Process Engineer Candidates

Candidate 17PE:

  • Candidate 17PE graduated in 2015 with an Industrial and Systems Engineering degree from the University of Tennessee. In addition, he is also Six Sigma Green belt certified.
  • He has 2 years working in the Textile flooring industry as a Process Engineer he has completed various process improvement projects and is familiar with the fast paced and ever-changing environment.
  • One of his most successful projects was to work in the Scrubber cleaning area to seek improvements with the downtime. He led the project first by mapping the process. He decided to video one cycle run. By doing this he was able to break down each step. He then decided to carry out a SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) activity. This led him to identify that they were wasting time on downtime by not having standardized parts available. He then carried out a 5S which helped organize and standardize the process. This whole project reduced the downtime from an average of 1.5 hours to 20 minutes.
  • He is confident in working with the machine floor operators. He believes they are the ones who have the most knowledge and skill set on how products are manufactured.
  • He is very hands-on and has a great mechanical aptitude. He believes that when it comes to understanding how to improve a process works you must speak, learn and watch how operators do their job and hand in hand with them. This enables building a respectful relationship which in turn helps with the implementation of change.
  • Candidate 17PE resides in Tennessee, but is open to relocation.


Candidate 16PE:

  • Candidate 16PE has his BSME from Western Michigan with a minor in Mathematics.
  • He has approximately 6 years experience in Engineering in a Manufacturing facility.
  • He has worked primarily as a Project Engineer and has been exposed to many different aspects of the manufacturing process – he states that he is a quick learner and is never afraid to jump in and learn something new.
  • He has extensive experience in tracking and analyzing data within Excel and then initiating process improvements. He has a strong background in project/program management.
  • He is a strong communicator and enjoys working on the plant floor and engaging with operators.
  • Candidate 16PE is located in Athens, GA.


Candidate 15PE:

  • Candidate 15PE has his Mechanical Engineering degree from Kennesaw State and has worked in Process Improvement/ Industrial Engineering for 3+ years.
  • He wants to find a company where he can contribute but more importantly where he can grow.  He loves using Lean methodologies and is looking for an environment where he can employ what he has learned regarding Lean as well as learn more- always looking for ways to further his learning and career.
  • In his current role, he has helped in implementing a Kanban system, set up a daily KPI system, and has been involved in some 5S projects.
  • He conducts time studies weekly.  His most recent time study was in the fulfillment area/ lamination line. He looked at the overall time it took to process the laminated piece- he analyzed downtime and production time at each of the 4 stations.  He was able to identify the bottleneck and then worked to shift workloads balance the lines to decrease the downtime and increase production.  He was able to successfully decrease the bottleneck from 2 minutes to 1 minute 10 seconds.
  • He was also recently involved in updating equipment in the cutting department- they added a shuttle system on the front end saw eliminating forklift traffic and increasing safety.
  • He was able to walk me through several projects he was a part of related to modifications of equipment to process improvements.
  • He enjoys working as a team and cross-functionally across departments.
  • He has worked in assembly and fast fast-paced environments. He rates himself a 7.5 out of 10 in Excel and has used a variety of ERP systems. In regards to mechanical aptitude- he rates himself an 8 out of 10.


Candidate 1PE:

  • Candidate 1PE has a Mechanical Engineering degree and 3 years experience in Process, R&D and Design.
  • He is looking for an opportunity to grow with a company and become a valuable member of their team.
  • He works directly under the QA and Engineering and leads CI projects. He analyzes products, manufacturing processes and quality systems by conducting Kaizen events and audits to identify improvements.
  • He also has experience doing CAD design, Training Interns, process mapping and value stream mapping.
  • *He is comfortable meeting with peers and supervisors to discuss projects. He has project management experience.
  • *He has experience trouble shooting equipment, doing corrective actions, and handling customer complaints.
  • Candidate 1PE is located in NM and open to relocation.


Candidate 2PE:

  • Candidate 2PE has a Mechanical Engineering degree and graduated in 2014
  • He started his career on a management trainee program interning number of facilities across the US. This exposure gave him an in-depth training in leadership and Lean Six Sigma.
  • He was quickly accelerated into a supervisory role after 6 months in the program.
  • He’s currently working as a Process Supervisor, He’s led roughly 50-70 employees at any given time. Across all shifts, he has managed over 200 employees. He has trained them in risk management and process improvement.
  • He engages in a lot of CI, lean process improvement, six sigma activity in his role; a focus he would like to sustain in his career.
  • He has worked in Solidworks for CAD he has been involved in many projects within the engineering department.
  • He’s very interested in growing his technical/engineering skills by positioning himself in a manufacturing environment poised for process and automation improvements.
  • He likes hands-on work, designing and supporting a manufacturing team.
  • Candidate 2PE is located in OH.


Candidate 3PE:

  • Candidate 3PE has a BS in Industrial Engineering.
  • He has 3+ years experience as a Process engineer in a Metal Forging/Manufacturing environment and joined is current company straight out of college as a process engineer and was promoted to process supervisor within a year.
  • *He has conduced capital expenditure projects up to 1M and written multiple work instructions. He as conducted weekly performance meeting with techs. (currently manages 18 saw, press, process techs.)
  • He has AutoCAD and Pro Engineer experience.
  • Candidate 3PE is located in TX.


Candidate 4PE:

  • Candidate 4PE has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and graduated in 2010
  • He joined his current company straight of our college as a junior product engineer he has worked in a few different roles but most of his tenure has been in the manufacturing facility as a process engineer. His current company manufactures extruded and molded rubber parts.
  • He is highly proficient at Solidworks design and has done some 2D drawing on AutoCAD.
  • He has experience in new product launches where he has had to come up with the tooling and processes to fabricate. He makes decisions such as whether a product gets molded, extruded, and/or vulcanized. He has conducted time and capacity studies to make the determination. He’s created written instructions with visual aids and been involved in training the supervisor or engineer in charge of the process.
  • In addition he has experience in lean activity including a project which relocated a work cell, introduced a semi-automatic machine, reduced part travel, as well as the work cell footprint and got better utilization of the machines.
  • He is very analytical with good troubleshooting skills. He likes to likes to develop action items with a logical resolution sequence.
  • Candidate 4PE is located in TX.


Candidate 5PE:

  • Candidate 5PE has a BS in Chemical Engineering and summer internship experience as a Process Engineer.
  • Whist working she acquired knowledge of the production process and helped identify process problems such as bottlenecks.
  • She performed time studies to determine process efficiency, contacted contractors for quotes for various projects, examined process troubleshooting and variation elimination procedures, participated in monthly safety meetings and huddles, and performed interlock testing.
  • She updated HazCom data, wrote CARs, SOPs, LOTO procedures and updated technical documentation as needed.
  • She is comfortable working with cross-functional teams. She is highly organized and has strong communications skills.
  • Candidate 5PE is located in OH.


Candidate 6PE:

  • Candidate 6PE started his career serving in the Navy, after which he immediately began a career as an industrial engineer. He has a BS in Industrial Engineering and an MBA.
  • He performed a lot of root cause analysis and brought processes through rapid improvement events to decrease lead times to customers.
  • In addition to bringing reporting and quality assurance in-line with certification standards, he executed strategic planning of methodologies starting with conducting value stream mapping of processes and then implemented changes to improve outcomes. Deliverables included better planning of raw material inventory and improved production processes.
  • Candidate 6PE is located in GA


Candidate 7PE:

  • Candidate 7PE has worked in manufacturing since 2013. He has over 5 years’ experience in hands on Automotive parts manufacturing and specifically injection molding.
  • He currently works for a Chemical composite manufacturing company and as a Laboratory Technician. In his day to day, his main responsibility is to fabricate experimental plastics and composites using lab extruders and injection molding machines.
  • He also assists the manufacturing floor with maintenance of the machines and root cause evaluations.
  • He recently implemented a 6S training programs which are running successfully. He has experience with lean tools in a automotive environment.
  • As an operator he worked on Injection molding machines, cleaning, maintenance, quality and 5S of his work station.
  • His last few roles have been on R&D lab work, but he wants to get back into the manufacturing environment which he enjoys as well.
  • Candidate 7PE is located in GA


Candidate 8PE:

  • Candidate 8PE has been in plastics/polymer manufacturing industry for 25 years.
  • In his current role he works as Advanced Extrusion Technician his responsibilities are to operate and maintain extrusion equipment to produce custom polymer products.
  • He is also experienced in working in a High-volume environment this can change as it depends on the output required.
  • He is also very experienced in working in an FDA and R&D his main goal for his next stage in career is to work in injection molding.
  • He is always working on improving his work area, he has implemented tool boards which helped organize items needed for the machines and operators. He also improved on time wasted by doing a time study to review steps taken by an operator to walk to certain areas/machines. This resulted in an increase in productivity of 3.5 hours.
  • He is very “hands on” and knowledgeable with regards to plastics and the science behind extrusion, machine set up and modifications as well as root cause on fixing anything regarding manufacturing of products.
  • He has various professional achievements from LSS Yellow belt, Certified first responder, Increased Safety awareness as well as fork lift certified.
  • He communicates very well, he is very passionate about his work and believes in making a difference.
  • He is targeting $27/hour
  • Candidate 8PE is located in GA


Candidate 9PE:

  • Candidate 9PE has been working in the Plastics and Injection molding field for 7 years.
  • Most of his experience has been in the Automotive industry so he is used to the high volume/fast paced environment.
  • He is very hands on and has worked on injection molding machines, maintained them, inspected the manufactured parts as well as trained other operators on SOP’s for that work center.
  • He has experience with 5S and root cause analysis, one of his key wins was to bring part cycle time down from 70s to 56s by installing a thermolator which ensured that the parts would not stick to the mold.
  • He is also very comfortable with speaking to his superiors and operators on any issues or process improvements which could make a difference.
  • He is targeting $24/$25 for the next role.
  • Candidate 9PE is located in GA


Candidate 10PE:

  • Candidate 10PE graduated in Dec 2017 with a BS in Mechatronics Engineering.
  • In college, he had the opportunity to gain an understanding of Mechanical, Electrical as well as Computer Science. He has also been successfully involved in various PLC and Robotics based projects.
  • He is both Mechanically and Electrically minded and would like a role which will give him the opportunity to work “HANDS ON” in both these aspects.
  • He enjoys problem-solving, troubleshooting, and repairing equipment. He has worked in various roles prior to obtaining his degree from customer service to PC repair technician.
  • As he only graduated in Dec 2017 he feels he is now ready for his next step in beginning his career in Engineering.
  • He communicates extremely well and he hopes to build his career with a growing company.
  • Candidate 10PE currently resides in Conyers, GA.


Candidate 11PE:

  • Candidate 11PE is a plastics engineer who has built his career in the medical device industry.
  • He currently works as a Process Engineer where he designs experiments and is involved in master validation plans which he authors.
  • He gets involved in risk assessments, writes work instructions, and has trained many operators – he has run many of the machines himself.
  • He handles all the IQ/OQ/PQ documentation and is involved in change requests and CAPA’s.
  • He is well tooled to perform root cause and has done audits of suppliers. On a recent audit, he had a lot of findings, so he’s in the process of validating a new supplier and is now working on the 1st article with that supplier.
  • He has worked with the design engineers, developed routers and BOM’s, tracked labor and burn rates in the ERP (Vantage). He’s currently using MS Dynamics AX.
  • Candidate 11PE lives in Flowery Branch, GA and is comfortable commuting.


Candidate 12PE:

  • Candidate 12PE has a BS in Chemical Engineering with 2 years experience in paper manufacturing.
  • She is skilled in process improvement, cost reduction, and operational troubleshooting. She is currently part of her company’s Manufacturing Excellence Team, in charge of Process Improvements.
  • She has extensive experience in the Pulp Mill and Paper machines. Her current position requires performing evaluations of equipment to determine problems and create a strategy to increase reliability.
  • She has her White Belt Certification and is working on her Yellow Belt. The most recent Lean project was optimizing a bleaching process, making sure they are not over applying, she worked with vendors and operators making sure they are able to see exactly how much they are applying.
  • She has experience and does on a daily basis: time studies, analyzing data, improving processes and trial management.
  • Her most recent trial management project was cooking pulp, “White Liquor”, she was able to determine they were not using the directional plates appropriately, she was able to save the company $10K .
  • She is very self-driven and motivated, very smart, rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.


Candidate 13PE:

  • Candidate 13PE recently graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Southern University
  • He has completed two internships and one was as a Project Engineer for Global Paper company. His role was to work with the Project Manager to ensure that the planned maintenance during shutdown was executed in a timely and efficient manner. One of key achievements during this internship was to design, work with a supplier to produce and implement a drum lubrication system.
  • He understands Key Six Sigma concepts and tools such as Fishbone (Root Cause) as part of a Quality Assurance module at school.
  • He has both mechanical and electrical aptitude and has experience in both areas in industry.
  • During his time at school he assisted one of his Professors on a Thermal Management research paper for a year. He was involved in analyzing and evaluating data collected to conclude on hypotheses. He is comfortable to data analyzing and is proficient in Excel.
  • He is very familiar with the paper industry his dad who is also a Mechanical Engineer works in the industry. His dad has exposed him to visiting plants, mills and recycling plants. He is comfortable in working in that environment and says it does not bother him at all.
  • He has key experience in project management at college but also in his internships.
  • He communicates very well and believes that talking to people at all levels gives him the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge. He feels that building a rapport first is key to gain buy-in and the ability to work on process improvements successfully
  • He is a very motivated and hard-working individual, he began working at this local hardware store at the age of 15 and did a variety of tasks from customer service to small equipment repair.
  • Candidate 13PE resides in Evans, GA.


Candidate 14PE:

  • Candidate 14PE has a BS in Chemical Engineering and has worked in the Paper Industry since he graduated in’09. He is Six Sigma Black Belt Certified.
  • He has performed chemical studies and trialed new chemicals, developed specifications, published technical documents describing the trial and trial results. He worked with customers to address quality issues resulting in improved production processes and customer relationships.
  • He is familiar with the wet end chemistry applications of the paper machine, the Kraft pulping process and sodium recovery process.
  • His project management experience includes Capital and Non-Capital Projects, dealing with Vendors, Engineers and Maintenance personnel. He is experienced with following timelines and keeping in budget.
  • He has management skills and has been in a leadership role since 2011. He has been in charge of both salaried and hourly employees. He has managed up to 25 direct reports and 100 indirect reports. He is able to earn the respect of his crew and those who work with him as a very effective leader. He is a valuable asset to any group that he serves in.
  • During the years of 2013-2015, he was called on to assist with recruiting efforts at his alma mater and facilitated several training sessions. He is always eager to help in any way he can, bringing enthusiasm and dedication to the situation.
  • He spent 4 years as the Manufacturing Excellence Initiative Leader in his organization, in this role he was charged with using Lean and Six Sigma tools in Continuous Improvement projects. He was in charge of countless projects and initiatives. He is most proud of the CI project of implementing Bleaching Controls and then Optimizing them; it saved the company millions and continues to save!
  • He has excellent Excel skills and used PARCview software. He has experience using PARCview, reporting, training and has even implemented this software.


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