Quality Engineer Candidates

Candidate 35QE:

  • Candidate 35QE has her BS in Chemical Engineering and is certified as an IATF 16949 Auditor.
  • She is a strong communicator and motivated to succeed in her career.
  • She has experience in process audits and took me through a project she led that resulted in $62k in savings.
  • In that project, she used the A3 problem solving tool to identify/ define the problem around throughput and excess scrap. She developed containment actions and used a fishbone diagram to determine root cause which was tied to both the machine and material. She was able to change the specs upstream as well as an extra inspection process. She monitored the results and saw a significant reduction in scrap.
  • She believes in involving her team in the process and then explaining why changes are being implemented.
  • She writes the control plans for her line and is very involved in the FMEA process.
  • She has had exposure to and has an understanding of APQP and PPAP.
  • She is very well versed in ISO9001 and took her organization through the transition from TS16949 to IATF 16949.
  • She is very comfortable in giving presentations to a variety of levels including upper management and regularly leads Quality Management training.

Candidate 34QE:

  • Candidate 34QE is a Materials Engineer with a degree from Georgia Tech (2008).
  • He has nine years’ experience in manufacturing research and quality management.
  • He worked for three years at a fabric manufacturer in their pilot lab helping develop test procedures, documentation, and writing SOPs to be used in their plant to gain efficiencies in their equipment and processes.
  • There, he carried a dual role as a lab supervisor and a quality manager. The lab was ISO 17025 certified, and he helped develop procedures for the quality systems used in the plant. He supervised close to 20 technicians in the lab, and did training and implementation at the plants.
  • He was responsible for external and internal auditing in the lab, kept track of records, and had full responsibility for the QMS.
  • Before that, he worked at an LED phosphor crystal manufacturing plant that was working towards ISO 9001 certification while he was there. He helped them implement an ISO 9001 level quality management system. He says that’s where he first learned a lot about process control and managing deviation.
  • He took an R&D role doing research and development on photo polymer plates used in printing processes (packaging industry graphics).
  • He is mainly doing product development and first article builds in a plant in Morristown, TN.
  • He says he focuses on process improvement, and understands the statistics behind the manufacturing variables. He tracks issues that come up on the line, and provides corrective action.
  • He would like to bring his quality expertise into a broader scale manufacturing operation.

Candidate 33QE:

  • Candidate 33QE has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and he is working on his MBA. He is a very creative Manufacturing Quality Engineer; he has experience providing analysis and support for the development of engineering projects.
  • He has extensive knowledge of lean manufacturing and product/process design within the Automotive and Manufacturing sector. He understands workload prioritization; he has extensive client communication experience, and health and safety compliance knowledge.
  • He has experience influencing supplier customers on a particular subject. He just recently had to make a suggestion to a motor company, to allow their operators to not do a full rail inspection (front, rear and back). It was a kaizen initiative to increase production numbers and still maintain good quality and they were in favor of it since it didn’t affect their product quality.
  • He works with suppliers on a daily basis trying to resolve quality issues, and implementing CAPA. He says his best approach with suppliers is to keep the lines of communication open so they get the right results.
  • He has experience dealing with paint and coil coating suppliers. He worked with TCI powder coatings where they coated the laser-welded blanks for A and B – pillars. His responsibility was to work with them to make sure they supplied the right product on time and good quality.
  • He has experience handling quality issues on assembly line, dealing with supplier quality issues, insuring ISO/TS 16949 and IAFT 16949 standards and specifications are followed. He participates in root cause analysis and he implements corrective actions.
  • He is currently working on a contract basis in Roanoke, Va. and needs to find a permanent position.

Candidate 32QE:

  • Candidate 32QE has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and 6 years of work experience. He is currently working with a major auto manufacturer as a Supplier Engineer.
  • He is responsible for managing suppliers’ new model quality and product launch issues. He is responsible for making quality decisions on behalf of his organization.
  • He has experience dealing with both Paint and Coil Coating suppliers. He has extensive experience with paint defects, including hairline scratches; grazing and cracking of recoat applications, dirt, craters, crawling, runs, banding, stripping, paint entrapment, and more. His Coil Coating experience comes from handling the Novelis aluminum account.
  • He is comfortable addressing different perspectives across a wide variety of suppliers. In these instances, he relies on more than just data and he tries to garner an understanding of the supplier’s perspectives and interests.
  • He has the ability to look at process and push vendors to resolve root cause. For example, he conducted capability studies to evaluate the health of the gauging system process and set up a worst-case stack up analysis. He also conducted a bisimilarity test to identify any issues associated with the gauging system. The improved detection methods helped avoid a $1.2M cavity tool replacement.
  • He has experience with root cause analysis, AIAG guidelines, 1649 specifications, supplier scorecards, negotiating with suppliers, identifying opportunities for improvements. He even has experience designing tooling.

Candidate 31QE:

  • Candidate 31QE has his BS in Chemical Engineering and his BS in Mathematics and will finish his Masters in Business Administration and Accounting in 2020.
  • He has worked in a Manufacturing environment for 5+ years with 2.5 years and Quality.
  • He currently works as a Quality Engineer with a company that manufactures resins for various industries and surface overlays for furniture.
  • He is highly trained in both internal and external Quality Audits and conducts audits on a regular basis.
  • When he started they did not have a fluid QMS in place.  He worked with an Analytics group to identify software that could link the 3 systems they were using to better communicate. Once the software was approved, he helped to configure the software for all areas.  He pulled in raw data and identified a lot of material that was created out of spec. He then used Root Cause Analysis and Kaizen events to identify outlier issues, engaged operators and created and updated SOPs for testing to ensure quality improvement.
  • He works with hazardous materials and is very familiar with HAZMAT regulations.
  • In a previous role, he was a Process Engineer and worked in 3 major roles throughout his time there. He was the technical Lead for Zone 1 (raw materials through pulp and conversion).  In this role, he helped lines understand the chemical blend and adjusted blends/ added chemicals to create cost savings while still maintaining the same Quality parameters. He was also elected the Initiative Leader for a new product roll out where he was able to determine significant cost savings and throughput increase.

Candidate 30QE:

  • Candidate 30QE graduated with a BS in Industrial Engineering in 2014 from Southern Polytechnical (now Kennesaw State) where he co-oped doing motion/time studies and assisting with plant layout design work.
  • He currently works as a Quality Engineer for a company where he’s been since 2017. They process rolled metal coils in various thicknesses and mil-specs by uncoiling into a sheet, coating using customer paint spec, curing, rerolling and slitting into smaller width coils. These go to converters that make trim features for the automotive and building products industries.
  • He is using Ross (RQM), HQMS, and Business Objects for data tracking and quality management of their coils going in and out.
  • He submits PPAPs on development side – gets customer approval and submits all the paperwork.
  • On every product that leaves their plant, he has to supply a chemical properties form on both the base metal and the paint – issued as a COA (certificate of analysis).
  • He does testing on products to make sure they are aligned with requirements as well as working with suppliers to insure incoming metal meets mil-specs.
  • He also works with customers to deal with any incident reports.
  • His plant is ISO 9001:2015 compliant, and he handles some of the documentation, PPAP, and gage R&R.
  • Previously he worked for a major auto maker as a Quality Engineer for 3+ years in their manufacturing facility that supplies front end modules – carrier, headlights, horn, radiator, and some of the cockpit components that go on the interior dash.
  • He worked closely with suppliers to improve performance, implement process control and quality plans.
  • He interacted routinely with Purchasing, Engineering and Suppliers to pro-actively improve quality of components.
  • He has extensive experience with automotive quality per TS16949. He utilized FMEA, Control plan, PPAP, and is familiar with GD&T.
  • He has experience developing new work processes, new tools and functional capabilities.
  • He has extensive experience with root cause analysis, PPAP and process improvement. He is Six Sigma Green Belt Certified.

Candidate 29QE:

  • Candidate 29QE has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. He graduated from State University of New York in 2017.
  • His dad was a Quality Engineer when he began his career, and he wanted to follow in his footsteps.
  • He is currently working as a Quality Engineer with a company that manufactures and refurbishes hydroelectric turbines and generators.
  • He handles a lot of the document control on the Quality team. Many of their clients are government regulated, so they have tight standards they have to maintain. He documents any quality incidences and helps devise a plan to correct.
  • In addition to document control, he makes sure the plant has a manufacturing test plan that provides pre-planning inspection and in-process testing before the manufacturing process starts.
  • His team also visits their suppliers’ shops to make sure the products are built to specification. He makes note of any non-conformances and creates a disposition for correction.
  • He has a third role that incorporates project management. He tracks all the sub-contracting that goes on in the company to ensure timely and cost-effective project delivery.
  • He keeps good relations with their vendors and customers
  • His has been through ISO 9001 training, so he has been training him, and has him assisting in the internal audit process. Candidate 29QE is not certified himself but would like to go through the training.
  • He is also involved in non-destructive weld testing to find defects in materials. His job requires a lot of welding knowledge.
  • Candidate 29QE lives in Charlotte but is highly motivated to move to the Atlanta area.

Candidate 28QE:

  • Candidate 28QE is an Industrial Engineer with some great perspective on process improvement and root cause troubleshooting.
  • Prior to his current role, he worked for a year on contract where they built large scale LCD monitors used in restaurant drive thru’s. They not only built the screens but also did all the programming for the individual menus.
  • He was doing a lot of documentation CAD and design work.
  • His current plant processes large stock sheets of glass that get processed down to various customer sizes per project order. They supply a lot of contract jobs in commercial real estate projects such as hotels supplying things like showers assemblies, glass side walls, and other trimmed out glass features of various shapes sizes and thicknesses. All their sales are made-to-order, and are generally 700-800 piece runs per customer order. They have a lot of secondary processes onsite as well such as painted or silkscreen finishes, and tempering or heat strengthening the glass. They also cut the aluminum stock trim to size and trim out glass using a desiccant filler and silicone seal.
  • He is responsible for making improvements via his lean six sigma training – pushing cost reductions, and increasing throughput. He works hand-in-hand with production and engineering, implementing new quality standards, documenting processes and trying to control the outcomes.
  • Besides troubleshooting and writing process procedures, the other half of his responsibility encompasses strategic planning for reducing bottlenecks in the system.
  • He has been able to influence some effective change at the plant through his 5S approach, preventive maintenance programs and other concepts that control the operational output.
  • He has mentored process engineers and lean champions at his plant and other plants. He’s also worked some with their safety manager. They had a water issue with their off-flow have too many suspended solids, so he worked with him and their environmental guy on a filtration system to relive the non-compliance.
  • Candidate 28QE resides in Decatur, GA.

Candidate 27QE:

  • Candidate 27QE  has been working in Manufacturing for 28 years. All these years have been in the Automotive manufacturing industries. He has held various roles from production, project to most recently quality.
  • With regards to Quality and welding processes he has 10 years as a Quality Engineer/Supervisor for mig and spot welding. Senior Manufacturing Engineer for 3 years programming Fanuc weld robots and 4 years as a New model Engineer assuring automotive weld processes and stampings readiness prior to production.
  • He has experience in Non-Destructive Evaluation techniques such as Magnetic Particle, X-rays Ultrasonic.
  • He has held supervisory roles and sees himself as a team player who coaches his team to be successful. He is not a micromanager.
  • He also has a lot of experience in Lean and continuous improvement techniques, which is something critical when improving processes to avoid quality failures.
  • He is excited about the role at Miura and feels he would be able to hit the ground running based on his years of automotive experience.

Candidate 5QE:

  • Candidate 5QE has a BS in Electrical Engineering and is Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Manufacturing Certified. He has extensive quality manufacturing experience and 20 years of management experience.
  • He has worked in multiple industries including automotive, defense and medical device (FDA regulated).
  • He has supported ISO9000, TS16949, AS9000, and ISO13485 quality management systems, he has performed root cause analysis and implemented corrective and preventive actions, he has Supported and maintained the Corrective and Preventative Action Functions (CAR/PAR), participated in Kaizen Projects, and performed processes analysis and process monitoring utilizing the Six Sigma Methodologies.
  • He has owned his own company and was charged with developing and implementing ISO, TS, and AS quality management systems from scratch for multiple industries. So he is an expert as providing solutions utilizing fundamental principles of quality.
  • He has 20 years experience as a Manager. He is a collaborative manager, he listens to his employees. He communicates in an intelligent and respectful manner and always makes sure the job is done well.
  • Candidate 5QE is located in TN.

Candidate 6QE:

  • Candidate 6QE graduated from Southern Polytech with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2012.
  • His initial work experience was as a Process Engineer where he got a great deal of exposure to the textile manufacturing industry. His roles included directly involved in process and product improvement as well as standardizing and auditing processes for improved quality. He was also involved in conducting internal audits to prep for their customers’ quality audits.
  • In his current role he is responsible for ensuring part quality and supply chain efficiencies as driven by a highly regulated industry.
  • He has utilized SPC and Minitab to track upper and lower control limits. When findings revealed an out of spec condition, he issued a return to the supplier, and then re-evaluated lots against a control batch.
  • He has experience with working with machined, stamped and molded parts including composites
  • He currently works by driving successful communication and process improvement. He has improved quality and on-time delivery and able to improve Supplier Quality Scores within the last year by 10%
  • He would consider a move into a company where he has a clearly foreseeable growth trajectory.
  • Candidate 6QE is located in Georgia

Candidate 7QE:

  • Candidate 7QE has a BS in Biology and is Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma Certified. She specializes in ensuring compliance with quality and standards, executing strategies for improvements and solutions, and staff training and development.
  • She is experienced in working with cross-functional teams and groups, she has implemented preventive actions while ensuring compliance to quality standards and processes; and managed numerous projects and programs.
  • She has authored validation protocols for re-validation processes; aligned industry standards and site requirements with new Standard Operating Procedures.
  • She has prepared and scheduled equipment for validation protocol execution, and finalize validation summary reports. She has worked in a Quality Validation role, where she performed Quality reviews of vendors.
  • She has experience in FDA Regulated environments and ISO standard Grade A + B facilities. She has experience working in worked in Pharma, Blood Bank, and Diagnostic testing industries
  • Candidate 7QE is located in Georgia

Candidate 8QE:

  • Candidate 8QE has a BS in Chemical Engineering, Masters in Management and 6 years experience in Validation/Quality.
  • He is Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt Certified. He has extensive experience using Lean Six Sigma tools to support process improvements.
  • He has worked on cross functional teams with engineering during validation and commissioning of new equipment and processes.
  • He has experience working in FDA and ISO environments on batch  and semi continuous processes. He has a thorough understanding of  cleaning validation, food safety and cGMPs, with a strong focus on quality.
  • Candidate 8QE is located in Georgia.

Candidate 9QE:

  • Candidate 9QE is a Chemical Engineer with over 20 years of experience in GMP regulated environments.
  • She is experienced on equipment qualification, process validation, test method validation, computerized systems validation, aseptic processing and controlled areas and environmental controls
  • She is experienced on Design Controls through manufacturing for medical devices and biological products.
  • She has been a Quality Engineer for over 10 years and a Supervisor for over 8 years, she has managed up to 7 direct reports.
  • Candidate 9QE is located in Georgia.

Candidate 10QE:

  • Candidate 10QE has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • He is someone with STRONG process knowledge- he has worked with a variety of processes and can adapt to different processes, he has strong problem solving skills, he understands process oriented thinking, he asks the right questions to discover what is wrong with the process and he has a strong understanding of measurement methodologies.
  • He describes process oriented thinking as: “If possible, I will first observe an issue, and speak with the operators/technicians who were working at the work site to analyze the root causes of the process. I will then review the procedure if the process has been working properly. I will create a report to discuss with the manager to solve it.”
  • He has used CAD, CMM and Vernier caliper measurement methodologies. He has used UG-NX, CATIA, and AutoCAD and created 2D and 3 D drawings. He is familiar with ISO, JIS, and ASTM standards.
  • Candidate 10QE is located in Georgia

Candidate 11QE:

  • Candidate 11QE has over 20 years quality experience in Traditional manufacturing environment.
  • He has vast experience in many of the quality tools such as ISO 140001 and TS16949. He is certified as a Lead Auditor as well as an SPC trainer.
  • He has worked in Automotive component manufacturing, distribution and gas industries and both union and nonunion sites.
  • In his career he has managed up to 27 direct reports but in his time at Michelin Tire he had 8 different Quality site managers reporting to him with over 200 plus non-direct reports.
  • His management style is very much about building rapport first to gain trust and always making sure that his employees are priority. He is hands on and is always working with plant supervisors and operators when quality issues arise.
  • He is very passionate about Quality and would like to be with a company where he can be successfully long term.
  • He has a Bachelors in Business, and Associates in Industrial Supervision and management and is a 6-sigma green belt.
  • Candidate 11QE is located in Florida

Candidate 12QE:

  • Candidate 12QE BS in Chemical Engineering and 10 years Quality/Continuous Improvement experience.
  • He is an internal ISO9001 Quality Auditor and Lean Six Sigma Certified.
  • He has 5 years management experience, supervising 5 -10 direct reports, he is a very hands-on manager and is comfortable on the shop floor.
  • He is an excellent problem solver with emphasis on lean, troubleshooting and implementing process and continuous improvements.
  • *He works closely with his team to define, develop and implement strategies for continual improvement in all processes of the plant business with a focus on eliminating/reducing top quality and waste issues.
  • He has developed training to help foster Lean manufacturing activities across the company. He has written training modules.
  • He has participated in countless Kaizen Blitz events; performed time studies and root cause analysis.
  • Examples of his CI Projects:  Developed paint process resulting in a 30% improvement in productivity, Received the Care Award for process improvement, Improved cycle time for the tape process, resulting in a 16% increase in   productivity, Developed process to reduce paint usage by 10%,Implemented programs that reduced scrap and paint usage by up to 10%.
  • Candidate 12QE is located in Georgia

Candidate 13QE:

  • Candidate 13QE has a BSC in Business Management and has been in manufacturing for 25 years. He has 8 years’ experience in the Automotive component manufacturing industry.
  • In his manufacturing career he has worked predominately in a Quality role, he has 20+ years’ experience in ISO standards and 5 years’ experience in TS16949.
  • In his last role, he managed 6 direct reports, his management style is hands on and connected he likes to lead by example and feels that you have to learn to get to know people and gain trust in order to gain their support.
  • His approach to audits is to understand what the requirements are and the carry out as many internal audits to ensure that any non-conformances are resolved in a timely manner and prior to the actual audit being carried out.
  • When dealing with supplier rejects/issues he likes to take a calm approach and one based on facts and figures, this he feels ensures that the suppliers are willing to work out a more collaborative approach to resolving issues.
  • In his day to day work he utilizes process improvement tools such as 5 Whys, 8D and value stream mapping for resolving internal non- conformances.
  • He has working experience with PPAP process and design and implementation of control plans, PFMEA and reducing cost of quality.
  • Candidate 13QE is located in Georgia

Candidate 14QE:

  • Candidate 14QE has his BS in Chemistry and 30 years experience in Quality and Management
  • He has 5 years experience managing TS16949 standards and 25+ years with ISO.  At his last role, he was leading the transition to AITF standards.
  • He has always worked in manufacturing and he loves to be on the floor in a hands-on role
  • He loves managing people and training others to reach their full potential. He describes his management style as: “very hands-on, I provide instructions, train on what I need to train on, monitor progress and make sure associates understand and then gradually back off and let others succeed- – periodically checking in and assessing progress”.
  • He is organized and a GREAT communicator.  He is very smart but comes across as down to earth and relatable.
  • In October of 2017, He was recruited to a new role as a Corporate Quality Engineer. In his new role, he manages PPAPS, PFMEA, Control Plans, Customer Specifications, New Product Launches and Supplier Visits.
  • Candidate 14QE is located in Georgia

Candidate 15QE:

  • Candidate 15QE has a BS in Mechanical Engineering, has been in Quality and Manufacturing his whole career and has 10+ years Management experience.
  • He is CQE, CMQ/QE certified and Lean 6 Six Sigma Black Belt Certified, as well as a certified ISO 9001 and TS16949 Lead Auditor.
  • In one of his roles, he lead a successful audit to attain their TS16949. He has 7 years experience with TS16946 and over 10 with ISO 9001. He has even trained multiple auditors. He starts his audits with a check sheet. And has always received great scores on his 2nd party audits!
  • His communication skills are excellent, from dealing with customers, handling their complaints and corrective actions, reviewing and monitoring the resolutions. To dealing with Supplier Management, receiving and shipping, he feels communication is the key.
  • He spent a year as a consultant/subject matter expert developing metrics for evaluating and reporting quality and reliability data, performing due diligence, providing process and quality system direction in an aerospace/defense environment but in the end, he missed the comradery of a manufacturing team.
  • He also drove continual improvement activities that resulted in reduced factory related complaints, higher efficiencies, 37% savings in returned product, 40% decrease in rate of return, and overall increased customer satisfaction within 3 months.
  • His management style is not to micro-manage but to follow up on what is being done, he is a hands-on manager, he explains quality to an employee by showing them a defect and explaining how that impacts them in dollar values and hourly costs, he likes to be on the floor, he likes to coach, he has had up to 20 direct reports.
  • Candidate 15QE is located in Georgia

Candidate 16QE:

  • Candidate 16QE is a trained Industrial Engineer with a bachelor’s and master’s degree.
  • He concentrated on lean training and process modeling during his master’s program.
  • He was originally hired on as an industrial engineer working with production personnel on processes and lean training.
  • During the 2008 recession, he moved into his current role in QMS/CI where one of his primary responsibilities is managing their ISO 9001 compliance. He is a certified ISO 9001 auditor (since 2008), and was part team that implemented the revised standard (2015).
  • He is also the CI facilitator for the plant. He works with their production supervisors on crafting kaizen events (they run ~2-3/qrt).
  • He also conducts their monthly 5s audits. He puts together the schedule and identifies which areas to audit and tabulates the scores. He has used competitions among personnel as a means of promoting 5s improvements. He states that this helps drive some of their ideas for Kaizens.
  • He has also been involved in the safety and environmental programs. Some of their processes (paint and welding) are EPA regulated, and they have a few hazardous materials they work with that are subject to OSHA documentation and inspection.
  • He did create the engineering change request program and is actively engaged in data collection and control of process quality.
  • Candidate 16QE is located in Florida

Candidate 17QE:

  • Candidate 17QE is an Industrial Engineer and has worked in manufacturing since 1993.
  • Most of his working experience has been in the plastics and automotive industries.
  • In his career, he has had up to 6 direct reports in his current role he manages 2 Quality Engineers.
  • His management style is to motivate people by understanding their background and asking questions and utilizing that knowledge to encourage to problem solve.
  • He has worked with the TS16949 since 1993 and when it was ISO 9000. He also very familiar with 14001 standards.
  • With regards to PPAP he completes 2/3 every week which also includes the 1st Article Inspections. In recent years he has worked with more automated systems regarding inspections and verifications.
  • He has used APQP throughout his career.
  • He also uses Kaizens and Value stream mapping for his Quality Management systems and for any Continuous Improvement opportunities.
  • He works with customers and suppliers on ensuring that non-conformances are dealt with in a timely and sustainable manner.
  • Candidate 17QE is located in Florida

Candidate 18QE:

  • Candidate 18QE has Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • He has 3+year experience in a Manufacturing with one of those being a brake manufacturer.
  • He is familiar with ISO, JIS, and ASTM standards. He has experience with TS16949 and ISO401 and been part of one TS16949 audit. He also has also implemented control plans based on FMEA and PPAP.
  • He has created 8D reports in the plant and could discuss quality issues and figure out countermeasures. By creating report and verify results, automatically PDCA activities are conducted.  He explains: “As an example, there was a heavy cutter that may need to be changed and if it was not changed on time = worn cutters caused many quality issues. To solve this problem, firstly I calculate each tool’s average change time and I asked that IT team sent an email if tool life was reached to 80% and then Production team and Production control team had a meeting to confirm a time to change cutter. Because this process has been established, quality issue, which was caused by a worn out cutter, has no longer appeared. I summarize this issue and successfully close the issue.”
  • He has been exposed and used Lean and Six Sigma principles.
  • He is someone with STRONG process knowledge- he has worked with a variety of processes and can adapt to different processes, he has strong problem-solving skills, he understands process-oriented thinking, he asks the right questions to discover what is wrong with the process and he has a strong understanding of measurement methodologies.
  • Candidate 18QE is located in GA.

Candidate 19QE:

  • Candidate 19QE has his Associates Degree in Engineering, his BA in Biology and his MBA.  He is also LSS Green Belt certified
  • He has 6 years experience in Quality and 2 years experience in Automotive.
  • He has been exposed to TS16949 but has worked mostly with ISO 9001.
  • In his most recent role as an automotive contractor, he was responsible for addressing customer complaints. He would use 5 Why and Root Cause Analysis to test the product and determine where the quality issue originated.  He would then work with the other engineers to put a plan in place and communicate with customers
  • He has worked primarily in contract roles throughout his career and is looking for an opportunity with a  company where he can grow.
  • He currently lives in Norcross and would be willing to relocate.

Candidate 20QE:

  • Candidate 20QE is a certified Quality Engineer (CQE) with 20+ years experience in Quality and Manufacturing. He has comprehensive knowledge in ISO 9001, TS 16949, and IATF-16949.
  • He has extensive experience with quality audits. Starts with a Gap Analysis, reviews line by line, “measure up or write up”, he evaluates suppliers, and he has passed every audit with flying colors.
  • He is experienced in developing, implementing, and scheduling an internal audit system to meet the requirements for achieving or maintaining certification to ISO 9001.
  • He has strong Management and Leadership Skills: 20 years’ experience with a proven track record of success. He leads his people by first finding out what motivates them. They need good materials, good equipment, and good work standards. He likes to make them a part of coming up with the work standard, if they come up with the rule they will follow it.
  • He is hands-on and leads by example; he is a great teacher and motivator.
  • He has experience designing, implementation, and validation of Quality Management Systems control plans and work instructions to increase efficiencies and reduce customer concerns. (PFMEA, PPAP, QSA, SPC, and MSA)
  • He uses 8D, 5 Why and other accepted practices in the approaches to solving problems identified during the Quality process.
  • He has handled customer and suppliers for majors automotive companies like Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Ford, and Kia.

Candidate 21QE:

  • Candidate 21QE is a GREAT communicator with 10+ years experience in Quality and 7 years experience in Automotive manufacturing
  • He has 7 years experience with TS16949 standards and recently took his company through IATF certification where they passed.
  • In his current role, he is the Quality Manager over two facilities and manages 44 employees- he believes that a good manager is flexible in their management style.  He gets to know his employees and fins out what motivates them and then manages accordingly.
  • He has instilled a sense of urgency for quality throughout his organization by implementing a QRQC program (Quick Response Quality Control) where they treat every issue with the same sense of urgency regardless of if the issue is internal or a client complaint. He involves everyone from the production team, maintenance, quality inspectors and engineers in researching the issue, evaluating the data and identifying the problem.  They then all work together to address the issue and solve the root cause.
  • He completed 3 years of his degree in Business Administration with a focus on Manufacturing and does not have many credits to complete his degree, and does plan on completing his degree when the time will allow.
  • He has worked his way up throughout his career and enjoys working on the plant floor. He is passionate about Quality and is a natural leader.
  • Candidate 21QE is located in Rome, GA.

Candidate 22QE:

  • Candidate 22QE has a BS in Industrial Engineering Technology with concentrations in Quality Assurance and Quality Concepts and he has a Six Sigma Green Belt.
  • He worked a year-long Co-op during school at a major automotive manufacturer and just finished up a year long contract at a consulting firm with 100% of his work being done with a major restaurant chain and concentrated in Lean innovation and optimization.
  • His big projects included time studies with truck deliveries and improving in and out, quicker deliveries, and optimizing counter space. In the end, this will always be an on going improvement. The second project was a huge success, he developed a way to stack the condiments and designed a storage box that is still in use which helps the restaurant use less condiments and saves money.
  • During his time in the automotive industry, he helped find an issue with the rack that holds a part during travel to prevent damage.  He found a point that could cause a ding or scratch, the team was grateful.
  • He also made a booklet to go along with a barcode scanner that is attached to the scanner to explain how to use it; this is an example of his ability to make visual management tools.
  • He has experience training employees, collecting data, analyzing data and managing projects. He has been involved with Kiazen projects but not since school. He has extensive experience and understands Lean.
  • Candidate 22QE is available immediately and is located in Atlanta, GA.

Candidate 23QE:

  • Candidate 23QE has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He is a Lean Six Sigma Certified Black Belt.
  • He has worked in the Automotive industry where he has gained exposure to Lean Manufacturing, Production control, Time study, Work Study, and Process Improvement.
  • He has worked as a Quality Engineer and gained an in-depth knowledge of all manufacturing and quality control processes.
  • He has led and facilitated process improvement teams providing Lean tools such as Pareto charts, process flow charts, Value Stream Mapping, A3 Reports, basic statistics, control charts, and Lean Daily Management (LDM).
  • He has utilized Lean and Six Sigma principles to ensure that manufacturing requirements for efficient processes and practices are addressed on a timely basis.
  • Throughout his studies, he has gained knowledge of Lean Manufacturing: 5S, 8D, PFMEA, DFMEA, PDCA, Kaizen, APQP, PPAP, SMED, Poka-yoke, Kanban, Lean Six Sigma, Heijunka, Just in Time, Time Study, Work Study, TS16949.
  • In a previous position, he earned the “Best Kaizen Award” for a CI project. He identified a part that was too heavy (18kg). He was able to reduce it to 4kg, through Value Stream Mapping. He saved the company $6M/year, increased productivity, reduced waste by 22%. Amazing!
  • He is available immediately and resides in Atlanta, GA.

Candidate 24QE:

  • Candidate 24QE is a certified LSS Black Belt, PMP, CQA and holds his BS in Business Management as well as his MBA.
  • He has lead five Lean Plant transformations from start to finish, and all five are still turning a profit and realizing cost savings.
  • He has a GREAT personality and has an innate ability to form relationships with ALL employees- these relationships on the shop floor allow him to build rapport and implement processes.
  • He has developed extensive training material in Lean methodologies, and believes that true Lean transformation starts with time studies and Value Stream Mapping – “start with value stream mapping the current state and the future state and then do projects to get to that future state.”
  • He has been in operational roles most recently but his true passion lies in helping companies lean down their operations and save money.
  • He brings a deep level of knowledge and practical application to the table- he has worked in both automotive and carpet manufacturing and has a strong understanding of the processes.
  • Candidate 24QE is located in Chattanooga, TN, but is comfortable commuting to Georgia.

Candidate 25QE:

  • Candidate 25QE has a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Kennesaw State University and is LSS Green Belt Certified.
  • He has been involved in multiple Lean/6 Sigma Projects. Performed multiple times studies in production and done a few Kaizen events in safety.
  • His most recent 6 Sigma project was a Pattern Management issue. The problem was the carpet was bowing, he performed a value stream mapping, took measurements, realigned coder, straightened, if the carpet does move the Mahlo system straightens out the carpet. The result was an increase in productivity, decrease in waste and it took a step out of the process.
  • Another project he was able to increase line speed from 75% to 84% by putting the oven on a PM schedule to increase oven temp.
  • He has made Variance charts for safety and quality.
  • Candidate 25QE is located in Calhoun, GA.

Candidate 26QE:

  • Candidate 26QE is a GREAT communicator with 10+ years experience in Quality and 7 years experience in Automotive manufacturing.
  • He has 7 years experience with TS16949 standards and recently took his company through IATF certification where they passed.
  • In his current role, he is the Quality Manager over two facilities and manages 44 employees- he believes that a good manager is flexible in their management style.  He gets to know his employees and finds out what motivates them and then manages accordingly.
  • He has instilled a sense of urgency for quality throughout his organization by implementing a QRQC program (Quick Response Quality Control) where they treat every issue with the same sense of urgency regardless of if the issue is internal or a client complaint. He involves everyone from the production team, maintenance, quality inspectors and engineers in researching the issue, evaluating the data and identifying the problem.  They then all work together to address the issue and solve the root cause.
  • Candidate 26QE completed 3 years of his degree in Business Administration with a focus on Manufacturing and does not have many credits to complete his degree and does plan on completing his degree when the time will allow.
  • He has worked his way up throughout his career and enjoys working on the plant floor. He is passionate about Quality and is a natural leader.
  • Candidate 26QE resides in Rome, GA.

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