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Candidate 2127ME:

  • Candidate 2127ME is an engineer with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • He has been working in product design and development as early as his college internships where he was exposed to a number of different industries – consumer products, med device, and transportation.
  • He went to work  out of school in a design engineering role. He was primarily focused on equipment for offshore drilling rigs. He was designing mechanical equipment from design concept through validation. Their specs called for 99.9% equipment reliability.
  • He took designs through FMEA, tolerance stackups, and was using Creo to develop design packages. Much of the equipment went into high temperature applications.
  • He has been in the Atlanta area for the last 2-1/2 years as a Sr Design Engineer.
  • His work is all project based, but because he’s been charged with fill product line development, he usually is assigned only one project at a time. He’s learned a lot about packaging electronics giving him experience in both plastics and metals.
  • He is involved in the entire upstream concept and follows the product through launch into commercialization. It’s usually about an 18-24 month project cycle requiring large teams of people on one project.
  • He’s looking to expand his product development career through broader exposure to a variety of consumer based products solutions – Hand held, medical, beauty products, etc.
  • He is pursuing fluency in Mandarin Chinese – he’s trying to get conversationally fluent. 

Candidate 17488:

  • Degree(s)/Certification(s): BS Mechanical Engineering, LSSBB

  • Level: Executive/ Mid/ Junior

  • Industry(s) and # years’ experience: 10 yrs Design, Operations and CI Mgt in fabrication operations.

  • Saved company $26k/yr in production PPE consumables through usage evaluation and vendor cost review.

  • Spearheaded water reclaim project in paint shop saving ~300k gal of water usage per month

  • Current Location: NE metro Atlanta

  • Open to Relocation? No