Mechanical Engineer Candidates

Candidate 17ME:

  • Candidate 17ME has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has been working for 5 years in product design and project management. Most of his work has been in compressed air systems, HVACR systems and products.
  • He is currently the lead engineer for a new commercial refrigeration line – mainly walk-in coolers.
  • Much of his product development revolves around sourcing and evaluating new motors – he oversees the motor qualification process including the performance analysis. He has worked with several suppliers overseas – some in China – sourcing motors and components – transformers, controls, temperature sensors and relays. One of his first assignments was sourcing controls for a new line of evaporators.
  • At his organization, they design using SolidEdge, but he used Solidworks regularly at Danfoss. Piero isn’t doing a lot of CAD work himself at Lennox, but he does direct the CAD team developing new designs. He has done FEA and CFD analysis and CFX modeling. He says he has a strong heat transfer and thermodynamics background.
  • Much of his work is in specifications, testing and qualifying mechanical and electrical components for new products. He’s been through two motor qualifications and is about to embark on a third. He’s working with variable speed, 3-Ph AC motors, PSC, and DC motors – mainly ¼ HP to 1 HP in size.
  • He began his career at another organization where he interned during his Master’s program. He did a lot of R&D working with VFDs in compressor design.
  • He wanted to broaden his exposure to other aspects of mechanical engineering, so he took a role with another organization as a project manager in their energy group. Here he handled capital projects involving energy optimization – usually of boilers and steam systems – from early stage conceptual design and analysis through project delivery. His team operated as an internal consulting group providing energy audits and solutions to their own mills.
  • His PM role taught him a lot about all the phases, resources, procurement and scheduling involved in large capex projects.

Candidate 16ME:

  • Candidate 16ME is a skilled Automation and Maintenance Engineer offering over 14 years of experience in PLC maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • He has worked with Nachi, ABB, Motoman robotics. He can Program by modifying existing and changing programs, not from scratch.
  • He has worked in metal stamping for 12 years. He has 2D & 3D AutoCAD experience.
  • He has set up floor layouts and installed equipment. He has acquired quotes and completed purchase orders to vendors for installing electrical and airdrops for new equipment.
  • He has updated control plans, process flows, & pfemas. Added poke yokes to prevent bad parts from getting to customers. Used Rx Logix 500, Factory Talk for HMI programming and Keyence IV Navigator for programming cameras. And integrated new equipment on existing machines.

Candidate 15ME:

  • Candidate 15ME has his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Ga Tech
  • He graduated in 2018 and has been working as a mechanic for the past year while he has been looking for a full-time opportunity where he can start his career as an Engineer.
  • He is very mechanically inclined
  • Candidate 15ME has strong knowledge of thermodynamics and heat transfer.
  • He is also proficient in SolidWorks with 3 years experience using the software.
  • He is a great communicator and is comfortable dealing with clients as well as working as a team.

Candidate 14ME:

  • Candidate 14ME has a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering with a strong focus material science. He spent three years in a graduate research assistantship studying tissue replacement gene therapy using bioinert materials.
  • For the last four years, he has worked on the team developing a microshunt for draining fluids out of the microspace in the front of the eye as a treatment for relieving fluid pressure caused by glaucoma.
  • He has done a lot of testing on flow dynamics using a biomaterial developed through research.
  • They have achieved pre-market approval in Europe on their product, and are in the process of seeking full FDA approval in the states.
  • They are a small team, so he has worn a lot of hats. He does design work, material testing, and has worked with 3rd party testing labs in support of the documentation required for submittal. He also worked on the pre-clinical trials.
  • Candidate 14ME lives in Miami but is open to relocation.

Candidate 13ME:

  • Candidate 13ME has a Bachelor’s degree in both Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design from Georgia Tech. She loves the merger between concept design and functionality that the two degrees introduced to her.
  • She is currently working as a Design and Project Engineer at an organization where she is a part of their Outsource Manufacturing Group.
  • She’s usually working on at least 3 projects at a time in various stages – she runs her projects through a formal phase gate process.
  • In addition to product development, she also supports Sales and Product Managers by engaging in strategy meetings and responding to merchant feedback to ensure market sustainability.
  • She really loves designing and prefers to be working on front end development of new products. She’s done some projects involving smart-home integration and really enjoys working with new technology.
  • In her group she works both with their factory in Mexico (where she has gone to manage a product build), and she works very heavily with their contract manufacturers in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. She hasn’t traveled to Asia, but talks to these suppliers on a daily basis regarding the progress of their builds. She’s quite open to travel, and says she likes participating in project builds.

Candidate 12ME:

    • Candidate 12ME is a Georgia Tech engineering grad in Material Science. Her program introduced her to the properties and usages of biomaterials, polymers, metals, ceramics and composites.
    • She has worked in Product Development throughout her professional career starting with her internships – one with a contract manufacturing company  and the other with a textile materials company.
    • After graduation she went to work designing around customer requirements in plastics applications.
    • She worked with biodegradable polymers and several of her projects supported medical end-uses.  She spent four years working primarily on urinary catheters.
    • Her experience in product development, design controls, user needs and design inputs has made her extremely well versed in product lifecycle management.
    • She is very confident in her project management capabilities in the medical device arena.  She is hoping to continue research in the medical device field utilizing her knowledge of material applications.
    • She is on two patent requests which required her to be involved in landscape searches and to work very closely with their patent attorneys.
  • Her previous projects involved design/development work on neonatal feeding tubes and drains, and she is well-versed in the regulatory requirements and compliance for invasive medical products.

Candidate 11ME:

  • Candidate 11ME is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Georgia Tech. His minor in Industrial Design has provided an aesthetic overlay to his technical capabilities as a product developer in consumer goods.
  • He’s currently a Product Development Engineer and his most recent project has been the launch of a new silicone pacifier. In addition to design work, he has managed the stage gate process which for this product has included all the compliance management.
  • He has worked directly with the manufacturer in WI and the tool maker in CA where he oversaw the design for manufacturability.
  • In addition to keeping track of revision and changes in CAD, he regularly uses Excel for project management
  • He has also worked in cutlery/kitchenware. Three of their suppliers were in Southern China. Although he didn’t travel there, he had weekly calls with those suppliers, or with associates in the sourcing office in China.
  • He has managed 4 projects from concept to production while at his current organization.  The brands he’s worked on are primarily marketed through big box retailers and e-comm channels.
  • He works very closely with the brand teams on feasibility and marketing. They meet weekly to work on chartering new projects with a focus on how new products fit in the market and at what price point.

Candidate 10ME:

  • Candidate 10ME is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Georgia Tech (2010).
  • During his co-op tenure and right after graduation, he was engaged in program management in the energy sector. He was in the field most of the time auditing facilities and installations.
  • In his next position, he had the opportunity to manage projects full-cycle from design through production. He was instrumental in getting a new product patented that became the base component of their latest product line.
  • He was the only Mechanical Engineer on the team and had full design responsibility for the components and assemblies. He did all his design drawings on Solidworks.
  • He spent a lot of time in project management mode, working with the sales team and customers, running proof of concept, developing design specifications, and working with the electrical engineers and software engineers to develop a turnkey system. He also worked on upgrades and design modifications to their legacy products.
  • He is very hands-on with his designs and is capable of producing parts for testing using his machine shop skills.
  • Candidate 10ME resides in Decatur, GA.

Candidate 9ME:

  • Candidate 9ME graduated with her PhD in Biomedical Engineering in Aug 2018 and continues to work with her graduate advisor on a couple of publications.
  • She is just now pursuing her career in private industry. She is a studied academic in bioengineering, and has made some published contributions in the area of endovascular research and stent grafts.
  • She has strong modeling and analytic skills that have presented some patentable IP.
  • She spent a good bit of time in her doctoral studies collaborating with Medtronic and surgeons at UF Hospital capturing patient-specific data and running fluid dynamic simulations.
  • She has mainly used ANSYS for CAD projects, but has self-taught on Solidworks to familiarize herself with what she perceives is one of the most commonly used design platforms.
  • She has done a lot of research in stent models and is published in the Journal of Endovascular Therapy.
  • She has no direct experience with taking a product through the patent process, but she has been following the stages of the stent graft device. She considers herself to have strong knowledge of what’s in the pipeline in the stent graft industry.
  • She currently lives in Gainesville, FL and is open to relocation.

Candidate 8ME:

  • Candidate 8ME holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has almost 10 years in medical device research and development.
  • He also holds Master’s in Technology Commercialization which has given him insight into bridging technical innovations with go-to-market strategies and planning.
  • In his current role as a Principle Engineer at a medical research organization, he manages a team of ME’s, EE’s and software engineers in regenerative tissue development.
  • He has handled full lifecycle development of a pediatric dialysis devices as a part of a grant he secured from the Coulter Foundation.
  • He also conducted research on mechanical heart valves and aortic valves in collaboration with Emory University medical staff while working under Dr. Yoganathan at Georgia Tech.
  • He did some testing on one of Cryolife’s mechanical heart valves.
  • He has studied and tested stented heart valves (bioprosthetic and transcatheter heart valves).
  • He has a provisional patent on an inferior vena cava filter, which has design elements of a cardiovascular stent.
  • He has gained skills in managing offensive and defensive risks in IP and Freedom-to-Operate matters through his product manager experience.
  • He is next promotional step would be to move into Program management where he would be managing their NPD pipeline.

Candidate 7ME:

  • Candidate 7ME received her BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2012.
  • She has been working at a large manufacturer since she graduated and has been in various role across the business units.
  • In her current role as a Packaging Engineer, she works in the food manufacturing area.
  • She has extensive experience working with various plastics and polymers. She also has some experience with Corrugated materials.
  • She has working experience managing various Mold suppliers and making sure the Co-packers have all they need to the right specification,
  • In her time at her current organization, she has had various rotations key ones being a Plant lead (working on the floor and interacting with associates daily) and Supply Chain Associate.
  • One of the key projects working on is a new lightweight bottle and cap design concept. She worked with Marketing and R&D to understand whether this would even be possible as typically a lightweight bottle has the issue of not being able to stand up. She worked with cross-functional teams to identify and mitigate risks and ensure that the all shortcomings were resolved prior to implementation and launch.
  • She has extensive design experience in AutoCAD, Inventor, as well as in 3D simulation software.
  • She communicates very well and enjoys working with teams as well as using he initiative to achieve her project goals.
  • Candidate 7ME lives in Kennesaw, GA.

Candidate 1ME:

  • Candidate 1ME is a Mechanical Engineer with almost 20 years in the linear drives & actuators custom applications industry. Most of his career has been as an Applications Engineer.
  • He is actively pursuing a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management.
  • He is currently located in New York but is open to relocation.

Candidate 2ME:

  • Candidate 2ME has his degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University and 30+ years experience in manufacturing.
  • He has worked in a variety of industries but most of his career was spent in automotive and Lean environments.
  • He has extensive training in Lean and even worked for 3 years as a Lean consultant where he would spend a month to a month and a half at different manufacturing facilities training employees on Lean techniques including 5S, Genba walks and Kaizen events.
  • Robert has a strong mechanical aptitude and familiarity with machinery, as well as project management experience and strong leadership skills.
  • He is located in GA.

Candidate 3ME:

  • Candidate 3ME has a great personality, is extremely energetic and is actively looking for his first Engineering position.
  • He just graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ga Tech.
  • Last summer, he interned at a Paper Mill as a Mechanical and Process Engineer.
  • He worked with the operators on the plant floor to identify areas of process improvement through time studies and analysis.  During his internship:
    • the organization did not have any system in place for time studies and suggested he just use a pen and paper but he asked if he could develop a system they could use even when he left and they were happy to let him take the reigns.
    • He spoke with the operators and asked them to help him break down the process into sections.  He identified 10 parts of the process and used an Excel spreadsheet to put them into time slots.  He then timed everything in the process and identified areas that were slowing down the process.  One area was a maintenance issue on a roller so he worked with maintenance to resolve that issue/ replace a part and they increased the speed of production in that area.
    • The main area that was slowing down production was in changing the blades in the cutting machine.  He also identified some safety issues in this process.
    • He was able to analyze the data and research solutions and presented his suggestions to management: If they were to invest in automatic adjustment cutters they would save 3 minutes per blade change and a 5-8% savings on time resulting in increased production and safety. They used his proposal to send to Corporate and promised him that when they got the approval they would fly him up to see the machinery.
  • He is high energy and enjoys a fast-paced environment.
  • He enjoys working on the plant floor and interacting with the operators.

Candidate 4ME:

  • Candidate 4ME is a Mechanical Engineer who interned during college and now is a full-time Process Engineer.
  • He loves working in a mill environment where he’s been instrumental in providing gap analysis, reliability improvements, and mitigating unplanned maintenance. He says he been very effective in driving competitiveness on uptime.
  • He works directly with both mill technicians and outside equipment vendors to keep equipment in good working condition and to improve throughput and uptime.
  • He has coached technicians on inspections and how to execute various work requests.
  • After only 7-8 months in his current position, he earned a raise because he was able to save the company about $105k in labor costs.
  • He is fluent in both English and Spanish which he has found useful in multi-cultural labor operations.
  • Candidate 4ME currently lives in Savannah, but is looking to relocate to Atlanta, GA.

Candidate 5ME:

  • Candidate 5ME has a MS and BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. He is also Six Sigma Green Belt Certified. He has 18 years experience as a Maintenance/Reliability Engineer.
  • He has helped build or improve a PM Program at every company he has worked with; from managing and establishing a CMMS to preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance activities of all production equipment and plant utility systems.
  • Safety and training are very important to him. He always ensures his maintenance technicians are adequately trained, equipped and motived to perform. He has been responsible for supporting his techs in getting certified through local Technology programs.
  • During his time at his organization, he was able to use his Maintenance Techs. (that were certified to fix the 3 Boilers) instead of bringing in a 3rd party company to fix them.
  • He has experience and was in charge of Capital Projects. Some major recent projects: Factory change, Boiler control Change, Turbine Project. He handled budgets and timelines of projects, contractor bids, cost estimates, prepared proposals and provide updates.
  • He helped implement Reliability Standards by starting a “Reliability team”, he ask for a volunteer from each department to analyze a problem and come up with a solution.
  • He understands that Reliability is not just one issue and Troubleshooting is usually fixing one issue. Reliability takes a lot more analysis and research to figure out.
  • He has experience dealing with vendors, suppliers, contractors, and Electrical/Mechanical consultants on a daily basis.
  • He has experience working with compressors, pumps, boilers, etc. both troubleshooting and PM. (10+years experience)
  • Candidate 5ME has experience managing up to 75 people. He understands what to expect on the floor, he likes to motivate his employees; he wants them to feel creative about problem solving, to care about the equipment and their job and to be happy about being at work!

Candidate 6ME:

  •  Candidate 6ME has a BSEE and has 30 years Engineering experience in the Chemical, Oil & Gas and Energy Industries.
  • He has extensive experience in Preventative Maintenance and Troubleshooting of equipment. Motors, Drives, Transformers, Substations, Pressure Values, Boilers, Heaters, etc.
  • He has 8 years Project Management experience. He has worked with his team, scheduled work orders, reviewed progress from start to completion.
  • He also has experience with several Capital Projects. He is most proud of his Oil gathering Centre Project.
  • He has worked with Clients, Contractors, Vendors and Suppliers, handing quotes, orders, and doing comparisons.
  • His instrumentation experience includes calibrations of instruments, field calibrations, installation testing and commissioning of instrument panels, DCS, MOV, ROV, Flow and Pressure, Temperature transmitters, fire and gas detector system, PCV, FCV, TCV, TG, Level Transmitters, instrumentation cabling, instrumentation grounding system, etc.
  • He has experience, installing testing and commissioning High Voltage, Medium Voltage Electrical Substations, HV/LV Transformers, HV/LV Switch Gears, HV/LV motors, MV/LV motor control centers, Power control centers, HV/LV Power cables, control cables, Instrumentation cables, lighting system, lightning protection system, uninterrupted power supply system, grounding system, relay protection system, fire alarm, smoke detector system.
  • He has handled outages of Substations and Maintenance Shutdown. Worked closely with mechanical, application and field service team to handle outage.

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