Maintenance Manager Candidates

Candidate 7MM:

  • Candidate 7MM has an AA in Industrial Systems Technology and over 10 years experience working in food and beverage processing plants.
  • He has been in management roles for a total of 5 years, managing up 15 maintenance techs, over multiple shifts.
  • He has been responsible for maintenance and troubleshooting of compressors, pneumatics, hydraulics, conveyor belt systems, packing/packaging equipment, sealers, labeler, PLC’s and HMI’s.
  • Candidate 7MM is located in GA.


Candidate 8MM:

  • Candidate 8MM has an Industrial System Technology degree and also learned basic robot programming.
  • He has 20 years experience working in industrial maintenance. He has worked with gearboxes, conveyors, sprocket/chains, belts, clutches, and brakes both trouble shooting and maintenance.
  • He has extensive experience with 3 phase motors, he has worked with them at every company he has worked with. He has strong automation and robotic experience and has held lead tech roles.
  • He has excellent communication & problem-solving skills. He has extensive PM experience and has done PM his whole career as well.
  • Candidate 8MM is located in GA.


Candidate 9MM:

  • Candidate 9MM is a Maintenance Supervisor with over 10 Years experience, he has strong skills in coaching and guiding teams.
  • He served as New equipment and mechanic instructor to more than 150 military personnel on equipment operations, maintenance, and repairs as well as logistical support.
  • He has extensive experience troubleshooting and diagnosing to repair equipment, performed equipment maintenance in compliance with military standards..
  • He has experience with motors, pneumatics, hydraulics, and HVAC.
  • Candidate 9MM is located in GA.


Candidate 10MM:

  • Candidate 10MM has over 20 years in management. He began his career in retail management and then transitioned into career in Maintenance.
  • He has managed up to 80 direct reports and in his current role as Maintenance Supervisor he has 30. He sees himself as a leader and not a manager, he is very hands on, upfront and a team player.
  • He has numerous certifications from Project Management, Six Sigma Green belt, Siemens PLC to Preventative Maintenance.
  • He has been a part of Continuous Improvement and Preventative Maintenance program and not only developed Shadow box programs to assist in shorter downtimes but also implemented a Turbo maintenance program to ensure that all parts are ordered and in stock before they begin preventative maintenance.
  • He has also travelled to Germany to work with OEM manufacturers to gain training and certifications on using their equipment.
  • For his next role he would like to join a company to further his career and have the opportunity grow.
  • Candidate 10MM is located SC but happy to relocate to GA


Candidate 11MM:

  • Candidate 10MM has a BS in Mechanical engineering and has over 15 years’ experience in managing people.
  • He has managed up to 80 staff, in his current role as a Production Supervisor he 25 staff.
  • His leadership type is very much hands on and supportive of his team.
  • He has extensive experience in TPM, Allen Bradley and Siemens PLC’s, Lean Six Sigma, as well as OSHA requirements.
  • He started his career in the US Navy as a Facility Officer
  • Candidate 9MM is located GA


Candidate 12MM:

  • Candidate 12MM has a BSME and expert level of understanding of most manufacturing equipment. He has 14 years experience dealing with maintenance of manufacturing equipment.
  • He is very comfortable with all types of equipment, how it works, performing preventative maintenance and writing procedures.
  • He is able to design and retrofit mechanical components starting from AutoCAD to the execution process. He understands & supports Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic components.
  • During his career as a Process/Maintenance Engineer he has gained extensive experience, including improving and implementing preventative maintenance process and optimizing production by reducing set up times.
  • He has conducted KAIZEN projects to reduced tooling changeover down times by 60%-70%, which added almost 6 -7 hours to production schedule.
  • He conducted productivity increasing projects, the results were within the range of 13% – 27%
  • He has over 5 years experience as a Manager of up to 70 staff, his management style is team building and hands on. He is not an office engineer. He is on the floor 50-70% as needed.
  • He has worked for 14 years with companies that built machines; he knows machines and how they work and how to fix them and how to prevent them for breaking.
  • He has extensive experience with Vendors. He was head of Auditing the Preventative Maintenance System so he had weekly meeting with the vendors to discuss issues.
  • Candidate 12MM is located in GA


Candidate 13MM:

  • Candidate 13MM has a ASA degree in Computer & Electronics Engineering Technology from and 24 years experience in the Maintenance field.
  • He has installed and repaired various types of equipment and machinery including PLC controllers, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic machinery. He has 20 yrs experience troubleshooting PLC’s (Fanuc, AB, Siemens).
  • He has managed day-to-day operational support, preventive and corrective maintenance, shutdown scheduling and vendor management on a regular basis; In addition he has been responsible for overseeing equipment reliability, centered maintenance, TPM for all utility systems, including OEE and other reliability metrics.
  • He repairs and maintains production equipment, he maintains spare parts inventory on all equipment, he monitors and make mechanical improvement changes as needed and can built and rebuilt various types of gearboxes –valves- and hydraulic pumps.
  • He has executed robust periodic maintenance activity schedule for all equipment and assisted in the development, scheduling and control of a Preventative Maintenance Program.
  • Candidate 13MM is located in GA


Candidate 14MM:

  • Candidate 14MM has a BSc in Chemical Engineering and has over 15 years working in Manufacturing
  • He began his career working for a non-woven manufacturing company in Macedonia where he had to purchase machinery, install, inspect and maintain to industry standards. With this role he was given the opportunity to relocate to the US for the same company in NC.
  • He has supervisory experience with both direct staff and non-direct. He has managed up to 55 employees.
  • His management style is very much a hands-on leader whose main objective is to get the job done and has a “what ever it takes” work ethic.
  • He has working experience with Total Preventative Maintenance and a big believer in the methodology.
  • Although he is a chemical engineer he has great Mechanical and Electrical aptitude including PLC’s trouble shooting and maintenance of machinery.
  • He understands and has hands on experience with PLC, HMI’s and Motors/Drives
  • He has had internal training on Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, and uses these every day in his job.
  • In his last role through process and equipment modifications he improved process capacity from 30% to 50% which in turn increased quality from 30%-40%.
  • For his next career move he is looking for a forward-thinking company who is goal oriented.
  • Candidate 14MM resides in SC but willing to relocate to GA for the right opportunity.


Candidate 15MM:

  • Candidate 15MM has his BS in Industrial Engineering and extensive experience in Operations Management across multiple industries (Food, Chemicals, Plastics, Textiles, Lumber & Paper).
  • He has 7+years in Maintenance Management in manufacturing. He has worked with Calendaring lines (4yrs-while with paper & plastics), Presses (5yrs), Steam Systems (5 yrs), Automated packaging equipment (15yrs) and Boilers (5yrs-has taken out, put in, commissioned, maintained traps, done annual inspections).
  • Conveyors- he has extensive experience with conveyors, he actually led the implementation of a $7.2 Million robotic and conveyor project while with HB Fuller. He successfully managed safety and maintenance aspects of the project. He maintained safety, quality and cost control of the operations while interim Facility Manager.
  • He has handle improvement of preventative maintenance programs. He has not used CogZ but has experience with several other programs: MP2, DataStream and MVP. He feels very comfortable using these programs and feels like he can bring the best practices for PM Programs from past companies to Mannington Mills.
  • He has Lean Manufacturing experience, has been part of Kiazen events, OEE and TPM. He could use that experience to make future improvements. He has developed and managed Lock Out/ Tag Out programs for over 5 years.
  • *When I ask about his management style: “I am a dedicated manager who believes that integrity is necessary to build a long-term relationship with an organization and employee. Through this approach, I can develop open communications to support meaningful feedback as well employee input to support process change as needed.” He has managed up to 40 direct reports.
  • He is targeting $90k for his next role.
  • Candidate 15MM resides GA.


Candidate 16MM:

  • Candidate 16MM has a BS in Production Technology, is a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and ISO 9001 Quality auditor and has 20 years Management and Manufacturing experience.
  • *He has used PLC for 10 years and has extensive experience troubleshooting them. He currently works with Six robotic foam molding and glue lines. He is constantly troublshooting them. And figuring out ways to make them more efficient.
  • When he first started with the company he noticed one of the machines had a high scrap rate of 9%, when comparing to other machines he figured out it was lacking a chiller system. It took 6 months and $75K to install the new chiller but it brought that machine’s scrap rate down to 2%.
  • He is comfortable troubleshooting hydraulics, pneumatics, compressors, pumps, conveyors, motor controls and drives, control circuits, sensors, PLCs and can read ladder logic diagrams, schematics and mechanical drawings.  He has performed new machinery installations and relocations in the plant.
  • He has been in charge of many quality and continuous improvement project, like changing station layouts to make more efficient. He has developed and implemented quality programs.
  • During his time in Management he has supervised anywhere from 40 to 100 associates. He is a very hands on manager, he spends most of his time on the floor, he believes it’s important so he see any issues first hand.
  • He is targeting $70k +
  • Candidate 16MM resides GA.


Candidate 17MM:

  • Candidate 17MM has been working career has always been in Maintenance, he has over 20 years’ experience both in Manufacturing and in the US Navy.
  • In his current role, he is responsible for all aspects of Maintenance in a 24/7 paint manufacturing plant. He has 15 direct reports which include buyer, planner, and mechanics.
  • His management style is that he won’t ask of his mechanics what he won’t do himself.
  • He is “very hands-on” and is always troubleshooting any issues on the floor alongside his mechanics.
  • He has an extensive background in TPM, in his previous company he established and led a TPM program which included different pillars including 5S and Lean. This led to the development of a rugged process-driven program. This transformation led to plant culture moving away from a reactive to a planned work environment.
  • He has experience working with boilers, presses, steam systems (process and generator) motors and conveyor systems.
  • He has also worked with various Automated Packaging systems such as case packers, shrink wrapping, palletizing including a robotic palletizer.
  • He has great mechanical and electrical aptitude.
  • Some of his achievements are implementing a program to ensure that 50% of mechanics time is on planned work per week, he has reduced mixer time by implementing lubrication program, led obsolete inventory program which led to 4500 parts being reviewed and savings of $200k identified.
  • He communicates exceptionally well he is excited about his next career move
  • James has a Bachelors in Marine Engineering, and is a certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP)
  • He is targeting $95k-$100k for his next role
  • Candidate 17MM resides GA.


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