Production Supervisor Candidates

Candidate 20:

  • Candidate 20 currently works in a fast paced bottling facility where they batch, fill and package drinks
  • He manages about 50 employees a day.  19 full time and approximately 30 temps
  • One of his favorite things about his job is training and helping others to develop.
  • He has a lot of energy and a passion for learning and continuous improvements
  • Candidate 20 is located in GA


Candidate 21:

  • Candidate 21 spent 13 years in the Military and began her career in manufacturing in 2015.  She has fallen in love with manufacturing and has a passion for finding ways to increase production and reduce waste.
  • She has been instrumental in several CI projects at her current employer.  Including implementing a 5S program, starting a recycling program that saved 250k/yr, and creating SOPs that increased quality checks and reduced time.
  • Since she started at Snyder’s in 2015, the kettle chip plant has moved from #4 and #5 to #1 in Quality, Production and Safety.
  • She has been exposed to the fast paced, high volume environment of food manufacturing/ packaging.
  • She currently manages about 45 employees on 3rd shift.  She describes herself as a coach/ mentor – a mentality she learned in the military. She loves to see people progress and grow.
  • She is currently located in South Carolina but her husband has been transferred to GA. She is looking for her next opportunity in manufacturing in GA


Candidate 22:

  • Candidate 22 has his BSEE which he says comes in very useful when on the plant floor
  • He has been in manufacturing for 12 years and has worked many different roles for the same company
  • He has co-led one Kaizen event and participated in others.  The event he co-led resulted in the creation of a visual kanban system for machine parts.  This resulted in a significant time savings by streamlining the process and minimizing paperwork
  • He also led a six sigma project that resulted in a 32% reduction in scrap
  • He has managed up to 50 employees and he leads by example.  He likes to get his hands dirty and learn the process because he believes he has to have a good understanding himself of anything he is asking his operators to do.
  • He is looking for a manufacturer where he can grow into an Ops Manager or Plant Manager role.
  • Candidate 22 is located in GA


Candidate 23:

  • Candidate 23 has his Bachelor’s in Management
  • He currently manages 40 operators and 4 techs on second shift for a textile manufacturer.
  • He is a hands on supervisor: “I never ask my employees to do something that I am not willing to do myself”.
  • He believes in team work and finding out what motivates his employees so he can get them to perform to the best of their ability.
  • He has a strong mechanical aptitude
  • He is always focused on less waste and more profit and makes sure his people and his machines are always running efficiently.
  • Candidate 23 is located in GA


Candidate 24:

  • Candidate 24 has his BS in Advertising, spent 10 years in the military and has 7 years of manufacturing experience
  • He has a good understanding of Lean and CI and uses Lean principles on a daily basis.
  • He is currently working on an improvement project to reduce the amount of scrap.  As a part of the scrap reduction team, they have identified the three major causes of scrap- performed a root cause analysis and then put procedures in place to mitigate the scrap.  So far, they have reduced scrap from 2000 pounds a day to 500 pounds a day.
  • He has worked the past three years in packaging
  • He is currently managing 24 direct reports and describes his management style as “firm but fair”
  • Candidate 24 is located in GA


Candidate 1PS:

  • Candidate 1PS has his BS in Political Science with a minor in Business Management and has 3+ years experience in manufacturing.
  • He has managed up to 60 direct reports and has been over 7 lines supervising production and packaging/ shipping.
  • He describes his management style as a driver.  He is very team oriented and asks his team to bring him the facts and they will make a decision off the facts.  He is firm but fair.
  • He is a quick learner and would love an opportunity to get into the automotive industry. He has spent his career in food manufacturing.
  • He is located in Georgia.


Candidate 2PS:

  • Candidate 2PS has been in Manufacturing for 20 years.
  • Most of his experience has been in the Automotive industry but he has worked in Industrial/Medical Gas, Bathroom accessory and power tool industry.
  • He has managed up to 145 people he describes his management style as “hands-on”.  His approach is very much to work with his operators to understand what they do and learn the process before he makes any suggestions for improvement. When dealing with employee issues he is very much someone would audit the situation and then ask questions which would identify the reason why the issue arose in the first place. Most of the times it may be a lack of understanding and training may be something do as a follow-up.
  • In his current role, he works for a company which manufactures structural components for light and commercial vehicles. So he is very familiar with stamping, welding and fabrication processes.
  • In terms of his experience, he has 2 years in machining, 3 years in fabrication,10 years in stamping and welding and 5 years in shipping.
  • For inventory control and Warehouse management he utilizes JDE for Inventory control, they carry out inventory check once a month where they inventory count their WIP. For Warehouse management, he uses JDE with Oracle.
  • He communicates very well and has a lot of manufacturing knowledge
  • He used to have forklift certification but would need to get a refresher.
  • Candidate 2PS currently commuted to Kentucky but would like to permanantly relocate to Georgia.


Candidate 3PS:

  • Candidate 3PS has worked in Manufacturing for 17 years and has been a lead/supervisor for 12 years.
  • He has managed up to 49 associates. His management style is “Hands on” and “lead by example” He believes you must learn the processes before you can manage the employees. He also ensures that goals are set which will determine boundaries in which to be successful as a team. He is happy to roll his sleeves and help associates as needed and without judgment.
  • He has a full understanding of welding and punches processes.
  • One of his recent projects was to be involved in the transition of a sister plant in California and move all to Georgia. He spearheaded this transition and was involved from start to end. In January 2017 he till June 2017 he lived in California and learned, documented, and was trained on all the process and flow of the California site. This was a huge task as the California manufacturing had over total of 100 years of experience which was being lost.
  • He then returned to Georgia and was involved in the moving, setup, hiring and training of the associates and a year later they are at 80% California capacity.
  • In his last role, he was the Subject Matter Expert on transitioning equipment to and from other facilities to one site.  He was successful in the training and hiring of the staff which ended up saving money as they went from 3 shift to 2 shift and still met customer demand output.
  • He has been involved in hiring of most of associates in his current team and feels he has a good judge of character to building a successful and positive team.
  • He communicates very well and is driven and motivated.
  • Candidate 3PS resides in Lawrenceville, GA.


Candidate 4PS:

  • Candidate 4PS has been in working in the manufacturing industry in the US for 20 years.
  • He has worked in various industries including cosmetic, household, raw sugar, and construction materials manufacturing.
  • In his career he has managed upto 150 directs and held various roles such as project engineer, maintenance manager to plant manager.
  • His management style is “hands on” and considerate. He is a big advocate for creating a positive team environment. He would like his team members to “feel they want to be here”. He is happy to jump in and help where needed but also encourage associates to problem solve themselves. When improving or changing a system, he encourages teams to get involved and empower them to make improvements.
  • He is black belt and lean certified. He has been involved in various project improvements.
  • Through his career, he has had to work with suppliers, internal and external consumers to resolve conflict and ensure that all parties were satisfied with the solution.
  • He also is very familiar with setting budgets, monitoring and maintaining financial reports.
  • He is an advanced user to Excel and has used the tool for running analysis.
  • Most of his ERP experience have been in SAP.
  • He currently resides in Cumming, GA.


Candidate 5PS:

  • Candidate 5PS has 4 years experience as a supervisor and 12 years experience in fabrication/ manufacturing environments.
  • He is a GREAT communicator and it is easy to see why he is an accomplished supervisor- he comes across as a natural leader.
  • He has an understanding of welding and hardware insertion and hahands-onon experience with brake presses, punches, grinding and finishing.
  • He has managed between 10-15 direct reports and describes his management style as one based on respect and open communication.  He has “one on ones” every week to 2 weeks with each employee where they discuss how they are doing, what their goals are, any concerns etc.  He has also done most of his employees jobs so he is able to jump in when needed and has a good understanding of the challenges they face.
  • He currently works in a fast paced environment and has a solid understanding of all of the machinery on the floor. He always educates himself on new machinery so he can know the “ins and outs” of the machine and be able to address any issue an operator may encounter.
  • He is very detail oriented and loves to dive into the analytics of on time delivery each week to see where improvements can be made.
  • He has experience tracking KPIs and works closely with scheduling and planning to ensure production goals are met.
  • 4 months ago he set a KPI to be at a goal of 85% efficient each month.  The last two months they were at 97 and 98%.
  • Candidate 5PS is located in Lawrenceville.


Candidate 6PS:

  • Candidate 6PS has close to 15 years in laboratory environments supervising highly regulated processes.
  • She is currently with a medical lab on 1st shift. Genova does molecular genetics typing.
  • Robin manages sample processing TAT (turnaround time), monitors employee accuracy, handles scheduling, and insures adherence and compliance with all regulations and protocols.
  • She has had as many as 36 employees that she supervised.
  • During her career, she has been recognized for promoting elevated morale.
  • She has achieved excellent turnaround times during high volume samples processing.
  • She also has demonstrated she’s a team leader by valuing both the bottom line and the staff.
  • She’s also been recognized for exceeding expectations under pressure while meeting deadlines.
  • Candidate 6PS lives in Buford, GA.


Candidate 7PS:

  • Candidate 7PS has 20 years Electrical troubleshooting skills and 8 years experience in Management. He also has an AA degree.
  • He currently supervises 14 direct reports in industrial electrical and mechanical maintenance. He handles their daily work assignments and vacation schedules.
  • He is a very hands-on manager and walks the floors, he runs daily “Pass Down” meetings where outgoing shifts tell incoming shifts what is going on, pass on status of their projects. He runs daily safety meeting at the end of these meetings.
  • He handles budgets and orders for all maintenance projects, such as ordering parts and Quarterly budgets.
  • He has handled “Lock out-Shut down” every year, during this time they are shutdown for 1-2 weeks and perform major PM, check amps, change gear boxes, etc. He handles all the necessary out side contractors needed to prepare for this major shutdown pervious to it as well.
  • He has 20 years experience in maintenance of electrical equipment, he has experience with AB, Siemens, Automation Direct PLC’s, he can read wire diagrams and instrumentation drawings, he is up to date on local and national electrical codes, he has handled ordering and budgets, and has 8 years of management experience.

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