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Candidate 741DE:

  • Candidate 741DE began his career as an engineer, but gained a passion for CPG marketing and innovation after graduating from his MBA program at Northwestern in 2008. 
  • While in grad school, he developed a keen interest in brand management and has focused his career in that arena ever since.
  • His work has all been CPG consumer insights, product management, and strategic innovation road-mapping.
  • Because he’s rotated through a number of product platforms, he feels he has the cross-functional experience for building ambitious roadmaps – he starts with innovative concepts then comes up with the implementable roadmap.
  • He has a combination of an engineering background coupled with product management expertise.
  • Ideally he’d like his next role to be in a company that has a nice balance of current strategy vs. future strategy. He’d like to be part of an established portfolio, but in an environment that is not risk-averse, and is willing to pilot some programs in disruptive marketing.
  • He lives in Georgia.