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Candidate 17489:

  • Degree(s)/Certification(s): MS Mechanical Engineering, BS. Mechatronics Engineering

  • Level: Executive/ Mid/ Junior

  • Industry(s) and # years’ experience: 14 yrs in facility CAPEX facility and infrastructure improvement

  • Managed design, implementation and commissioning of:
    • $4.7M pneumatic conveying and barcode quality control systems in US and SA plants reducing CO2 footprint, energy consumption and production costs.
    • $2.5M mixer equipment systems in Campinas Brazil and Griffin, GA reducing energy consumption and production cost.
  • Current Location: SW metro Atlanta
  • Open to Relocation? No

Candidate 17491:

  • Degree(s)/Certification(s): Bachelor of Science (BS) in Materials Science and Engineering, Polymers

  • Level: Executive/ Mid/ Junior

  • Industry(s) and # years’ experience: 18

  • Led a $26M Capital program decommission and move key assets/production processes to other locations

  • Identified root cause of quality failures through analytics, resulting in a plant savings of $500,000 annually

  • Current Location: N metro Atlanta, GA

  • Open to Relocation? No

  • Salary requirement: $140-160k

Candidate 246PMO:

  • Candidate 246PMO is a Mechanical Engineer. Upon graduation in 2018, she went to work in an engineering leadership rotation program.
  • While in product management she supported the new product development team making sure their deliverables were done on time and scheduling all meetings to make sure their projects launched on time. She also worked with the marketing team, reviewing competitors – and she did a lot of presentations. 
  • She feels like she has good technical training – designing, reading drawings, understanding project phases, but she most enjoys coordinating people, working with customers and meeting timelines.

Candidate 578PMO:

  • Candidate 578PMO has a bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business and holds a PMP certification.
  • She has been a Project Manager and worked her way into the role by taking on more and more responsibilities that were project based. 
  • She spent the month of October completing her PMP studies and passing the exam.
  • She handled all types of projects in that role.
  • She talked about being in charge of moving one of their products being produced in a plant in Poland over to a plant in Germany because their customer requested the change. She worked with engineering to get the production requirements and documentation switched over from one plant to the other. She was given 2 months to complete but was able to exceed schedule by 2-3 weeks.
  • She helped develop project plans many of which involved gains in production efficiency, but she also learned to read drawings by working with their engineers on new product development.
  • She held project kickoff meetings – she developed the project timeline, assembled the team, and held weekly meetings to get status reports.

Candidate 456PMO:

  • Candidate 456PMO has a BA in History and an MA in International Relations.
  • Her career began in Sales, but she developed an interest in project management while working with a staffing company.
  • She was responsible for tracking status of projects – keeping them on track – both timelines and suppliers but was not responsible for tracking project costs.
  • They kept her in the position because of her skills in coordination and working with their engineers. She was utilizing MS Project as a PM tool.
  • She worked for a manufacturing company and got experience reading engineering drawings while she was there.
  • One of her major projects was coordinating a large IT implementation – a costly software upgrade initiative. She was using Smartsheet to monitor and track progress. She was also handling daily standups as a part of her responsibility.
  • She has also managed several smaller IT projects but is currently in-between assignments.
  • She loves project management, and now that she’s been exposed to both the engineering side and the IT side, she says she wants to get back to working with engineers on product delivery.
  • She is pursuing her PMP, and is currently enrolled in classes to enhance that objective.

Candidate 135PMO:

  • Candidate 135PMO is a recent Industrial Engineering graduate from Kennesaw State University.
  • She was working part-time for a large manufacturer before graduating as part of their IE team, and has continued on with them after graduation. 
  • She has participated in several project assignments – some lean process improvement initiatives in the warehouse – but her largest engagement has been as the lead coordinator with their college teams on their assigned, in-house project. She reports to a Project Manager.
  • She uses Gantt Charts and is proficient in using MS Project, Excel and all other MS Office products.
  • She developed an interest in project management during an internship with a company in Turkey while in college.
  • She also started an online master’s program in analytics this fall at Georgia Tech – a degree she is pursuing while working.

Candidate 17PMO:

  • Candidate 17PMO’s career somewhat speaks for itself. He is an EE by education and has spent his career developing communications hardware and running teams that deliver full lifecycle new product development.
  • He’s been running a hardware IoT group for the last 6 years. He managed a team of 10 engineers.
  • He not only understands technology, but he also understands developing the feasibility around projects with regards to what data to monetize, what features will sell more product, and what pieces of the project to outsource.
  • His team designed many large projects. He, in fact, would spend weeks in China getting products through the final test phase so they could get it to market for their client.
  • He states he is getting towards the end of his career, such that he not so much working for the money, but more because he enjoys the technology and feels he has a lot to contribute in advancing efforts to design products with IoT capabilities.

Candidate 16PMO:

  • Candidate 16PMO is involved in communication protocols in IoT wants to expand into interfacing in IoT world.
  • He has photosensors and dimming experience, also developing technology around visual light communication used as a position solution.
  • He does a lot of phase gate oversight and works with lights giving pulsed signals using algorithms in the receiver adjusting direction for mapping.
  • Candidate 16PMO lives in Georgia.

Candidate 15PMO:

  • Candidate 15PMO has his MS in Industrial Engineering and Technology and his MBA.  He also has his Six Sigma Green Belt certification.
  • He has experience as a program manager, quality supervisor, and quality engineer for a large financial institution with clients in the retail and aeronautics industries.
  • His direct responsibilities were managing audits, quality trends, root causes, and customer complaints.  He also dealt a lot with supplier quality issues.
  • He created reporting dashboards from Excel because of security issues and was the lone quality engineer among a group of manufacturing production engineers.
  • He loves learning and is located in Georgia.

Candidate 14PMO:

  • Candidate 14PMO has experience with new machine development, packaging machines, and form fill machines.
  • He was the project lead on a project out of Peru to work with a supplier to vet them as an OEM packaging supplier and also ran a project moving the company from Portland to Atlanta.
  • His new GA operation is out-producing the Portland facility by 30% in 3 years over the 30 years in Portland.
  • He also works on regulatory compliance.
  • In his most recent position, he worked on the air compressor line and also did some sourcing and product development.
  • He loves troubleshooting and fixing problems, and has traveled all over the world.
  • Candidate 14PMO is currently living in Georgia.

Candidate 13PMO:

  • Candidate 13PMO has been working as an onsite contractor for the last two years.
  • His primary role is to provide controls maintenance and programming.
  • He has nearly 20 years’ experience in automation controls and primarily programs in ControlLogix, but he also works with Siemen’s PLCs.  He started PLC programming via OJT and self-training and has taken several training courses throughout his career.
  • He served 4 yrs in the military as a Sergeant, AM/FM Radio specialist, and spent his entire active duty with the 82nd Airborne division. He was honorably discharged in 1989.
  • He considers himself to be an excellent communicator with others and says his military background provides him with discipline in dynamic environments.
  • Candidate 13PMO currently lives in Georgia.

Candidate 12PMO:

  • Candidate 12PMO is a certified OnBase System Administrator with almost 2 years of experience working with Implementations of EPIC OnBase Builds.
  • He has worked multiple implementations with a 3 Tier Hospital in California each with 500+ beds.
  • Performs OnBase implementation tasks including: configuration, integration, custom programming support of a wide number and type of applications, including middleware and batch activities while assisting in the design and development of OnBase security architecture, as well as the development of processes, validation and system administration of the OnBase environment including Front Office Scanning enterprise-wide (locally hosted/epic hosted).
  • Performs testing of services for OnBase.
  • Designs and develops accurate and timely reports using report writing tools such as SQL, Crystal Reports, Excel.
  • Responsible for on-going system-level support of OnBase application.
  • Assists departments with troubleshooting and Train the Trainer
  • Created AIF Tables for Epic Integration for OnBase
  • Built Category List/System definitions  in Epic for OnBase DMS configuration
  • Assists with upgrades and testing of new versions of existing software
  • Work closely with registration, HIM and HB to customize their OnBase workflows and security structure
  • He lives in California and is willing to be on-site as needed for Go-Live for as long as needed.

Candidate 11PMO:

  • Candidate 11PMO has a Mechanical Engineering degree.
  • He started his career working as a process engineer he enjoyed plant floor which gave him lots of exposure to various manufacturing processes and efficiencies.
  • In his current role he is PM for about a year running 7 projects currently does work on plastic bottles and packaging for health and beauty products. Works in MS Project daily. He also produces WBS and Gantt charts
  • Candidate 11PMO is located in Georgia.

Candidate 10PMO:

  • Candidate 10PMO has a Mechanical Engineering degree.
  • He started his career working as a process engineer he enjoyed plant floor which gave him lots of exposure to various manufacturing processes and efficiencies.
  • In his current role he is PM for about a year running 7 projects currently does work on plastic bottles and packaging for health and beauty products. Works in MS Project daily. He also produces WBS and Gantt charts
  • Candidate 10PMO is located in Georgia.

Candidate 9PMO:

  • Candidate 9PMO holds a BA in Communications and his PMP from PMI.
  • He has extensive experience in technical project management primarily in telecommunications and fiber optics.
  • He enjoys customer interface and works hard to meet customer demands and has experience in managing process improvement projects.
  • Candidate 9PMO is located in Georgia.

Candidate 8PMO:

  • Candidate 8PMO holds a BS in Business.
  • In her current company hired to participate in their management training program designed as 4-6 months rotations through different divisions.
  • Within a few months of hire, she was identified as a strong candidate to lead their product transitioning efforts project in Chicago. After 12 months running the project, she returned back to Atlanta upon closeout.
  • Her current role involves supporting product managers on product launches, lifecycle management, and product marketing – she is involved in the conceptual design phase thru product launch.
  • Part of her role involves developing analytics around product feasibility and competitive positioning and ensuring a go-to-market strategy.
  • She has a great deal of experience in managing NPI thru Excel and PDM. She uses PDM every day and taught herself Oracle. She is a self-professed independent learner. She picks up concepts, software, and new techniques quickly.
  • Candidate 8PMO is located in Georgia.

Candidate 7PMO:

  • Candidate 7PMO will be graduating with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering
  • He has been working in manufacturing environments since 2008 both as a production technician and later as a product development co-op and as a manufacturing engineer intern.
  • He managed several product development projects using MS Project, operations management and inventory control.
  • Prior to beginning his engineering studies, he worked as a production technician in a wide variety of machine tool and fabrication operations. He has a broad knowledge of manufacturing techniques and processes.
  • He is actively interviewing for positions in product development and manufacturing.
  • Candidate 7PMO is located in Georgia.

Candidate 6PMO:

  • Candidate 6PMO has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Shortly after graduation, Jeremy went for a vehicle transportation solutions company typically working on anywhere from 5-12 projects at a time.
  • His contribution is working with the customer to develop the product, producing the CAD design, prototyping and test fitting the assembly, and working with their manufacturing team to put into production for outfitting. They usually prototype a lot size of ~ 10, get feedback and requested modifications, make changes, get sign off, and then prep for production.
  • He uses an internal PDM program for tracking their product development cycle including, drawings, revisions, BOM’s, supplier mgt, and production processes. It is very similar to Solidworks PDM software.
  • He also got experience with project management during his yearlong senior design project working for an Aerospace company designing a wing attachment to reduce drag and thereby fuel costs.
  • He is motivated to continue his career growth in product development. He works daily in Solidworks and would like to increase his project management skills by handling a wider variety of product challenges.
  • Candidate 6PMO is located in Georgia.

Candidate 5PMO:

  • Candidate 5PMO Bachelors, Masters and PMP certifications.
  • He has extensive experience in IT Project Management and has a strong understanding of software development
  • In his current role, he took over the interfacing with the client and enjoys both engaging clients and understanding their needs/ concerns as well as getting into the details of a project- working through ideas, concepts, plans, and processes
  • He is very detail-oriented and a strong analytical thinker who has a good understanding of business processes and how IT relates to the business
  • He has been involved with a variety of industries but has had no direct exposure to manufacturing. He has worked with Engineering and Supply Chain with some of the cable companies he worked with.  He is very interested in manufacturing and would love to get more in-depth within manufacturing/ distribution.
  • He has a good attitude and is looking for a stable and growing company where he can contribute to the success of the organization.
  • Candidate 5PMO is located in Georgia.

Candidate 4PMO:

  • Candidate 4PMO BA in Communications and his PMP from PMI.
  • He has extensive experience in technical project management primarily in telecommunications and fiber optics.
  • He enjoys customer interface and works hard to meet customer demands.
  • He has experience in managing process improvement projects.
  • Candidate 4PMO is located in Georgia.

Candidate 3PMO:

  • Candidate 3PMO has her BS in Zoology. She worked a variety of jobs after college and eventually landed at Water Additives company where she was first exposed to project management and knew that a Project Manager/ Consultant was what she wanted to do.
  • One of her first projects needed her to create the company website and she was asked to lead the project. She was involved in the full cycle of the project and even learned some coding from the content developer. She has also been exposed to the manufacturing process and supply chain.
  • She also pursued and obtained her PM certification and her PMP from the Project Management Institute.
  • For the past three years, she has managed anywhere from 4-10 projects managing commercial development projects. She works with both the clients and internal teams.
  • She works well with others and can also put her head down and get the job done.  She is a great communicator and has a great attitude and will to succeed.
  • She really enjoys setting up processes and describes herself as analytical “if something doesn’t make sense, I have to figure out and understand why”
  • Candidate 3PMO is located in Georgia.

Candidate 2PMO:

  • Candidate 2PMO has her Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, her Masters in Mechanical Engineering, her MBA and her PMP certification.
  • Kathy has over 14 years of experience in a variety of roles. She worked on both the manufacturing and supply chain side and has a strong understanding of both processes.
  • She has handled multiple projects and was involved in the full cycle of the project. While she was able to utilize many project management techniques, she would like to have a more hands-on role in her next opportunity.
  • She is always looking for ways to improve a process and analyze how a process can benefit the overall new product space
  • She works well with others as well as independently. She is looking for a company where she can learn new skills as well as grow with the company.
  • Candidate 2PMO is located in Georgia.

Candidate 1PMO:

  • Candidate 1PMO has his BSME and his PMP from Project Management Institute- he considers himself a lifelong learner and loves to take on new challenges
  • He has spent his entire career in a variety of roles.  Almost all of the roles involved some sort of Project Management responsibilities.
  • He has a lot of experience in generating SOPs, business analysis, and utilizing the project management framework.
  • He has also had working experience as the Brand Reimage Manager he was exposed to warehousing and distribution.
  • His project management experiences have involved executing a diverse range of complex multi-stakeholder client-focused projects.   He believes this diversity in as far as the types of project experiences is indicative of his inherent capacities to successfully learn and adopt new concepts, and undertake new challenges.
  • He is also familiar with the software development lifecycle.
  • Candidate 1PMO is located in Georgia.