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Candidate 549DP:

  • Candidate 549DP has a degree in Industrial Engineering which she’s been putting to use over the last four years as a Materials Planner and Production Planner with Tier I automotive suppliers.
  • She currently is a Production Planner in Georgia.
  • She plans throughput for 5 lines that produce their propeller shafts. She manages about 20 different skus of finished goods for OEMs.
  • She takes data from their ERP and manipulates it through Excel to load up her lines. She says she’s not an Excel genius but is comfortable with data manipulation and pivot tables. She is a quick learner and more than willing to expand her skills.
  • She is using Infor ERP and has used LN in the past.
  • Her forecasts have a 6-month outlook.
  • She also manages obsolete parts – she works with their engineers to help launch new products and to phase out old models.
  • She manages the inventory levels for her commodity and works very closely with production, and is the gatekeeper for any changeovers.
  • She’s also the main POC with customer service – analyzing new forecasts for long term scheduling and managing manpower requirements.
  • She resides in Georgia.

Candidate 776DP:

  • Candidate 776DP has been in a Supply Planner role for 2-1/2 years. He’s on a team of about 20 members.
  • He handles the supply planning for 7 plants cradle to grave. He works around the challenges at the plant level of loading machines for a variety of product mix all coming out of corrugated roll stock being converting into boxes and sheets.
  • He works with the production scheduler at the plant level that loads the machines. He manages the flow of inventory into the plants and works with sales to align forecasts with capacity.
  • He deals with a variety of machines. Some are sheet feeders making board sheets from corrugated roll. Some lines convert corrugated into boxes for end-users.
  • He’s dealt with some demanding customer specs.
  • He using an ERP – IBM’s Gallileo – which gives visibility on a 13 week planning period, but is Excel proficient – comfortable running pivot tables and VLOOKUPs..
  • He feels like his degree at UGA prepared him well to work in analytics. He was in a program that focused on SCM where they brought in industry experts to teach classes and share best practices.
  • He resides in Georgia.

Candidate 909DP:

  •  Candidate 909DP is a Supply Chain Planner with experience in production planning, SO&P, forecasting, inventory planning and lean manufacturing.
  • He has 3 years experience in the chemical industry
  • He is proficient in Excel and SAP and uses both daily to manage supply chain planning parameters.
  • He reports directly into the Director of supply chain and is an independent worker with a strong work ethic and drive to succeed.
  • He is a good communicator and is looking for a role where he can take the next step in his career and contribute to the growth of the organization. 

Candidate 654DP:

  • Candidate 654DP has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and has been working on her MBA part-time while working full-time. 
  • She has been with her current organization for close to 5 years both in logistics and production planning roles.
  • She is currently a Sr Production Planner handling materials, capacity, and scheduling for four containerboard assets within the company. 
  • She works a lot in Excel in order to develop plans for meeting customer demand and for balancing out the network. She also deals with inserting custom orders from various customers.
  • She resides in Georgia.

Candidate 4550DP:

  • Candidate 4550 has his A.S. in Business Administration from GA State and his Bachelor’s in Supply Chain Management with a minor in Marketing from Clayton State.
  • He has 1.5 years experience in Logistics.
  • In his current role, he communicates with customers, production, and carriers in order to schedule shipments and ensure product is delivered on schedule.
  • He tracks carrier performance and evaluates the ability to meet customer requirements
  • He has 5 major DCs that he sends shipments to on a daily and weekly basis- he uses SAP and Excel to track shipment requirements and prioritizes based on lead times and customer requests.
  • He is proficient in Excel and uses both Excel and SAP daily.
  • His first exposure to supply chain and logistics was at Amazon where he was hired on as an associate and quickly advanced to an Associate Line Lead. He decided then that he wanted a career in supply chain.
  • He resides in Georgia.

Candidate 5217DP:


  • Candidate 5217DP graduated from Georgia Tech in 2017 in Industrial Engineering – a degree he attained while playing college football there.
  • He decided to pursue a seminary education right after graduation from GT.
  • He graduated from seminary in 2019, and while he has no regrets because of the hands-on life skills it taught him, he has determined that he’s not meant to pursue it as a lifelong calling.
  • He feels like he has great fundamentals in process engineering, is a quick learner, and loves interacting ith people.
  • He’s very comfortable with Excel and is good at programming in R and Python. He’s been keeping himself fresh using Udacity.
  • He resides in Georgia.

Candidate 6052DP:

  • Candidate 6052DP is a strong communicator and exhibits a lot of energy.
  • She has a military background as a linguist in the Marines where she says she gained a lot of experience in training and managing.
  • Out of the Marines, she got a job working for a logistics firm where she managed inbound/outbound freight and import/export transactions – anything short of custom brokerage, and project management.
  • She completed her business degree in Dec 2018.
  • She’s looking for a company she can learn and grow within.

Candidate 1571DP:

  • Candidate 1571DP has her BS in Industrial Engineering Technology and 10 years experience in inventory management in retail.
  • At a large global retailer, she was responsible for one million dollars of inventory with 10k+ skus.
  • When she began as the Inventory Manager, her department had $157k worth of shrinkage.  Using methods she learned in school, she was able to better track inventory and decreased shrinkage by $100k.
  • She describes herself as advanced in Excel and uses it daily.
  • She has customer service skills and believes that no matter what the customer is always right.
  • She is looking for an opportunity to use her degree more an would like to get into a supply chain role within manufacturing and production.
  • She resides in Georgia.

Candidate 5225DP:

  • Candidate 5225DP has a degree in Sports Management but has spent the last 1-1/2 years at a 3PL. He got started as an account manager where he managed a large number of customers to optimize and broker their distribution requirements.
  • He was promoted at the end of May into an Operations Manager role. He reports to the SVP of Sales where he provides quotes brokers loads over to carriers every day.
  • He provides monthly reports to the SVP including bar graphs and pie charts to help forecast months ahead. He works with him on customer reviews to determine service levels and volume.
  • He has strong Excel skills.
  • They track costs on a weekly basis. He is very up to date with market trends and the cost of carriers.

Candidate 4045DP:

  • Candidate 4045DP will graduate in December with his Bachelor’s in Marketing. He is excited to enter the workforce and find a job where he can grow, work hard and contribute to the success of the organization.
  • He has 5 years experience as a Logistics Planner in the Airforce Reserve.
  • In his role as a Logistics Planner, he uses Excel to manipulate data points for commanders to track units, equipment and inbound and outbound team members.
  • He manages inbound and outbound schedules of both equipment and team members. He coordinates with warehouses in getting equipment from Point A to Point B.
  • He did an internship with Enterprise Truck Rental where he learned how to work effectively in a fast-paced environment and the importance of staying organized and focused on the end goal.
  • He has enjoyed his role in Logistics with the Air Force and is looking for an opportunity to start his career in Supply Chain.
  • He feels very competent in his Excel skills and recently earned a certificate for Excel through a course in college.

Candidate 20DP:

  • Candidate 20DP holds a Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management from Auburn University.
  • He began his career in Warehousing and Distribution right out of college, then quickly transitioned into inventory planning and supply chain analytics.
  • In his supply planner role, he was responsible for replenishment planning for the 12 plants in his assigned region. He worked the production planners at each plant pulling data and analyzing requirements. Each plant had about 100 sku’s (paper rolls in varying size, weight, width, specs – e.g. coated) which gave him ~1200 sku mix total to forecast across 12 plants. He used their Infor system and spreadsheets to analyze demand taking into account seasonality.
  • His forecasting arena is big rolls of paper, and his analysis and reporting mainly supports raw materials for the plants.
  • He does communicate often with sales managers and sales planners to create alignment between his numbers and their projections.
  • He also takes it one step further by driving down to customer level for specific products such as printed pizza boxes.
  • He is in the corrugated container board divisions, supporting the forecasting and planning for large, big-box end users.
  • Many of their customers purchase at the corporate account level, so he has to communicate with them regarding any sales promotions they may be running or any national or regional demand spikes i.e. Super Bowl or holiday shopping volume.
  • He also breaks out numbers depending on the size of customer – national account vs. local customers.
  • His team has created better forecasting which is fine-tuned to their business – now more streamlined for communicating from sales management and sales team for sharing demand across the business. Their reports and dashboards support capacity planning, production and sourcing as well.
  • He has been instrumental in making their forecasting tool better. He has developed a few excel sheets that help highlight disparities in forecasts.
  • He is very comfortable working in excel – on his team he was promoted to an analyst from a specialist because he creates dashboards and runs macros.
  • A lot of his projects have been six-sigma based for building better forecasting tools.

Candidate 19DP:

  • Candidate 19DP has been in Demand Planning for the last 13 years of his career, 10 of those driving forecast accuracy with large retail accounts.
  • In his most recent role, he works very closely with wholesale distribution partners and customers to validate forecast projections and support the end-to-end supply/demand pipeline. He is one of two people in his organization doing the demand planning for the entire US market.
  • He works to gain full visibility of his category numbers by maintaining data and reports on their ERP. They were using SAP when he first got there, but have since switched to a customized system developed internally.
  • He continually promotes the importance of visibility on their network to their Sales Group, so that numbers from each region can get pushed down to production.
  • He holds monthly collaboration calls with Regional Manager and often communicates with their customers to determine service levels and requirements.

Candidate 18DP:

  • Candidate 18DP holds a degree in Mathematics from Kennesaw State University. She has a terrific command of data analytics and using it in support of business intelligence.
  • She’s been in the IT department with a large automotive manufacturer for the past four years. She works on the sales planning and demand analytics team.
  • She has built tools for various market groups across the globe to help them make business decisions. She has worked with teams in NA, S America, the Middle East, CAN and advised them on what incentives should be put in place and why.
  • The approach is to create a data model for a specific market, then hand the model off to each market for developing a plan for making their forecasts. She provides what she calls a quick analytics service. Her team recommends which programs to run in a market, and will edit them and redeploy where needed or as demand changes.
  • She was involved in developing a global sales forecasting tool – she has built forecasting models for several different countries which helps drive quarterly planning.
  • She has seen forecasting from all the perspectives. She has run both unconstrained forecasts (based on sales projections) and constrained forecasts (data-driven reality checks for different markets).
  • She is very seasoned at using SAP for data extraction and is good at developing tools for interpreting data.
  • When asked how they know if their forecasts are accurate, she said they use mean absolute percent error to determine how successful the model is. They also use a mathematical accuracy calculation.
  • She resides in Georgia.

Candidate 17DP:

  • Candidate 17DP has a BS in Business Management with a focus in Supply Chain, 7+ years’ experience in Supply Chain2.5 years’ experience as a Demand Planner, and 5 years’ experience in forecasting, inventory management/balancing and planning.
  • He is customer service focused and learned how to build relationships with the customer in a role where he was onsite with a major search engine organization.
  • He has a passion for Supply Chain which is evidenced by his energy and excitement when talking about metrics, forecasting and demand planning.
  • He has 2.5 years’ experience with SAP and JDE and has become a resource on both platforms for his team.
  • He is a GREAT communicator and has achieved strong results exceeding targets and goals as outlined in his resume.
  • He believes that his knowledge of supply chain, forecasting, inventory management, sales, and customer service would be an asset to any team. He is a quick learner and will always work until he gets the job done.
  • He is looking for a role within an company that has potential for upward mobility.  He resides in Georgia.

Candidate 16DP:

  • Candidate 16DP  has a BS in Business Management and 30 years experience in International Manufacturing and Distribution Environments.
  • He has been responsible for managing purchasing agents and buyers, involved in establishing stocking levels on over 30,000 line items by analyzing vendor lead times, cost and historic sales information, he has domestically sourced spare parts currently supplied by Italian parent company, reduced costs of numerous parts by 40% or more by establishing local suppliers. He was responsible for the development of purchasing guidelines and procedures as well as responsible for purchasing in excess of $8M annually for spare parts and $40M of machines. He was involved in global purchasing activities; he conducted vendor relationship through meetings and discussions of products or services supplied while maintaining an excellent company image. He visited vendor facilities both domestic and internationally to analyze capabilities and products supplied. He negotiates attractive freight discounts with freight carriers and full trailer loads. He was responsible for PC administration on a 125-client network including determining requirements, administration of Windows Network along with handling software installation and hardware issues. He also co-ordinate RS-6000 system and wide area network issues with Italian parent company.
  • In previous roles, he performed all purchasing functions for a manufacturer of commercial handheld power equipment. He work closely with suppliers to improve pricing and delivery. Keep key individuals aware of key indicators related to spare parts. Assist staff in producing MS Access and Crystal Reports related to Business System (BAAN) used within this organization. Look for ways to improve processes currently used.
  • He understands working with Seasonal consumer goods, and dealt with big box retail accounts. He understands how to deal with the market changes. To look at sales trends, understand what is going on with the market and know when to possible drop prices depending on inventory.
  • He has extensive forecasting and demand planning experience. He uses historical sales and forecasted sales, computer tools, Crystal reports and statistical information.
  • His overseas Sourcing experience includes Swedish, Finish, China, Japan, Italian, French, Canadian, Mexico, German and England.
  • He has SAP experience and has also worked with BAAN, Oracle, Sales Force (integrated with ERP), Informix, and Great Plains. He is proficient in Excel and Access and Microsoft Suite.

Candidate 15DP:

  • Candidate 15DP has a BS in International Business and is CPIM-APICS certified.
  • In her career, she has coordinated many large-scale projects and worked with multiple groups within each organization. She has managed over 50 employees in various roles.
  • Her influence in Supply Chain has included new product development, managing short and long-term demand, sourcing components and raw material, managing quality holds and building transportation (truck/rail/boat) for movement across the US.
  • She is 100% bilingual (Spanish-English).
  • Her current function directly supports the S&OP process.
  • She started as a Materials Manager, but was moved into the fulfillment group working with forecasting and chasing revenue.
  • She has done modeling to align operational efficiency with projections from sales and the forecast team.
  • Most of the parts that go into the NCR equipment are outsourced from overseas. They mainly assemble in the Columbus plant.
  • Candidate 15DP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 14DP:

  • Candidate 14DP has 18 years in supply chain. He is trained in Supply Chain Management and is a certified CSCP.  He has 10+ year in consumer goods industries, familiar in retail and POS detail and replenishment planning process.
  • In Atlanta, he had 3 managers’ reporting directly to him and about 100 below them.
  • He has had experience in managing the balance between missing revenue opportunity and risk buy, especially in exit criteria and financial solution.
  • Deep skill (10+ year) in demand planning and forecast, both in finish goods and BOM. 7+ year in highly seasonal and short life-cycle products.
  • End-to-end SIOP functional and managerial experience on multiple sites at global scale, including mapping out value stream managed change control. His team deliverables were measured in quarterly financial performance to high-level management.
  • SAP APO savvy, with broad connection to other mainstream ERP systems.
  • Experience in product migration and off-shore sourcing to reduce cost while maintaining viable value stream.
  • He has been strategic in SIOP planning, but has also done quite a bit of demand planning and analytics.
  • He’s had roughly 9 years in consumer products across various companies.
  • He’s been involved in overseas sourcing, and he’s developed the skills to logically solve problems, accurately execute plans, and maintain focus on a variety of challenging assignments.
  • He’s research driven with a systematic and efficient approach. He states his delivery is based on integrity and preparedness.

Candidate 13DP:

  • Candidate 13DP is a Demand forecasting professional with an MBA and extensive Sales & Operations Planning Process experience.
  • He has experience facilitating S&OP meetings, demand reviews and marketing team meetings every month.
  • He ensures his forecasts are accurate by looking at their history, looking at promotions, working with sales, buyers, and planners. He validates any changes by doing a root cause analysis, and cancel POs if needed.
  • He has experience working with seasonal inventory, toys, and tires.
  • He has experience utilizing weekly POS data from his Top Five accounts to forecast annual sales potential of current product offering at retail. Forecasted approximately 2000 items (SKUs) on a weekly basis.
  • He created an S&OP calendar to keep all parties updated of what was expected from a data delivery aspect and measurable. The outcome of better lines of communication coupled with respect resulted in better engagement and preparedness by all the vested parties. This engagement and preparedness resulted in improved forecast accuracy (70%); improved on-time and in full from 53% to 91-92% on a consistent monthly basis; the inventory target for the organization was $5 million and when he started they were at $8.5-$9.0 million. When he left the organization was in the $5.5million range.
  • He has 15 years experience with ERP’s. He even built an ERP module at a previous employer. He has great Excel skills.

Candidate 12DP:

  • Candidate 12DP has 16 years’ experience in supply chain operations, the last 7 with a major automotive manufacturer as a logistics and MRO buyer.
  • In her previous position, she was handling $125M in annual spend which included transportation contracts and MRO purchases – janitorial, event services, facility maintenance, packaging material, waste mgt, etc, and managed a team of 7.
  • She is an SAP key user and has been strategic in incorporating data and extracting reports in many different ERP systems.
  • Candidate 12DP resides in Georgia.

Candidate 11DP:

  • Candidate 11DP has his BS in Productions and Operations Management, his MS in Management and 24+ years of Management experience. CPIM Certification.
  • He started his management career as a Logistics Manager, he managed anywhere from 15 up to 90 direct reports. He had 98% level of delivery to 125 stores in California.
  • He currently works in the Aerospace industry and deals with Manufacturing/Production planning (14years). But he has also worked in Automotive on the Demand planning side. He is an expert with both demand and production planning.
  • He has an expert understanding of LEAN and has driven several changes. He is constantly looking for ways to reduce waste, utilize space more efficiently, reduce footprint, and reduce time to market.
  • Key improvements He drove 30% space reduction initiatives and reduction in shipping delivery time into warehouse teams with Six Sigma/6S.
  • He lead a team for the production implementation of SAP and Maximo in several sites. He is MRP certified.
  • He enjoys working with people as well motivate them. As a manager he likes to inspire people to come to work
  • Candidate 11DP is located in FL but would like to relocate to GA.

Candidate 10DP:

  • Candidate 10DP has a Bachelor’s in Economics.
  • He has 20+ years experience in Supply Chain- including 20 years in tactical procurement, 6 years in warehousing, 1.5-2 years in logistics, 4.5 years in inventory control and 15+ years in demand driven manufacturing
  • He has experience setting and maintaining a budget
  • He has managed up to 33 direct reports and is currently managing 13 direct reports.
  • He is a very hands on manager and in his current role spends 35% of his time on the warehouse floor
  • He also has experience with several different ERP systems: Oracle, Macola, CostPoint and Manufacture
  • Candidate 10DP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 9DP:

  • Candidate 9DP is a proven leader with demonstrated strengths in strategic planning, performance improvements, and information solutions.
  • He has redesigned forecasting models and shifted planning to a more seasonal approach for top selling product. Resulted in a 90% reduction in stock outs, cutting on hand inventory by nearly half (a $1,000,000 reduction).
  • He develops demand forecasts (operational forecasts) at multiple levels of aggregation for multiple time horizons as part of a demand planning function.
  • In his current role is responsible for import/export document retention in accordance with US Customs and Census Bureau regulations.
  • He is experience with Demand planning mainly with finished goods but with his time at handled unfinished goods as well.
  • He has 6 years experience in demand and production planning. He was an import/export manager and says his management style is to give his employees opportunity to improve processes and loves hearing their feedback.
  • He is 6 Sigma Green belt certified, has been part of multiple Kaizen events and practices 5S.
  • He is very knowledgeable in SAPs.
  • Candidate 9DP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 8DP:

  • Candidate 8DP has MBA, APICS,CPIM, CSCP and  S&OP and 25 years experience, 20 years in Production and Demand Planning.
  • He has 6 years of supervisory experience, managing up to 15 direct reports (planners/buyers), he describes his management style as supportive by enabling his staff to succeed by giving them direction, helping them prioritize.
  • Her also has experience working in a LEAN environment where he designed and implemented Kanban system and he was member of the CIT Lean team.
  • He has always worked as a hands on planner and scheduler, he has experience with global companies and has experience in a Procurement role.
  • He has experience with inventory optimization, during his time and recently reduced inventory an average of 20% at all OEM’s.
  • Candidate 8DP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 7DP:

  • Candidate: 7DP has a BS in Business Administration and 15+ years experience logistics, purchasing and planning.  He has a strong background in the automotive industry.
  • His strong written and oral communication skills coupled with excellent interpersonal skills allow him to successfully build and maintain solid relationships with staff, colleagues, managers, and vendors. He is highly analytical and detail-driven, he is adept at monitoring, tracking, and reporting critical data and metrics.
  • He is proficiency in Windows, Microsoft Office, SAP, System 21, Avanti, and WMS.
  • He is very comfortable leading cross functional meetings and currently does this once or twice a week. His day to day includes setting production goals, ordering materials, ensuring timely delivery and shipment of finished product.
  • Candidate 7DP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 6DP:

  • Candidate: 6DP as a BS in Art History and has over 10 years experience in multiple roles including planning.
  • She is comfortable managing cross functional teams and has led meetings with warehouse, sales, manufacturing and planning departments.
  • She has helped launch new products. Her role was ordering the raw materials and the inventory control of those materials.
  • She has very strong communication skills and email proficiency. She is able to get along well with other and assess personalities quickly.
  • She enjoys working in Excel and can run simple Macros and Vlookups. Her Power Point skills are strong and is very proficient in Microsoft Office.
  • Candidate 6DP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 5DP:

  • Candidate: 5DP has a BS in Computer and Electrical Engineering.
  • She has 15 years extensive materials management and inventory reconciliation experience.
  • She is highly organized and detail oriented with a talent for accurate shipment tracking and problem resolution
  • She has experience conducting weekly and monthly meetings.
  • She has excellent presentation and Excel skills.
  • Candidate 5DP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 4DP:

  • Candidate: 4DP has a BS in Accounting & Finance and extensive planning and inventory experience as well as new product introductory experience.
  • She has experience holding weekly meetings with cross functional team members. She is able to assign tasks and make sure they are on schedule
  • She has experience launching new products and helped introduce several new phones. Helped with Marketing, Processing orders, stocking merchandise, forecasting and direct fulfillment.
  • She is very organized. She is comfortable doing presentations, even executives. She is confident in giving weekly forecasting and loss prevention presentations.
  • In her current role she sends out countless emails to vendors and understands the importance of email etiquette.
  • Candidate 4DP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 3DP:

  • Candidate: 3DP has 13 years experience in experience and achievements in the areas of procurement, supply chain management, account management, logistics, project management, inventory control, customer service, and planning.
  • She has S&OP experience. In her current role, she communicates with Sales and Buyers,  concerning part shortages, ETA, tracking and ship quantities, and with the NPI team to confirm new builds & part availability as well as testing requirements.
  • She has experience working with Big Box retailers. She also has Certificate in Project Management.
  • She has experience dealing with Cross-functional teams: Sales, Engineers, & Testers to makes sure Builds are built to correct specs.
  • Candidate 3DP is located in Georgia.

Candidate 2DP:

  • Candidate: 2DP began his career in inventory management and analytics right out of his Master’s program.
  • He currently works as a merchandise planner and his involved daily in the operational and financial analysis. He is hoping to grow his career in planning and procurement in the merchandising sector.
  • He is also involved in analyzing supplier contracts, he aids their buyers in coming up with turn analysis and purchase plans. His goal is to insure profitability within his product group.
  • Candidate 2DP is located in Georgia.