Manufacturing Manager/Operations Manager Candidates

Candidate 1:

  • Candidate 1 earned his PhD in Automotive Engineering and also has a Nuclear Engineering, Software & Mechanical Engineering degree.
  • He is a member of Society of Automotive Engineers and ASQ.
  • He has performed internal audits for TS-16949
  • He spent 20+ years in the automotive industry with design, testing & validation experience.
  • Candidate 1 is located in South Carolina


Candidate 2:

  • Candidate 2 has a BS in Mechanical Engineering
  • He has done design work for plastic, die cast , metal stampings, screw machined parts.
  • He has set the testing scope and expected results for products he has designed then had these tested by independent labs for compliance to the expected results.
  • He has 15+ years of design experience where he has worked in the framework of ISO-9000.
  • Candidate 2 is located in Georgia


Candidate 3:

  • Candidate 3 has 30 years experience working in leadership positions such as Operations Manager, Environmental Manager, Production Manager, and Risk Manager. He has an MBA, BS and is a Facilitator for Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Practices, EHSS leadership, Safety in Motion, etc
  • He believes in “working towards Excellence” and knows how to get the best out of his employees.
  • He has focused on the Operations team and updating operating procedures, task lists, basic operating training, safe production practices, and ways to increase production.
  • He is constantly finding ways to save his company money like refurbishing old equipment, finding cheaper ways to dispose of hazardous waste, etc.
  • He has increased throughput by over 60% by analyzing bottlenecks in process and reducing or eliminating them.
  • He has created reduction in Employee Overtime from – 24/ 7 operation to 24/5 operation – 55% reduction in overtime and a $250,000/year savings in labor cost.
  • Candidate 3 is located in GA


Candidate 4:

  • Candidate 4 has his Bachelor’s in Business Administration and his LSS Green Belt
  • He uses Lean principles and CI initiatives on a daily basis. In his current job, he has successfully brought his Line revenue from 900k per month to 3million.
  • He has worked his entire career in manufacturing and has worked his way up into management. He has worked in a variety of industries in fast paced high volume environments.
  • He currently manages 35 indirect reports and 3 direct reports.  He is actively involved in the production process and walks the floor daily.  He loves when he sees the happiness on employees faces when they see how Lean and other initiatives can make their job easier.
  • He had a great personality and loves a challenge
  • Candidate 4 is located in GA


Candidate 5:

  • Candidate 5 has been in manufacturing for 25 years and in management for 21 of those years.
  • He has extensive experience in setting product standards and establishing and maintaining a budget.
  • He is very comfortable with holding meetings and reporting to upper management.  He has held daily and monthly meetings throughout his career focused on Lean Tier 1/ Tier 2 meetings, safety meetings, production meetings etc. He has also led numerous projects that required daily and weekly meetings.  He is comfortable taking the lead.
  • He is well versed in Lean and CI
  • He has led and participated in a variety of Kaizen events that saved up to 1.4 million dollars
  • He has been in manufacturing his whole career- mainly in plastics/ packaging.  He would welcome the opportunity to work in a new industry with new challenges, processes and technologies.
  • He describes his management style as participative. He engages supervisors in decision making when possible and when it is not possible and he has to pass down a decision that he knows will be unpopular he makes sure everyone understands WHY they are making a specific change.  He also explained that he delegates tasks to supervisors to facilitate their growth.  He said that the greatest accomplishment in his career has been the employees he has coached and mentored who have gone on to take management roles.
  • He is well-spoken and dedicated to success for himself, his employees and his employer
  • Candidate 5 is located in GA.


Candidate 6:

  • Candidate 6 has his MBA in Business Management and his BA in Business. He is a LSS Green belt and has taken professional development courses in Lean at GA Tech
  • He has 20 years experience setting and maintaining budgets.
  • He has deigned safety programs from scratch, put safety initiatives in place, and  hired, lead and guided safety managers. He believes that safety is the first priority especially at a chemical plant
  • He has extensive experience with Quality systems, Control standards and FDA regulated environments
  • He tries to monetize everything down to the plant floor quantifying every scrap and piece of equipment so all employees can understand the financial impact of waste, change overs etc.
  • He is a GREAT communicator.  He is very clear and concise in his delivery and is comfortable leading meetings.  He believes in daily start up meetings, safety meetings, KPI meetings, check in meetings etc.
  • He has been involved in many CI and Lean initiatives with significant cost savings
  • He loves manufacturing “it is what I do”.  He has a compassion for growing people and improving the process. Throughout his 20+ years in manufacturing, he has had a role in most everything related to operations within manufacturing and supply chain.
  • He started his career in maintenance and has a strong mechanical aptitude- he is not afraid to jump in and get his hands dirty when need be.
  • He has extensive management experience and believes in building and developing leaders within his team.  He has developed a value based Ops Management system that is built around engaging employees
  • Candidate 6 Is located in GA


Candidate MaM1:

  • Candidate MaM1 has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • He has worked in manufacturing for 20 years and has worked in both high volume and most recently high mix low volume.
  • In his current role he manages a team of 7 direct reports which include 3 engineers, he reports to the VP of Manufacturing.
  • He believes you must facilitate people by communicating and to gain their respect and engagement and only then can you move forward.
  • He uses CI tools in his data each day and feels that this methodology is common sense, he also believes that the operators in most cases usually have the answer to reducing waste its just the way you facilitate the improvement will you get them to change how they do things.
  • One of his key projects was to reduce lead time in the sheet cutting area from 3 weeks to 1 day but reviewing why machine components from sheet cutting were taking so long. Once they identified the time wasted was a work procedure which had been in place for years they decided to modify the plan and hence reduce the lead time.
  • He is well versed in Project Management as well as AutoCAD to make any plant layout changes. His last key project, he was involved in plant being redesigned to accommodate the company’s other plant getting closed and moving all operations to the GA plant. They successfully increased capacity by using the machines from the old plant.
  • He also works very closely with the maintenance department.
  • Candidate MaM1 resides in Buford, GA.



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