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Candidate 4884:

  • Degree(s)/Certification(s): B.S. Industrial Engineering, LSSBB

  • Level: Mid

  • Industry(s) and # years’ experience: 15 yrs Manufacturing and Process Engineering

  • Reduced scrap in made to order work cell area by 20% by identifying and eliminating errors in 2D to Flat CNC program conversion

  • Established material staging methodology for production line resulting in 50% reduction in manpower

  • Current Location: metro Atlanta NE

  • Open to Relocation? No 

Candidate 13CG:

  • Candidate 13CG has a BSc in Industrial Science Technology and an MBA.
  • In his career, he has managed up to 15 direct reports. His management style is very much a “hands-on” leader. He encourages coaching manner in his style, he says that he would never expect of his team what he would not do himself.
  • He has 30 years’ experience working in Manufacturing and within various industries such as Automotive, Medical and HVAC systems.
  • He has 15 years of project management experience and utilizes MS Project managing projects, and vision boards for reporting.
  • He also is very familiar with using AutoCAD for changing shop floor layouts.
  • He has working experience of utilizing Lean Manufacturing tools such as 6S, Value Stream Mapping, 8D, Poke Yoke, Pareto and Kanban systems.
  • He also believes that its key to set a vision which is aligned with the parent company’s strategy to successfully transition from current to future state. This is where he believes he can add value and work with all levels of the organization.
  • He is very mechanically inclined he began his career working as a production engineer, throughout his career he has hands-on experience with CNC machining, injection molding, vacuum molding, and lathes.
  • He is very familiar with TS16949 and ISO 9001, has his Six Sigma Black Belt and is Certified in Lean Manufacturing.
  • Candidate 13CG lives in Georgia.

Candidate 12CG:

  • Candidate 12CG He would like to find a stable company where the management is invested in continuous improvement and Lean initiatives. He would like to be able to make an impact and see tangible results.
  • He has automotive experience through Chrysler and Ford: TS16949, FMEA, Document Revision, etc.
  • He has extensive experience in manufacturing and process engineering. He has been exposed to a variety of industries and has worked a variety of roles. CI and Lean are very important to him.
  • He also has experience in equipment design/ tooling
  • Candidate 12CG is located in Georgia.

Candidate 11CG:

  • Candidate 11CG has a BS in Polymer Fiber Engineering from Clemson and has over 5 years experience.
  • In his current role, he has worn many hats from making a prototype using SolidWorks, testing to manufacturing.
  • He has experience with blown molding, extrusion, setting up machines and maintenance, pneumatics, hydraulics, and the regrinding process.
  • He has been fully trained in process skills needs for manufacturing medical grade equipment.
  • He does have management experience. He has supervised/lead maintenance/extrusion techs.
  • Candidate 11CG is located in Georgia.

Candidate 10CG:

  • Candidate 10CG has a BS in Chemical Engineering and 10 years of Continuous improvement experience.
  • He works closely with the team to define, develop and implement strategies for continual improvement in all processes of the plant business with a focus on eliminating/reducing top quality and waste issues.
  • He has developed training to help foster Lean manufacturing activities across the company. He has written training modules.
  • He has participated in countless Kaizen Blitz events, performed time studies and root cause analysis.
  • Some of his key CI Projects include developing key treatment process improvement resulting in a 30% improvement in productivity. Improved cycle time for the product manufacturing process, resulting in a 15% increase in productivity.  Developing process improvement strategies to reduce usage by 10%. Implemented programs that reduced scrap up to 10%.
  • Candidate 10CG is located in Georgia.

Candidate 9CG:

  • Candidate 9CG graduated with a ME degree from Auburn University in 2015.
  • During his schooling, he did several coop semester with an automotive manufacturing company where he was part of their continuous improvement team.
  • He has been involved in several large projects at his current company, the biggest was overseeing the design process and drawing package (AutoCAD) of a new 250 sq.ft plant. He utilized plant floor optimization concepts for improving product flow and operator efficiency over their existing facility. He is now the program manager over this facility driving process improvement and operational efficiencies.
  • He interfaces daily with their quality team and is the go-to representative of their program initiatives for their upper management as well as their customers.
  • He is certified in MODAPTS (Modular Arrangements of Predetermined Time Standards), a system he uses regularly to work cell cycle time analysis. He will perform a root cause and corrective action sequence if process times are below standards. He is trained in Six Sigma tools.
  • Candidate 9CG is located in Georgia.

Candidate 8CG:

  • Candidate 8CG has been operating in the Lean Process Improvement arena in manufacturing environments for over 25 years.
  • She has experience in running Lean programs for both the front office and the shop floor. She was directly involved in the shop floor addressing fabrication processes for both made to order and stock items
  • She has applied A3 matrix tools, led many Kaizen blitzes, and created flow and pickup sites for improving processes and reducing waste.
  • She has key training in TPM, PM, Root Cause Problem Solving, 5S, Kaizen, Standardized Work, Leader Standard Work, and Recognition.
  • With various management roles in her background, she has accomplished building true work cells which achieved, machine improvements and overall quality improved 10 percentage points. Delivery improved from 70-80% to +90% within 1 month. Other key achievements include improving operator efficiency by 7% which led to a reduction in equipment downtime.
  • She has also managed projects, large and small utlizing MS project tools.
  • Candidate 8CG is located in Georgia.

Candidate 7CG:

  • Candidate 7CG has 15 years+ experience in manufacturing and has been in a leadership role since 2004.
  • He has led Kaizen events, implemented programs to identify and reduce waste, as well as conducting training in process improvement and efficiencies. He is a big proponent of the value stream and root cause analysis and uses PM techniques in order to solve problems
  • He has hands experience with implementing software and transitioning from older MRP system to SAP
  • He has 3 years of experience as a shipping and warehouse manager and has a strong understanding of the logistics side of the business.
  • He has been a critical team player has been involved in the 5 audits a year and always played a role in making sure they passed with flying colors.
  • He takes a systematic approach to managing and believes that everyone needs to understand their role and work together.
  • He strongly believes in listening to hourly employees and allowing them to take ownership of ideas and solutions. He wants his employees to always understand the “why” behind changes.
  • He believes he is a great communicator and in his next role, he is looking for a career, not just a job.
  • Candidate 7CG is located in Georgia.

Candidate 6CG:

  • Candidate 6CG spent the last 9 years as a Plant Manager.
  • Prior to that, he spent several years in engineering and manufacturing operations
  • He describes himself as very project-driven and feels like his best impact is in process improvement initiatives and plant layout optimization.
  • He is extremely practiced at meeting corporate KPI’s and tracking projects and ROI.
  • He has an IE degree and has utilized his training in every position he has held since college.
  • He credits being a part of the MD Lean Manufacturing Consortium as his training ground for developing lean manufacturing expertise.
  • He is comfortable with travel as needed.
  • Candidate 6CG is located in Georgia.

Candidate 5CG:

  • Candidate 5CG has worked in manufacturing for most of her career and has held several roles in production and continuous improvement
  • We spoke with a previous boss about Candidate 5: “She was terrific. I’d like to hire her back. When she was here, she was running the show.”
  • She is familiar with ISO 9001 and has worked in highly regulated environments.
  • She is very familiar with writing SOPs and SOWs
  • She is comfortable with challenging managers on how they can make improvements- that is exactly what she is currently doing in a contract role and she enjoys it.  In her words: “I love figuring things out”.  Both references we spoke with said that she is very strong at root cause analysis and then putting a plan in place.
  • She has led 14 Kaizen events in the last 5 years and has participated in countless others.
  • She did a lot of lean and process control tracking
  • She is very high energy and motivated to make a difference wherever she is.
  • Candidate 5CG is located in Georgia.

Candidate 4CG:

  • Candidate 4CG has his BS in Quality Management
  • He is a certified LSS Black Belt and has certified others in both yellow and green belt.
  • He has served as a CI Manager responsible for facilitating Lean events for three facilities.
  • He spent the majority of his time on the plant floor interacting with hourly employees.
  • He has had extensive experience with SOP/SOW’s.
  • He has led multiple kaizen events and walked me through a specific event where he identified a loss through statistical analysis, assembled a team to initiate a chemical recycling process that resulted in $56k savings per month.
  • He describes himself as a very hands-on project manager who puts a solid focus on project cost-effectiveness, safety, and quality.
  • He has driven production line optimization, synchronizing processes and tracking speed, efficiency, and quality.
  • He utilizes time studies and tracks KPIs with data collection.
  • He describes himself as an expert in Excel, MS Project, and project mapping.
  • He usually starts his projects with an FMEA.
  • He has done warehouse lean projects setting up SAP programs and implementing Tollgate.
  • He has also set up flow processes for new equipment.
  • Candidate 4CG is located in Georgia.

Candidate 3CG:

  • Candidate 3CG worked his way up at his most recent employer. He believes in growing with the company. His passion is making processes as efficient as possible.
  • He has a BS in Electrical Engineering and 15 years of experience as an Industrial Engineer and Project Manager.
  • All his projects were completed on time and on budget.
  • He had ZERO downtime in the Distribution Center
  • He increased production by 18% and quality by 23% after implementing new procedures in the production and redesigning the entire production floor.
  • He has extensive experience creating SOP/SOW’s, he has run Kaizen events and has multiple examples of Continuous improvements.
  • Candidate 3 is located in Georgia.