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Candidate SM2:

    • Candidate SM2 has her MS in Occupational Safety; she is CSP and ASP certified. Her OSHA certification is expired but she could very easily retake the test to bring it up to date.
    • She is currently working as an on-site safety manager. She is responsible for compliance with and maintenance of SPCC plan, Hazardous Waste, refrigerant management, Well Permit, and all environmental compliance activities.  She ensures continued alignment with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and spearheads continuous improvement of impact identification and aspect monitoring.
    • She has 4 years of experience as a Safety Manager and 1 year in a manufacturing environment. She has worked in medical manufacturing and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
    • During her time at the medical device manufacturer and previously at a biopharmaceutical manufacturer, she was exposed to chemicals. They used large amounts of ethanol to create their products.  They manufactured plasma therapeutic products and had as much as 15,000 gallons of ethanol stored on-site at any given time.  She is aware of the process safety requirements that may affect such chemical companies and has worked in a variety of lab environments that exposed her to an extremely large variety of chemicals.
    • Also, early in her career, she worked with all types of chemicals as a Compliance Specialist. She has also worked as a Hazardous Materials Tech., where she was responsible for hazardous material use, storage, and compliance.
    • Candidate SM2 currently resides in Florida but is open to relocation.

Candidate SM1:

  • Candidate SM1 has his Master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Associates in Environmental Health and Safety and 20+ years of experience in handling company Safety Programs.
  • He is 1 of 7 people in the United States certified to train OSHA 1910-1926, HAZMAT, BAT, Safe Land/Safe Gulf, and Anit-Terrorism instruction. He is also a Certified Incident Commander for the US. Not to mention he has his commercial pilots license so he can be anywhere he needs to be the next day!
  • He is very good at what he does and companies hire him because of his expertise; he is one of the “Big Guns”.  He will help your company become the company everyone else models their safety program after.
  • In previous roles, he developed and enacted both OSHA and a Safety program from the ground up. He trained 1575 employees in both initial and advanced safety procedures. He conducted hazardous materials training and monitored all environmental issues as well as documentation. He conducted OSHA 10 and 30-hour classes as well as all equipment certifications. He received accommodations for his work from the Governor of Arkansas.
  • Because he has a degree in Engineering, he is able to speak in terms the engineers relate to. (He also speaks French and German). He has experience in Medical, Aerospace and Construction industries.
  • He has extensive experience with Chemicals. He has worked with rocket and jet fuel, and extensively in Chemicals.
  • He has worked with multiple insurance companies and able to get his company’s rates lowered using 5S.  He also has a lot of experience handling workers compensation investigations and paperwork.