warehouse and set up a system where boxes were unpacked and discarded and material was placed on the carts and then moved to production.  This saved significant time and money.
  • She believes that the most important quality of a good manager is communication.  She often asks her employees: “What can I do to make your job better?” If everyone understands her expectations and that she is there to help things go smoothly.
  • Candidate 24OPM is located in GA


Candidate 25OPM:

  • Candidate 25OPM has a BS in Business Management and LSS Yellow belt.
  • He has participated in several Kaizen events that reduced man hours/ over time and increased safety
  • He has managed up to 50 employees and describes himself as a hands on manager.  He is always walking the floor, asking questions, helping and training when necessary.
  • He has worked in the automotive, electronic and food industry
  • He is currently working in a contract position while he looks for a full-time supervisor role.
  • He is bilingual and speaks both Spanish and English
  • Candidate 25OPM is located in SC and is open to relocation anywhere in GA


Candidate 26OPM:

  • Candidate 26OPM has his BS in Technology Management.
  • He has worked in textile manufacturing for 12+ years and worked his way up to a Supervisor position.
  • He has lead several process improvements projects to the equipment for either to improve efficiency or safety upgrades along with 5s projects.
  • He is currently working on a project to reduce labor and has effectively reduced by ½ to 1 person on each machine through employing an accountability dashboard
  • He describes himself as an involved and hands on manager.  He is a real people person and has been successful as a supervisor because he has been in the operator’s shoes.  He coaches his employees and likes to understand why someone’s numbers have fallen and what he can do to help.
  • He sees himself as a mentor for the employees and leads by example, He encourages and coaches associates to advance their skills
  • Candidate 26OPM is located in GA


Candidate 27OPM:

  • Candidate 27OPM an Associate in Business Management/Operations and he is currently working on his BS.
  • He has 12 years experience in management, he uses a coaching style where he is on the floor with his employees understanding all task being done so he can identify any wasted motion and improve quality in the process. He believes in being fair and consistent.
  • He is savvy with Microsoft office products.
  • In his current role has implemented a 1 piece flow system which resulted in a reduction in labor and when fully implement over all 4 lines will eliminate more fixed costs.  He also revamped their one of the production lines and took them from 25% OTD to 98% OTD.
  • Candidate 27OPM is located in TN.


Candidate 28OPM:

  • Candidate 28OPM is a Production Manager with 7 years experience supervising up to 40 employees. He is comfortable applying continuous improvement philosophies to operational issues.
  • He analyzes processes and creates solutions that maximize efficiency, resulting in increased profitability and decreased waste. He has engineers on multiple CI projects, helped implement 5S and was in charge of a peg board project that helped make location tools more efficient.
  • He has been running his own electrical/plumbing business since summer of 2016 but is ready to get back to the family feel of working with a company.
  • Candidate 28OPM is located in GA.


Candidate 29OPM:

  • Candidate 29OPM has extensive experience in Lean and CI. He has been involved in two facilities where he was responsible for helping build the Lean/ CI program from the ground up.
  • He has worked in a variety of industries including automotive for 20+ years.
  • He has managed up to 120 hourly employees and he describes himself as more of a coach. He likes to ensure his employees can take on the day to day responsibilities so he can focus on CI.
  • He has been involved in multiple Kaizen events utilizing CI tools, his team was able to determine that the issue and root cause and implemented a solution which led to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.
  • In his next role he is looking for a permanent role with a stable organization. He has a great attitude and work ethic and would be an asset to any organization.
  • Candidate 29OPM is located in GA


Candidate 30OPM:

  • Candidate 30OPM has a very strong background in Lean and CI
  • He is currently working as a CI consultant and is looking for a permanent role closer to his home.
  • In his current role, he recently completed a project that will save his employer 50k a month through improving the change over process
  • He has his LSS Green belt and 15 years experience leading CI initiatives.
  • He has led multiple Kaizen events and believes he can hit the ground running in that area
  • Candidate 30OPM is located in GA


Candidate 31OPM:

  • Candidate 31OPM has been exposed to Lean principles and CI projects in most of his jobs. He explains Lean to an hourly employee as “A way of looking at the process and determining where and how we can make changes that will make your job easier”
  • He has been in manufacturing his entire career and has worked in the plastics and flooring industries. He has helped with designing process flow and installing machinery in new facilities.
  • He has been in a supervisor/ lead role for 10 years and has worked his way up in every role he has held in his career. He has managed up to 25 employees.
  • He manages by listening to his employees and gaining their respect by giving them respect.
  • He has mostly held the title of Production Lead and is looking to advance his career by moving into a supervisor role.  He currently fills in as a supervisor on a regular basis now.
  • Candidate 31OPM is located in GA


Candidate 32OPM:

  • Candidate 32OPM has a BS in Business Management.
  • She has taken some classes on Lean Manufacturing and has participated in 5S projects but would require some additional training on Lean terminology etc.  She is ALWAYS willing to further her education and would love an opportunity to take more formal Lean training.
  • She has led several CI projects where she has been able to decrease downtime and increase efficiency and production
  • She has over 12 years’ experience in textile manufacturing and worked her way up from an operator to supervising two departments
  • She also has over 2 years experience as a supervisor and has supervised up to 60 associates. She was able to turn her departments around through observing, providing positive reinforcement, and gaining her employees respect.
  • Candidate 32OPM is located in GA


Candidate 33OPM:

  • Candidate 33OPM has his Associates in Business Administration and 13 years experience as a supervisor- All of which has been in textile/ carpet manufacturing.
  • He has extensive experience in Lean manufacturing and CI principles. He has managed up to 60 employees.
  • He has been on several Kaizen teams and recently participated In a Kaizen event at where they were able to cut in half the “off quality” product waste through visual management techniques and training hourly employees,
  • He is a people person- “it is important to identify how people are motivated because everyone is motivated differently and then adjust your management style accordingly” . He believes in coaching and “lighting a spark” in all his employees
  • He has a great personality and is very loyal to his employer- he says that he is competitive and can see the “big picture”- he wants his shift to always contribute to the overall success of the organization.
  • Candidate 33OPM is located in GA.


Candidate 34OPM:

  • Candidate 34OPM has been in automotive manufacturing his entire career. He has two years of supervisory experience. He has worked his way up from an operator to a supervisor.
  • He has been associated with several Kaizen events and was able to walk me through a recent event where they reduced downtime and saved steps through installing an old conveyor for a mandatory 2nd inspection of BMW doors
  • He has managed up to 38 people and believes in “leading by example- a Boss says Go a Leader says Follow Me”
  • He is looking for a role where he can make an impact. He enjoys being a proponent of change and coaching employees.
  • Candidate 34OPM is located in GA.


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