Process Engineer Candidates

Candidate 1PE:

  • Candidate 1PE has a Mechanical Engineering degree and 3 years experience in Process, R&D and Design.
  • He is looking for an opportunity to grow with a company and become a valuable member of their team.
  • He works directly under the QA and Engineering and leads CI projects. He analyzes products, manufacturing processes and quality systems by conducting Kaizen events and audits to identify improvements.
  • He also has experience doing CAD design, Training Interns, process mapping and value stream mapping.
  • *He is comfortable meeting with peers and supervisors to discuss projects. He has project management experience.
  • *He has experience trouble shooting equipment, doing corrective actions, and handling customer complaints.
  • Candidate 1PE is located in NM and open to relocation.


Candidate 2PE:

  • Candidate 2PE has a Mechanical Engineering degree and graduated in 2014
  • He started his career on a management trainee program interning number of facilities across the US. This exposure gave him an in-depth training in leadership and Lean Six Sigma.
  • He was quickly accelerated into a supervisory role after 6 months in the program.
  • He’s currently working as a Process Supervisor, He’s led roughly 50-70 employees at any given time. Across all shifts, he has managed over 200 employees. He has trained them in risk management and process improvement.
  • He engages in a lot of CI, lean process improvement, six sigma activity in his role; a focus he would like to sustain in his career.
  • He has worked in Solidworks for CAD he has been involved in many projects within the engineering department.
  • He’s very interested in growing his technical/engineering skills by positioning himself in a manufacturing environment poised for process and automation improvements.
  • He likes hands-on work, designing and supporting a manufacturing team.
  • Candidate 2PE is located in OH.


Candidate 3PE:

  • Candidate 3PE has a BS in Industrial Engineering.
  • He has 3+ years experience as a Process engineer in a Metal Forging/Manufacturing environment and joined is current company straight out of college as a process engineer and was promoted to process supervisor within a year.
  • *He has conduced capital expenditure projects up to 1M and written multiple work instructions. He as conducted weekly performance meeting with techs. (currently manages 18 saw, press, process techs.)
  • He has AutoCAD and Pro Engineer experience.
  • Candidate 3PE is located in TX.


Candidate 4PE:

  • Candidate 4PE has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and graduated in 2010
  • He joined his current company straight of our college as a junior product engineer he has worked in a few different roles but most of his tenure has been in the manufacturing facility as a process engineer. His current company manufactures extruded and molded rubber parts.
  • He is highly proficient at Solidworks design and has done some 2D drawing on AutoCAD.
  • He has experience in new product launches where he has had to come up with the tooling and processes to fabricate. He makes decisions such as whether a product gets molded, extruded, and/or vulcanized. He has conducted time and capacity studies to make the determination. He’s created written instructions with visual aids and been involved in training the supervisor or engineer in charge of the process.
  • In addition he has experience in lean activity including a project which relocated a work cell, introduced a semi-automatic machine, reduced part travel, as well as the work cell footprint and got better utilization of the machines.
  • He is very analytical with good troubleshooting skills. He likes to likes to develop action items with a logical resolution sequence.
  • Candidate 4PE is located in TX.


Candidate 5PE:

  • Candidate 5PE has a BS in Chemical Engineering and summer internship experience as a Process Engineer.
  • Whist working she acquired knowledge of the production process and helped identify process problems such as bottlenecks.
  • She performed time studies to determine process efficiency, contacted contractors for quotes for various projects, examined process troubleshooting and variation elimination procedures, participated in monthly safety meetings and huddles, and performed interlock testing.
  • She updated HazCom data, wrote CARs, SOPs, LOTO procedures and updated technical documentation as needed.
  • She is comfortable working with cross-functional teams. She is highly organized and has strong communications skills.
  • Candidate 5PE is located in OH.


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