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Candidate 3FE:

    • Candidate FE3 graduated in Dec 2017 with a BSc in Mechatronics Engineering. Minor in Math.
    • She currently works as a PLC Field Engineer for an automation system provider in manufacturing and warehousing industries.
    • Her daily work consists of troubleshooting PLC’s, Ladder logic, diagnostics of Input/output and tracing circuits within control panels.
    • During her time in college, she co-oped as a Process Engineer for a gear manufacturing company both in Gainesville and Germany. She had to deal with troubleshooting mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components.
    • She enjoys both Mechanical and Electrical aspects of her work and feels she has experienced both in her current role and her internships.
    • She communicates very well, enjoys working part of a team – she currently works as part of a team of 4 and is excited about PLC Programmer role.
    • She is also very passionate about helping the younger generation with STEM careers and has volunteered at various organizations throughout her time at college.
    • Candidate FE3 currently lives in Georgia.

Candidate 2FE:

  • Candidate 2FE is a Mechanical Engineer who has specialized his career in fluid power transmission. in 2012 shifted his career into HPU applications within the Oil & Gas industry, primarily in drilling rigs.
  • Most of his career has been on the design side, but he has always worked closely with the fab shops and supported validations and field service operations. If the field engineer couldn’t fix an issue, he was called onsite to resolve.
  • In his previous roles, he was doing a lot of root cause analysis. and was also was very involved in both design and system troubleshooting.
  • He has done a lot of 3D modeling of hydraulic systems.
  • Candidate 2FE currently resides in Texas, but is open to relocation.

Candidate 1FE:

  • Candidate 1FE is a manufacturing engineer who has been specializing in pump and hydraulic systems since graduating from college.
  • His interest in the field of Hydraulics began with an intensive course in Fluid Power taught by an industry expert.
  • His current company specializes in drive and control technology, once Josh got trained on their hydraulic systems (pumps, circuits, valves), he was actively engaged as an applications engineer, working with customers on drive system solutions and performing equipment validations in the field.
  • He is a very strong people person and likes the application engineer role. His approach is to focus on the budget, solid engineering design, understanding equipment capabilities, and making sure the customer’s problem is solved.
  • In his experience, he has some valve design. He’s even put valves together – was the field project engineer for developing an 18-ton wheel loader drive solution for a corporate customer. He’s good at right-sizing pumps, valves, relief valves, and determining sequencing.
  • In his current role, he uses a program called FADI for traction drive design which allows inputs of conditions for sizing drive components. He uses it for sizing ground drives, winch drives, slew drives, etc. He is proficient in several CAD software systems as well as ProE/Creo and has some Solidworks experience.
  • He feels good about his abilities in his choice of engineering fields but realizes he’s still got a lot to learn. He says he’s very teachable and adaptable.
  • Candidate 1FE resides in South Carolina but willing to relocate to Georgia.