Supplier Quality Engineer Candidates

Candidate 1:

  • Candidate 1 has worked very closely with Purchasing in insuring quality of goods purchased for their manufacturing operation.
  • She has done all forms of testing from validating UV rating, testing for Lead, testing tolerances on fabric Measurements and Squareness.
  • She has a lot of lean and process control tracking utilizing 5 Why’s and 8D.
  • She was responsible for the quality management of imported products: poly, wood, metal – she inspected all material brought in to insure it met specifications.
  • Candidate 1 is located in GA


Candidate 2:

  • Candidate 2 put his Industrial Engineering degree to work right out of college where he is responsible for insuring product quality from their suppliers.
  • He works directly with suppliers and vendors to insure the quality and standards
  • He is a part of the merchandising team.
  • He tracks supplier performance on maintaining standards.
  • He currently travels ~40-50% of the time with his job.
  • He also tracks metrics on exchanges and returns.
  • He deals with a lot of data so he is working with business intelligence tools to streamline data extraction and reporting.
  • He makes many presentations and is very adept at creating PowerPoint slides for delivering quality metrics.
  • He works with closely with the supply chain management team.
  • He is bilingual in English and Spanish.
  • Candidate 2 is located in GA


Candidate 3:

  • Candidate 3 holds a Bachelor’s degree in Quality Management
  • His professional experience has been specifically focused on quality control and assurance. He has been involved in SPC for the last three years, tracking product and vendor performance and compliance in various software systems.
  • He has experience with SAP, JD Edwards, and Oracle.
  • He has been traveling to suppliers to audit processes.
  • Candidate 3 is located in GA


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