Buyer Procurement Candidates

Candidate 1BP:

  • Candidate 1BP has been a Buyer for 25 years. He has a BA in Business Management.
  • He has experience working in heavy-duty machinery industry.
  • He has extensive experience reading technical drawings. He has worked with Suppliers but has not qualified suppliers. He feels very comfortable he could quickly and comfortably learn that skill.
  • He has dealt with cross-functional teams from production planners to executive level.
  • He is highly organized and has great communication skills. He is very comfortable dealing with vendors.
  • Candidate 1BP is located in Georgia.


Candidate 2BP:

  • Candidate 2BP has been in Procurement for 10 yrs. She has a BS in Technical Management.
  • She has experience qualifying buyers and negotiating better prices to save money for the company.
  • She has experience in managing automotive customers which she used to go over and present any problems with shipments.
  • She has expert level experience with SAP/Ariba. She is very detail oriented and organized.
  • Candidate 2BP is located in Georgia.


Candidate 3BP:

  • Candidate 3BP has worked with hus current company for 2.5 years. He worked his way up from Business Analyst/Production Planner to his current role as a Purchasing Coordinator/Buyer.
  • He currently manages all activities during the purchasing process, creates orders, monitors transportation and delivery and order accuracy.
  • He is in charge of qualifying suppliers for paints and solvents, he handles sales and inventory, he negotiates prices with vendors and researches new vendors.
  • He is comfortable communicating the status of his projects with cross functional teams and understands how detailed the Advanced Quality Process is. He is able to read technical drawings.
  • He has over a years experience working with LOTUS and is a Certified Purchasing Professional.
  • Candidate 3BP is located in Georgia.


Candidate 4BP:

  • Candidate 4BP has 5+ years experience in purchasing and 9+ years experience in automotive manufacturing.
  • Her current role involves working on the international side of purchasing and handling millions of dollars of spend a year. She primarily deals with Thailand, Japan, China and Indonesia Associated Companies.
  • She has some experience with contract negotiations and is comfortable with negotiating, she can read blueprints and often verifies parts by referring to blue prints- especially for new products.
  • She is certified as an ISO 9001 and TS 16949 Internal Auditor and uses these certifications when verifying suppliers.
  • She is very proficient in Excel and does all forecasting in Excel for her department of 3 buyers, She is also the “go to” person for ERP- they use Oracle JDE.
  • Candidate 4BP is located in Georgia.


Candidate 5BP:

  • Candidate 5BP has 10 years experience in purchasing and manufacturing
  • She is currently a buyer in the medical device industry.  She started on a team of five buyers and is now the sole buyer for the medical device.
  • She works with suppliers daily to ensure that products meet the highly regulated specifications, she also works with the engineers to qualify suppliers and ensure they meet the regulations
  • She works cross functionally with planners, production, engineers etc.
  • She explained that their Bill Plan is changing rapidly so communication is key in her role to ensure inventory and suppliers are meeting customer’s needs.
  • Tina has 10 years’ experience with SAP ERP and is well versed in Excel.
  • She is extremely detail oriented and has strong communication skills, she is currently looking into pursuing her CPIM certification.
  • Candidate 5BP is located in Georgia.

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