Structural Engineering Manager Candidates

Candidate SEM1:

  • Candidate SEM1 holds a BSCE and MSSE. He recently sat for and passed the PE exam, and is a licensed PE (state of AL).
  • After completing his graduate program, he accepted a 1-1/2 year government sponsored contract position doing blast design Altogether he has spent about 3-1/2 yrs concentrating on codes and design work related to antiterrorism and blast protection.
  • He has experience in working on structures in the industrial sector – power plants, chemical plants – currently designing a storage and packaging conveyor system.
  • He works primarily in the design of steel and concrete structures and interior support. His work on a jet engine test facility also includes exterior building envelope.
  • He is proficient in AutoCAD, loves working in BIM – uses it every day, he also has software experience in Newforma (Project Management software)
  • Candidate SEM1 is located in Georgia.

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