Maintenance Manager Candidates

Candidate 1MM:

  • Candidate 1MM has 14 years experience in industrial maintenance and has spent the majority of his career in food manufacturing so he is very familiar with fast paced environments/ continuous manufacturing.
  • He has a strong mechanical/ electrical aptitude: He can program PLCs, Troubleshoot, and has AC/DC knowledge.  If is it electrical or mechanical in an industrial setting he has fixed it.
  • He implemented a manual PM Program he called Keep Track
  • He has used manual MMS’s as well as SAP- he is very familiar with SAP’s MMS.
  • He has 10+ years experience in conveyer maintenance.
  • He is a team player who believes in developing team members.
  • Candidate 1MM is located in AL but open to relo in GA


Candidate 2MM:

  • Candidate 2MM has 20+ years experience in the Manufacturing Industry.
  • He has extensive experience with Preventative Maintenance, troubleshooting and setting up new environments.
  • He has 15 years experience with PLCs and extensive training in PLCs
  • In addition he has working exposure to robotics and programming associated with them.
  • He has hands on experience with MIG and TIG welding and is a quick learner.
  • In his current role he is the sole Maintenance Tech and is responsible for every machine on the plant floor such as CNC machines, grinders, Presses & conveyors.
  • Candidate 2MM us located in Georgia.


Candidate 3MM:

  • Candidate 3MM has 20+ years experience in H&S and currently manager of Safety for a major consumables manufacturer in Georgia
  • He coordinates efforts to ensure safety and quality in all production activities and of the finished products.
  • Assists in EH&S standards development and implementation, including maintenance of certification, preparation, training, interpretation, auditing and revisions.
  • He has daily responsibilities of EH&S legal/regulatory (OSHA, EPA, LDEQ, DOT, etc.) compliance activities.
  • Coordinates efforts to assure Emergency Response and Planning is adequate through tabletop and full-scale drills.
  • Works with various departments as well as 3rd Party vendor to approve and maintain MSDSs.
  • Helps with the development, implementation and maintenance of an incident reporting and investigation process including SRCs, etc.
  • Assists in implementing company policies and procedures and providing guidance to department managers in areas of corrective action.
  • Works with others to implement, maintain and audit security strategy.
  • Assists with the development and implementation of HACCP policies, standards and procedures.
  • Candidate 3MM is located in Georgia


Candidate 4MM:

  • Candidate 4MM has a BS in Industrial Engineering and 25+ yrs experience as a Manager. He currently manager over 300 quality, production and maintenance techs over 3 shifts.
  • He prides himself on his team communication. He leaves no one out of meetings so everyone is on the same page on what needs to be done, he passes out pencil and paper so they can take notes for themselves.
  • He has experience in clean room environments and batch USDA environments.
  • He has extensive experience with preventative Maintenance and maintaining machinery in a manufacturing setting., he has experience in Electrical, AC/DC Motor Controls, PLC Trouble Shooting, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Industrial Mechanics, Conveyor Belt Systems and Packing/Packaging Equipment.
  • He is looking for a company with advancement opportunities. He wants to move back to Georgia to be close to family
  • Candidate 4MM is located in Alabama but wants to relocate to Georgia.


Candidate 5MM:

  • Candidate 5MM has a total of 12+ years experience as a Manager including his Military and various Line Lead positions. He has supervised up to 20 maintenance and production workers.
  • His has extensive experience with preventative maintenance and maintaining machinery in a manufacturing setting, he has worked in Pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing environments.
  • He has also experience very big into Lean manufacturing and 6 Sigma.
  • He has experience with AB & Siemens PLC’s. He is comfortable troubleshooting and changing programs.
  • He has extensive experience in Electrical, AC/DC Motor Controls, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Industrial Mechanics, Conveyor Belt Systems and Packing/Packaging Equipment.
  • Candidate 5MM he currently lives in Alabama but has family in Georgia and very much wants to relocate.


Candidate 6MM:

  • Candidate 6MM has 12 years experience in Maintenance Management. He has held foreman, maintenance manager and maintenance supervisor roles.
  • He has 9+ years experience Maintenance Supervisor. He managed their maintenance group including call outs and emergencies.
  • He has extensive experience in the food manufacturing industry and maintaining their machinery and packaging equipment.
  • He management style is to get to know the individual and understand what they respond best to, if its praise then give praise, whatever gets results. He is a straight shooter and always keeps his word. He believes in safety first.
  • Candidate 6MM is located in GA.


Candidate 7MM:

  • Candidate 7MM has an AA in Industrial Systems Technology and over 10 years experience working in food and beverage processing plants.
  • He has been in management roles for a total of 5 years, managing up 15 maintenance techs, over multiple shifts.
  • He has been responsible for maintenance and troubleshooting of compressors, pneumatics, hydraulics, conveyor belt systems, packing/packaging equipment, sealers, labeler, PLC’s and HMI’s.
  • Candidate 7MM is located in GA.


Candidate 8MM:

  • Candidate 8MM has an Industrial System Technology degree and also learned basic robot programming.
  • He has 20 years experience working in industrial maintenance. He has worked with gearboxes, conveyors, sprocket/chains, belts, clutches, and brakes both trouble shooting and maintenance.
  • He has extensive experience with 3 phase motors, he has worked with them at every company he has worked with. He has strong automation and robotic experience and has held lead tech roles.
  • He has excellent communication & problem-solving skills. He has extensive PM experience and has done PM his whole career as well.
  • Candidate 8MM is located in GA.


Candidate 9MM:

  • Candidate 9MM is a Maintenance Supervisor with over 10 Years experience, he has strong skills in coaching and guiding teams.
  • He served as New equipment and mechanic instructor to more than 150 military personnel on equipment operations, maintenance, and repairs as well as logistical support.
  • He has extensive experience troubleshooting and diagnosing to repair equipment, performed equipment maintenance in compliance with military standards..
  • He has experience with motors, pneumatics, hydraulics, and HVAC.
  • Candidate 9MM is located in GA.


Candidate 10MM:

  • Candidate 10MM has over 20 years in management. He began his career in retail management and then transitioned into career in Maintenance.
  • He has managed up to 80 direct reports and in his current role as Maintenance Supervisor he has 30. He sees himself as a leader and not a manager, he is very hands on, upfront and a team player.
  • He has numerous certifications from Project Management, Six Sigma Green belt, Siemens PLC to Preventative Maintenance.
  • He has been a part of Continuous Improvement and Preventative Maintenance program and not only developed Shadow box programs to assist in shorter downtimes but also implemented a Turbo maintenance program to ensure that all parts are ordered and in stock before they begin preventative maintenance.
  • He has also travelled to Germany to work with OEM manufacturers to gain training and certifications on using their equipment.
  • For his next role he would like to join a company to further his career and have the opportunity grow.
  • Candidate 10MM is located SC but happy to relocate to GA


Candidate 11MM:

  • Candidate 10MM has a BS in Mechanical engineering and has over 15 years’ experience in managing people.
  • He has managed up to 80 staff, in his current role as a Production Supervisor he 25 staff.
  • His leadership type is very much hands on and supportive of his team.
  • He has extensive experience in TPM, Allen Bradley and Siemens PLC’s, Lean Six Sigma, as well as OSHA requirements.
  • He started his career in the US Navy as a Facility Officer
  • Candidate 9MM is located GA


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