Warehouse Logistics Engineer/Manager Candidates

Candidate 1WL:

  • Candidate 1WL had 30 years experience in experience in Warehouse Management, 25 years experience Supervisory experience and 20 years experience with ERP.
  • He has set up 3 Warehouses from bare walls to fully functioning. He has hired whole staff and set up all equipment.
  • His key achievements include managing the #1 Distribution Center for the company for 12 years, 12 years with no incidents, no lost time, no accidents and inventory accuracy of 99.9%. They had 1 year with NO shipping errors.
  • He is an adovocate for LEAN training and LEAN principles and trains his staff in LEAN. He has experience managing up to 5 direct reports and 100 indirect reports (including temps).
  • He is very approachable and believes everyone learns differently.
  • Candidate 1WL is located in Georgia.


Candidate 2WL:

  • Candidate 2WL has 15 + years experience in Warehouse and Inventory. He has an Associates degree in Business Management.
  • He has been a supervisor for 15 years with up to 45 direct reports. He has strong management skills and makes people feel comfortable, he is not abrasive but set expectations and hold people accountable. He has always felt like more of a coach or mentor to his employees.
  • He enjoys being given a challenge one of his key succeses was to set up a warehouse in 60 days from scratch. The key to his success were to focus on 3 important areas: organization, safety and correct inventory.
  • Candidate 2WL is located in Georgia.


Candidate 3WL:

  • Candidate 3WL has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business.
  • He’s been working in manufacturing/warehouse environments for over 12 years.
  • He is currently the Shipping and Receiving Supervisor and manages about 35-40 people insuring both shifts run efficiently.
  • He has vast experience in highly regulated products which means he has had to manage quality and standards compliance in material handling. He has had to work under strict SOP’s design to comply with government control, from unloading inspected product, and then validate a cross check test designed to make sure product was still intact.
  • In his current role he has begun implementing better procedures by creating SOP’s for his pickers, his auditors and his loaders. He’s also put some visual management in place for tagging product movement and position.
  • He has over 5 years working knowledge and use of JD Edwards ERP for inventory management
  • Candidate 3WL is located in Georgia.


Candidate 4WL:

  • Candidate 4WL has a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management, and a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Mgt.
  • He’s currently employed and managing a 20,000 Sq.Ft facility, worth over $100k stock inventory, and manages the full procurement to shipment cycle of over $300k capital equipment cross docked monthly.
  • He has designed and created the inventory database including a custom ERP he built from the ground up with over 20,000 sku’s in the system. He has experience in both Oracle and Peoplesoft platforms.
  • As well as experince in Supply Chain management he also manages some of the field operations such as oversing PO’s, all inventory, shipping & receiving. He currently has 30 indirect reports.
  • He is a Veteran in the military and has supervised as many as 60 personnel succesfully.
  • For his next role he specifically wants to be in a position that allows him to grow his responsibility and management
  • Candidate 4WL is located in Georgia.


Candidate 5WL:

  • Candidate 5WL has a BS in Business Management and Marketing, and 25 years experience in Warehouse Management.
  • He has supervised up to 20 employees, including temps. He feels he has a coaching style of managing employees, he wants them to succeed.
  • He has extensive experience with several ERP/SAP’s including; Sage, Citrix, and StarShip.
  • In his career he has had to deal with 25 International companies where they warehoused their products that came in from the overseas containers and dealt with the specific need of international clients.
  • He is always detailed oriented, excellent communication skills, responsible and timely on his duties. He often assumed responsibilities beyond his scope of work and responsibility, showing resourcefulness and initiative. He is used to wearing multiple “hats” (Forklift driver, Cherry Picker, Reach Truck, etc. )
  • Candidate 5WL is located in Georgia.


Candidate 6WL:

  • Candidate 6WL has 20+ yrs experience in Warehouse Management and has been in a Supervising role his whole career. He has managed up to 35 direct reports and 140 temps.
  • He has worked in distribution, manufacturing and 3PL environments,clothing, automotive, paper, food and FDA regulated industries
  • He is challenge driven and has a passion for warehouse distribution.  He is very hands on and takes pride in motivating his staff by listening to them then empowering them.
  • He is also keen on the financial aspects of warehouse operations. He has exellent knowledge of ERP/SAP and has been part of 3 implementations.
  • His key achievements include being able to increase storage capacity by 30% through the utilization of racking in the 100,000+ sq ft warehouse, increase productivity by 20% by relocating active and fast moving items together, decrease overtime by 20 hours hours weekly, by creating a metric systems and driving production performance.
  • Candidate 6WL is located in Georgia.


Candidate 7WL:

  • Candidate 7WL has 10+ years experience in Logistics and 12+ years in a supervisor role
  • He has his BS in Social Sciences with a minor in Leadership
  • He has managed up to 40 direct reports and describes his management style as “leading by example- I do not ever ask one of my employees to do something I would not do myself”
  • He has a great communication style.
  • He is proficient in Excel, and has 2.5 years experience with 5S and following work instructions
  • He has experience with a forklift but is not currently certified
  • Candidate 7WL is located in Senoia, GA and is targeting 51-55k for his next role


Candidate 8WL:

  • Candidate 8WL has been in the logistics/distribution industry for 25 years.
  • He has experience working on Automotive industry and Food manufacturing industry.
  • In his career he has supervised up to 40 people from day to day as well as annual performance and disciplinary process.
  • His management style/motto is “Do you job and get the job done right” He is very much a team player and likes to have some fun with his staff, his main thing is to get the job done.
  • He has experience in FIFO and has used that throughout the roles in his career. He is also familiar with 5S.
  • As he has worked in the industry for most of his career he is happy working in the elements 85% of the time.
  • He is targeting 46k+ for his next role.
  • Candidate 8WL is located GA.


Candidate 9WL:

  • Candidate 9WL has been in the manufacturing industry since 2000. He began his career as a machine operator and worked his way up to Logistics supervisor.
  • He has worked in various industries from conveyor systems to wood to printing.
  • In his last role his main responsibilities were to ensure his team of 10 cut sample boards in an efficient and timely manner for them to be sent to the shipping department for packing. His main responsibility was to check on quality of the cut boards, ensure employees have all the PPE equipment, check the flow of the materials was completed in time for them to be sent for shipping. He was also responsible for ensuring all reporting was completed and all documents templates, packing slips completed and ready for packing/shipping to customers site.
  • He has used FIFO in his last two roles which have been in Logistics he is also experienced in using5S principles
  • He has 3 years supervisory experience and his style is very much “pay attention to detail, quality and meeting metrics” in order to get the job done. He also believes that to be a successful supervisor you need to listen to your employees and be there to their sensitive needs and requirements.
  • He has experience using SAP and MS Office software.
  • He is forklift certified on various types of equipment.
  • He is also comfortable working outside majority of his workday/shift.
  • He is currently seeking an opportunity which will utilize his skills on logistics management to take the next step in his career. He has been on the market since Dec 2017, in his last role he lost his job due to whole shift getting laid off.
  • He is targeting $4k0-$45k
  • Candidate 9WL is located GA.


Candidate 10WL:

  • Candidate 10WL has 7 years experience in Logistics, 5 years experience in inspection, 10 years experience with FIFO, and considers himself extremely proficient in Excel
  • He has 10+ years experience as a supervisor and has managed up to 20 direct reports.  He describes his management style as “stern but approachable – if we all focus on the goal we get good results”
  • He spent 4 years in the military and was often out in the elements.  He has no issues with being outside 85% of the time.
  • He is not currently forklift certified but can operate a forklift
  • He is targeting $48-$49k for his next role
  • Candidate 10WL is located GA.


Candidate 11WL:

  • Candidate 11WL has 22 years experience in Logistics in a Supervisor Role
  • He has his LSS Greenbelt and 7 years experience in 5S- he took a 12 week 5S training class through the military in 2011
  • He has extensive experience using Excel and considers himself highly organized
  • He is very hands on as a supervisor and has managed up to 47 direct reports
  • He enjoys working outside and has no issue being outside 85% of the work day
  • He has an energetic personality and believes in motivating his associates
  • Candidate 11WL is located GA.


Candidate 12WL:

  • Candidate 12WL has spent the last year as a full time student working on his Bachelor’s Degree. He has about 40 credits left and can finish them in the evenings so he is ready to get back to work
  • He spent 24 years in the Air Force, primarily in Logistics/ Air transportation.  His logistics role also involved joint inspections where he performed quality inspections before items were shipped out- a very detailed process
  • He has 10+ years experience as a supervisor and likes to work alongside his employees engaging them and getting to know them so he can get the best results.
  • When he left the Air Force, he bought a video store that he ran for two years in Guam. He returned to the states in 2013 and worked for a manufacturer of plastic bags as a Warehouse/ Shipping Manager.  He left that role to go back to school and finish his Bachelor’s Degree.  He worked a seasonal job at a local Distribution Center for three months and then started school full time in January of 2017.
  • He loves being outdoors and is comfortable with spending 85% of his time in the elements. He is looking for a role where he can grow and have a long-term impact.
  • Candidate 12WL is located GA.



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