Buyer Procurement Candidates

Candidate 1BP:

  • Candidate 1BP has been a Buyer for 25 years. He has a BA in Business Management.
  • He has experience working in heavy-duty machinery industry.
  • He has extensive experience reading technical drawings. He has worked with Suppliers but has not qualified suppliers. He feels very comfortable he could quickly and comfortably learn that skill.
  • He has dealt with cross-functional teams from production planners to executive level.
  • He is highly organized and has great communication skills. He is very comfortable dealing with vendors.
  • Candidate 1BP is located in Georgia.


Candidate 2BP:

  • Candidate 2BP has been in Procurement for 10 yrs. She has a BS in Technical Management.
  • She has experience qualifying buyers and negotiating better prices to save money for the company.
  • She has experience in managing automotive customers which she used to go over and present any problems with shipments.
  • She has expert level experience with SAP/Ariba. She is very detail oriented and organized.
  • Candidate 2BP is located in Georgia.


Candidate 3BP:

  • Candidate 3BP has worked with hus current company for 2.5 years. He worked his way up from Business Analyst/Production Planner to his current role as a Purchasing Coordinator/Buyer.
  • He currently manages all activities during the purchasing process, creates orders, monitors transportation and delivery and order accuracy.
  • He is in charge of qualifying suppliers for paints and solvents, he handles sales and inventory, he negotiates prices with vendors and researches new vendors.
  • He is comfortable communicating the status of his projects with cross functional teams and understands how detailed the Advanced Quality Process is. He is able to read technical drawings.
  • He has over a years experience working with LOTUS and is a Certified Purchasing Professional.
  • Candidate 3BP is located in Georgia.


Candidate 4BP:

  • Candidate 4BP has 5+ years experience in purchasing and 9+ years experience in automotive manufacturing.
  • Her current role involves working on the international side of purchasing and handling millions of dollars of spend a year. She primarily deals with Thailand, Japan, China and Indonesia Associated Companies.
  • She has some experience with contract negotiations and is comfortable with negotiating, she can read blueprints and often verifies parts by referring to blue prints- especially for new products.
  • She is certified as an ISO 9001 and TS 16949 Internal Auditor and uses these certifications when verifying suppliers.
  • She is very proficient in Excel and does all forecasting in Excel for her department of 3 buyers, She is also the “go to” person for ERP- they use Oracle JDE.
  • Candidate 4BP is located in Georgia.


Candidate 5BP:

  • Candidate 5BP has 10 years experience in purchasing and manufacturing
  • She is currently a buyer in the medical device industry.  She started on a team of five buyers and is now the sole buyer for the medical device.
  • She works with suppliers daily to ensure that products meet the highly regulated specifications, she also works with the engineers to qualify suppliers and ensure they meet the regulations
  • She works cross functionally with planners, production, engineers etc.
  • She explained that their Bill Plan is changing rapidly so communication is key in her role to ensure inventory and suppliers are meeting customer’s needs.
  • She has 10 years’ experience with SAP ERP and is well versed in Excel.
  • She is extremely detail oriented and has strong communication skills, she is currently looking into pursuing her CPIM certification.
  • Candidate 5BP is located in Georgia.


Candidate 6BP:

  • Candidate 6BP has her BS in Administration and her MS in Acquisition.
  • She has over 10 years experience in procurement and has spent most of her career in automotive
  • In her current role she manages 28 commodities- electronic modules
  • She is responsible for new product launches and works cross functionally to ensure production deadlines are met
  • She is currently responsible for 52 million dollars in spend
  • She has project management experience and is proficient in Excel and SAP- ERP system
  • Candidate 6BP is located in Georgia.


Candidate 7BP:

  • Candidate 7BP has 13 years experience in procurement in manufacturing (Automotive, Aerospace, Distribution)
  • She has experience with negotiating contracts, sourcing and qualifying suppliers, and maintaining records etc.
  • She is proficient in Excel and has worked with various software programs and ERP systems
  • She is comfortable working cross functionally and has great communication skills
  • She is interested in making a change because her current organization does not offer any room for growth
  • Candidate 7BP is located in Georgia.


Candidate 8BP:

  • Candidate 6BP has 13 years experience in procurement in manufacturing (Automotive, Aerospace, Distribution)
  • She has experience with negotiating contracts, sourcing and qualifying suppliers, and maintaining records etc.
  • She is proficient in Excel and has worked with various software programs and ERP systems
  • She is comfortable working cross-functionally and has great communication skills
  • She is interested in making a change because her current organization does not offer any room for growth
  • Candidate 6BP is located in Georgia.


Candidate 9BP:

  • Candidate 9BP has been in Procurement for 10+ years and has experience in a variety of industries including automotive.
  • He has a love for manufacturing and procurement, and experience with supplier management and contract negotiations.
  • He has worked with Japanese suppliers and has a good understanding of buying international parts.
  • He is located in GA.


Candidate 10BP:

  • Candidate 10BP has a Masters degree in Supply Chain Management, is CSCP Certified, and has a Six Sigma Green Belt.
  • He has 2.5 years experience of manufacturing (OEM) experience and proven success in global procurement and global supplier management.
  • In his last role, he managed 7 vendors worth $76M of annual spend and negotiated price 5% below the target cost and negotiated global procurement contract with key supplier resulting in a 2% savings, $1.6 million annually.
  • He is well versed in working with cross-functional teams; he is self-motivated, high energy and has strong time management skills.
  • He has experience maintaining good relationships with suppliers and customers. He has performed market research, handled price negotiations and worked with management on contracts.
  • He can coordinate with the suppliers, customers and quality for the Material Data Sheet approval and troubleshooting to support fulfillment of PPAP activity.
  • He has streamlined the existing New Product Introduction (NPI) process to win new programs to existing customers; he even identified KPI’s to stabilize NPI process by eliminating redundant steps and reducing cycle time.


Candidate 11BP:

  • Candidate 11BP has 15+ years experience in purchasing.
  • She has developed and maintained relationships with suppliers and has been responsible for purchasing everything from raw materials to truck parts and components. In her automotive experience, she was the only person responsible for ordering parts for over 1,800 trucks
  • She has always used Excel to track her orders and communicate with planners and production and considers herself very organized and detail oriented.
  • Candidate 11BP is located in Georgia.


Candidate 12BP:

  • Candidate 12BP has a BS in Mathematics from Clayton State.
  • Since graduation, she has been working in manufacturing environments, first at a hardware supplier to the automotive and aerospace industry), and then in the lighting products division of another organization.
  • As the senior lighting quotations rep, she often worked with suppliers, customers, and engineering to provide BOM’s and pricing per project specifications.
  • She is adept at reading drawings, has done a lot of take-offs in her estimating role and has some CAD experience.
  • She also ran the customer service team.
  • She not only handled customer orders but ran a team of 5 customer service reps spread over 3 plants.
  • She also led the lean initiative for optimizing shipping and tracking and customer notification.
  • She was responsible for purchasing tools, dies, and other internal buys. She regularly met with different vendors such as heat treaters and platers.
  • She also helped them achieve AS9100 certification.
  • She describes herself as a very technical person and a quick learner.
  • Candidate 12BP lives in Georgia.


Candidate 13BP:

  • Candidate 13BP is currently working on her BS in Accounting and would love to get certified as a Purchasing Professional if given the opportunity. She has 8 years experience in Procurement.
  • She has experience in the aircraft industry; in fact the suppliers she made relationships with still keep in touch with her.
  • She has sourced and negotiated with potential suppliers requested RFQ’s, evaluated and analyzed results and recommended new suppliers as well as evaluated supplier performance, and instituted improvements.
  • She has worked with engineering, manufacturing, and other user groups/cross functional team members to find cost savings opportunities.
  • She has great ERP skills and was even part of the ERP Team, helped moved system and do integration. She is excellent with Excel.
  • She has managed employees and feels her style is to follow the rules, be transparent, likes to get to know her employees, they all have different needs. She likes to be their coach and answer their questions by training well.


Candidate 14BP:

  • Candidate 14BP is very well spoken and has a great personality. She has 5 years experience in Aerospace procurement and supply chain. She is working on her BS online.
  • She worked her way up from Customer Service into her current role as buyer through two promotions. She also holds the role of Lean Coordinator, where she is in charge of several ongoing continuous improvement initiatives.
  • She has used Quantum ERP before briefly and liked it a lot. It is very user-friendly.
  • She currently sources everything used inside the cabin of an airplane, she has annual purchase revenue of $20M.
  • She has experience managing vendors and she conducts monthly S&OP’s. She is a highly dedicated and meticulous buyer with a superb record of exceeding metrics.
  • Candidate 14Bp is located in Smyrna, GA.


Candidate 15BP:

  • Candidate 15BP has worked in procurement for 15 years. He has worked in various industries but most recently in Paper & Packaging.
  • He has held various positions from Commodity Manager to Supply Manager.
  • He has experience with managing various Direct commodities from Resin, Adhesives, CAPEX, Heavy Machinery, Chemicals Gear boxes and Plastics.
  • In his last rol,e he saved $2M on a total spend of $55k.
  • He is comfortable with managing several projects at the same time, he is a team player and likes to collaborate with his as well as Subject Matter Expects who are key to making sure the specification of the procured commodity is correct.
  • He has a BSc In Mechanical Engineering and has an MBA.
  • When it comes to qualifying and managing suppliers, he has had to do this throughout his career. His approach much on understanding current purchasing spend, reviewing current supplier base and understanding the commodity specification prior to checking in the market. For qualifying of suppliers, he considers, specification, cost, quality and Leadtime as key factors.
  • Her enjoys a challenge and enjoys working in Direct procurement, he is a team player and his philosophy is “communication is key”
  • He is also comfortable with reporting progress on key commodities to higher management something he has had to do through out his career.
  • Candidate 15BP resides in Suwanee GA.


Candidate 16BP:

  • Candidate 16BP is an Industrial Engineer who started out his career in manufacturing. He utilized process improvement methodologies in a mill environment in his early days, and quickly gained hands-on knowledge of the paper converting industry.
  • In his first role, he was on a fast track program that introduced him to production, plant floor optimization, and project management with a focus on root cause analysis and process improvement.
  • After a few years, he was courted by another organization to help out in their supplier quality program. He gained insight into upstream supply chain oversight and began understanding the dependencies between a supplier’s operation and the company’s ability to meet or exceed production targets and quality standards.
  • He quickly proved himself in this capacity, and was asked to move into sourcing after a couple of years.
  • Although it required shifting gears to get from engineering over to sourcing, he ramped up quickly and now heads the category spend for several of their raw materials.  His annual spend is ~$155k+/yr in direct spend, and he deals with roughly 30 suppliers.
  • He pays close attention to CDI indexes both to track inflation and opportunities. He focuses on quality, cost improvement and cost savings.
  • Candidate 16BP received his six sigma black belt last year through Georgia Tech where his project concentrated on capability analysis and cold cost analysis.
  • He is a strong mentor. He’s very outgoing, so contract negotiations are not a hurdle for him. He prepares well, does his homework and knows the leverage points. He understands that terms need to be a win-win for the company and the supplier.
  • He is currently using a homegrown ERP system, but he has used SAP earlier in his career.
  • He does not have buyers that report to him now but as a corporate category manager, he has dotted line reports at plants, mainly Materials Managers.


Candidate 17BP:

  • Candidate 17BP has a Bachelor’s in Economics and an MBA with a concentration in Finance.
  • He currently manages $150M/yr spend in raw materials and finished goods. He deals in inks and adhesives, cutting dies, printing plates, and finished goods that they buy through contract manufacturers and resell under a private label. Much of his spend goes into their converting processes.
  • He’s had a good mix of exposure in direct spend. He has also completed a great number of projects sourcing chemicals such as resins.
  • Many of his projects involve evaluating materials that impact each of the steps in their converting process. He works to find best supplier, and has at least 5+ projects at any time. He says he’s approaching $5M in savings already in 2018 through his deliverables.
  • He resides in Marietta, GA.


Candidate 18BP:

  • Candidate 18BP has a 30 year career procurement and materials management roles. For the last 14 years, he has been supporting a medical device operation that produces products used in surgical procedures.
  • He has utilized lean six sigma and Kaizens to lead supply chain improvements. He took over all global buying and sourcing, and ran the warehouse, and participated in developing their GMP.
  • He was responsible for ~$8M in direct material spend. Also handled indirect and outside services ~$1M.
  • He helped provide sales, samples and inventory forecasts. and tracked sales order history to determine stocking levels.
  • He worked with quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and engineering to ensure materials met standards and specifications.
  • Helped create a database for import/exports. He went through ~400-500 items to classify high mix – low volume and HTS numbers.
  • He has primarily worked with two database systems – worked in SAP to relay info to all corporate managers, and used BPCS for all their plant level MRP management.
  • He has also conducted over 200 supplier audits, and was instrumental in maintaining inventory accuracy above 98%.
  • He says he interfaces well with engineers, production managers, sales, etc.
  • Candidate 18BP resides in Monroe, GA.


Candidate 19BP:

  • Candidate 19BP has been working in strategic procurement for 7 years and all of his experience has been in Direct Materials. He enjoys working in the challenging environment especially supplier sourcing, interaction and negotiations.
  • He currently manages 30-40 projects at a time and depending on urgency and need he prioritizes them by project managing in excel and then communicating daily and weekly on the progress or actions needed to complete the project to all team members.
  • He works in a global team of 25 colleagues, he is a team player not only in procurement but also with internal departments such as R&D, Quality and Production.
  • The commodities he is an expert in range from resins, ink, coatings, epoxy, adhesives to latex and diluents. He manages his commodities daily with checking the market index being the main driver with to current price/cost.
  • In 2017 he accomplished $2.1M savings for direct material commodity spend of $50M.
  • He is a well-rounded and experienced professional who has worked in various departments such as QA and production leadership. Having worked in these critical areas gives him the understanding with regards to get the right specification and right supplier base for direct materials for the company.
  • He leads the whole procurement cycle from RFO, internal stakeholder teams, RFQ, supplier sourcing, qualification, selection, award, contracts and then internal implementation at plant/business level.
  • Supplier management is key to his current role, he very much partners with his suppliers, and believes that respect and communication is key to building a strong and strategic partnership.
  • He has key experience in leading acquisition synergy projects, negotiations and savings.
  • Having key experience in CI/Six Sigma he has utilized these tools not only his production lead roles but also in his procurement role.
  • He lives in FL and is happy to move to GA for his next career move.


Candidate 20BP:

  • Candidate 20BP has a 15 year career in Purchasing and Materials Management.
  • He manages about $40M/yr in spend, and is the sole buyer for their manufacturing group (~$7M/yr revenue stream) where he works closely with the production planner and supervisor on planning. He also supplies the forecasts to their largest supplier.
  • His organization does quite a bit of repacking and light assembly work, and his experience with organizing and managing material requirements for that operation is one of the main reasons he was hired on.
  • He spent 9 years as a buyer/planner at another organization where they produce high voltage switchgear products. He dealt with government contracts there, so he understands tight adherence to product specifications.
  • He was even instrumental in developing new standards for the stainless steel they used in some of their housings to mitigate the risk of rusting. This opened up some new markets for highly
  • As far back as his first job in 2003, he’s been involved in manufacturing on some level, working with material requirements for assembly lines to meet production goals.


Candidate 21BP:

  • Candidate 21BP has his BS in Management and 13 years experience in Supply Chain with 3+years experience as a buyer.
  • In his current role, he is the Lead Buyer and is responsible for inventory management, vendor management, and procurement.
  • He was responsible for direct raw material procurement for 4 product lines.  Each project ranged from 1 to 2 million in spend. Most projects were made to order valves and he was purchasing piping, hardware, bases, molds, foundries, paint, electrical equipment etc.
  • He has worked with Engineering and Production Planning to ensure the BOM is laid out correctly and production is on time.
  • He has extensive experience in highly regulated environments and while he has not worked in the medical device industry he has experience purchasing medical equipment and medical maintenance products from his time in the military.
  • He is currently responsible for Vendor analysis and creates weekly scorecard updates weekly to report to upper management.
  • He has strong experience in SAP and has also worked with Oracle
  • He is a great communicator, hard worker, and a natural leader.
  • Candidate 21BP resides in Lawrenceville, GA.


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