Supply Chain Now Radio’s second episode aired on June 29th, after great success with the first episode in May.  Supply Chain Now Radio brings Supply Chain to the masses– featuring the best in all things Supply Chain: the people, the technologies, the critical issues, the best practices.  The second episode featured APICS Atlanta EVP and TalentStream’s very own Managing Partner, Scott Luton, ShowMe50 founder Elba Pareja-Gallagher, Jacqueline Pollard from Twin Engines, and Greg Lutkauskas with the Transportation Club of Atlanta.

Supply Chain Now Radio first aired will continue as a monthly program featuring Supply Chain professionals in the Metro Atlanta area, and around the rest of the state.

You can listen to the second episode of Supply Chain Now Radio, through this link to the Business Radio X Website,  or you can subscribe to the Supply Chain Now Radio podcast through Soundcloud here, download the episodes and listen.

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