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Candidate 14IE:

  • Candidate 14IE graduated with a bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering Technology with a Six Sigma Green Belt certification in May 2018.
  • He is actively looking for an entry-level role which would utilize his academic qualification and allow him to grow into his Manufacturing Career.
  • He currently works in retail as a Sales Team Member- his day to day activity includes training other staff members and managing all logistics of products to operating forklift and pallet jacks. He is well-rounded in his skillset which allows him to jump into any role on the sales floor or warehouse/logistics side whenever there is a need.
  • In college, one of the key projects he participated in was determining the optimization of commuting route KSU. This project entailed carrying out time studies, creating process charts, Gantt charts for implementation schedule as well as financial reporting such as Profit/Loss and Cash flow statements.
  • He also worked on a project which was to design a television stand. He worked with a team to determine the manufacturing process, flow charts, facility design, and plant layout to ensure best cost optimization.
  • He is excited to get into a role in Manufacturing, he is a strong communicator, team player and has a calm approach with dealing with customers and fellow associates.
  • Candidate 14IEis located in Georgia.

Candidate 13IE:

  • Candidate 13IE has 7 years experience in engineering and manufacturing and 5 years in a fast-paced assembly environment.
  • He has worked in refrigeration, metal fabrication, automotive and consumer goods.
  • He has his BS in Industrial Engineering and Masters in Quality Assurance. He is currently taking classes to obtain his AutoCAD certification.
  • He has extensive knowledge and experience in conducting time studies, line balancing and improving process flow.
  • He is proficient in Excel and creating pivot tables, V Lookups and dissecting graphs in order to analyze the data collected on the shop floor.
  • He has his green belt and has performed black belt level projects- including a recent project, resulting in 5M cost savings.
  • He has led numerous Kaizen events and Kaizen blitzes identifying low hanging fruits and implementing changes resulting in significant cost savings.
  • He describes himself as a “very hands-on” engineer and enjoys being on the plant floor engaging with operators and working together to identify areas where improvements can be made. He gains buy-in from operators by earning their trust- he has worked in several organizations where operators had been with the company 30+ years and were resistant to change but he was able to create change by listening to their ideas and providing ways they could make their jobs faster and easier.
  • He is a GREAT communicator and has a very engaging personality and is very well versed in Manufacturing Engineering.
  • Candidate 13IE is located in Georgia.

Candidate 12IE:

  • Candidate 12IE has his BS in Industrial Engineering from Southern Polytechnic State University.
  • He has his LSS Green Belt and would like to pursue his Black Belt.
  • He describes himself as a good listener and believes that is important when making process changes/ improvements. He spends a lot of time getting to know hourly associates and gaining their trust so he can best implement new procedures and processes.
  • He has strong experience in time studies and process improvements.
  • He has been in manufacturing for 5 years with about a year in assembly
  • Candidate 12IE was able to explain a project he worked on where he was able to reduce cycle time resulting in increased production and cost savings.

Candidate 11IE:

  • Candidate 11IE graduated with a BSc in Engineering Technology in May 2017.
  • He is currently co-oping as an Industrial Engineer for an appliance manufacturing company. His day to day activities includes working on a specific line to carry out time studies, to identify cycle times, then use that data to improve that time by utilizing Kaizen, CI tools, implementing the improvement, carry out trials and then transition to the new process.
  • He has also been involved in New Product implementation on process and method of manufacture. For this, he has used CAD for the development of tools, fixtures, and trials with prototypes on best methods to manufacturing a new product launch.
  • He enjoys working in a team as it gives him the ability to learn and share his ideas collaboratively. He works well with associates and enjoys the hands-on and fast-paced environment in his current role.
  • In a recent project, his team was involved in reducing TAKT time from 30’s to 15s on a line which had conveyors with wire harness and flippers. After many trials they had investigated that the problem was being caused by interference with the harness, so they carried out trials on removing and making slight adjustments on the line which led to a reduction of TAKT time.
  • He has working experience in Manufacturing and has been exposed to sheet metal fabrication, fast-paced assembly, welding and sheet metal assembly in a high volume environment.
  • He is also expecting to receive his LSS Green Belt this week.

Candidate 10IE:

  • Candidate 10IE has his Mechanical Engineering degree from Kennesaw State and has worked in Process Improvement/ Industrial Engineering for 3+ years.
  • He wants to find a company where he can contribute but more importantly where he can grow.  He loves using Lean methodologies and is looking for an environment where he can employ what he has learned regarding Lean as well as learn more- always looking for ways to further his learning and career.
  • In his current role, he has helped in implementing a Kanban system, set up a daily KPI system, and has been involved in some 5S projects.
  • He conducts time studies weekly.  His most recent time study was in the fulfillment area/ lamination line. He looked at the overall time it took to process the laminated piece- he analyzed downtime and production time at each of the 4 stations.  He was able to identify the bottleneck and then worked to shift workloads, balance the lines to decrease the downtime, and increase production.  He was able to successfully decrease the bottleneck from 2 minutes to 1 minute 10 seconds.
  • He has worked in assembly and fast-paced environments. He rates himself a 7.5 out of 10 in Excel and has used a variety of ERP systems.

Candidate 9IE:

  • Candidate 9IE graduated with a BSc in Industrial Engineering in Dec 2017 and also has a Six Sigma Green belt.
  •  During his time in college, he was able to use his learning in time studies and value stream mapping with a “hands-on” project at a Furniture manufacturing site. During this project, he was exposed to measuring % Scrap, Machining cycle times as well as re-stock of inventory.
  • He also has had exposure to material handling time studies by understanding the operation process flow and process charts, batch sizes and excess batches and how this can impact your manufacturing process and end delivery.
  • He has experience utilizing Arena software, which helps you share manufacturing data with internal teams and supply chain to better improve, develop and build the products.
  • While in college and he worked part-time in a restaurant where he started as a busboy to a manager. As a manager, he has had to deal with conflicts with staff and ensure front end and back end of the restaurants were working together and any misunderstandings were resolved in a timely manner.
  • He communicated very well and is eager to learn he likes to get his “hands dirty” as he believes this is the only way you can grow and learn as an individual.
  • He lives in Georgia.

Candidate 8IE:

  • Candidate 8IE is a Compliance Engineer and holds a degree in Electrical Engineering.
  • He got his education and spent his early career in Canada. His first job out of college was with CSA.
  • He has been in the lighting industry for over 4 years managing the compliance process for new products including recessed lighting, LED drivers, emergency battery packs, and rechargeable batteries. He’s dealt with the approval initiatives for the PCB’s that go into some of these products.
  • He worked with the Program Manager and Design Engineer within the product groups for all new initiatives, managed the testing process to attain compliance with the standard, and prepared reports ensuring that all requirements were met.
  • Candidate 8IE lives in Georgia.

Candidate 7IE:

  • Candidate 7IE graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering in 2015
  • During school, he co-oped for 7 months straight at Electric plant in SC. He was exposed to turning centers while working there and reported to engineering manager.
  • In his current role, he assists in process improvement initiates and some programming for the waterjet operation in the FL plant. The site is a small operation of about 30 people.
  • William is interested in new opportunities and continuing to grow his engineering career.
  • Candidate 7IE is located in Georgia.

Candidate 6IE:

  • Candidate 6IE got a BSc in Engineering and Computational Science in 2015 as well as a Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt this year
  • His early career started working in the US Army, he then moved back and started working in various roles in manufacturing from operations supervisor to Industrial Engineer. He has managed up to 80 people in his career.
  • He relocated from Florida to SC in early 2017 and wanted to move away from Logistics and into manufacturing.
  • In his current role as an industrial engineer, he is part of the Regional Process Improvement team and is currently running two major projects and two minor ones.
  • He has hands-on machining experience with Hotpress, Saws and CNC Machines (Waterjet and Laser)
  • He also works/communicates with production and maintenance to review process improvements as well as preventative maintenance processes.
  • He enjoys and feels comfortable working in the Process improvement and project based environment.
  • He is a great communicator and is able to articulate his hands on experience in a positive manner.
  • Candidate 6IE is located in Georgia.

Candidate 5IE:

  • Candidate 5IE has an MS in Industrial Systems Engineering and a BS in Aerospace Engineering. With extensive exposure to machining during his education. He is a Six Sigma Green Belt Certified.
  • Candidate 5IE has exceptional communication skills. He was very articulate.
  • He may not have worked in a machine shop but he has helped design machines, can program them and test their quality. He has exposure to Rolling grinders.
  • He has experience dealing with inspections of shipments, identifying issues and handling supplies.
  • He also has experience with customer service and project management. He handled customer concerns, design requirements, and explained issues throughout the whole manufacturing process with customers and engineers. He even handled the contracts.
  • Candidate 5IE is located in Georgia.

Candidate 4IE:

  • Candidate 4IE has a BS in Electrical Engineering and 15 years experience in Quality, CI and Lean Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry.  She is Six Sigma Green Belt Certified.
  • She has in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance, quality engineering statistical analysis, quality improvements, and strategic planning.
  • She has planned, led and Organized Kaizen Events and has an in-depth understanding of Lean Concepts and Tools.
  • She has extensive experience implementing 5S principles within specific product lines to improve the footprint of the product and reduce waste while ensuring products adhered to all customer requirements.
  • She has resolved quality issues by identifying problems, examining solution options, implementing action plans, and providing resources.
  • Candidate 4IE is located in Georgia.

Candidate 3IE:

  • Candidate 3IE holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in ME and has been practicing engineering in manufacturing environments for over 20 years.
  • She has led several capital improvement projects including a $6.5M budget to upgrade a plant
  • Most recently, she provided leadership and training as a TPM practitioner and Senior Process Engineer where she spearheaded process and plant layout efficiencies.
  • She is very comfortable and proficient in driving projects utilizing MS Project.
  • She obtained her Six Sigma Black Belt in a project involving a decommissioning and relocation of equipment assets.
  • Most of her lean process improvement experience has been in continuous batch manufacturing facilities, although she has provided process improvement concepts in a high volume order picking, packing and staging environment
  • She exhibits high energy and strong knowledge of engineering concepts.
  • Candidate 3IE is located in Georgia.

Candidate 2IE:

  • Candidate 2IE is an Industrial Engineer with 20 years’ experience in increasing productivity, quality and profitability through keen data analysis and process design.
  • He incorporates lean manufacturing techniques into the company’s processes. •
  • He has extensive experience producing layouts, time studies, estimating, budgeting and keeping within the constraints, working with vendors and contractors, soliciting quotes and awarding contracts, and following projects from start to finish.
  • He is capable of handling many projects at once, has a strong LEAN background, multiple examples of reduction of waste, manpower and cost savings.
  • He is an expert with MS Project and AutoCAD.
  • Candidate 2IE is located in Georgia.

Candidate 1IE:

  • Candidate 1IE is an Industrial Engineer with his MBA and 6 years of Industrial Manufacturing experience.
  • He has managed multiple continuous improvement projects including various disciplines such as quality, waste, productivity, and materials. He enjoys making things better. “More for less”
  • He has 3+years Management experience. He currently has 3 direct reports and 140 employees. He leads cross-functional teams and likes handling multiple discipline projects.
  • He has been trained in Six Sigma and led many Kaizen programs.
  • He has functional experience in Assembly, Injection Molding, Painting and Stamping.
  • Candidate 1IE is located in Georgia.