Test Engineer Candidates

Candidate 1:

  • Candidate 1 has a BS Industrial Technology; Minor: Business Administration
  • He has received awards from companies he has worked for as a top performer, he is also a 3 palm eagle scout where he received awards from President Clinton.
  • He has composed test schedules detailing timeline for the test item receiving inspection, initial limited technical inspection, subtest for each test item, end of test limited technical inspection, and completion of test report to customer.
  • He has experience troubleshooting and repairing a variety of automotive systems such as engines, transmission and gear reduction systems, transaxles, drive line and rear axle assemblies, electrical and electronic systems, fuel injection systems, emission control systems, braking systems, hydraulic and other assemblies.
  • He has trained automotive tech on both B. O. F (Body on Frame) Reliability and O. R. V. T. (Over the Road Vehicle Testing) OBDII maintenance procedures.
  • Candidate 1 is located in Georgia


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