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Candidate 15544:


  • Degree(s)/Certification(s): BA in Economics

  • Level: Mid

  • Industry(s) and # years’ experience: 13 yrs in SC planning and analytics, Inventory Management and Procurement

  • Built two separate calculators for analytics – one to calculate turnover on a 12-month rolling period and one to define 12-month performance comparing goals to actuals.
  • Knowledge of JD Edwards and Manhattan ERPs.
  • Current Location: Metro Atlanta NE
  • Open to Relocation? No

Candidate 17520:


  • Degree(s)/Certification(s): BA – Business Economics

  • Level: Executive/ Mid/ Junior

  • Industry(s) and # years’ experience: 5 years experience in retail management and packaging purchasing.

  • As a buyer, managed 30 vendors and anywhere from 3-5k SKUs.

  • Has extensive knowledge of forecasting, inventory planning, and project management.

  • Current Location: Buford, GA

Candidate 17521:


  • Degree(s)/Certification(s): Bachelor’s in Business Administration

  • Level: Executive/ Mid/ Junior

  • Industry(s) and # years’ experience: 4+ years experience in Customer Service and 2+ years experience in purchasing. 

  • Currently manages 25 vendors- several of which are international and oversees approximately 2 million in inventory.  

  • Has a good understanding of demand planning and forecasting. While some of his clients require a 60 days supply, he ensures a month of inventory on hand for most of his customers.

  • Works in both Excel and Eclipse ERP daily and understands the importance of tracking inventory and organizing your day according to key/ ABC items.

  • Current Location: Atlanta, GA

Candidate 17467:


  • Candidate 17467 has 20+ years experience in supply chain mainly in the carpet industry with 7 years experience in purchasing.
  • Throughout his career, he has been responsible for purchasing raw materials such as dyes, chemicals, penetrants, binders, etc.
  • He has created Excel spreadsheets to track suppliers price, on-time delivery, quality standards, customer service, and more in order to best evaluate suppliers.
  • In addition, he has extensive experience in material management and inventory control. In his current role, he implemented cycle counting in order to reduce inventory and drive cost savings.  In addition, he was able to reduce inventory from 1 million square yards to 600k square yards with a goal of 400k square yards. He uses visual management techniques to track inventory and identify what inventory is not moving so he can work with management and planning to move the inventory out.
  • He currently manages 1 salaried supervisor and 12-14 indirect associates. He describes his management style as fair. He wants to provide the tools necessary and empower his team to do their job and advance in their skill sets and roles. 
  • He has spent the bulk of his career in carpet and has a good understanding of carpet from raw materials through finished goods.
  • He is efficient in SAP and Excel.
  • He uses lean methodologies in creating and enforcing SOPs, 5S and visual management techniques.

Candidate 17444:


  • Candidate 17444 has his BS in Computer Engineering Technology and has held several roles throughout his career in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Automotive Manufacturing. 
  • He started with an organization in 2001 as the Director of MIS. In that role, he completely rebuilt, upgraded and customized their networks, PC’s and servers (virtual and standalone).
  • In 2008, under new ownership, he was promoted to Purchasing/Materials Manager in addition to his role as MIS Director.
  • He was tasked with creating a material inventory process for RAW, WIP and FG products. The processes and systems he implemented resulted in a reduction of inventory from 2M to 75k.
  • He has experience with quoting and purchasing of raw materials and MRO. He has negotiated contracts and uses the ERP system to manage and track supplier performance.
  • He has experience with a variety of ERP systems but most recently has used PLEX. He has 4 years experience with PLEX and was instrumental in the implementation and training of the ERP.
  • He has managed anywhere from 150-350 SKUs and understands the importance of accurate inventory management and material flow.
  • He is located in Tennessee.

Candidate 17466:


  • Degree(s)/Certification(s): Associates in Business Administration

  • Level: Executive/ Mid/ Junior

  • Industry(s) and # years’ experience: 20 years in Supply Chain- Flooring and Automotive

  • She has extensive experience with Excel, SAP, Supplier Scorecards and contract negotiations

  • She has experience with strategic purchasing and currently manages an annual spend of 25 million in raw materials.

  • Candidate 17466 is a hard worker and is passionate about supply chain and driving cost reduction and increased quality.

  • Current Location: Northwest GA

Candidate BP2217:


  • Candidate has degree from Georgia Southern and has combined experience in Sales, Inventory and Procurement
  • Industry engagement has supported military and law enforcement products and commodities
  • Sound asset for maneuvering through the complexities of DoD or other regulated Procurement and Sales transactions
  • Located in NW metro Atlanta

Candidate BP411:


  • Candidate graduated in 2012 with a degree in Marketing
  • Began career as a Buyer and has quickly accelerated into a Sr Buyer/Planner for a Medical Device company
  • Strong negotiator with suppliers – obtained competitive pricing on new medical products.
  • Managed 4-5 new product launches concurrently from prototyping through FDA approval
  • Trained in SAP and Agile
  • Lives in S Florida but would be open to a position in Atlanta, Charlotte, Tampa, or Nashville.

Candidate BP902:


  • Candidate has her BBA in Management with a focus in Supply Chain and Operations.
  •  She has 2 years of Purchasing and Procurement experience and currently manages 10 million in spend
  • She manages 300+ domestic and international suppliers and schedules regular calls or meetings to evaluate performance.
  • She works with Quality and Production to ensure purchasing of raw materials and inventory meet demand.
  • She uses JD Edwards and Excel daily and considers herself efficient in both.
  • She describes herself as a quick learner who is passionate about Supply Chain and Procurement. She prides herself on her ability to identify where problems exist and make improvements.
  • She is located in Lawrenceville area

Candidate BP334:


  • Candidate has her BS in Industrial Engineering and 10 years experience in supply chain with 5 years experience in purchasing (3.5 years direct procurement/ raw materials)
  • She has experience in highly regulated environments – food production and medical device.
  • While her most recent purchasing experience has been in MRO/ Equipment purchases (approximately 100M in spend), she has 3.5 years experience with Direct Procurement/ Raw materials
  • She is proficient in SAP and Excel and has experience with international procurement and customs paperwork.
  • She is committed to identifying cost savings and was able to save her employer 2.7 million dollars in one year through contract negotiations, organizing orders and identifying new suppliers.
  • She is a very independent worker but collaborates easily. She has a strong work ethic and works until the job is done and done correctly.
  • She is located north of Atlanta

Candidate 560BP:


  • Candidate 560BP has her Associates Degree in Accounting and will finish her BS in Business Administration this year. She has 7 years experience in supply chain- mainly on the procurement side as a buyer and purchasing admin within a highly regulated manufacturing environment.
  • At a large organization, she supported the buyers and performed many of the functions of a buyer including evaluating open reqs and inventory vs demand in order to place reqs and POs by date in order to keep lines running- keeping in mind lead times, production times, etc.
  • She worked with suppliers to track all pricing, invoicing, and quality issues.
  • She was responsible for running reports daily to monitor monthly forecasts and daily production in order plan for production runs.
  • She is proficient in Excel and uses pivot tables and vlookups daily.
  • She has 7 years experience with SAP and understands the importance of attention to detail and process flow when inputting information into an ERP system.
  • She is actively looking for a role in Supply Chain (Buyer/ Planner) or Accounting within a manufacturing environment.
  • She resides in Georgia.

Candidate BP227:


  • Candidate has her Associates Degree in Accounting and will finish her BS in Business Administration this year. She has 7 years experience in supply chain- mainly on the procurement side as a buyer and purchasing admin within a highly regulated manufacturing environment.
    • In her most recent role, she supported the buyers and performed many of the functions of a buyer including evaluating open reqs and inventory vs demand in order to place reqs and POs by date in order to keep lines running- keeping in mind lead times, production times etc.
    • She worked with suppliers to track all pricing, invoicing, quality issues etc.
    • She was responsible for running reports daily to monitor monthly forecasts and daily production in order plan for production runs.
    • She is proficient in Excel and uses pivot tables and VLOOKUP’s daily.
    • She has 7 years experience with SAP and understands the importance of attention to detail and process flow when inputting information into an ERP system.
    • She is actively looking for a role in Supply Chain (Buyer/ Planner) or Accounting within a manufacturing environment.
    • She is located in Kennesaw and is available immediately.

Candidate 560BP:


  • Candidate 560BP has her Associates Degree in Accounting and will finish her BS in Business Administration this year. She has 7 years experience in supply chain- mainly on the procurement side as a buyer and purchasing admin within a highly regulated manufacturing environment.
  • At a large organization, she supported the buyers and performed many of the functions of a buyer including evaluating open reqs and inventory vs demand in order to place reqs and POs by date in order to keep lines running- keeping in mind lead times, production times, etc.
  • She worked with suppliers to track all pricing, invoicing, and quality issues.
  • She was responsible for running reports daily to monitor monthly forecasts and daily production in order plan for production runs.
  • She is proficient in Excel and uses pivot tables and vlookups daily.
  • She has 7 years experience with SAP and understands the importance of attention to detail and process flow when inputting information into an ERP system.
  • She is actively looking for a role in Supply Chain (Buyer/ Planner) or Accounting within a manufacturing environment.
  • She resides in Georgia.

Candidate BP227:


  • Candidate has her Associates Degree in Accounting and will finish her BS in Business Administration this year. She has 7 years experience in supply chain- mainly on the procurement side as a buyer and purchasing admin within a highly regulated manufacturing environment.
    • In her most recent role, she supported the buyers and performed many of the functions of a buyer including evaluating open reqs and inventory vs demand in order to place reqs and POs by date in order to keep lines running- keeping in mind lead times, production times etc.
    • She worked with suppliers to track all pricing, invoicing, quality issues etc.
    • She was responsible for running reports daily to monitor monthly forecasts and daily production in order plan for production runs.
    • She is proficient in Excel and uses pivot tables and VLOOKUP’s daily.
    • She has 7 years experience with SAP and understands the importance of attention to detail and process flow when inputting information into an ERP system.
    • She is actively looking for a role in Supply Chain (Buyer/ Planner) or Accounting within a manufacturing environment.
    • She is located in Kennesaw and is available immediately.

Candidate 125BP:


  • Candidate 125BP wants to get back into the paper industry. Left for Energy sector to try something new, but has found it highly regulated and restrictive. Seeing signs of a sell off of his company in near term.
  • Candidate 125BP resides in Minnesota.

Candidate 346BP:

  • Candidate 346BP is looking for a Director level role.
  • Originally from Wisconsin and worked in the paper industry his entire life.
  • Resides in Georgia.

Candidate 9980BP:

  • Candidate 9980BP graduated with a Chemistry degree in 2011. She spent about four years in quality control in laboratory settings with both a polymer manufacturer and a battery manufacturer.
  • She then took a job with a major US pharmacy.
  • She managed much of the drug inventory in her role.
  • Then she got a lab position.  The facility specializes in GI pathology tests on human tissue specimens. Their supplies and procedures are FDA regulated.
  • They were having a lot of inventory problems due to poor supplier relations and communications. Each department supervisor was handling their own procurement needs which was proving inefficient and cost ineffective. By developing some processes and procedures for managing inventory, she was able to carve out a new position for herself as their Buyer. She’s held this position for almost 2 years.
  • She took 6 months in her new role looking at usage rates, and built a chart based on historicals that modeled their material requirements.
  • She hasn’t done much sourcing because most of their supplies come from a small pool of qualified suppliers. She is currently negotiating a service agreement with one of their major suppliers that incorporates prices reductions on some high volume IHC items, and locks in a 3-yr price freeze from that supplier – all part of her efforts to meet an objective to reach 5% savings in purchasing.
  • She hosts quarterly business reviews with her suppliers to go over pricing and to review any new products.
  • She does both direct and indirect buying.
  • Direct spend includes mostly process consumables – reagents, slides, antibodies, wax and stains.
  • Indirect spend is mostly paper, staples, and lab equipment such as funnels.
  • She formalized the procurement process and visibility such that there have been no stock outages in the last 8 months. She’s also been able to set up some redundant suppliers.
  • She likes her role as a Buyer, and wants to grow her career in buying/procurement – she’s started taking online coursework towards a CPIM certification.

Candidate 808BP:

  • Candidate 808BP has her BS in Industrial Engineering and 10 years experience in supply chain with 5 years experience in purchasing.
  • She has experience in highly regulated environments – food production and medical devices.
  • While her most recent purchasing experience has been in MRO/ Equipment purchases she has 3.5 years of experience with Direct Procurement/ Raw materials. She bought raw materials and was in charge of the entire S&OP process, including sourcing semolina and packing material to produce pasta, purchasing ingredients and packaging to make cake mixes, as well as raw oil and bottles to supply vegetable oil and corn oil. The yearly spend was $50MM.
  • She is proficient in SAP and Excel and has experience with international procurement and customs paperwork.
  • She is committed to identifying cost savings and was able to save 2.7 million dollars in one year through contract negotiations, organizing orders and identifying new suppliers.
  • She is a very independent worker but collaborates easily. She has a strong work ethic and works until the job is done and done correctly.

Candidate 4633BP:

  • Candidate 4633 has her BBA in Management with a focus in Supply Chain and Operations.
  • She has 2 years of Purchasing and Procurement experience and currently manages 10 million in spend.
  • She manages 300+ domestic and international suppliers and schedules regular calls or meetings to evaluate performance.
  • She works with Quality and Production to ensure the purchasing of raw materials and inventory meet demand.
  • In her current role, she buys components for screws and other manufactured goods. She also is responsible for kitting- bulk orders that are re-packaged in the facility.
  • She uses JD Edwards and Excel daily and considers herself efficient in both.
  • She describes herself as a quick learner who is passionate about Supply Chain and Procurement. She prides herself on her ability to identify where problems exist make improvements.
  • She lives in Georgia.

Candidate 7867BP:

  • Candidate 7867BP has an undergraduate degree in Economics, and has been in inventory planning and procurement since 2007.
  • He worked for an automotive manufacturer for 7 years primarily stocking their distribution centers.
  • They had multiple suppliers for many of their items, so his sourcing experience was primarily making decisions on which supplier to purchase from based on pricing and lead time.
  • His overall objective was to keep service levels at 96% or better while not overstocking inventory.
  • He worked in both JD Edwards and Manhattan ERPs.
  • He had full responsibility for forecast levels and safety stocks. He eventually took over the FL division where he took them from 93% on-time shipments to 96% within a couple of months without any additional capital outlay just by fine-tuning their safety stock.
  • He built two separate calculators for analytics – one to calculate turnover on a 12-month rolling period and one to define 12-month performance comparing goals to actuals.
  • The report would also do a bleed analysis to determine what their monthly usage rate would be.
  • He spent the next few years in inventory control in an automotive distribution warehouse.
  • He has been in Supply Chain Planning for the last three years. 
  • He’s responsible for defining the production planning, pulling forecasts, and tracking safety stocks and anomaly orders.
  • He occasionally gets involved in the supply side when they have to make considerations for regulatory compliance.

Candidate 2012BP:

  • Candidate 2012BP has a 20-year career in buying and sourcing. Her last 8 years have been in IT services, but she began her career as a Buyer where she rose to a Purchasing Agent. 
  • She wrote SOPs and understands regulatory overlay and traceability.
  • She’s also dealt with customized packaging procurement. She understands the challenge of keeping costs low while maintaining inventory on items that don’t turn fast.
  • She has spent roughly 12 years in raw material procurement.
  • She also had a few raw material suppliers in China she worked with while at BD.
  • Despite being in IT procurement for the last 8 years, she likes working in manufacturing.
  • She reports to the Category Manager for her products, and she also assists in supporting the Cyber security team on software and hardware needs.

Candidate 1517BP:

  • Candidate 1517BP began her career in Transportation Management. 
  • She was in a customer service role for 3 years, and then got promoted into a Buyer position in 2016.
  • She was one of several buyers and handled a territory running from NY to FL.
  • She managed anywhere from 1500-1700 skus there. She worked with about 20 warehouses, as well as stocking for production.
  • She has an Associate’s degree in Business from the University of Phoenix.

Candidate 6318BP:

  • Candidate 6318BP has 10 years of Purchasing and Materials Planning experience in the healthcare industry. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Services/ Health Administration.
  • She is well-spoken and rates herself a 9-10 in organizational skills- explaining that she is extremely detail-oriented.
  • In her previous role she was responsible for direct purchasing of parts for medical equipment. She purchased material, scheduled deliveries and worked with vendors to minimize cost and lead time.
  • She worked closely with Engineering, Production and Receiving in order to insure inventory levels were on target.
  • She used SAP and believes in documenting everything so there is visibility across the organization.
  • She participated in ISO and Quality Audits. She is admittedly not an expert in ISO but maintained all ISO standards.
  • She resides in Georgia.

Candidate 6531BP:

  • Candidate 6531BP is a Supply Chain Specialist with a great deal of experience in Inventory Management and Demand Planning. She has worked with sourcing and procurement teams, but has never specifically functioned in a sourcing/buying role.
  • She has a strong handle on maintaining inventory accuracy, replenishment methodologies, and managing component inventory and BOMs.
  • She managed the supply of packaging materials for production…bottles, caps, boxes, etc.
  • She was in another role for over 10 years as an inventory manager supplying customers with vendor managed packaging inventory. 
  • She did a lot of demand planning and forecasting in another role. 
  • She is used to wearing many hats. She’s never been constrained by her job description.

Candidate 3928BP:

  • Candidate 3928BP has been working as an Import/Export Manager, but her background also exhibits strong experience in full supply chain planning and procurement.
  • She has done replenishment planning, production planning, and inventory planning.
  • She currently works with the export team. She ships to 36 countries – their biggest customers are in Russia and Kazakhstan. It’s a regulated industry, and she deals with FDA compliance in her job. As an export specialist, she is still working with their procurement team.
  • She comes from a purchasing background and has worked in several ERP systems – AS400, SAP, MS AX, JDE. She is used to using data systems to provide triggers and visibility for inventory management. 
  • Before joining her current organization, she was in a buyer role for the previous 7 years of her career with a lot of international sourcing. 
  • She lives in Georgia.

Candidate 7694BP:


  • Candidate 7694BP just graduated from Georgia State with a Master’s in Supply Chain Management.
  • He worked as an accountant for a year (his undergrad was in Finance), then moved into supply chain management for the next 4 years.
  • He managed the analytics and procurement for production to satisfy product demand in Saudi Arabia and other emerging markets.
  • He analyzed IMS med statistics to avoid channel stoppage and expiries and managed about 300 SKUs.
  • He managed anywhere from $5-10M in yearly spend.  He would have to make the business case for growing spend in certain areas.
  • He is quite familiar with the QA requirements of FDA regulated drug trade – labeling, expiration date, language requirements (Arabic and English), how material is received and validated to regulatory requirements. They even had to ensure proper temperature considerations for shipments.
  • He was reporting to the International Finance Director and Sr Production Analyst in Holland.
  • He has a passion for supply chain and wants to save money and make money for a company.

Candidate 3625BP:

  • Candidate 3625BP has had 8 years’ experience in purchasing, and around three years of experience in the medical device industry.
  • She lives in Texas but is moving to Georgia.
  • She has dealt with much of the associated record keeping including keeping lot number records and maintaining traceability.
  • When she joined her orgainzation, they were processing around 5 orders per day, but that number was up to 3000/day when she left.
  • She worked in purchasing at another medical device firm for 2 years before her last organization.
  • She has worked with several different ERP systems.

Candidate 5232BP:

  • Candidate 5232BP has been in inventory management and procurement for 12 years.
  • She has been managing the full cycle supply chain for beauty product brands.
  • She has worked in regulated products and managed all the inventory and cycle counts, and maintained item records in their ERP. Raw goods had to meet FDA food grade standards, so she maintained all the documentation and lot codes on their raw materials.
  • She has also worked for food prep and service operations, so they had to meet industry safety standards.
  • She is proficient in several ERP systems, and most recently has been working on SAGE X3 and finished the implementation in Feb.
  • She has been through 2 implementations in her career. She also is very comfortable dumping data to Excel for manipulating data and creating reports.
  • She also done some new supplier sourcing when their current supply chain channel was low or out of stock.
  • She lives in Georgia.

Candidate 6211BP:

  • Candidate 6211BP has her MBA, BS in Technical Management and over 15 years’ experience in purchasing, planning and scheduling.
  • She has worked primarily in pharma and has a strong understanding of FDA regulated environments.
  • She is accustomed to wearing multiple hats and loves a good challenge. In her previous organization, she moved her way up and worked cross functionally with multiple departments. She was also involved in many new product launches.
  • She has experience establishing budgets by coordinating with sales and production as well as looking at historical data.
  • She has extensive ERP experience and currently uses JD Edwards. She ensures the system is always updated with all planning and purchasing parameters. She also evaluates the data and makes suggestions accordingly.
  • She is a great communicator and it is easy to see how she builds relationships and trust with her vendors, suppliers, and team.
  • She lives in Georgia


Candidate 2111BP:

  • Candidate 2111BP has her BS in Business Management and is pursuing her MBA to be completed in 2020.
  • She has 20+ years’ experience in inventory management and procurement.
  • She was in inventory control for over 10 years and was promoted to a Buyer/ Planner.
  • She has five years’ experience in raw materials procurement in the medical device industry where she was responsible for $2M in spend and purchased blood serums, components used for containers, bottles, caps etc.
  • She was also responsible for procuring every part used for the machine from screws to syringes to motors.
  • She has experience with Bond ERP system and was a part of the implementation and training team.
  • Candidate 2111BP lives in Georgia


Candidate 3308BP:

  • Candidate 3308BP spent his first 3 years out of college in the consumer goods industry doing inventory and quality control before landing a role in distribution.
  • He got to know their shipping and receiving operations while contributing to their inventory management through cycle counts and material planning for production. He also learned their ERP system.
  • He worked his way up from the Warehouse into their business office; handling accounts payable, receivable and working with supplier accounting doing wire transfers, processing credit card payments, and eventually handling the GL account, and then into procurement specialist.
  • He primarily buys chemicals, plastic housing parts, and other raw materials. He is responsible for roughly $1.5M/yr in spend. He works with both domestic and international suppliers, is responsible for implementing their Kanban and cycle count processes, as well as establishing a VMI system to meet production requirements.
  • He also manages the inventory reporting ($10M carrying), replenishment methodology, and reconciliation of accounts. He generates and presents weekly reports for management.
  • Candidate 3308BP lives in Georgia.

Candidate 1209BP:

  • Candidate 1209BP has 9 years of Purchasing and Procurement experience in both the telecommunications and medical manufacturing industries.
  • He currently manages 800 parts and 21 million in spend- mostly raw materials and finished goods although he does have some MRO spend as well.
  • He believes in building relationships with suppliers in order to ensure they are delivering on time and up to standards.
  • He has 2 years experience with ISO 9001 and a strong understanding of FDA regulations and requirements
  • He recently completed a 60 hour course in Lean but when his plant announced they were closing they halted the program and he was not able to receive the official certification – – something he would like to continue to pursue.
  • He has experience with SAP and is familiar with Kanban.
  • Candidate 1209BP lives in Georgia.

Candidate 1001BP:

  • Candidate 1001BP has his Bachelor’s in Business Administration and is C.P.M., CPIM, PMP, CPSM and Black Belt certified. He is also certified as an ISO 13485 and 14001 auditor.
  • He has 20 years experience in procurement and while he currently works in Indirect/ MRO spend, he has 9 years experience with direct purchasing/ raw materials. In previous roles, he was responsible for all raw materials (specifically chemicals).
  • He has managed commodities such as: chemicals, resins, caustic/ bleaches, acids and solvents. He has managed up to 500 million in spend.
  • He is well versed in contract negotiation and even teaches negotiation classes to internal stakeholders in his current role.
  • He manages 10-20 projects at a time and is PMP certified.
  • In his current role, he buys a lot of corrugated so he is very familiar with the pulp and paper industry- although he admittedly has not sourced for pulping chemicals.
  • In previous roles, he helped install SAP through GoLive and currently uses JD Edwards.
  • He uses Supplier Score Cards and maintains strong relationships with his suppliers while staying on top of what is going on in the market.
  • Candidate 1001BP currently resides in Georgia.

Candidate 47BP:

  • Candidate 47BP has 20+ years experience in procurement and most of his career has been in Direct Procurement of chemicals.
  • He recently finished a contract role that started as a 6 month contracted and ended being 4.5 years. He would like to get back in a permanent role.
  • He was a Strategic Sourcing Manager responsible for managing global spend and supplier relationships in the chemical and textile commodities.
  • The organization he worked for is an 11B organization and heavily regulated environment.
  • At any given time, he was working on 5-7 large projects and an additional 15-20 ad-hoc/ smaller projects. He is comfortable juggling many products and working with both external and internal customers.
  • Recently, he was part of a remediation project focused on improving security across the supply chain. They identified 135 actionable items and were successful at amending the “weak links” across the supply chain.
  • He has experience with Oracle, SAP, JDE and AS400.
  • He is located in Georgia.

Candidate 46BP:

  • Candidate 46BP has her BS in Chemical Engineering and her MS in Mechanical Engineering.  She has worked with a large electrical manufacturer for 14 years in a variety of roles with around nine years experience in Sourcing.
  • She has a strong technical background and is a great communicator. Her background in engineering as well as experience writing technical proposals and traveling to various sites has helped her tremendously in her ability to evaluate suppliers and build relationships.
  • She has managed commodities such as: barrings, bolts, combustion, HAZMAT, and electrical components
  • She has experience with global and domestic experience and has a strong understanding of project based organizations.
  • Throughout her tenure as a Sourcing Manager, she implemented programs with suppliers that improved lead times for customers.  One instance she shared was developing an electronic system for score cards to better track data.
  • She is looking to make a change because she is ready for a new challenge and would like to get back to a sourcing manager role.

Candidate 45BP:

  • Candidate 45BP has an engineering degree and a Masters in Computer Science from Kennesaw State. Originally from India, he’s been in the states since 1995 and is a US citizen.
  • He is Sr Buyer at an organization where he’s been employed since 2010. He has not been involved in project equipment installation since earlier in his career, but was heavily engaged in sourcing for site work at that time.
  • His current role is strictly in support of the supply chain for manufacturing.
  • They make cleaning equipment for large industrial boilers designed to remove ash. Their largest markets are pulp & paper and the energy sector.
  • He has purchased for a number of different categories during his tenure at CB, but is currently handling all international outsourcing – he buys 95% of their blowers in bulk out of China and India. About 75% of the parts he buys go into new projects, and about 25% to stock for aftermarket maintenance – repair and replacement.
  • All of their units are made to order and built in the Atlanta plant. He’s involved in purchasing gearboxes, motors, and blowers. Before he shifted to international suppliers, he was buying all the components for the control panels – HMIs, relays, starters, etc., He was working off of the engineers’ BOMs and then would put the requirements out for bid.
  • They track requirements through Infor’s Visual ERP tool. Production Control enters work orders into the system for new equipment projects, and he pulls reports to track his categories and plan for orders and lead time. He builds FCL or LCLs based on demand and project lead times.
  • Because most of his suppliers are in China, he is often working nights and evenings to maintain communication.
  • He says about 40% of his role is sourcing – he tracks supplier performance, and develops new suppliers when requirements change or service levels dip.
  • He has a strong network of suppliers and contract manufacturers in both China and India.
  • He has 2 junior buyers that report to him – they handle more of the supplies – oil, paint, office supplies and services. He reports to Purchasing Manager.
  • He’s a hands-on guy and will pick up the slack for other roles when their resources are down.
  • He manages about 50-60% of his organization’s total spend.
  • He’s building 150-200 different parts in mixed crates for FCL or LCL containers brought in once a week.

Candidate 44BP:

  • Candidate 44BP comes from a technical background, so he understands the business not just from a market perspective, but from a resource perspective.
  • He has basically spent his whole career with the same company although many of the divisions have changed hands or been sold off in the 16 years he’s been there.
  • He buys about 1500 different raw materials – they have a very diverse product portfolio. He has negotiated contracts for over 40M lbs of caustic soda down to several hundred lbs of a specific additive. He currently manages 7 direct reports that assist him in across the Americas region.
  • His organization is a $3.5B chemical cleaning products company – #1 in Europe and LATAM and #2 in NA.
  • He’s not actively looking, but if the right opportunity presents, he would like to discuss.
  • He brings very extensive knowledge in chemicals and he has strong packaging experience. He also says he picks up processes very quickly.
  • He’s experienced in increasing working capital, supply chain financing and improving the cash cycle.
  • For large deals, he’s sometimes brought a bank in between the transaction to extend terms, and at a very reasonable rate e.g. $400 finance fee on a $10k invoice to gain 120 days.
  • He has in-depth experience in contracts. In many cases he writes the contract.
  • He engages in price negotiations every day. He has modeled pricing against the index and determined the cost-effective duration of the contract based on the index and he buys commodities in bulk – bleach, peroxide and peracetic acid.

Candidate 43BP:

  • Candidate 43BP has 25 years of experience in procurement supporting manufacturing operations and facilities.
  • Much of her experience has been in pulp & paper and chemicals, although typically in support of capital equipment programs and MRO.
  • She does not have a technical degree, but she comes out of manufacturing operations. She shared that she used to program CNC machines early on in her career.
  • She is currently a Procurement Director buying raw materials for their plant in Savannah. She had never worked in sugar prior to this role, but says she has picked up the commodity trends quickly.
  • She’s had to learn all about farm bills and TRQ’s as well as study and track commodity indices.
  • She says commodity buying is all about learning and understanding who’s in the market, where and at what price.
  • She tracks pricing through the market indices to leverage spend. She buys about $40M/yr in sugar, and manages ~$170M/yr of spend overall – much of it in raw materials.
  • Prior to her current role, she was at a chemical organization as a Senior Procurement Manager overseeing ~$130M spend in capital improvement projects. She also supported some of their raw material commodities.
  • Her contracting skills are what “she brings to the table.” She used to teach engineers how to write statements of work.
  • She has collaborated with the chemical and energy professionals to leverage what’s was going on across the hall.

Candidate 42BP:

  • Candidate 42BP is a top-notch sourcing manager. He is very confident in what he does and expresses himself well in how he can successfully put together a robust, cost-effective procurement program.
  • His resume speaks for itself, but he has close to 20 years in materials management, sourcing, and procurement experience in manufacturing centric industries.
  • He has worked with project teams and done custom equipment sourcing for most of his career.
  • He has worked with both domestic and international suppliers and has been involved in large CAPEX projects across the globe.
  • He’s looking to work inside a supply chain program with strong focus on process management and cost-effective approaches. He would welcome the opportunity to own the process and to have a seat at the table on the strategic planning team.

Candidate 41BP:

  • Candidate 41BP has extensive experience managing in the materials, manufacturing, warehousing, scheduling, procurement, inventory control, and logistical fields. He has his Six Sigma Green Belt and is a 5S Instructor.
  • He thrives in deadline-driven environments, has excellent team-building skills and experience managing staffs up to 2000 employees.  He has implemented 5S, 5 why root cause analysis, lean manufacturing, KanBan, and 6 Sigma strategies, with successful results.
  • He has redesigned warehouse to create better product flow and better organization using 5S principles.
  • He has experience negotiating contracts and dealing with multiple suppliers. He gave an example of handling a steel contract. During a time when most steel was going to mini-mills the price rate increased. He was able to negotiate keeping the big steel prices even though the rolled steel was coming from a mini-mill.
  • He has negotiated contracts for Equipment rentals, Mass purchases, negotiated 17 Dock locks under budget, and is very familiar with international shipping.
  • He has extensive experience dealing with multiple commodities, such as, steel, plastic and plastic pellets, glass, resin and he has tons of experience with Injection molding and stamping machines.

Candidate 40BP:

  • Candidate 40BP started his career as an intern Buyer prior to graduating from college. Over the next four years, he rose to Strategic Buyer within the resident contractor group, managing roughly $250M in annual spend.
  • In 2008, he moved to North Carolina where he managed project procurement and field contractors on major construction installations with 2 different EPC firms.
  • He took a role in 2014, and is still with the organization in project procurement and commodity management.
  • He is the purchasing liaison between engineering and the contract builders for large substations that the organization self-performs all over the country and other parts of the world. He reviews the SOW and specs of the requirements. He works with engineering – taking their drawings, developing an RFP and then taking it to market for whatever equipment or construction service they need to contract.
  • His role in sourcing is to ensure reasonable cost, lead time, warranties, T&C’s, and adherence to the local conditions of the environment (permitting, storage, etc.). Once the supplier is identified, he pushes a requisition to their buying team. He is also the POC for facilitating any problems onsite.
  • He and the project engineer often travel to the project location to meet with subcontractors – review their capabilities and iron out terms.
  • He’s also done supplier audits when buying things like motors & drives for a project.  He has contracted everything from bulldozers to concrete infrastructure – metal buildings, HVAC and electrical installations.
  • He has bought services and worked with local contractors in at least half the states in the US –– he’s been to AK and HI, TX, AR, NC, GA, VA, etc.  He even spent 5 months in Ethiopia in 2017, managing the spend on a large contract won there.

Candidate 39BP:

  • Candidate 39BP has his MBA, he is a Certified Purchasing Manager through the Institute of Supply Management, and he has 20+ years experience in Procurement. He is also a Six Sigma Green Belt.
  • He is a Purchasing Executive with a track record of developing successful organizational structures and year-over-year organizational cost savings.
  • He is a great communicator with strong leadership and management skills; combined with a thorough understanding of purchasing law, contract negotiations, operations management and the overwhelming financial effect purchasing has within an organization.
  • He has managed international purchasing, contract negotiation and execution of purchases for numerous global logistics programs throughout NAFTA, Asia, South America, and Africa.
  • He has experience with the following commodities: capital equipment, electronics, steel, chemicals, plastic pellets and plastic injection machines, MRO, IT and logistics. He also has extensive experience managing Supplier relationships.

Candidate 38BP:

  • Candidate 38BP has been in procurement for over 10 years. He had an interesting start to his career – started at age 16 in the mailroom of a small regional bank, and worked his way up to a VP level.
  • He became a buyer in the metal industry for close to 8 years where he advanced to a Sr Buyer level. His annual spend was between $60M-100M.
  • He was then hired by an operation that makes compressors. It’s a full machine tool operation, full fab shop, and one large assembly area.
  • He works with four different engineering groups and does the material planning for four different production lines. They do a lot of the fabrication processes in-house to ensure both materials and fabrication quality meet ASME standards.
  • He purchases the raw materials used to build compressors, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers. He also purchases complete sub-assemblies and components that go into their assemblies. He has experience setting up VMI’s – mostly for commodities like nuts, bolts, gaskets, etc.
  • He buys for several other manufacturing sites (which is not even part of his job), but he saw where he could help out and extend his influence and just took on those tasks.
  • He gets into sourcing things like motors & starters, control panels, VFDs and other electronics that go into their compressors and large refrigeration units sold into cold storage warehouses.
  • He also handles all of the steel and copper spend for their NA facilities.
  • When he first came on, they were spot buying, and he converted them over to a planned-buy system.
  • He saved them a lot of money last year by negotiating steel lots that he was able to bring in at pre-tariff hike pricing.
  • He has also used SAP and JDE/Oracle and been through system conversions on both.

Candidate 37BP:

  • Candidate 37BP has close to 20 years in procurement supporting a variety of vertical industries – automotive, aerospace, energy.
  • His recent role included a large piece of indirect spend supporting projects across three plants. He was responsible for some very complex equipment purchases.
  • He directed 3 commodity buyers and 2 engineers in his last role.
  • He works with engineering on new machinery specifications. He performed a lot of supplier audits. He would go to their plants and review the manufacturing process – evaluating cycle time and how the supplier conducts business He would determine pricing based on total cost of ownership using a landed cost model.
  • He was also responsible for all non-production spend – maintenance, replacement parts, etc.
  • His engineering background has served him well in reducing costs of engineered components. He managed a large spend on hardware ~$40-50M.
  • For most of his career, he has been responsible for direct spend in commodities such as sheet metal, die-cast parts including the tooling.
  • His plastics buying includes polypropylene and some injection molded part such as cupholders (automotive).
  • He has experience negotiating with suppliers all over the world.
  • He has been involved in a lot of engineering tests regarding part design – e.g. controllers, specialized screws, He says there can be a lot of soft costs involved in the process. He spent time with the engineers to review exact specs – then he selects a supplier and brings them into the plant to meet with their engineers.
  • He has used a number of different ERP/MRP systems. Most recently he was using QAD (MfgPro) – didn’t think it was that good. He’s used SAP for a long time (he’s a super-user). He’s also worked in Maximo, MicroStrategy 9 and a few others.

Candidate 36BP:

  • Candidate 36BP has her MBA, LSS Green Belt and 20+ years experience in Supply Chain.
  • She has worked in a variety of roles within supply chain and has experience in sales, forecasting, commodity management, global strategic sourcing, and S&OP management up to a Sr. Director Level
  • She is a strong communicator and customer orientation comes naturally to her.
  • She is a leader within her organization and is not afraid of a challenge- -in fact, she has been asked several times to build out departments and lead new initiatives.
  • She has worked across multiple businesses including lighting, plastics, power, and locomotive lending a unique skill set.
  • She is located in Georgia.

Candidate 35BP:

  • Candidate 35BP has his MBA and over 13 years of experience as a Sourcing professional.
  • He manages Indirect Projects with a spend of $73M in Field Engineering & Operations, Facilities, and Construction Services; Realized $3 Million in savings to date.
  • He has experience in performing market research. He explains his steps as: 1. Developing a commodity profile by talking to subject matter experts, conducting supplier interviews and site visits. 2. Determining Market Overview by obtaining industry data, identifying common cost structures, identifying key companies and company intelligence. 3. Studying industry forces by understanding price drivers and historical pricing, supply and demand and studying market forces. 4. Do a comparative analysis of the major companies and prepare industry analysis report.
  • His experience identifying possible new suppliers includes researching competitors to industry leaders, researching supplier diversity agencies that support the requested scope of work and bench-marking with nearby companies (not competitors) on a similar scope of work.
  • He has experience in developing and implementing category strategy through business management, planning and validation of opportunities, vendor selection and contracting, evaluating supplier relationship management and risk management, and increasing operational efficiencies.
  • He is a great communicator and understands how to speak with the customer, the client and the stakeholder. He has experience sourcing globally for China, Japan, Italy, and South America. He has built teams from the ground up and is excited about being part of a new and growing team.
  • He resides in Georgia.

Candidate 34BP:

  • After graduating from engineering school, Candidate 34BP went into the Navy where he began his purchasing career.
  • He’s been a Sr Buyer for the last 6 year.
  • He’s the lead buyer with 5 junior buyers that report to him – he is responsible for their performance.
  • He has established supplier scorecards and metrics for his suppliers in several categories – casting, motors, raw material, plate steel, and tubing
  • He has pushed improvements in on-time delivery, cost, and quality. When he got to his organization, he reviewed their baseline metrics and looked for gaps to improve. From there he has re-worked several contracts, and in some cases sourced to a new supplier.
  • Although he manages a group of buyers with an overall spend of $100M, he is still personally handling $25M of it.
  • He uses an ISS procurement tool to pull inventory data through. They use it for demand planning, stock visibility, and to receive exception notifications.
  • He takes a strong savings focus, and is also minimizing up-front costs through VMI programs and consignment.
  • In another role, he was doing a lot of supplier rationalization. He was dealing in some injection molding commodities.

Candidate 33BP:

  • Candidate 33BP has a Business Management degree from California State, and has spent over 20 years in Procurement. She started out as a wholesale buyer in home decor products sold through retail channels.
  • In 2004, she was hired on as a Buyer, and she’s worked her way up to Sr Supply Chain Buyer/Planner. The organization makes both custom packaged electronics and resells private labeled purchased electrical components. Their primary market is the building materials industry accessed through B2B contract sales and retail channels.
  • I asked how she transitioned from home goods to electronics. She said she’s found that regardless of the commodity, she’s been able to overlay the same skills, strategies and tactics and be effective – 15 yrs later she’s proven herself as an electronics buyer.
  • She is responsible for $58M in annual spend, and she has 4 direct reports – 2 onsite at the plant, and 1 CT, and 1 in PA.  She started with about 2000 items. Her sku count has more than tripled since she’s been there.
  • She buys plastic, steel and other metals for the plants. She also deals in wiring harnesses, plastic covers, and some injection molded parts. She says they use PCB’s in their harmony dimmers made in the plant, but the board is outsourced.
  • She focuses on low inventory and high turns. She also manages supplier quality. She makes onsite visits and requires deviation reports as part of her supplier quality management program. She demands stock segregation and cost backs when necessary.
  • She travels to China about 6 times per year – can be up to a 2-week trip depending on which factories she’s visiting. She has her suppliers bring in their suppliers. She spends this time reviewing performance, negotiating pricing and lead times, and setting up stocking levels.
  • She has roughly 15 containers coming in per week. Things like GFCI’s can make up a full container, but she also builds mixed containers to avoid overstocking certain items.
  • She has good relationships with her suppliers. She communicates with them weekly. Her supplier scorecard is based on high demand effectiveness, lead time, pricing, and quality. She says part of her performance is benchmarked against her supplier performance.
  • She buys from domestic suppliers as well as suppliers in India, Singapore, Beijing, and Dongguan.

Candidate 32BP:

  • Candidate 32BP is an accomplished Supply Chain professional with her Masters in Management.  She has experience working in the automotive, energy, healthcare, and power industries.
  • She has extensive project based sourcing experience with her most recent position where she led the quoting process for New Product Introduction (NPI) of rotor machining parts globally in alignment with sourcing strategies and facilitated the supplier selection process, securing capacity, best price, and T&C’s for NPI programs and design change parts.
  • She has worked in both Direct and Indirect sourcing so it helps her see both sides and get the most competitive bids. She has owned negotiations and spearheaded minimization of gaps between quoted pricing and Should Cost.
  • She was also responsible for overall global strategy; she worked tirelessly to select the best strategy, while including feedback from cross-functional teams. Once selection was made, she managed the suppliers to deliver on-time, as well as supporting supplier development to align suppliers on products where they have the best fit. She set the strategy and direction for both metals and machining. She is excellent at supporting her teams and pushing suppliers for process improvements to make products better.
  • With another organization, they enlarged their machining portfolio, she was able to improve their relationship with the supplier, while re-positioning vendor approach as business partnership (vendor to vendor/trading with vendor long-term investment).
  • She understands a wide variety of supply chain depth of long term agreements, new product introduction, capacity analysis, buyer scope with planning and POs, raw material inputs and lead times, and marries those strategic sourcing strengths by leveraging and building relationships with technical teams from manufacturing engineers to materials to design engineering.
  • She is an excellent team player and able to organize, juggle and develop a high volume of strategic plans for a single business strategy all while keeping and reducing cost in mind.
  • She has Global sourcing experience in China, Mexico, and Canada. She has managed categories such as machinery, metals, control panels, electronics, and fabrication.  And she has worked in fields like Energy, Battery, Healthcare, Rubber/Plastics, and Automotive.

Candidate 31BP:

  • Candidate 31BP has 25+ years of experience in Supply Chain and Procurement and is CPM/ CPSM certified.
  • He has worked across a variety of industries including pharma, medical device, and specialty chemicals.
  • He has extensive experience in direct and indirect sourcing: and has participated in and led competitive bid/ RFx processes and contract negotiations in every role throughout his career.  He uses the 7 step sourcing process and works cross-functionally to build supplier management programs.
  • He is a team player and works with R&D, Technical, QA, Manufacturing and Global teams to implement projects and sourcing strategies.
  • He is highly skilled in SAP and has trained many people in its functionalities.

Candidate 30BP:

  • Candidate 30BP received his BA in 2005. He began his career working for a startup food manufacturing facility for 10 years as a Production Supervisor.
  • He then joined another manufacturing organization as a Production Planner/Buyer, in 2016 he was part of a team which were hired to reduce the backlog which was successfully achieved within 18 months and went from $5M to $100k.
  • During this 2-year period, he had to meet with the CEO often and got used to handling himself with that level of management. He built a relationship of trust with the CEO.
  • He has worked in the Medical component manufacturing since 2016. His company manufactures medical components for respiratory equipment as well as fluid control solutions.
  • In his role as a Planner/Buyer, he was responsible for ensuring all raw material procurement, material planning and scheduling was achieved on time and per order, specifications to ISO 13485.
  • He has experience in both Direct and Non-Direct procurement. In his recent role he saved the company $15k/month on incoming shipping costs by supplier negotiation and consolidation.
  • He manages his suppliers by utilizing Supplier scorecards to track and monitor their performance these KPI’s include On Time Delivery, Quality and Shortages. He monitor’s their suppliers monthly.
  • He communicates with his key suppliers on a weekly basis and depending on urgency/need.  He has approximately 30-40 top tier suppliers, so he has to be very organized.
  • He has Global manufacturing experience; his comapny has 5 international facilities, Netherlands, Italy, China, Japan and Germany.
  • When issues arise, which may impact production related to suppliers, he communicates internally work with the production manager to ensure the impact to output is managed internally. They are a make to order facility so accurate material procurement is key.
  • With regards to ERP system he works with web-based Epicor system, which he also involved in implementing and setting up. This system also helps him managed inventory and raw material stock.
  • He works in a very small and “close knit” team. Customer service is key and believes “no is not an answer.”
  • He communicates very well and must be organized and flexible in his Sourcing role. He enjoys his role and procurement and would like to continue his career in this field and medical industry.

Candidate 29BP:

  • Candidate 29BP has over 15 years experience in procurement and sourcing, she has an MBA and her Six Sigma Black Belt.
  • She has the ability to quickly understand how to improve processes by finding innovative solutions to eliminate errors or minimize variability as well as creating a strategic sourcing plan for project management & supply chain.
  • She also knows how to be a strategic partner in IT, marketing, operations and manufacturing and field service industries and is able to work cross departmentally. She has worked with SAP and Oracle ERP.
  • She has extensive project based procurement experience. She has worked on multiple new product launches from start to finish, done negotiations, from selecting suppliers to monitoring deliveries.
  • She has worked multiple categories and can handle managing several at a time. She has experience with electrical controls, raw materials, aluminums, nickel, etc.
  • She has 15 years experience in Global sourcing; she has sourced for China, Mexico, etc. She has traveled the world doing European Implementations of ERP systems.
  • She is a relentless worker with strong work Values; excellent interpersonal skills; works very well with peers & cross-functional teams; Reaches out to others proactively & assist them, Uses customer feedback to improve objectives; Setup PC team, Clear Thinker, Self-Motivated accepts responsibility to ensure that the deadlines are met & the job is done efficiently, Instrumental in Procurement and Negotiation of all Indirect and IT Categories.

Candidate 28BP:

  • Candidate 28BP has a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology and 20 years experience in Resource/Project Management and Planning/Forecasting.
  • In his most recent position, he worked with material handling systems. They worked a lot with the Pulp & Paper industries; the conveyors installed were used to strip the wood of their bark. They showed companies how to reduce fuel costs/recycle material.
  • His experience working in diversified roles allows him to manage multiple categories without difficulty. He has over 11 years of experience in doing supply market research for project estimation and execution as well as new supplier identification for materials and 3rd party resources.
  • He also has the same amount of experience with working with cross-functional teams to ensure that the development and implementation of the category strategy is a success to focus time and conduct in depth market analysis to fully leverage the procurement decisions on behalf of the organization. He prides himself in not only fulfilling the requirements of the roles he has worked in the past, but also consistently brainstorming and asking for feedback on new ideas to increase efficiency.
  • He has experience with controls, steel, installation, and electrical component categories.
  • His ability to work as a team and cross-departmentally – The majority of his work experience has required him to work not only with colleagues, but also with direct reports and senior management. He was always been known to be able to work with other departments and get results faster than most of his cohorts. The key is to build great professional relationships and treat people fairly and with respect. Even sometimes lending a helping hand to a team member for the greater good of the end result without wanting recognition.
  • He has over 8 years of professional experience traveling domestically and internationally up to 40% and has no issues with traveling at least 20%.
  • He resides in Georgia.

Candidate 27BP:

  • Candidate 27BP has extensive experience in Supply Chain, Global Sourcing and Category Management- 15 years in direct and indirect sourcing.
  • He is passionate about sourcing and developing strong strategic sourcing relationships.
  • He has strong interpersonal skills as well as a technical proficiency that allows him to make everyone walk away from a deal feeling they have won.
  • He has written RFQQs, responded to RFQs and built out robust supplier selection programs and risk mitigation programs.
  • He believes in working cross-functionally and setting specific goals with vendors and customers.
  • He has some exposure to FDA regulated chemicals and has sold into the medical industry so he has an understanding of regulations and documentation required.
  • Candidate 27BP resides in Georgia.

Candidate 26BP:

  • Candidate 26BP has 14 years experience as a Global Sourcing Strategist and Project Management Specialist. She has helped drive revenues and lower cost of international manufactures.
  • As a global sourcing and product development specialist, she brings ideas to life by creating win-win situations for the company and manufacturers. She utilizes international relationships with manufacturers in the U.S., Europe, Mexico, and Asia to identify opportunities that generate multimillion-dollars in annual revenue and brand expansions.
  • She has expertise in raw materials and commodities, new product development, supply chain optimization, contract negotiations and operational excellence across various industries, and has 7 years experience working with FDA Regulations.
  • She has expertise in market research, new product development, brand strategy, project management and procurement across various industries including healthcare, beauty, apparel, hospitality, and other consumer product related industries.
  • She is able to keep long-term visions in mind and has worked on many different business strategies, including a 10-year brand strategy on specific products.
  • She understands the 7 S’s and how they are critical for managing business strategies. She has experience handling the business needs of stakeholders, biding out RP’s for suppliers, contracts, IP Tech agreements, handling license product agreements and proposals.
  • She is an expert that knows how to identify new revenue opportunities, travel all over the world nurturing supplier relationships, and turnaround failing projects.
  • She is a natural leader skilled at leading diverse groups of professionals with the company mission in mind.

Candidate 25BP:

  • Candidate 25BP is a BOM Buyer for a healthcare manufacturer in Kennesaw where she provides inventory management and spend analysis for their manufacturing operation. She buys for different projects they build at plant. She is responsible for roughly 780 parts requirements. She works very closely with the manufacturing operation, and reports to the Operational Materials Manager.
  • She is a daily SAP user, both on the input and data extraction side. She develops reporting from the data extracted.
  • In her previous role, she spent 8-9 years working in the power generation business where all her buying was tied to projects and involved a lot of supplier negotiations.
  • Her sourcing and procurement responsibilities supported upgrades to field equipment in power plants – turbine blades, mechanical/electrical kits, and many custom parts. She had to read drawings and review part specifications to ensure quality and accuracy of the parts she purchased.
  • Her previous position was very technical. She could receive up to 900 requests per day. She was required to have quote requests turned around within 5 days. She was committed and successful at meeting that benchmark.
  • She would download all requests to excel, and create a pivot table allowing her to combine categories and then secure 3 quotes and award bid.
  • She has a LSSGB certification, and utilizes a lean approach in optimizing spend.
  • Candidate 25BP resides in Georgia.

Candidate 24BP:

  • Candidate 24BP has been in supply chain & logistics management for 17 years.
  • She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Business from Duquesne University.
  • For the last 12 years, she has worked handling import/export transactions and then on to managing project needs across the globe. In the last five years, she moved into the front end of their supply chain operation, managing strategic procurement, supplier agreements & negotiations and spend analysis.
  • Although she’s currently procuring/sourcing all kinds of indirect spend that doesn’t go into production i.e. travel, logistics, MRO, relocation, training, IT, etc. Prior to her current role, she was in project management and sourced/procured direct materials against project BOMs and worked with project budgets. Commodities that she has been managing are print & scan, business cards & stationery, and packaging.
  • Most of her recent focus is on negotiating savings on contracts with suppliers which are expiring and helping determine which new suppliers to bring on contract. She breaks out her time as ~30% sourcing new suppliers/new products and ~70% sustaining their existing supply chain and re-negotiating contracts.
  • As a Project Logistics Lead, she managed all deliveries for projects sold around the globe. These included shipments of electrical drives, motors, rotors and turbines for large industrial plant installations.
  • When she was strictly handling transportation logistics, her highest volume global origins/destinations were Taiwan, China, and Germany.
  • She is proficient in the use of SRM and SAP software.
  • She participates in her business units’ quarterly business review where she establishes quarterly goals and reports on her unit spend.
  • She does Spend analysis and pivot tables
  • While in her role as logistics lead, she had 2 staff members reporting to her.
  • She does some travel  – Orlando, AL and NC ~10-15% to meet with suppliers and internal stakeholders.

Candidate 23BP:

  • Candidate 23BP has his BA in Management and 17 years in Supply Chain with 15 yrs Sourcing and 2 yrs Order Management, and has worked in the technical arena his entire career.
  • He has 5+ years being an inclusive leader managing Buyers, Expeditors and Project Leaders and15+ yrs influencing cross-functional teams (Engineering, Material Mgmt, Logistics, Sales) to deliver finished goods on time to the customer.
  • He has 6+ years in commodity management roles developing global strategies to ensure quality, cost and cycle goals are met.
  • He has sourced for: Electrical, Mechanical Systems, Combustion, Hazmat, Compressor airfoils which consisted of working closely with machine shops, fabricators and electrical contract manufacturers.
  • He has 15 years vendor management and supplier development with extensive experience working with both domestic (40%) and international (60%) supply base.
  • He has experience in the service industry consisting of complex projects upgrading heavy duty gas turbines where 50% of the project were short cycle, so collaboration with project team was crucial in the sourcing and execution phase.
  • He has both commercial and operational experience and has dealt with both regional and global suppliers.
  • Candidate 23BP resides in Georgia.

Candidate 22BP:

  • Candidate 22BP has a BS in Industrial Engineering and an MBA in Finance, over 10 years of procurement and sourcing experience sourcing a wide array of goods and services. Including extensive contract and negotiation experience and 7 years experience in manufacturing in supervisory/management roles.
  • He has lead the entire procurement process including negotiating contracts for several warehouse automation projects with multiple suppliers that met the business unit requirements, maximized investment value, and reduced implementation risk
  • He was also part of a team on multiple warehouse project installations of conveyors and automation systems, he collaborated with Engineering, Manufacturing, and Field Operations to maximize capital investment value for soft-drink production equipment.
  • He also managed the sourcing for these warehouse projects. He managed the entire RFP process including requirements definition, candidate supplier selection, writing and issuance, supplier Q&A, proposal evaluations, award and final contract negotiations for two large (each over $20MM) automation systems.
  • He lead the sourcing for numerous support projects including: RFPs for engineering services, alternative sourcing of spare parts, operations services for those systems (over $2MM annual operating expense each system), negotiation of a software license, and contracts for third-party maintenance support.
  • Lastly, he solicited several quotes for warehouse racking, and at the time his position was eliminated he was in the process of qualifying racking suppliers to be Approved Suppliers, with master supply agreements.
  • Other specific sourcing category experience includes services (engineering, IT support, maintenance support, transportation, airport services [ground handling and cargo], security services, marketing e-mail services), goods (security-related equipment, general MRO supplies, office supplies, furnishings and printed materials), and capital equipment (warehouse automation systems, packaging equipment)
  • During his time with a major airline corporation, he gained some global sourcing experience. He worked on a 2-year project on a Explosive Trace Detection Machine, which was purchased from a Canadian company and used in Europe, Africa, Asia and Moscow. He helped handle all that this entailed for the organization.
  • During his time, he also learned a lot about corporate security, background checks and is very familiar with FAA requirements.

Candidate 21BP:

  • Candidate 21BP has her BS in Industrial Engineering and her MS in Engineering Management, and has 15+ years experience in Procurement.
  • She has been responsible for up to $275 million in spend.
  • She has extensive experience in the negotiation of contracts, relationship management, customer and vendor interaction, score cards and cost savings initiatives.
  • She identifies cost savings through KPIs, Resourcing, Introducing New Programs, and providing initiatives for Key Suppliers.  She has also used her Engineering Background to visit suppliers and walk through their process helping identify areas of waste that would create long term cost savings.
  • She is career driven and looking for a company where she will have the opportunity to grow.  She sees herself as innovative and enjoys working in progressive companies.  She is energetic and excited about her next role. She feels she has many transferable skills as her career has allowed her to be exposed to many different areas within procurement.
  • Candidate 21BP resides in Georgia.

Candidate 20BP:

  • Candidate 20BP has a 15 year career in Purchasing and Materials Management.
  • He manages about $40M/yr in spend, and is the sole buyer for their manufacturing group (~$7M/yr revenue stream) where he works closely with the production planner and supervisor on planning. He also supplies the forecasts to their largest supplier.
  • His organization does quite a bit of repacking and light assembly work, and his experience with organizing and managing material requirements for that operation is one of the main reasons he was hired on.
  • He spent 9 years as a buyer/planner at another organization where they produce high voltage switchgear products. He dealt with government contracts there, so he understands tight adherence to product specifications.
  • He was even instrumental in developing new standards for the stainless steel they used in some of their housings to mitigate the risk of rusting. This opened up some new markets for highly
  • As far back as his first job in 2003, he’s been involved in manufacturing on some level, working with material requirements for assembly lines to meet production goals.

Candidate 19BP:

  • Candidate 19BP has been working in strategic procurement for 7 years and all of his experience has been in Direct Materials. He enjoys working in the challenging environment especially supplier sourcing, interaction and negotiations.
  • He currently manages 30-40 projects at a time and depending on urgency and need he prioritizes them by project managing in excel and then communicating daily and weekly on the progress or actions needed to complete the project to all team members.
  • He works in a global team of 25 colleagues, he is a team player not only in procurement but also with internal departments such as R&D, Quality and Production.
  • The commodities he is an expert in range from resins, ink, coatings, epoxy, adhesives to latex and diluents. He manages his commodities daily with checking the market index being the main driver with to current price/cost.
  • In 2017 he accomplished $2.1M savings for direct material commodity spend of $50M.
  • He is a well-rounded and experienced professional who has worked in various departments such as QA and production leadership. Having worked in these critical areas gives him the understanding with regards to get the right specification and right supplier base for direct materials for the company.
  • He leads the whole procurement cycle from RFO, internal stakeholder teams, RFQ, supplier sourcing, qualification, selection, award, contracts and then internal implementation at plant/business level.
  • Supplier management is key to his current role, he very much partners with his suppliers, and believes that respect and communication is key to building a strong and strategic partnership.
  • He has key experience in leading acquisition synergy projects, negotiations and savings.
  • Having key experience in CI/Six Sigma he has utilized these tools not only his production lead roles but also in his procurement role.
  • He lives in FL and is happy to move to GA for his next career move.

Candidate 18BP:

  • Candidate 18BP has a 30 year career procurement and materials management roles. For the last 14 years, he has been supporting a medical device operation that produces products used in surgical procedures.
  • He has utilized lean six sigma and Kaizens to lead supply chain improvements. He took over all global buying and sourcing, and ran the warehouse, and participated in developing their GMP.
  • He was responsible for ~$8M in direct material spend. Also handled indirect and outside services ~$1M.
  • He helped provide sales, samples and inventory forecasts. and tracked sales order history to determine stocking levels.
  • He worked with quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and engineering to ensure materials met standards and specifications.
  • Helped create a database for import/exports. He went through ~400-500 items to classify high mix – low volume and HTS numbers.
  • He has primarily worked with two database systems – worked in SAP to relay info to all corporate managers, and used BPCS for all their plant level MRP management.
  • He has also conducted over 200 supplier audits, and was instrumental in maintaining inventory accuracy above 98%.
  • He says he interfaces well with engineers, production managers, sales, etc.
  • Candidate 18BP resides in Georgia.

Candidate 17BP:

  • Candidate 17BP has a Bachelor’s in Economics and an MBA with a concentration in Finance.
  • He currently manages $150M/yr spend in raw materials and finished goods. He deals in inks and adhesives, cutting dies, printing plates, and finished goods that they buy through contract manufacturers and resell under a private label. Much of his spend goes into their converting processes.
  • He’s had a good mix of exposure in direct spend. He has also completed a great number of projects sourcing chemicals such as resins.
  • Many of his projects involve evaluating materials that impact each of the steps in their converting process. He works to find best supplier, and has at least 5+ projects at any time. He says he’s approaching $5M in savings already in 2018 through his deliverables.
  • He resides in Georgia.

Candidate 16BP:

  • Candidate 16BP is an Industrial Engineer who started out his career in manufacturing. He utilized process improvement methodologies in a mill environment in his early days, and quickly gained hands-on knowledge of the paper converting industry.
  • In his first role, he was on a fast track program that introduced him to production, plant floor optimization, and project management with a focus on root cause analysis and process improvement.
  • After a few years, he was courted by another organization to help out in their supplier quality program. He gained insight into upstream supply chain oversight and began understanding the dependencies between a supplier’s operation and the company’s ability to meet or exceed production targets and quality standards.
  • He quickly proved himself in this capacity, and was asked to move into sourcing after a couple of years.
  • Although it required shifting gears to get from engineering over to sourcing, he ramped up quickly and now heads the category spend for several of their raw materials.  His annual spend is ~$155k+/yr in direct spend, and he deals with roughly 30 suppliers.
  • He pays close attention to CDI indexes both to track inflation and opportunities. He focuses on quality, cost improvement and cost savings.
  • Candidate 16BP received his six sigma black belt last year through Georgia Tech where his project concentrated on capability analysis and cold cost analysis.
  • He is a strong mentor. He’s very outgoing, so contract negotiations are not a hurdle for him. He prepares well, does his homework and knows the leverage points. He understands that terms need to be a win-win for the company and the supplier.
  • He is currently using a homegrown ERP system, but he has used SAP earlier in his career.
  • He does not have buyers that report to him now but as a corporate category manager, he has dotted line reports at plants, mainly Materials Managers.

Candidate 15BP:

  • Candidate 15BP has worked in procurement for 15 years. He has worked in various industries but most recently in Paper & Packaging.
  • He has held various positions from Commodity Manager to Supply Manager.
  • He has experience with managing various Direct commodities from Resin, Adhesives, CAPEX, Heavy Machinery, Chemicals Gear boxes and Plastics.
  • In his last rol,e he saved $2M on a total spend of $55k.
  • He is comfortable with managing several projects at the same time, he is a team player and likes to collaborate with his as well as Subject Matter Expects who are key to making sure the specification of the procured commodity is correct.
  • He has a BSc In Mechanical Engineering and has an MBA.
  • When it comes to qualifying and managing suppliers, he has had to do this throughout his career. His approach much on understanding current purchasing spend, reviewing current supplier base and understanding the commodity specification prior to checking in the market. For qualifying of suppliers, he considers, specification, cost, quality and Leadtime as key factors.
  • Her enjoys a challenge and enjoys working in Direct procurement, he is a team player and his philosophy is “communication is key”
  • He is also comfortable with reporting progress on key commodities to higher management something he has had to do throughout his career.
  • Candidate 15BP resides in Georgia.

Candidate 14BP:

  • Candidate 14BP is very well spoken and has a great personality. She has 5 years experience in Aerospace procurement and supply chain. She is working on her BS online.
  • She worked her way up from Customer Service into her current role as buyer through two promotions. She also holds the role of Lean Coordinator, where she is in charge of several ongoing continuous improvement initiatives.
  • She has used Quantum ERP before briefly and liked it a lot. It is very user-friendly.
  • She currently sources everything used inside the cabin of an airplane, she has annual purchase revenue of $20M.
  • She has experience managing vendors and she conducts monthly S&OP’s. She is a highly dedicated and meticulous buyer with a superb record of exceeding metrics.
  • Candidate 14BP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 13BP:

  • Candidate 13BP is currently working on her BS in Accounting and would love to get certified as a Purchasing Professional if given the opportunity. She has 8 years experience in Procurement.
  • She has experience in the aircraft industry; in fact the suppliers she made relationships with still keep in touch with her.
  • She has sourced and negotiated with potential suppliers requested RFQ’s, evaluated and analyzed results and recommended new suppliers as well as evaluated supplier performance, and instituted improvements.
  • She has worked with engineering, manufacturing, and other user groups/cross functional team members to find cost savings opportunities.
  • She has great ERP skills and was even part of the ERP Team, helped moved system and do integration. She is excellent with Excel.
  • She has managed employees and feels her style is to follow the rules, be transparent, likes to get to know her employees, they all have different needs. She likes to be their coach and answer their questions by training well.

Candidate 12BP:

  • Candidate 12BP has a BS in Mathematics from Clayton State.
  • Since graduation, she has been working in manufacturing environments, first at a hardware supplier to the automotive and aerospace industry), and then in the lighting products division of another organization.
  • As the senior lighting quotations rep, she often worked with suppliers, customers, and engineering to provide BOM’s and pricing per project specifications.
  • She is adept at reading drawings, has done a lot of take-offs in her estimating role and has some CAD experience.
  • She also ran the customer service team.
  • She not only handled customer orders but ran a team of 5 customer service reps spread over 3 plants.
  • She also led the lean initiative for optimizing shipping and tracking and customer notification.
  • She was responsible for purchasing tools, dies, and other internal buys. She regularly met with different vendors such as heat treaters and platers.
  • She also helped them achieve AS9100 certification.
  • She describes herself as a very technical person and a quick learner.
  • Candidate 12BP lives in Georgia.

Candidate 11BP:

  • Candidate 11BP has 15+ years experience in purchasing.
  • She has developed and maintained relationships with suppliers and has been responsible for purchasing everything from raw materials to truck parts and components. In her automotive experience, she was the only person responsible for ordering parts for over 1,800 trucks
  • She has always used Excel to track her orders and communicate with planners and production and considers herself very organized and detail oriented.
  • Candidate 11BP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 10BP:

  • Candidate 10BP has a Masters degree in Supply Chain Management, is CSCP Certified, and has a Six Sigma Green Belt.
  • He has 2.5 years experience of manufacturing (OEM) experience and proven success in global procurement and global supplier management.
  • In his last role, he managed 7 vendors worth $76M of annual spend and negotiated price 5% below the target cost and negotiated global procurement contract with key supplier resulting in a 2% savings, $1.6 million annually.
  • He is well versed in working with cross-functional teams; he is self-motivated, high energy and has strong time management skills.
  • He has experience maintaining good relationships with suppliers and customers. He has performed market research, handled price negotiations and worked with management on contracts.
  • He can coordinate with the suppliers, customers and quality for the Material Data Sheet approval and troubleshooting to support fulfillment of PPAP activity.
  • He has streamlined the existing New Product Introduction (NPI) process to win new programs to existing customers; he even identified KPI’s to stabilize NPI process by eliminating redundant steps and reducing cycle time.

Candidate 9BP:

  • Candidate 9BP has been in Procurement for 10+ years and has experience in a variety of industries including automotive.
  • He has a love for manufacturing and procurement, and experience with supplier management and contract negotiations.
  • He has worked with Japanese suppliers and has a good understanding of buying international parts.
  • He is located in GA.

Candidate 8BP:

  • Candidate 6BP has 13 years experience in procurement in manufacturing (Automotive, Aerospace, Distribution)
  • She has experience with negotiating contracts, sourcing and qualifying suppliers, and maintaining records etc.
  • She is proficient in Excel and has worked with various software programs and ERP systems
  • She is comfortable working cross-functionally and has great communication skills
  • She is interested in making a change because her current organization does not offer any room for growth
  • Candidate 6BP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 7BP:

  • Candidate 7BP has 13 years experience in procurement in manufacturing (Automotive, Aerospace, Distribution)
  • She has experience with negotiating contracts, sourcing and qualifying suppliers, and maintaining records etc.
  • She is proficient in Excel and has worked with various software programs and ERP systems
  • She is comfortable working cross functionally and has great communication skills
  • She is interested in making a change because her current organization does not offer any room for growth
  • Candidate 7BP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 6BP:

  • Candidate 6BP has her BS in Administration and her MS in Acquisition.
  • She has over 10 years experience in procurement and has spent most of her career in automotive
  • In her current role she manages 28 commodities- electronic modules
  • She is responsible for new product launches and works cross functionally to ensure production deadlines are met
  • She is currently responsible for 52 million dollars in spend
  • She has project management experience and is proficient in Excel and SAP- ERP system
  • Candidate 6BP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 5BP:

  • Candidate 5BP has 10 years experience in purchasing and manufacturing
  • She is currently a buyer in the medical device industry.  She started on a team of five buyers and is now the sole buyer for the medical device.
  • She works with suppliers daily to ensure that products meet the highly regulated specifications, she also works with the engineers to qualify suppliers and ensure they meet the regulations
  • She works cross functionally with planners, production, engineers etc.
  • She explained that their Bill Plan is changing rapidly so communication is key in her role to ensure inventory and suppliers are meeting customer’s needs.
  • She has 10 years’ experience with SAP ERP and is well versed in Excel.
  • She is extremely detail oriented and has strong communication skills, she is currently looking into pursuing her CPIM certification.
  • Candidate 5BP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 4BP:

  • Candidate 4BP has 5+ years experience in purchasing and 9+ years experience in automotive manufacturing.
  • Her current role involves working on the international side of purchasing and handling millions of dollars of spend a year. She primarily deals with Thailand, Japan, China and Indonesia Associated Companies.
  • She has some experience with contract negotiations and is comfortable with negotiating, she can read blueprints and often verifies parts by referring to blue prints- especially for new products.
  • She is certified as an ISO 9001 and TS 16949 Internal Auditor and uses these certifications when verifying suppliers.
  • She is very proficient in Excel and does all forecasting in Excel for her department of 3 buyers, She is also the “go to” person for ERP- they use Oracle JDE.
  • Candidate 4BP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 3BP:

  • Candidate 3BP has worked with hus current company for 2.5 years. He worked his way up from Business Analyst/Production Planner to his current role as a Purchasing Coordinator/Buyer.
  • He currently manages all activities during the purchasing process, creates orders, monitors transportation and delivery and order accuracy.
  • He is in charge of qualifying suppliers for paints and solvents, he handles sales and inventory, he negotiates prices with vendors and researches new vendors.
  • He is comfortable communicating the status of his projects with cross functional teams and understands how detailed the Advanced Quality Process is. He is able to read technical drawings.
  • He has over a years experience working with LOTUS and is a Certified Purchasing Professional.
  • Candidate 3BP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 2BP:

  • Candidate 2BP has been in Procurement for 10 yrs. She has a BS in Technical Management.
  • She has experience qualifying buyers and negotiating better prices to save money for the company.
  • She has experience in managing automotive customers which she used to go over and present any problems with shipments.
  • She has expert level experience with SAP/Ariba. She is very detail oriented and organized.
  • Candidate 2BP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 1BP:

  • Candidate 1BP has been a Buyer for 25 years. He has a BA in Business Management.
  • He has experience working in heavy-duty machinery industry.
  • He has extensive experience reading technical drawings. He has worked with Suppliers but has not qualified suppliers. He feels very comfortable he could quickly and comfortably learn that skill.
  • He has dealt with cross-functional teams from production planners to executive level.
  • He is highly organized and has great communication skills. He is very comfortable dealing with vendors.
  • Candidate 1BP is located in Georgia.