Sales Engineer Candidates

Candidate 1SE:

  • Candidate 1SE is a highly successful and self-motivated Sales Manager with 21 years experience marketing products in highly competitive environments.
  • He is an expert in building/developing Top-Producing sales organizations, demonstrated capabilities to lead by example, to train, motivate and build a strong/loyal staff, and to install teamwork concepts. He has had up to 9 direct reports over 4 states.
  • He has a history of success and surpassing sales targets, Top Performer in target markets, bolstering Sales Growth by maintaining a healthy bottom line and achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Candidate 1SE is located in SC and open to reloaction


Candidate 2SE:

  • Candidate 2SE is a BSME with a strong mechanical and sales background.
  • He has a strong mechanical aptitude and sells as a consultant.
  • His current sales target is 2.3 million selling 100-200k projects.
  • He is comfortable managing a sales team. In the past, he had a team of relatively new sales rep and he focused on being a mentor/ training them up on both business development and the products.
  • He is very comfortable with data driven metrics. He has been using SalesForce since January and really likes the product. He is familiar with the various dashboards and the importance of recording activity.  He feels SalesForce is very intuitive.
  • Candidate 2SE is located in GA


Candidate 3SE:

  • Candidate 3SE has been in Sales Management since 1999 primarily in two industries; computer sales and medical and dental equipment.
  • He managed his sales team utilizing DBS (Danaher’s lean process) and adhering to QDIP scorecard tracking.
  • His processes and approach to management have given him a successful growth track record.
  • He has significant experience with Salesforce
  • He managed KPI’s via log-ins and by stack-ranking usage of Salesforce as a tool.
  • He believes in following the process – find the gaps and fix them.
  • Candidate 3SE is located in GA


Candidate 4SE:

•Candidate 4SE holds a BME and an MBA and has a 20 years’ experience in the automotive and power generation industries. He has over 10 years’ of sales and sales management experience
•He currently manages business accounts in International markets, but also responsible for North American sales performance up until about a year ago.
•He has developed business and contracts within heavy industrial manufacturing channels he also has used salesforce to drive their reporting and analytics.
•Candidate 4SE is open to relocation to GA.


Candidate 5SE:

  • Candidate 5SE has over 19 years of sales experience, 15 of them in the filtration business.
  • In his current position, he managed a team of eastern regional sales managers selling into HVAC markets and developing national accounts. He was managing 3 branches in the NE and 4 in SE/FL.  He is supported by an inside sales rep and a customer service rep that report to him.
  • He currently manages 5 open territories: PA, NJ, NYC, Long Island, NY
  • He is currently he is focused on commercial and industrial sales working with distributors and making consultative sales calls.
  • He manages a $5M+ territory and he gets incentivized on the business he closes through his distributors. He hit his target in year one, and is tracking to exceed in year two.
  • He has also been inlvoved leading their CRM conversion from ACT to This was a key accomplishment in his career.
  • He states he had strong management grooming. He learned how to pick “A” players on his team and had a strong retention rate. He came up through the ranks, so he has a good understanding of what motivates and improves a team’s success.
  • Candidate 5SE is open to relocation to PA.


Candidate 6SE:

  • Candidate 6SE has worked mainly in the Automotive industry and has experience with metal and plastic components and accessories.
  • He has experience managing Manufacturing Representative companies and handled Sales teams. He has provided coaching, mentoring and team-building. As well as helping his Reps. set sales goals, go on Sales calls and close deals.
  • He was responsible for Tier 1 Automotive suppliers for metal and plastic components for multiple manufacturing plants in USA, Canada and Europe.
  • Candidate 6SE is comfortable with the traveling M-F.


Candidate 7SE:

  • Candidate 7SE has over 20 years in sales in a variety of product lines including medical devices, lighting, signage, automotive accessories, and cleanroom.
  • When he worked for previos companies his team sold through rep agencies including large MRO’s. He understands the challenge of getting product in front of distributors who rep a large number of brands. At this company he grew his BU from $26M to $56M in 6 yrs.
  • He has a very easy, engaging personality that would support relational selling.
  • His experience with manufacturer’s rep channels has been very positive. He states it’s about getting their mindshare aligned with your products and getting in the car with them to develop rapport and allegiance. He finds it a useful model to adopt from a cost perspective. He knows how to sell a product’s competitive advantages.
  • Candidate 7SE is comfortable with the traveling M-F.

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