Production Supervisor Candidates

Candidate 20:

  • Candidate 20 currently works in a fast paced bottling facility where they batch, fill and package drinks
  • He manages about 50 employees a day.  19 full time and approximately 30 temps
  • One of his favorite things about his job is training and helping others to develop.
  • He has a lot of energy and a passion for learning and continuous improvements
  • Candidate 20 is located in GA


Candidate 21:

  • Candidate 21 spent 13 years in the Military and began her career in manufacturing in 2015.  She has fallen in love with manufacturing and has a passion for finding ways to increase production and reduce waste.
  • She has been instrumental in several CI projects at her current employer.  Including implementing a 5S program, starting a recycling program that saved 250k/yr, and creating SOPs that increased quality checks and reduced time.
  • Since she started at Snyder’s in 2015, the kettle chip plant has moved from #4 and #5 to #1 in Quality, Production and Safety.
  • She has been exposed to the fast paced, high volume environment of food manufacturing/ packaging.
  • She currently manages about 45 employees on 3rd shift.  She describes herself as a coach/ mentor – a mentality she learned in the military. She loves to see people progress and grow.
  • She is currently located in South Carolina but her husband has been transferred to GA. She is looking for her next opportunity in manufacturing in GA


Candidate 22:

  • Candidate 22 has his BSEE which he says comes in very useful when on the plant floor
  • He has been in manufacturing for 12 years and has worked many different roles for the same company
  • He has co-led one Kaizen event and participated in others.  The event he co-led resulted in the creation of a visual kanban system for machine parts.  This resulted in a significant time savings by streamlining the process and minimizing paperwork
  • He also led a six sigma project that resulted in a 32% reduction in scrap
  • He has managed up to 50 employees and he leads by example.  He likes to get his hands dirty and learn the process because he believes he has to have a good understanding himself of anything he is asking his operators to do.
  • He is looking for a manufacturer where he can grow into an Ops Manager or Plant Manager role.
  • Candidate 22 is located in GA


Candidate 23:

  • Candidate 23 has his Bachelor’s in Management
  • He currently manages 40 operators and 4 techs on second shift for a textile manufacturer.
  • He is a hands on supervisor: “I never ask my employees to do something that I am not willing to do myself”.
  • He believes in team work and finding out what motivates his employees so he can get them to perform to the best of their ability.
  • He has a strong mechanical aptitude
  • He is always focused on less waste and more profit and makes sure his people and his machines are always running efficiently.
  • Candidate 23 is located in GA


Candidate 24:

  • Candidate 24 has his BS in Advertising, spent 10 years in the military and has 7 years of manufacturing experience
  • He has a good understanding of Lean and CI and uses Lean principles on a daily basis.
  • He is currently working on an improvement project to reduce the amount of scrap.  As a part of the scrap reduction team, they have identified the three major causes of scrap- performed a root cause analysis and then put procedures in place to mitigate the scrap.  So far, they have reduced scrap from 2000 pounds a day to 500 pounds a day.
  • He has worked the past three years in packaging
  • He is currently managing 24 direct reports and describes his management style as “firm but fair”
  • Candidate 24 is located in GA


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