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Candidate LA7:

  • Candidate LA7 has over 20 years in warehouse operations and logistics. He’s been in materials management, inventory control, production planning, and logistics management. His early career after graduating from Georgia Tech, was spent in manufacturing roles.
  • He’s currently a Distribution Manager overseeing 3 sites as a part of a logistics contract with a food organization. He was hired on a little over a year ago in a 5 day/wk operation. Because of their volume, they now run 6 days/wk, and he finds himself taking care of payroll and planning on Sundays.
  • His team handles the lumping portion of the business. He has about one turnover a week, due to pay policies, so 30-40% of his time is spent recruiting, hiring, training and sometimes firing.
  • In a prior role, he was with a mill for over 3 years. What he was managing was a warehouse and distribution operation supporting the mills manufacturing operation.
  • He has managed multiple levels of associates in his career, and although not formally trained in lean, he has used a lot of the organizing tools and has conducted a yellow belt project.
  • He got into 5s and 6s – he initiated “laying of the tape” and a program promoting “everything has its place”.  He also put together a Kanban system.
  • Most of his international logistics has been on the inbound side – he knows CTPAT compliance, and has worked on the audit side. He has also had to manage HAZMAT logs.
  • He’s not a desk guy. He’s out on the floor and conducts meetings to set productivity expectations.
  • He has also been focused on safety in his operations. He has worked on his master’s in Safety and would like to pursue a LSSGB certification.

Candidate LA6:

  • Candidate LA6 has been in Planning, Inventory, and Logistics for all of his career although admittedly only in the food distribution arena.
  • He’s a big believer that the three legs of a sound logistics model are cost – service – relationships.
  • He’s been doing some consulting with a protein plant helping them setup their transportation network, and some trade show marketing for a company setting up for poultry show.
  • In a previous role, he had 4 reports all supporting his oversight of their 3rd party warehousing. All the dark meat they brought in was packed and shipped to 3PL refrigerated storage locations.
  • The fresh side of their business (mostly white meat) was not really warehoused. It was processed, packaged and shipped back out same day
  • He and his team oversaw all frozen inventory which fed into the export operations. They also arranged any inventory transfers. His team handled invoicing and did physical counts once a year at these warehouses.
  • Much of his experience coming from food industry transfers well into any logistics operation. He says service is the key.
  • He has illustrated many of his cost-saving initiatives in his resume.
  • He shared that the poultry business is a classic example of having to be able to perform in a moving target environment. The bird planning cycle has an 18-month lead time from hatch to process, but the daily demand fluctuates regularly requiring creative planning to meet demand and prevent waste (perished product).

Candidate LA5:

  • Candidate LA5 has spent the majority of his career managing warehouses, distribution centers, and transportation.
  • He has his BA in Business and is experienced in Lean principles. In a previous role he identified wasted time and developed a conveyor system to keep employees in the truck loading rather than getting out to get the product.  This resulted in eliminating 3 hours in an 8 hour day and significant cost savings.
  • He is very adept at developing processes and has been a part of several start-up organizations where he was responsible for instilling SOPs and KPIs across the department.
  • In his previous role, he had 4 direct reports and describes his management style as one focused on communication: “it’s about explaining challenges to team members, getting their input, explaining changes and WHY the changes need to happen- how it will help them.”
  • He is a great communicator and has a strong knowledge of supply chain management.
  • In a previous role, they did carpeting and furniture so he has an understanding of equipment related industries.
  • They exported all over the world so he is very familiar with compliance and the importance of documentation and reporting
  • He is located in Georgia.

Candidate LA4:

  • Candidate LA4 has a Business Management degree from Auburn University, and a 25-year career in Warehousing, Logistics and Operations.
  • He spent the last 3-1/2 years at a WMS warehouse as the warehouse manager.
  • Mid-year, CSC moved its operations to Irving, TX. Tyrone was offered a promotion to move with the company and become their SAP trainer, but he did not want to leave Atlanta. He left the company in mid-Aug 2018.
  • He is well-versed in software systems. He has been using SAP for 10 yrs. He also knows Oracle, JD Edwards, and even the older AS400 systems.
  • In his previous role he had 4 direct reports – an Asst WH manager– Shipping Manager – QC Supervisor – and a Cycle Count Manager.
  • When he started, their inventory accuracy was off – 96%, so he brought on the cycle count manager and was able to take accuracy to 100% during EOY audit.
  • His overall responsibilities included inventory management, coaching/training/monitoring team performance, managing the P&L of WH operations, and scheduling shipments. He also conducts safety meetings. He spends a lot of time cross-training to insure coverage when associates are out.
  • He uses VSA (value stream analysis) to improve the accuracy of the supply chain.
  • He also works with production supervisors in scheduling PM on machines.
  • He drives improvement by setting KPIs and targets on what needs to be done.
  • He has a strong attention to detail, the ability to prioritize, and a dedication to motivating associates.
  • Before his most recent role, he was managing supply chain operations in a Tier I automotive supplier,  where he got a lot of experience with both inbound and outbound logistics. He received raw material – resin coming into DC and then pushed it out to the production floor. This was an injection molding operation that made door panels and undercarriages for high-end automobiles.
  • He managed a lot if international inbound shipments when he was working at another automotive supplier.
  • He has managed FTL, LTL, ground and air shipments both domestic and international throughout his career.
  • He manages and trains personnel, and tries to create a positive culture. He keeps an open-door policy.
  • He manages by using what he calls the 3 V’s with employees:  Voice – employee’s opinion counts, Vision – employee development/advancement plan important, and Value – respecting each employee’s contribution to the operation. He has found success in utilizing this philosophy.
  • He promotes continuous improvement by engaging employees. He believes you don’t dismiss the existing process but rather take the time to review and improve it. He writes a lot of SOP’s and implements 5S in all the plants where he’s worked. He believes in taking the initiative to the 6S level of engagement by adding Safety as a focus as well.
  • He’s HAZMAT certified, and forklift certified.

Candidate LA3:

  • Candidate LA3 has an 18-year career in import/export logistics. She began her career in Venezuela with a freight forwarder where she learned the customs regulatory side of international trade.
  • Upon moving to the US in 2003, she worked for  an international freight forwarder, until just this past year.
  • She provides a good bit of traffic management and logistics intelligence to their operations. They buy in the US and ship overseas. She is currently handling all shipments going to Iceland, the Caribbean, and South America. She is shipping 300-400 containers a month.
  • She is export certified, and keeps that license current.
  • She is well-tooled in utilizing software systems for traceability and inventory visibility.
  • She is not travelling currently with her job, but would welcome the opportunity to do so. She is also fluent in Spanish.

Candidate LA2:

  • Candidate LA2 has a Bachelors in Technical Managements, Operation management and additional certification in Data Analytics.
  • She has been working as an analyst since 2012 and in various industries.
  • She has a good understanding of Global, Business Logistics and Transportation systems.
  • She has worked with Trucking, Rail and Marine Logistics and thoroughly enjoys working in Logistics and Supply chain.
  • She has excellent analytic skills and has used various software to assist her analysis from Excel to Tableau.
  • When preparing reporting on her data analysis, she not only presents the data visually but also puts in her conclusions and recommendations for improvements.
  • She has worked on optimizing and streamlining processes, one example of this was a project she led during her time working in Marine logistics. She had found that there was particularly a lot of delays at one specific port. She investigated and visited the port to understand why this was the case. After watching and reviewing the process she found that the crew on site did not have the correct equipment to be able to manage the food distribution at that port or have the right skillset to manage the process. Training and equipment were provided. She also made it a point to train and discuss to the operators at the port, what they ship, why it must pack a certain way so that everyone understood the need.
  • She works well in teams and sees herself as very much a person who would like to “refine a process” to make it better.
  • She is well versed in Project management. She recalled a time where there was a new government requirement with the way shipments were being made. She created a project charter, got key stakeholders involved, worked out the cause and effect of this change and then implemented the steps required to make this a success and did so in the given timeline. This was a success and achieved within the time line.
  • She also has understanding on International trade as well as contacts.
  • Candidate LA2 lives in Georgia.

Candidate LA1:

  • Candidate LA1 has a BBA from Georgia State and graduated in 2015.
  • She has diverse working knowledge of logistics in a distribution environment in the various roles she had in her previous organization.
  • She has working experience with various regional and international warehouses and DC’s, analyzing data and then making recommendations for process improvements.
  • She has strong data analysis experience. She is used to running a large amount of data given certain parameters and then looking for explanations, streamlining processes, trends, forecasting, seasonality effect.
  • She has used Excel, SAP, Business Intelligence tools, various ERP systems. She also formatted certain Dashboards presenting them to regional VP’s, C-Suite level, and co-workers and teams. She is flexible and has provided deep data to high level data, all depending on her internal customer/audience needs
  • She has experience in various transportation systems including water, rail and road.
  • She is working on her PMP certification she has handed in her final project and is approved to take the PMP exam.
  • She has great leadership skills, during her time at a big box retailer, she had to manage teams of 50 and suppliers and vendors to ensure that the supply chain was functioning as expected.
  • With regards to International trade and contracts, she has experience of working with vendors and warehousing in Mexico and Puerto Rico from laws which affect certain commodity taxes, to what allowances. She also has negotiated contracts with various national and international service providers.
  • Candidate LA1 resides in Georgia.