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Candidate MaM5:

    • Candidate MaM5 has been working in working in Manufacturing for 33 years.
    • He started his career in working for a consumer electronics company so is very familiar with electrical control boards.
    • His career shifted as the company moved all manufacturing offshore he worked in various industries such as automotive, telecoms and most recently in the food industry,
    • In his career, he has managed 200 associates from Leads to operators.
    • His management style is very “hands-on” leader who feels very passionate about treating his team members with respect and dignity. His approach to managing people is “I work for the people, not people work for me”. He sets clear metrics, holds accountability, motivates his team. His passion is mentor-ship of people which he does with his leads and team. He spearheaded the mentor-ship program at his current workplace.
    • When improving efficiency his approach is a cross-functional team, where you identify a problem/waste, get a cross-functional team engaged, data collection, carry out root cause analysis, then dig deeper to peel back the layers to then start resolving them one by one.
    • He is trained in Lean & Six Sigma tools, SAP and uses Excel to evaluate and analyze data.
    • Candidate MaM5 resides in Georgia.

Candidate MaM4:

  • Candidate MaM4 has been in the Manufacturing industry for 22 years.
  • His experience spans across automotive, electrical, and aerospace manufacturing industries.
  • In his career, he has managed 100+ employees and a mix of both hourly and salaried staff.
  • His management style is “hands on” and a team approach to the environment. He believes that you must get involved with people to action change. He likes to create a sense of open communication between the team, so any issues and conflicts are managed in a timely manner. He also likes to motivate his team by providing an inclusive environment with all the tools required for them to be successful.
  • He is experienced with electrical panel board assembly for telecoms and cable boxes.
  • He has used various ERP systems and is very comfortable using excel for manipulation and analysis of data.
  • He has managed many CI projects. The drivers for these key improvements are typically KPI’s which have been set and not achieved, this is what is used to drive a CI project.
  • He has experience in Lean tools, such as Just in Time process set up, 5S, Value stream mapping. He also is experienced with using FIFO, pull systems and Inventory management systems.
  • He communicates very well and is eager to get back into Manufacturing.
  • Candidate MaM4 resides in Georgia.

Candidate MaM3:

  • Candidate MaM3 has a Bachelor’s degree in EE and a Master’s in Engineering Management.
  • He has spent a good bit of his career managing and supporting production process and operations in the automotive industry or heavy-duty equipment manufacturing.
  • In his current role, he does not manage line employees but has several manufacturing managers that report to him.
  • He has been very involved in process optimization, production planning, and control. He’s always looking for efficiencies and ways to optimize throughput and drive value.
  • In one position, he handled the day to day scheduling of the organization’s operations. The company had just employed Plex as a scheduling tool which enabled him to build a more automated process for loading work centers and remove some of the tribal knowledge in their operations.
  • Spent some time at a farm equipment manufacturer doing Black Belt related projects mainly in logistics and inventory control.
  • He was in charges of both assembly and component machining. He oversaw 14 different machining cells in the operation (CNC, gear cutting, etc). He was essentially responsible for 30 employees across all three shifts, and gained SAP experience.
  • As an EE and particularly while he was performing maintenance engineering, he has worked with 480V-120V 3PH panels, AC/DC and PLC’s. He can’t program a PLC, but he’s pretty comfortable with reading ladder logic and troubleshooting conditions. He is arc flash trained.
  • He has worked with some pretty tight quality standards. He had to comply with TS16949/IATF 16949 and 1st QS9000 standard in another role.
  • Candidate MaM3 is located in Michigan but is looking to relocate to the South.

Candidate MaM2:

  • Candidate MaM2 has been working in manufacturing for the last 18 years.
  • He has held various roles from Product Engineer, Project Manager to Engineering and in the electronic control panel manufacturing industry.
  • His management style is “hands-on,” he believes it’s vital to treat everyone at the same level. In his last plant role, he implemented culture which was based on respect and inclusion of all when change/process improvements were suggested. If change was to be implemented then valuing the associates’ input is key to building morale, attendance, and low turnover.
  • He fully understands the importance of creating a culture dedicated to continuous improvement opportunities related to people, process, systems, and customers.
  • He has managed up to 16 direct reports including engineers, supervisors, HR & buyers.
  • He has led many CI projects in his previous roles, during his time as an Engineering manager he led a very lean environment which was fully optimized. He led to the achievement of ISO 9001:2015 certified site.
  • He also successfully led the team in a previous role and won Supplier Gold Awards for 5 consecutive years for world-class quality, customer service, lean manufacturing and 100% On-Time Delivery.
  • One of the most crucial aspects of his career is his ability to bring teams together both internationally and domestically to achieve a common goal efficiently and successfully.
  • He has very strong interpersonal skills, flexibility, and analytical problem-solving capabilities which have allowed him to become a results-driven leader and manager.
  • When evaluating a department/process is to review the metrics, KPI’s first and then review the processes/lines on the floor, review the total cost standard hours, and check on accuracy. Based on his he would lead the team of associates to work together using lean tools and making the process optimized.
  • He enjoys manufacturing and is very passionate and always aiming to have his team be the best.
  • He has an ASc in Mechanical Engineering and a BSc in Business Management.
  • Candidate MaM2 resides in Georgia.

Candidate MaM1:

  • Candidate MaM1 has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • He has worked in manufacturing for 20 years and has worked in both high volume and most recently high mix low volume.
  • In his current role he manages a team of 7 direct reports which include 3 engineers, he reports to the VP of Manufacturing.
  • He believes you must facilitate people by communicating and to gain their respect and engagement and only then can you move forward.
  • He uses CI tools in his data each day and feels that this methodology is common sense, he also believes that the operators in most cases usually have the answer to reducing waste its just the way you facilitate the improvement will you get them to change how they do things.
  • One of his key projects was to reduce lead time in the sheet cutting area from 3 weeks to 1 day but reviewing why machine components from sheet cutting were taking so long. Once they identified the time wasted was a work procedure which had been in place for years they decided to modify the plan and hence reduce the lead time.
  • He is well versed in Project Management as well as AutoCAD to make any plant layout changes. His last key project, he was involved in plant being redesigned to accommodate the company’s other plant getting closed and moving all operations to the GA plant. They successfully increased capacity by using the machines from the old plant.
  • He also works very closely with the maintenance department.
  • Candidate MaM1 resides in Georgia.