Safety Manager Candidates- OLD

Candidate 16:

  • Candidate 16 is a Certified Safety Professional with a Masters of Science in Environment, Health and Safety Management.
  • He has extensive experience with OSHA Standards and is a OSHA
  • Certified 501 Trainer.
  • He provides guidance to the Engineering teams, establishes safety committees across all shifts, oversees Industrial Hygiene and ensures company is EHS Compliant with federal, state and local laws.
  • Candidate 16 has extensive experience with training employees and is very comfortable with that aspect of his job. He does training at least 3 times a week on such topics as MSDS, How to properly wear PPE, and New Employee Safety
  • Candidate 16 is located in GA


Candidate 17:

  • Candidate 17 has 20+ years experience in safety
  • He has been trained in Dupont STOP and BBS, Human Factors, Human System Integration, I have trained and participated in OSHA JSA, JHA, and Hazard Analysis for over 30 years including OSHA
  • He is an authorized trainer and educator including mitigation for OSHA proceedings against employers.
  • He is always OSHA Inspection Ready by creating a ready for inspection culture within the organization that clearly limits the liability of the organization.
  • He has created Key Performance Indicators or High Performance Plan metrics to be used and maintained to achieve and or exceed the stake holder expectations.
  • Candidate 17 is located in GA


Candidate 18:

  • Candidate 18 is an 18 year EHS professional with experience in a variety of construction, military, and general industry arenas.
  • He has extensive field experience managing highly hazardous chemicals and processes as well as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 auditing compliance.
  • He is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM). Along with being an authorized OSHA outreach trainer for construction and general industry he holds a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety & Health and a master’s degree in Environmental Science
  • He is a professional member of the American Society Safety Engineers (ASSE).
  • He recognizes the safety leader role as having evolved from traditional regulatory compliance into one of being an organizational change agent.
  • His career, of late, has been more focused on developing transformational journeys within the safety culture as opposed to just reducing cost and auditing compliance.
  • Candidate 18 is open to relocation in the South East


Candidate 19:

  • Candidate 19 has his MS in Management, BS in Business Administration and currently holds a HACCP certification in AIB and SQF food Safety and Product Stewardship and FSMA certification
  • He has been in manufacturing for 17 years and has worked in a variety of industries
  • HE has very strong communication skills and is proficient at writing reports
  • He has conducted training for up to 300 employees and has trained the trainers in many facilities. He believes that you have to train the supervisors so that they can take ownership in safety programs.
  • He says that he builds relationships from day one. He knows all the employees and what their favorite football team is. He believes it is important to ALWAYS be working on the culture and instills safety in all his relationships.
  • Candidate 19 is located in Georgia


Candidate 20:

  • Candidate 20 has worked for several fast paced, high volume manufacturing environments such as Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Produce and Chemicals. He has 17+ years of experience with Quality and Safety Programs.
  • He believes it is very important to learn from every incident and make corrections if needed. He provides monthly OSHA training and new employee training.
  • He is very comfortable and straight forward with his directions and warnings on the floor, there is no confusion. 1st a warning, 2nd talks to employees supervisor, 3rd writes the employee up.
  • Candidate 20 is located in GA



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