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Candidate 17470:

  • Degree(s)/Certification(s): BA, OSHA 30

  • Level: Executive/ Mid/ Junior

  • Industry(s) and # years’ experience: 6 yrs Supervision & Operations Management in Tier I Automotive fabrication operations.\

  • Ran 12 mo project on production line to capture losses and develop new SOP for material handling reducing scrap losses from $100k/mo to 12k/mo.

  • Overhauled training matrix/onboarding of new hires focusing on better product &  process training. Added an OJT component for partnering new hires with line leads which improved quality and production efficiencies.

  • Current Location:  NW Georgia

  • Open to Relocation? No

Candidate 285PM:

  • Candidate 285PM is a Georgia Tech grad with a BS in Biology and an MBA from the Scheller College. He has roughly 8 years in consumer goods brand/category management operating from both the merchant side and the manufacturer’s side.
  • He went to work right out of college as a business analyst. He then moved into a role as a category manager in sales. He was working directly with both the manufacturers – managing the relationships – and working with the store locations doing consumer research, planning programs and developing brand focused strategies. 
  • He went back for his MBA to gain a better understanding of analysis, sales and marketing, and the finance side of business management.
  • He’s been in brand management since 2016.  He works with the product development teams, sales and marketing, and their legal team.
  • As the brand manager, he sits at the center of the category management wheel surrounded by the SMEs in R&D, Sales & Marketing, and finance, but he doesn’t have any direct reports. He says he’s interested in developing and retaining talent, so he sees himself managing a team in the future.

Candidate 525PM:

  • Candidate 525PM has a keen interest in consumer product innovation and worked across several product platforms in his career.
  • He has a very strong marketing background which coupled with his MBA has given him the tools to make some notable contributions in his roles.
  • He describes his career as having lived in life cycle management and innovation work. Because he’s done product management, he knows what it’s like to live on the end of the bets and investments – making them come to fruition.
  • He’s been able to frame value propositions all the way down to the consumer level – providing claim support to customers.
  • He understands building brand loyalty and working on everyday essentials.
  • He’s worked with direct sales forces and likes to have a voice in price point and presentation – gaining consumer buy-in and preference from the value prop. He can’t set price point or packaging in his current role, which is a bit frustrating. He wants to get closer to consumer level in his next role.
  • He’s good at developing new innovations and identifying how to grow adjacent spaces. 
  • He resides in Georgia.

Candidate 11PM:

  • Candidate 11PM 15+ years’ experience in Product Management and Marketing in the consumer goods. She has a background in Mechanical design which is what she started her career in.
  • Her core skills are in Marketing, Merchandising and Branding.
  • She worked with various Brands, most of which had 500+ SKU’s and were all sold at Big Box channels.
  • She has consumer research and facing experience. During her time working at a large manufacturer, she led the team to ensure that her segment was brand positioned and communicated appropriately. The key here was to ensure that consumers were engaged by utilizing in-store marketing and online design tools to create an Omnichannel experience.
  • She is well versed in travel to the South Asian countries.  She travels with a team who also have an interpreter who helps with communication with her suppliers.
  • She has exceptional communication skills, leadership, organization and attention to detail all of which has contributed to her successful career.
  • Candidate 11PM resides in Georgia.

Candidate 10PM:

  • Candidate 10PM has a business degree from UGA. He began his career working in the Big Box space right out of college, managing the marketing and merchandising of four brand lines. He says this gave him the know how to navigate and build strong relationships with merchants, buyers, and store managers.
  • A few years later, he moved into a supply chain operations role with another organization where he got experience with a large number of skus and import/export logistics and regulations.
  • He was hired in 2016 as a Product Manager for another large manufacturer.
  • He’s been leading cross-functional teams in the product launch/SKU commercialization process for the past 2-1/2+ years.
  • He’s worked directly with the Account Managers launching SSI’s products in through major big box channels.
  • He leads a lot of projects, and manages the sunrising and sunsetting of products in their portfolio. He’s also involved in reviewing profit centers and reporting on the marketing metrics of their brand lines.
  • He uses these reports to analyze product performance and to make strategic decisions. This gives him a SWOT analysis in the marketplace and allows him to gauge consumer buying habits.
  • He also works with the Digital Marketing team on gathering consumer feedback. This research gives provides information for making adjustments to products to suit consumers’ needs and wants.
  • He reports to the VP of Brand Marketing, and while he does not currently have any direct reports, he manages projects which have required his leadership skills cross-functionally. He led a cost-out team project where we reduced spend by $2-3 Million.

Candidate 9PM:

  • Candidate 9PM has been working in consumer products for the past 11 years, with the last 4 as a Brand Manager.
  • She worked in near Chicago for 8 yrs with a large food manufacturer in a variety of protein brands as a Marketing Manager/Product Manager.
  • She took products from ideation to commercialization and managed them all the way through shipping and into stores.
  • She worked with their retail customers on new product launches.
  • She changed organizations and spent a year driving the fine writing category including promotional activity across NA and collaborating with global teams. She then moved into a role in the core writing segment in a merchandising innovation role.
  • She was charged with developing a strategic program for promoting the writing aisle outside of the typical sales season.
  • More recently she’s been at a home and garden organization for 2 years as Brand Manager.
  • She has full P&L responsibility for her category and handles all the strategic plans for the commercialization of her product line.
  • She pulls data, drives analytics, and does a lot of works on qualitative research.
  • She uses an assistant and a coordinator but has no direct reports. She has a strong background in product lifecycle management and is a certified PMP.


Candidate 8PM:

  • Candidate 8PM holds a BS in Finance and an MBA.
  • She has been working for over 7 years in a variety of analyst roles. Her early role supported the trade analytics around emerging products, whereas her current role is a part of the FP&A team in their “still” products.
  • All of her roles have involved data-driven analysis in support of category performance.
  • She currently uses Accenture CAS (an FP&A tool for tracking data) to monitor trends and effectiveness in still products.
  • She follows pricing, accrual, volume, and other relevant data to provide full accountancy on products and promotions. She does both extraction and analysis – she’s basically an SME providing business intelligence to her assigned category.
  • Her unit supports the National Platform FP&A which is divided out by regions. Each region is assigned an RGM (Revenue Growth Manager), territory sales person and a finance person. She works most closely with the finance person on her team.
  • She’s been in meetings where they determine what promotions to run and comes up with the strategy for the marketing programs. She’s more involved in tracking numbers, growth rate, and market hurdles.
  • She not only provides reporting for the still product national platform, she also assists in the functional design and testing of the IT software used to track promotions.
  • She is adept at using MicroStrategy for creating KPI’s and analyzing gaps. in her current role she reports to the Planning Performance Mgr who roles into the Dir of Finance.
  • She resides in Georgia.

Candidate 7PM:

  • Candidate 7PM has spent most of her career as a merchandiser beginning with a 10 year run for a large retail store.
  • She has worked in various consumer markets, including LVT (luxury vinyl tile) line, she unturned an issue with low inventory levels lasting months. Her team worked with the manufacturer to discuss strategic priority distribution to clients LRDCs to maximize sales. Going forward she developed regional reporting with VTS data to track levels at the RDCs.
  • She also studied store profiles, and identified an LVT fashion trend in specific national demographic consumer bases. This data was leveraged to launch a new product which saved company from a generic national assortment.
  • She regularly partnered with many of the cross functionals including product managers, national account managers, R&D, finance (during rebate and coop reconciliations), and marketing.
  • In her current role she is a planning analyst she’s been crafting her analytical skills over the course of her last three positions, she readily admits that the training has enabled her to harness data analytics in the most effective manner for driving business intelligence. (6 months of training with a senior mgr. on all the steps of the assortment planning cycle – using 10 different software systems)
  • In her assortment planning role, she works with 8-12 different cross functionals per review: Merchant, Online Merchant, Merchant Planner, COGS, Consumer Insights, Pricing, IPR, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Space Planning, FP&A, Global Sourcing, etc. She analyzes and recommends category assortments in stores and online for annual sales of $650k – $1B+. She analyzes and recommends category assortments in stores and online for annual sales of $650k – $1B+.
  • She manages the 16 week review and leads the analytical discussions every week for each step in the review through the SVP sign off.
  • She has been involved in 15 different product reviews. Her role is to review data – sales, stock levels, gross margins – and sit through vendor presentations to help drive matching objectives.
  • Candidate 7PM is located in GA

Candidate 6PM:

  • Candidate 6PM has a degree in Supply Chain Operations Management. As an intern is cooped as a business analyst.
  • In his current role he is charged with creating 2-5% efficiency improvements in their promotional programs for the companies products sold through traditional retail channels. He works directly with their category & brand teams to drive volume and ROI. Most recently he has been analyzing best ways to drive product sales – how to capitalize on consumer buying habits by optimizing promotional gains. He’s been running analysis on store presence and promotions, both through physical inspections of product placement and visibility (case display strategies), and tracking sales data concurrent with different promotional programs and seasonal periods.
  • He’s run test modeling on various buy-to-get programs to see which offerings provide best revenue, and to help forecast opportunities going forward. He’s initiated micro testing on Facebook to gain intelligence on best offer structures.
  • He develops insights using models, tracking promotional event histories and pulling market intel on competitive products. He’s provided visibility on certain inter-portfolio gains through test programs such as what interaction does a concurrent promotion produce versus running them in separate time frames.
  • He utilizes an integrated algorithm using regressions to analyze weekly gains on seasonal demand such as summer promotions for volume lift.
  • Candidate 6PM is located in Georgia.

Candidate 5PM:

  • Candidate 5PM has over 7 years in marketing and product management in retail service markets and building products.
  • He 3-1/2 yrs. experience working on analyzing products and markets. He currently reports to their Project Manager – but was brought on under sourcing and works with marketing on product commercialization. Their revenue includes both corporate and franchisee level sales.
  • He is involved with vendors, customer and sales communication as well as solving any issues that arise. His biggest value-add is streamlining processes. He also keeps an eye on project budgets, reviewing ROI’s and KPI’s.
  • He runs analytics from spreadsheet data and MS Access. – working with Marketing on their budget and their spend. He’s proficient with Excel and MS Projects.
  • He has experience with call data and scripts, and developing marketing plans. He tracked key indicators to make campaign adjustments.
  • Candidate 5PM is located in Georgia.

Candidate 4PM:

  • Candidate 4PM has an MBA and BA in business and has focused all of his 9 yr. career in retail operations management in big-box RCP stores.
  • He started out as an Asst Store Manager mgr. at a store where he managed several departments over the next three years (50-60 people reporting to him) in one of their larger stores – a $50M revenue.
  • He has also had experience as a Divisional Mgr. over 22 facilities. Jontray attributes this role to learning the art of negotiation and how to deal with vendors and contractors. Here he worked with senior level corporates delivering cost analysis, timelines and deliverables on remodels, process improvement initiatives, and data analytics around the cost justifications.
  • In his most recent role was as a Store Manager for a $25M store in GA. Here he managed anywhere from 60-80 personnel. He split his time between personnel and process management and analyzing sales, financials, and running competitive product SWOTS against other big-box stores market penetration.
  • He uses SAP for all internal direct material supplies. As far as data analytics he reviews sales, expenses, returns, # units sold, product velocity.
  • Candidate 4PM is located in Georgia.

Candidate 3PM:

  • Candidate 3PM holds a Bachelor’s in Business and a Master’s in Marketing she has 7 years of experience in sales analytics, marketing, and trade management.
  • At her current company, she has simultaneously handled trade management of 3 different product lines across a multitude of both big-box and specialty retailers.
  • She has experience in running product line reviews and was creating all the decks for her channel. She enjoys the interaction with customers and helping them meet their objectives. She has been part of NPD efforts, business planning, slot planning, pricing analysis and has been key in making assortment recommendations.
  • She finds she’s most successful when working on a highly collaborative team.
  • Candidate 3PM is located in Georgia.

Candidate 2PM:

  • Candidate 2PM holds dual degrees in both Advertising and Fashion Merchandising.
  • She has experience as a category manager, she leads a cross-functional team of engineers, product designers, and packaging designers from concept through launch. She also is responsible new sales platforms, and the success metrics and life cycle management of her product category.  She manages a $40M segment which encompassing over 40 SKU’s.
  • Her role enables her to gain marketing perspective on product design and demand as well as influencing retailer positioning and promotion.
  • She enjoys working with retail buyers and executing strategies that align with company S&OP targets.
  • She has had up to 2 direct reports a product manager and an associate product manager so she has the opportunity to groom and coach employees.
  • She has had a variety of product platforms and marketing strategies. She enjoys the challenge of benchmarking a product’s success and then making it happen.
  • Candidate 2PM is located in Georgia.

Candidate 1PM:

  • Candidate 1PM has a BA in Marketing from University of South Carolina.
  • She began her career working in web merchandising. Her role there was quite multi-faceted, her department was very hands on. She assisted in all areas including imagery, copywriting, product themes, and web stories.
  • She handled both promotional marketing including yearly strategies and email marketing.
  • She worked with all aspects of a marketing in a business; products, consumers and technical platforms.
  • She developed email marketing, worked with graphic designers and creative designers developing print media and billboards, and developed promotional material for their sponsors
  • She has experience with a number of software platforms. including WordPress and Magento for back-end design.
  • She has a background in Google analytics and has used Coremetrics for collecting marketing data and website traffic.
  • She is familiar with some project management software and is quite proficient in Excel.
  • Candidate 1PM is located in Georgia.