Chemical Engineer/Product Certification Engineer Candidates

Candidate 2:

  • Candidate 2 has over 30 years experience working as a process engineer in several different industries including textile, rubber ,medical ,pulp & paper as well as  Tier 1 automotive where he is accustomed to being compliant with ISO 9000 & QS9000 procedures.
  • He is experienced in doing equipment development ,trouble shooting and creating new processes that will yield significant cost savings.
  • He is a degreed Chemical Engineer and has used this background to develop rubber compounds and mixing methods which have lead to big cost savings.
  • He has the technical abilities to write work instructions, complete time studies and relate those to staffing requirements.
  • He has developed inspection systems for employees to use to make sound decisions concerning physical make up and appearance acceptance for customer specifications
  • Candidate 2 is located in Georgia.


Candidate 3:

  • Candidate 3 has a BS in chemical engineering and his Master’s of Business Administration
  • He has 15 years experience in manufacturing serving in various management roles.
  • He has conducted supplier certification audits at the supplier to verify process and quality inspections to ISO standards.
  • He has performed audits internal and external to mill standards.
  • He has Implemented effective process procedures for tracking quality testing of finished products that reduced liabilities and recalls and increased product consistency 30%.
  • Candidate 3 is located in Georgia


Candidate 4:

  • Candidate 4 has 25+ yrs Technical Service Mgt: Global Mfg: Industrial Products: Paints: Coatings: Ink: Adhesives: Rubber: Plastics experience.
  • He has $200+ million/yr profit by doubling plant capacities. $200+ million/ship savings by eliminating 75+% rework.
  • He has $100+ million savings: preventing shutdowns. Managed/constructed/designed $3 billion production facilities.
  • He has his BS/MS/PhD work ChE, MBA, PE and Managed 500+ person staffs/teams.
  • He has Outstanding Communication, Technical, & Management skills.
  • He is a results driven leader, adept at capitalizing on opportunities/analyzing needs/solving problems and managing teams.
  •  Candidate 4 is located in Texas but open to relocation.


Candidate 5:

  • Candidate 5 has a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and 20 year experience.
  • Experienced Technical Service Manager with extensive domestic and international experience in process development, project and quality management in the Specialty chemicals and Oil industries.
  • He is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian.
  • He was so articulate and so much fun to speak with. He has a great personality and would be a great addition to any team. He is looking for advancement opportunities and is looking to relocate to the Atlanta area.


Candidate 6:

  • Candidate 6 has a BS in International Affairs but took enough Chemical & Bimolecular Engineering courses to earn a double major. \
  • He has extensive experience in R&D at his current company where they study all types of materials (Paint, Paper, Clay, Rubber, plastics, etc)
  • He is a customer-driven project manager with an entrepreneurial spirit and a background in plastics manufacturing and R&D
  • Candidate 6 is located in Georgia


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