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Candidate MT9:

  • Candidate MT9 has a BS in Biochemical Engineering and 8+ years of Management experience in the food industry and is Bi-lingual.
  • She is responsible for increasing production efficiency from 30% to 65% within 6 months by implementing preventative maintenance programs, realigning the parts program and by teaching accountability to the operators.
  • She is currently responsible for overseeing 4 direct reports at management level and 70 indirect reports at frontline level. Her management is to actively coach and listen to her team members.
  • She has been responsible for turning around performance in a department by creating a team environment within the supervisors and front-line team members.
  • She has also been responsible for reducing general equipment downtime by equipment failure a total of 20% with the first 6 months.
  • She can read schematics and blueprints and can troubleshoot PLC using Ladder logic, although it has been a while.
  • She increased high-speed packaging efficiency from 40% to 65% within 3 months of assuming responsibility.
  • She has also had plenty of experience with filling equipment: USBottlers, pouch fillers, cup fillers, small individual size pouch fillers (HAMBA), and various dry product packers. Cartoning, what she would call box makers and sealers, she does have experience with some box makers and sealers and case packers.
  • Throughout her 12 years of manufacturing experience, she has dealt with different levels of automation. From fully automated and enclosed processes to semi-automated to very manual labor-intensive. The array of processes come from fluids, snacks, sauces, bottles, pouches, individual portions, cold, hot, CIP systems, mixers, extruders, ovens, dryers, HTST’s, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, separators, evaporators, and the list goes on. She is a very fast learner and very hands-on learner. She enjoys a challenge and thinks a piece of equipment just has to be learned and understood in order to troubleshoot it and repair it. Programs, logics, sensors, servos, timers, etc.
  • Her project management experience includes the installation of minor equipment like palletizers, which was an $800,000 project to the project of installing a new pasteurizing machine for vinegar, which was a $2.5 million project. Most of my experience has been in the operations side of the business, managing the production floor, the maintenance group, and the quality group or like now, managing the entire plant.
  • She has developed Preventative Maintenance Programs for equipment, implemented these programs and made sure they were being completed.

Candidate MT8:

  • Candidate MT8 has been working in field service and industrial automation maintenance and repair for over 15 years.
  • He’s worked with almost every type of automation equipment.
  • He has worked on all Kuka equipment at Flextronics – equipment was installed by Grenzebach.
  • Don is not a PLC programmer, but he can troubleshoot PLC’s.
  • In a previous position, he was in an automated bottled water production plant where he did both facility maintenance and production equipment repair.
  • He says he’s pretty comfortable with maintaining hardware and electrical components.
  • He is currently a full-time employee of ATXRS (a division of Voltavox) that manufactures lithium ion batteries used in Teslas, mining equipment, and electric rail cars.
  • He services the automated production equipment that produces the cell packs and modules. They have 6-axis pick and place robots manufactured by Yaskawa. The line includes MFP400 Miyachi Weld Heads and MFP800 Miyachi Dual servo weld heads. Both lines run on Siemens S7 PLC’s.
  • Candidate MT8 lives in Texas.

Candidate MT7:

  • Candidate MT7 has worked with both Fanuc and Motoman robotics controls.
  • He has basically worked with hydraulics, pneumatics, motors, and controls everywhere he’s worked.
  • He’s also worked with HMI’s. They converted all their start/stop switches in the cutting operations at A.K. to HMI control. He’s worked on Mitsibushi, Rockwell and others.

Candidate MT6:

  • Candidate MT6 began his career in welding but decided to change direction.
  • He went back to school to get an Associate’s Degree in Mechatronics which he finished up in May 2013
  • He developed strong on-the-job maintenance expertise working for Tier I automotive and plastics manufacturers.
  • He has worked with a variety of PLC’s, Robotics platforms (Kuka, ABB, etc.), and has maintained a variety of injection molding machines.
  • He currently lives in South Carolina and would be able to relocate if necessary.

Candidate MT5:

  • Candidate MT5 works for a Robot integrator services company based out of Ohio.
  • He has been working as a Robot Technician for the company since 2014.
  • In his day to day, he is involved in Mechanical and Electrical robot building, troubleshooting and maintaining systems predominately for the Automotive industry.
  • He has PLC problem-solving experience as well as HMI, Control panel, and Servo Motors problem-solving experience.
  • He works with FANUC robots with AB and Mitsubishi PLC’s.
  • Candidate MT5 is located in Ohio, but happy to relocate.

Candidate MT4:

  • Candidate MT4 has been troubleshooting and working maintenance on robots and PLC’s for over 5 years.
  • He has an Associates degree in Electronics and Automated Controls. He’s quite practiced at motors and controls and is an experienced electrician.
  • He is able to go in and make changes to timers and loops. He’s good at pinpointing problems. He doesn’t do any programming but is able to read and understand ladder logic.
  • His most recent position was with an automotive manufacturing plant in Nevada that makes large cell lithium ion batteries.
  • He is currently located in Nevada but looking to move back into the southeast.

Candidate MT3:

  • Candidate MM3 has a AS degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from Piedmont Technical College and extensive experience in the Automotive industry.
  • He has 12 years experience in Robotics, including Kuka (2yrs), Allen Bradley SLC5, RSlogix 5000, Siemens S7, Staubli and ABB. He is comfortable troubleshooting PLC systems, control systems and conveyor systems.
  • He has 12 + years experience with hydraulics, pneumatics, injection machines, vision systems, conveyors, robotics, control systems, etc.
  • He can read and troubleshoot using Ladder Logic and interface and get online with HMI but cannot program.
  • He currently lives in Tennessee but would be open to relocation.

Candidate MT2:

  • Candidate MT2 is working in California as an Equipment Maintenance Tech at a large automotive manufacturer.  Previous to this role, he worked at another large automotive manufacturer for 13 years as an Assemblyman and Robot Keeper.
  • He is experienced in the OEM Automotive Manufacturing industry and understands plc troubleshooting and robotics maintenance.
  • He is currently in California, but would like to relocate back to the south.

Candidate MT1:

  • Candidate MT1 has 12 years’ experience working as an Electrician.
  • He has his Associates in Industrial Maintenance.
  • He has worked in Recycling, Alloy Extrusion (Auto), Palletizer/Material Handling Manufacturing Industries.
  • He is hands-on and currently working as a Maintenance Lead.
  • Experienced in Maintenance and currently scheduled PM once a week for 3 plants.
  • Experienced in AC/DC motors, PLC troubleshooting, control panels, hydraulics, pneumatics.
  • He also is a certified Forklift operator and crane systems.
  • Candidate MT1 is located in Alabama, but looking to relocate.