Operations Manager/Plant Manager Candidates

Candidate 23OPM:

  • Candidate 23OPM has five years’ experience in food production and 5 years’ experience as a Supervisor.
  • In his current role he supervises 40 operators in the production.
  • He is very big on Safety and is constantly explaining why it is important to follow SOPs.
  • He has a strong mechanical aptitude and is a very hard worker
  • Candidate 23OPM is located in GA.


Candidate 24OPM:

  • Candidate 24OPM has been in manufacturing/ production for 17 years is passionate about Lean and CI.  She explains Lean to an hourly employee as a way to eliminate waste, meet production goals and ultimately make everyone’s job easier.
  • She lead many CI projects including where she identified wasted time and movement when boxes were brought from the warehouse to production and then unpacked and loaded on racks.  She moved the racks to the Warehouse and set up a system where boxes were unpacked and discarded and material was placed on the carts and then moved to production.  This saved significant time and money.
  • She believes that the most important quality of a good manager is communication.  She often asks her employees: “What can I do to make your job better?” If everyone understands her expectations and that she is there to help things go smoothly.
  • Candidate 24OPM is located in GA


Candidate 25OPM:

  • Candidate 25OPM has a BS in Business Management and LSS Yellow belt.
  • He has participated in several Kaizen events that reduced man hours/ over time and increased safety
  • He has managed up to 50 employees and describes himself as a hands on manager.  He is always walking the floor, asking questions, helping and training when necessary.
  • He has worked in the automotive, electronic and food industry
  • He is currently working in a contract position while he looks for a full-time supervisor role.
  • He is bilingual and speaks both Spanish and English
  • Candidate 25OPM is located in SC and is open to relocation anywhere in GA


Candidate 26OPM:

  • Candidate 26OPM has his BS in Technology Management.
  • He has worked in textile manufacturing for 12+ years and worked his way up to a Supervisor position.
  • He has lead several process improvements projects to the equipment for either to improve efficiency or safety upgrades along with 5s projects.
  • He is currently working on a project to reduce labor and has effectively reduced by ½ to 1 person on each machine through employing an accountability dashboard
  • He describes himself as an involved and hands on manager.  He is a real people person and has been successful as a supervisor because he has been in the operator’s shoes.  He coaches his employees and likes to understand why someone’s numbers have fallen and what he can do to help.
  • He sees himself as a mentor for the employees and leads by example, He encourages and coaches associates to advance their skills
  • Candidate 26OPM is located in GA


Candidate 27OPM:

  • Candidate 27OPM an Associate in Business Management/Operations and he is currently working on his BS.
  • He has 12 years experience in management, he uses a coaching style where he is on the floor with his employees understanding all task being done so he can identify any wasted motion and improve quality in the process. He believes in being fair and consistent.
  • He is savvy with Microsoft office products.
  • In his current role has implemented a 1 piece flow system which resulted in a reduction in labor and when fully implement over all 4 lines will eliminate more fixed costs.  He also revamped their one of the production lines and took them from 25% OTD to 98% OTD.
  • Candidate 27OPM is located in TN.


Candidate 28OPM:

  • Candidate 28OPM is a Production Manager with 7 years experience supervising up to 40 employees. He is comfortable applying continuous improvement philosophies to operational issues.
  • He analyzes processes and creates solutions that maximize efficiency, resulting in increased profitability and decreased waste. He has engineers on multiple CI projects, helped implement 5S and was in charge of a peg board project that helped make location tools more efficient.
  • He has been running his own electrical/plumbing business since summer of 2016 but is ready to get back to the family feel of working with a company.
  • Candidate 28OPM is located in GA.


Candidate 29OPM:

  • Candidate 29OPM has extensive experience in Lean and CI. He has been involved in two facilities where he was responsible for helping build the Lean/ CI program from the ground up.
  • He has worked in a variety of industries including automotive for 20+ years.
  • He has managed up to 120 hourly employees and he describes himself as more of a coach. He likes to ensure his employees can take on the day to day responsibilities so he can focus on CI.
  • He has been involved in multiple Kaizen events utilizing CI tools, his team was able to determine that the issue and root cause and implemented a solution which led to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.
  • In his next role he is looking for a permanent role with a stable organization. He has a great attitude and work ethic and would be an asset to any organization.
  • Candidate 29OPM is located in GA


Candidate 30OPM:

  • Candidate 30OPM has a very strong background in Lean and CI
  • He is currently working as a CI consultant and is looking for a permanent role closer to his home.
  • In his current role, he recently completed a project that will save his employer 50k a month through improving the change over process
  • He has his LSS Green belt and 15 years experience leading CI initiatives.
  • He has led multiple Kaizen events and believes he can hit the ground running in that area
  • Candidate 30OPM is located in GA


Candidate 31OPM:

  • Candidate 31OPM has been exposed to Lean principles and CI projects in most of his jobs. He explains Lean to an hourly employee as “A way of looking at the process and determining where and how we can make changes that will make your job easier”
  • He has been in manufacturing his entire career and has worked in the plastics and flooring industries. He has helped with designing process flow and installing machinery in new facilities.
  • He has been in a supervisor/ lead role for 10 years and has worked his way up in every role he has held in his career. He has managed up to 25 employees.
  • He manages by listening to his employees and gaining their respect by giving them respect.
  • He has mostly held the title of Production Lead and is looking to advance his career by moving into a supervisor role.  He currently fills in as a supervisor on a regular basis now.
  • Candidate 31OPM is located in GA


Candidate 32OPM:

  • Candidate 32OPM has a BS in Business Management.
  • She has taken some classes on Lean Manufacturing and has participated in 5S projects but would require some additional training on Lean terminology etc.  She is ALWAYS willing to further her education and would love an opportunity to take more formal Lean training.
  • She has led several CI projects where she has been able to decrease downtime and increase efficiency and production
  • She has over 12 years’ experience in textile manufacturing and worked her way up from an operator to supervising two departments
  • She also has over 2 years experience as a supervisor and has supervised up to 60 associates. She was able to turn her departments around through observing, providing positive reinforcement, and gaining her employees respect.
  • Candidate 32OPM is located in GA


Candidate 33OPM:

  • Candidate 33OPM has his Associates in Business Administration and 13 years experience as a supervisor- All of which has been in textile/ carpet manufacturing.
  • He has extensive experience in Lean manufacturing and CI principles. He has managed up to 60 employees.
  • He has been on several Kaizen teams and recently participated In a Kaizen event at where they were able to cut in half the “off quality” product waste through visual management techniques and training hourly employees,
  • He is a people person- “it is important to identify how people are motivated because everyone is motivated differently and then adjust your management style accordingly” . He believes in coaching and “lighting a spark” in all his employees
  • He has a great personality and is very loyal to his employer- he says that he is competitive and can see the “big picture”- he wants his shift to always contribute to the overall success of the organization.
  • Candidate 33OPM is located in GA.


Candidate 34OPM:

  • Candidate 34OPM has been in automotive manufacturing his entire career. He has two years of supervisory experience. He has worked his way up from an operator to a supervisor.
  • He has been associated with several Kaizen events and was able to walk me through a recent event where they reduced downtime and saved steps through installing an old conveyor for a mandatory 2nd inspection of BMW doors
  • He has managed up to 38 people and believes in “leading by example- a Boss says Go a Leader says Follow Me”
  • He is looking for a role where he can make an impact. He enjoys being a proponent of change and coaching employees.
  • Candidate 34OPM is located in GA.


Candidate 35OPM:

  • Candidate 35OPM has a BS in Business Management and an AS in Culinary Arts. He started his career as a chef and went into manufacturing with a start-up company where he had to teach himself manufacturing from the ground up. He has been in food manufacturing roles for 7 years.
  • He has been very hands on! Ensuring compliance with OSHA, FDA, USDA, AIB and applicable manufacturing and production principles.
  • He has been responsible for overseeing daily operations of production, procurement, food quality, and shipping. He has managed production supervisors, leads, logistics, and maintenance staff since 2010.
  • His management style is very hands on. Since has worked in so many start-up companies, he is used to working side by side with his employees, he leads by example and earns their trust. This guy knows hard work! (Experience supervising up to 300 employees)
  • He is skilled at negotiating with vendors, reducing inventory, reducing shipping costs, negotiating shipping costs, he has even worked in R&D.
  • Candidate 35OPM is located in GA


Candidate 36OPM:

  • Candidate 36OPM has a BS in Business Management.
  • She has taken some classes on Lean Manufacturing and has participated in 5S projects but would require some additional training on Lean terminology etc. She is ALWAYS willing to further her education and would love an opportunity to take more formal Lean training.
  • She has led several CI projects where she has been able to decrease downtime and increase efficiency and production
  • She has 14 years experience in textile manufacturing and worked her way up from an operator to supervising two departments
  • She has 2.5 years experience as a supervisor and has supervised up to 60 associates. She was able to turn her departments around through observing, providing positive reinforcement, and gaining her employees respect.
  • Candidate 36OPM is located in GA


Candidate 37OPM:

  • Candidate 37OPM has been in management for 22+ years and he started in Production and worked his way up into the role of Director of Manufacturing.
  • His management style is very hands-on, he is very involved with his employees, he takes ownership and gives corrective actions, he encourages them to learn from their mistakes and use them as opportunities for growth.
  • He is responsible for the daily plant operations, production scheduling, managing and implementing standards for high-speed food manufacturing lines, weekly KPI’s, and interviewing and hiring plant personnel.
  • He is a great communicator, conducts daily and weekly team meeting always asks for questions and concerns and addresses them immediately. He feels it’s important to be honest, to keep employees informed, and to ask for help when needed.
  • He is American Institute of Baking (AIB) Certified 2001 (Completed 20-week residence course with Baking Science and Technology)
  • Candidate 37OPM is located in GA


Candidate 38OPM:

  • Candidate 38OPM has worked in the food industry his whole career and been a supervisor for 10+ years with anywhere from 15 to 30 direct reports.
  • His management style he feels is a coaching style, he is very hands-on, with an open door policy. He is able to speak conversational Spanish and is Fluent in French.
  • He has experience supervising up to 5 production lines and has followed GMPs, HACCP guidelines and adhered to AIB standards.
  • He has processed, Mixed, Packed and Packaged food products. He is Yellow Belt Six Sigma Certified and Forklift Certified.
  • Candidate 38OPM is located in GA


Candidate 39OPM:

  • Candidate 39OPM has 20 years experience in Manufacturing, 15 years experience as a Supervisor and an Associates degree from Atlanta Technical College.
  • He has extensive experience in the daily execution of production plans, establishing work schedules, providing KPI reports, working closely with safety and quality, and initiating Lean/5S principles. He is familiar with ISO standards and requirements
  • He has vast experience in implementing the 5S system. One example he lead the implementation of 5S system into manufacturing workstations. They organized, he built shadow boxes (saved money by building), marked the floor of the stations, red tagged equipment, made posters, etc. He even brought their $3K/week waste spending down to $400/week.
  • *He has been in a supervisory role for 15 years, he has had 30-40 direct reports including temporary staff. He feels his management style is that of a trainer/leader. He focuses on quality. He wants his employees to take pride in what they are producing, would they sign their name to it?
  • Candidate 39OPM is located in GA


Candidate 40OPM:

  • Candidate 40OPM is a Mechanical Engineering grad (2012)
  • He worked for several defense contractors as an intern during college, and then went back to work with one of them after graduation.
  • Ben uses LSS as a way to organize his problem solving and process flow using 8D and Kaizen sheets. When he has introduced teams to 8D’s, the DMAIC process and use of value stream mapping.
  • His career has been focused largely on the automotive industry. He’s had a lot of experience with machining and assembly, but little exposure to plastics and injection molding.
  • He is proficient in Cad. He works in AutoCAD, Inventor and is certified in Solidworks. He’s been using AutoCAD since he was 18 yrs old.
  • He takes a quality focused approach to manufacturing. One of his key succeses was that he identified a big issue with quality with one of the automotive companies he worked at. They weren’t tracking defects, so he implemented a tag system that helped line personnel sort wrong parts/damaged part and quarantine using a red cart system.
  • Candidate 40OPM is located in GA


Candidate 41OPM:

  • Candidate 41OPM has over 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry. He has worked in Bio Pharma, Electronics as well as Kitchen design and manufacturing industries. Most of these years have been as a team lead.
  • In his current role he manages 4 Shift team leads who have 100 production operators.
  • His management style is very much firm but fair, he feels its key to openly communicate to his team and ensure that they understand why they have been asked to do something and understand the benefit of doing that task and take feedback as well.
  • He has experience in various 5S and Process improvement projects. In his current role he was the lead in moving the whole facility from Lithia Springs to the current site. He led to make some key changes with the shop layout this streamlined the production/conveyor lines so that they could add a testing debug station which led to increase in production output and less time wasted by operators moving around.
  • One of his key cost savings was in a scrap reduction project. The scrap costs were 5M Euro, he investigated, re-designed and made some adjustments to the feeder line which was rejecting good parts. His investigations led to conclusion that operators lacked training and that the feeder line was rejecting parts which were to spec. This led to working with the supplier on modifying the feeder equipment and training operators by color coding certain parts. Within 6 months scrap costs reduced from approx. 5M Euro to 250k Euro.
  • He also has various certifications, from Lean Manufacturing, Fork lift, Environmental Auditing.
  • Candidate 41OPM is located in GA


Candidate 42OPM:

  • Candidate 42OPM is an Industrial Engineer with over 20 years experience in Manufacturing and 5+years as a Manager.
  • He is a seasoned Manufacturing engineer with a management style that gets his employees engaged. He feels it’s important to hear from them. He shows them data why they need to improve a process then asks them their ideas, gets them on the same page, heads everybody in the same direction. If they have their hand in the solution they will be less resistant to change.
  • He has handled many Continuous Improvement projects during his career. He determines what needs improvement by looking in the SAP for the data, anything over 95%. Based on this, at Yamaha he noticed that they had to shut down the Golf cart line for 3 hours to put splash guards in a box, he implemented a small group Kaizen project and performed a time study, he ended up incorporating the boxing process into the production line without adding manpower, resulting in a $100K annual savings.
  • He has extensive PM experience detailed on his resume, some highlights; completed feasibility studies on new machinery and equipment for use in production assembly processes, implemented 2 AGV conveyor systems for use in production, Lead value-added analysis that resulted in substantial downtime reduction and manpower savings.
  • He is comfortable working with Maintenance and PM of machinery and has mechanical aptitude. He has over 5 years experience with AutoCAD mostly dealing with layouts, especially plant layouts.
  • Candidate 42OPM is located in GA


Candidate 43OPM:

  • Candidate 43OPM has 15 years’ experience in Manufacturing and he has worked in the Automotive, Aerospace and architectural panel industries
  • He is currently a Continuous Improvement Manager for an Automotive Tier one supplier. He has two direct reports who are production supervisors and his main role is to manage production cells and lines to ensure waste is removed from the system.
  • He works closely with Maintenance to ensure that all Preventative maintenance and new machines are projected managed in a timely manner and on schedule.
  • He also has a key lead role when new products lines have to be launched and manages the whole process from start to finish.
  • He has experience of Project Management as used MS Project as well Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) as one of his key day to day management of projects and reporting for his daily team meetings.
  • He has gotten engagement with operators by having them be part of employee engagement program, with this program they measure the effectiveness by measuring initial ideas vs executed ideas so far they have had a 60%-70% success rate.
  • When new employees join he trains them on basic lean principles and the key one he uses is 5S, this is the best tool to get them engaged and understand their new work environment.
  • He has also worked as Interim Manufacturing Manager where he was in charge of 4 ME’s and had to launch 17 new product lines on time and under budget,
  • With regards to Quality, his role is to ensure that the plant has compliance with the ISO and TS 16949.
  • He has been involved in re-designing cells, lines layout using AutoCAD with many of his CI projects.
  • He has a BBA, but has extensive Lean, Quality and Haz Mat.
  • Candidate 43OPM is located in GA


Candidate 44OPM:

  • Candidate 44OPM has his degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and 30+ years experience in manufacturing.
  • He has worked in a variety of industries but most of his career was spent in automotive and Lean environments.
  • He has extensive training in Lean and even worked for 3 years as a Lean consultant where he would spend a month to a month and a half at different manufacturing facilities training employees on Lean techniques including 5S, Genba walks and Kaizen events.
  • He has a strong mechanical aptitude and familiarity with machinery
  • He has project management experience and strong leadership skills.
  • He was recently laid off due to a workforce reduction and is looking for his next opportunity with an organization where he can contribute to long term success.
  • Candidate 44OPM is located in GA


Candidate 45OPM:

  • Candidate 45OPM has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • He really got started in CI when he worked directly with operators on the floor to improve quality of process and machine variance ad efficiency. He implemented a lot of data collection for driving capex improvement projects.
  • He has interacted directly with the machine operators to determine where issues were occurring and how to fix them. He put a lot of time into standardizing work instructions on different machines and processes. He did a lot of lean kaizen events that aided in this effort.
  • In his current role a lot of facilities’ assessments looking at process and layout efficiencies. He uses AutoCAD regularly in his job and helping develop solutions for their customers’ needs. He writes the mechanical SOW based on inbound customer requests but then goes into client’s facilities to develop a concrete proposal based on their project budget.
  • Candidate 45OPM is located in GA


Candidate 46OPM:

  • Candidate 46OPM is an experience and accomplished technical manager with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and 19+ years of process improvement experience. He has been brought into multiple dysfunctional areas to “clean up” problems.
  • He has excellent collaboration skills with a track record of successfully raising teams to higher performance levels.
  • He has 19-year management experience with up to 20-25 direct reports, (Engineers, Process Techs, Die Techs, Production Managers, Tooling Techs). He has an open and honest engagement policy with the hourly workforce. He works face to face. He does not engage them in a manner much different than the salary workforce as he has high expectations for all.  The material he uses to engage the hourly workforce will be different based on the situation and their level of understanding but the process should always be for improvement. For example, he would explain Lean –“as a tool where we put in processes to help us expose the waste so we can systematically make the process better.  It can be frustrating at first because it helps us see the opportunities, but by doing so, and by then going after the issues, we can make jobs so much easier for everyone.  When done correctly, Lean is NOT a tool to get people to work harder.  Rather, it is a set of tools which can help us eliminate wastes and find ways to work smarter rather than harder.”
  • He has 6 years of Project Management experience and is PM Certified. And Six Sigma Black Belt.
  • He has worked as a Maintenance Manager and is very mechanically inclined. He has experience with Presses, saws and a wide range of custom automated equipment. He has experience with AutoCAD and understands how to read plant layouts.
  • He has been in Manufacturing for 21 years. He has worked in Automotive; Pump manufacturing (Hazardous locations), Paintball, gas ovens, exterior doors and Cabinets.
  • He has extensive experience dealing with vendors and multiple years with plastic injection molding and smc processing.
  • The Quality Standards he has used are ISO, QD, UL, ASTEM and EN. He has worked with ISO for 13 years. TS16949 is something he familiar with and been exposed to during his time with automotive but it has been a while (7 years ago)
  • Candidate 46OPM is located in GA


Candidate 47OPM:

  • Candidate 47OPM has 20+ years experience in Manufacturing and Production Management. He has led anywhere from 20 to 80 direct reports. His management style is supportive and developmental; he removes obstacles and holds his employees accountable.
  • He consistently meets or exceeds his production goals, his career is highlighted numerous recognitions for job performance excellence in the areas of continuous improvement initiatives for cycle times, scrap reduction, yield, and equipment up time.
  • He has a safety-first mind and wants 0-recordables. He conducts daily safety audits, uses 5S tools to get organized and makes sure his employees are trained in lock out/tag out and all other needed safety requirements.
  • He has utilized his experience, and training in Lean, Kaizen, 5S, Six Sigma and Value Stream Mapping projects to reduce scrap, cycle times and waste and help improve yield and tool uptime utilization in all areas of manufacturing.
  • Candidate 47OPM is located in CT but would like to move back to GA.


Candidate 48OPM:

  • Candidate 48OPM has a BS in Industrial Engineering with a Minor in QA/Production Process. He has 25+ year experience in fast-paced manufacturing environments.
  • He has 20+year experience in Management, supervising up to 45 direct reports with a hands-on coaching style. He likes to be “in the fire” and on the floor with his employees. This is the best way to communicate with them.
  • He has been a driver in many Process improvements and Managed multiple Kaizen projects to determine how to best improve processes.
  • He has a strong mechanical aptitude and a maintenance background. He has worked with cutting and dying machinery.
  • Candidate 48OPM is GA.


Candidate 49OPM:

  • Candidate 49OPM has 30 years’ experience working the in Manufacturing industry, he has spent 15 years in Automotive and the remainder within textile, plastics and aerospace.
  • He has also worked in various roles from maintenance, quality to production. In the last few roles he has been in mainly CI/Process improvement roles which is where he feels he is most effective in. His experience working in the various departments has helped him become a well-rounded Manufacturing professional.
  • In his career he has managed up to 24 direct reports and 60 non-directs, his management style is “hands on” and a listener not a dictator. He sees himself as a “people person” and feels by listening and asking questions he can quickly build a rapport which is positive. He also has a mechanical aptitude.
  • When asked about how he would communicate/engage with an hourly associate his answer was plain and simple “ask them what’s bugging you”, this usually opens the conversation, he would filter and ask further questions on what options they have to fix/eliminate waste and getting their buy in to solving the issues.
  • He has managed projects for most of career, and utilizes MS project for measuring, monitoring and reporting on progress.
  • He has used Lean tools such as 5S, SMED, Kaizen, PDCA as well as six sigma methodologies throughout his career.
  • When looking at how to identify waste, he spoke about first getting metrics to understand current state, and if there was nothing available to observe and measure utilizing time studies. Once you have this information then he would understand what the future state would be and present this case to Management once that is agreed upon he would them build teams to work on carrying out the improvement.
  • In his last role, he worked reducing scrap in a specific manufacturing process by reviewing the 6-month scrap report. He decided to study the specific line and machines and found that only one machines was producing the most scrap. He worked on this project and managed to reduce the scrap by carrying out Failure Mode Analysis on the machinery.
  • He has a BS in Computer Science, Lean Facilitator Certification, Six Sigma black belt, quality management certification.,
  • Candidate 49OPM is located in Georgia.


Candidate 50OPM:

  • Candidate 50OPM is a well-established and successful supply chain and operations manager.
  • He has a Bachelor’s in industrial engineering and an MBA. He is also CPIM and CSCP certified.
  • He has 25 years’ experience and within the aerospace, automotive, outdoor power products and electronic industries.
  • He has extensive CI experience, one of his key successes was leading an efficiency project in the truck loading/unloading area in his previous role. On a daily basis they had 100 trucks and trailers come into the dockyard and there was no control or tracking on which trucks where were. Mike led the team to evaluate the current state and implemented a new system by putting in place a barcoding system which meant they could track and trace which shipment had left, and which truck had returned. This project was delivered within 6 months.
  • Regarding Culture and people management, when he joined his previous organization, the culture and morale was very low. He implemented a visual board system which had day by day grid and org chart/team members names. When an issue/problem occurred a team, a member would note it on the board, and then escalate if the responsible party would not resolve. This ensured that the team was heard and issues were resolved in a timely manner which encouraged morale to increase.
  • His management style is very much strategic and treating his team like he would like to be treated and not at all a micromanager.
  • He has extensive experience in P&L management, supply chain. Lean, Six Sigma and process improvement.
  • Candidate 50OPM is located in Georgia.


Candidate 51OPM:

  • Candidate 51OPM has 25 years industry working experience, he started working after high school and decided to pay for college that way. He received a bachelor’s from Georgia State in 1997. He also has a CPIM which he received in 2014.
  • In his career so far, he has worked in Retail, Contract telecom equipment, Healthcare equipment, and OEM Athletic apparel manufacturing industries.
  • In his current role, he manages 25 people but has managed up to 50. His management style is “hands-on,” he likes to roll his sleeves and fully engage with his team to understand the current state.
  • In his current role, he is responsible for Supply chain operations and logistics. This on a day to day includes, full P&L, forecasting sales, determining warehouse capacity- people and process to ensure optimized operations.
  •  He has extensive experience in Lean and Six Sigma tools, as part of CPIM qualification he had to learn 5S, Root cause, Value stream and other tools.
  • One of his key projects was to apply lean tools to optimize the pick and pack process at his current workplace. He led the team to evaluate and understand the current state in the process and then determined that certain steps could be pre-determined prior to labeling. This eliminated several steps from, a pick, pack, weight, label, ship to pick, label and ship. A total of 20% resource saving.
  • Another CI project was to better optimize “pop up shop” set up processes. Every event had 1000-1500-line items which all had to be manually added and then picked in the ERP system. He led the accounting team to change the way they manually entered these items by streamlining and utilizing exporting and importing data to reduce the time taken to set up such events. This was a challenging change management project as the accounting team had been doing this manual process for 4-6 years. Through establishing a time frame and training the team on the new way this was turned around and successfully implemented.
  • Candidate 51OPM lives in Atlanta, GA.


Candidate 52OPM:

  • Candidate 52OPM has a BS in Business Management, an MBA and Six Sigma Black Belt.
  • He has 20 years of extensive industry experience, he has worked in Automotive, Aerospace, Sort & Distribution and Uniform services provider.
  • In his current role, he manages an Atlanta pack and sort facility and has full P&L responsibility of ($73M) he fully utilizes reverse logistics at his current facility.
  • He sees himself as a “Change Agent” as he has developed, deployed and successfully implemented Lean, Six Sigma and optimized internal processes with bottom-line results.
  • His key projects included leading a team, to evaluate the material flow for a specific line, the current state was the when producing marketing packets for distribution they found that in order to produce a single packet it had to be touched 6 times (stage, receipt, to the line to break, store, pre-stage, and back to the line). They determined that they wanted to create a one-piece flow by implementing a Kanban system with unique identifiers. This improvement led to 50% reduction in touches and 5-person resource reduction. With the resource and touches reduced the “line truckers” were utilized to ensure 6S was followed in the process cells and lines. This was achieved within 45 days period.
  • One of his other key projects was around training and implementing a lean culture. When he moved from a lean culture to his first pack and sort facility there was no lean culture. His vision was to create a lean culture at the business’s 21 plants. He began by engaging the president to gain buy-in. He then strategically planned to create a program by implementing a CI & Quality Council, and then selecting 7 sites which would be the “lead”. He had to create, identify, write and hire staff create this council. The council then carried out a weekend shutdown training for each site was trained in Lean, Automation Maintenance and Ergonomics. Following a 9-month executed plan they saved $3M for the 7 sites and then continued to work with the other remaining site. Along with this project, he also implemented ERP integration which also yielded savings within the first year.
  • He is an exceptional communicator, he is articulate and very passionate about improving and optimizing processes and improving company culture.
  • He resides in Kennesaw, GA.


Candidate 53OPM:

  • Candidate 53OPM has over 20 years’ experience in operations, supply chain, and sales.
  • His passion is supply chain and operations effectiveness. He has devoted a good deal of his professional development and networking by staying up to date with new practices and techniques. He is certified – CPIM, CSCP, TQM and has six sigma training.
  • He has implemented multiple TMS and ERP systems during his career, and works in Salesforce.com daily.
  • He is experienced in pulling data for use in tracking on-time rates and inventory turns.
  • He describes himself as a “scary cost accountant” – he believes in owning the data and being transparent with the data.
  • He says he is a champion of 5 min staff meetings – if you’re making your metrics, there’s nothing to talk about, if not, how can we fix it?
  • He has been a part of growing an organization from ~$30M in revenue to $400M.
  • He believes success starts with leadership.
  • Candidate 53OPM has dealt with overseas suppliers. He did a JV with a sodium percarbonate supplier in China – he was able to negotiate such good terms that they went from purchasing 2 containers to 400 containers/year.
  • He knows how to maximize gains in international logistics. He knows how to cost out options and he is also good at laying out cost analysis driven by sales volume, landed costs, raw material sourcing, etc.
  • He’s worked a good deal in steel sourcing with metal stampers and sheet steel suppliers throughout the supply chain. He mostly deals with them on the sales side working with automotive suppliers and consumer appliance manufacturers (e.g. dishwashers).
  • Candidate 53OPM resides in GA.


Candidate 54OPM:

  • Candidate 54OPM has his BS in Productions and Operations Management, his MS in Management and 24+ years of Management experience. CPIM Certification.
  • He started his management career as a Logistics Manager for a large big box retailer and he managed anywhere from 15 up to 90 direct reports. He had 98% level of delivery to 125 stores in California.
  • He had extensive P&L responsibilities in distribution.
  • An example of one of his optimization processes was when he used 5S to minimize space in the shipping area of his current company. He relocated their packaging, packaging equipment, shipping racks, desks and streamlined their material flow. They reduced the risk of accidents as well.
  • He currently has a Green Belt certification and Lean training. He has used Lean to re-shape his new “As-Is” process for their Mail distribution process and their Contracts to shipping demand process.
  • He has an expert understanding of LEAN and has driven several changes. He is constantly looking for ways to reduce waste, utilize space more efficiently, reduce footprint, and reduce time to market.
  • Another example of him using LEAN was when he changed the Stockroom Order Pick Process from paper to Radio Frequency automatic post-inventory deduction. He has also created a new Consolidated Maintenance Kit process for the field repairs for the C130 program.
  • He drove 30% space reduction initiatives and reduction in shipping delivery time into warehouse teams with Six Sigma/6S.
  • He led a team for the production implementation of SAP and Maximo in several sites. He is MRP certified. He has also created reports in SAP that “Show” the work that needs to be done in priority sequence. He has also created healthy competition for company goals and celebrated with lunches and dinners-paid for out of his own pocket.
  • He has a lot to say about his management style.  He is a “future-thinker,” and wants the employees to understand what they are doing and why.  He likes to motivate and inspire people, and also created a diversity and inclusion club that became the largest employee resource group in the division.


Candidate 55OPM:

  • Candidate 55OPM has his LSS Black Belt and 13+ years experience in management and Logistics. He has a BA in Communications and is in progress of completing his MBA (should be complete by early 2019).
  • He is a strong communicator and has a lot of energy!
  • He currently runs 5 departments within a warehousing and fulfillment facility. One of the departments alone carries 150 million dollars in inventory.
  • He has project management experience and considers himself a change agent.
  • He has managed up to 105 associates and with a background in professional sports he describes his management style as more of a coaching style. “I refuse to set up anyone for failure.”
  • In his current role, he was tasked with improving culture.  He has initiated Town Hall Meetings every month where associates fill out comment cards and bring concerns/ suggestions to the table in a safe environment. If one of the employee suggestions is chosen to be implemented he rewards them with a gift card.  He believes it is important for all employees to be heard.
  • He also believes that each employee must understand their “position’s life” and how it affects the bottom line/ KPIs on a daily basis. He helps each employee not only understand the importance of their role but also how they can grow.
  • In his previous role, he had been tasked with implementing QA/QC throughout the entire processes of his 5 departments- he was successful in using Lean methodologies in combination with Quality control to ensure quality and decrease defects/ incorrect shipping etc.
  • He has experience with SAP, DynamicsAX, and some limited Manhattan.
  • Candidate 55OPM is located in Hampton, GA.


Candidate 56OPM:

  • Candidate 56OPM has been practicing Industrial Engineering for 20 years in a variety of manufacturing and distribution operations.
  • He holds a LSSBB, and is a LSSBB coach. He just finished developing a yellow belt course which teaches management tools for creating process improvements, and he is currently deploying 6 LSSBB right now in his current position.
  • He was hired on at his current organization because they needed someone to streamline their work entry side, and he came in and audited all of their processes, identified the ones that were taking too long or creating bottlenecks, then revamped the SOPs to reduce delivery times. He took the execution time on the work orders that funneled into IT Ops from 6 weeks down to 2 weeks.
  • After spending 18 months improving processes on the communications side, he was moved over to a different division to develop lean leadership within the car auction market space.
  • He coaches and develops people in addition to doing process audits and kaizens.
  • He does not have any direct reports in his current role, but is indirectly responsible for the performance of all of the managers. His role is project oriented – creating lean objectives and producing problem solvers.
  • He is charged with lean daily management – charts and paretos for obstacles & action plans. He introduced Ishikawa diagrams as a visual for problem solving.
  • He reports in at the board level, and overseas performance metrics by location. He is assigned to 20 different departments that provide car refurbishment and site deployment. He works with teams on cost KPI’s, auction KPI’s, and total profit/total revenue.
  • Prior to his current organization, he spent a couple of years managing continuous improvement in a co-packing warehouse servicing a large candy account. He oversaw ~600 skus, and was responsible for COGS. The operation co-packed over 1000 boxes a day. He also had P&L responsibility.
  • In 2011, he took an assignment at a startup company to incorporate lean into their manufacturing processes.
  • He is looking to continue his career trajectory practicing LSS. He sees himself as a strong leader, coach, mentor.
  • Candidate 56OPM is located in Georgia.


Candidate 57OPM:

  • Candidate 57OPM has a very energetic personality.  He is a strong leader and has extensive experience in people management within both small and large organizations.
  • He has managed up to 150 employees with 13 direct reports. In his most recent role, he managed 9 supervisors and 75 indirect reports. He believes in open communication- – “telling people why is just as important as telling them what to do.”
  • He is a great communicator and a natural leader. He enjoys managing people and helping them meet their fullest potential.
  • He has experience with warehousing, fulfillment, shipping, and e-commerce across a variety of industries.
  • He has experience in building and maintaining a budget, has experience with ERP systems, and is proficient in Excel.
  • He has experience with Account Management and dealt with clients on a daily basis.  He understands the importance of customer service.
  • He was trained in Lean and Process Improvements and has brought the initiative that you must control costs to grow business to each if his roles.
  • He is looking for a company where he can make an impact and grow with the company.  He has had several interviews and has a few more lined up in the next few weeks – – he will not be on the market long!
  • Candidate 57OPM resides in Atlanta, GA.


Candidate 58OPM:

  • Candidate 58OPM has been in working in Manufacturing industry in the US for 20 years.
  • He has worked in various industries from cosmetic, household, raw sugar and construction materials manufacturing.
  • In his career he has managed upto 150 directs and held various roles such as project engineer, maintenance manager to plant manager.
  • His management style is “hands on” and considerate. He is a big advocate for creating a positive team environment. He would like his team members to “feel they want to be here”. He is happy to jump in and help where needed but also encourage associates to problem solve themselves. When improving or changing a system, he encourages teams to get involved and empower them to make improvements.
  • He is black belt and lean certified. He has been involved in various project improvements. One example was when he was responsible for shrink wrapping of dishwasher tablets. One of the areas he saw “waste” was the number of tablets in reject bins. He worked with the associates and watched the line and found that some of the tablets rejected were not supposed to be. He got the associates involved to understand root cause and found that the mechanism on the conveyor belt which rejected the tablets was at fault. He worked with the team and they collaboratively installed a 2D camera system which once installed they tweaked and eventually led to a saving of 20% less in rejects.
  • Through his career, he has had to work with suppliers, internal, and external consumers to resolve conflict and ensure that all parties were satisfied with the solution.
  • He also is very familiar with setting budgets, monitoring and maintaining financial reports.
  • He is an advanced user of Excel and has used the tool for running analysis.
  • Most of his ERP experience have been in SAP.
  • Candidate 58OPM resides in Cumming, GA.


Candidate 59OPM:

  • Candidate 59OPM has 25 years experience in operations roles and 20 years experience as a supervisor/ manager.
  • He has worked in warehouses receiving and selling used telephone equipment, construction equipment and currently works with used data storage equipment.
  • He describes himself as a hands on manager who is consistent and collaborative.
  • He has managed up to 50 people and has led rapid improvement projects and implemented 5S methodologies in order to improve flow and increase efficiency.
  • He has his LSS Green Belt and employs Lean Methodologies in all of his roles.
  • He started his own consulting company in 2012.
  • Candidate 59OPM is located in Atlanta.


Candidate 60OPM:

  • Candidate 60OPM graduated with a business degree in 2013 which he has put to practice over the last five years supporting supply chain, logistics and operational excellence within a variety of vertical industries.
  • As a project consultant in his previous position, he has spent a lot of time providing value-add approaches in the e-commerce space in a variety of industries including footwear, consumer electronics, and the associated distribution models.
  • He has managed people in his career, although his strongest day-to-day direct supervision of hourly personnel was during his 5 year tenure managing a pizza parlor.
  • In his previous position, he co-managed an account and he had a couple of people reporting to him; a consultant and an analyst.
  • He also worked a project working inside operations to improve the end-to-end supply chain efficiency, learned a lot about distribution, and worked on the front end of lean six sigma process approaches.


Candidate 61OPM:

  • Candidate 61OPM has spent the bulk of his 18-year career in and around recruiting and staffing with his current role focusing more on developing processes and technology to support time and cost efficiencies within their Talent Acquisition practice.
  • He does not necessarily practice LSS in his project methodologies, but rather takes an agile approach which he finds is more aligned addressing technology process improvement.
  • He says that throughout his entire career he has had significant involvement in all facets of technology that supports the business enterprise.
  • He currently owns all the talent acquisition technology in their organization, and describes himself as a bit of a nerd when it comes to process automation.
  • While in a previous role, he initiated semantic searching, which incorporated machine learning that translated into an RPA to reduce face time on high volumes of applications.
  • His role has since evolved into management of all his BU’s analytics; incorporating dashboards and performance management tools into their talent acquisition approaches.
  • He looks at technology as an efficiency driver and a leveraging tool. He sees it as a means for maximizing results and producing better ROI.

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