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Candidate 102SE:

  • Candidate 102SE has his MBA and BS in Business and is set to complete his Doctorate in 2021.
  • He has been in Outside Sales for all of his career and has worked in a variety of industries.
  • He has a strong technical background and learns products and how they contribute to the production process quickly.
  • He enjoys outside sales and cold calling/ identifying new prospects and then using a variety of techniques to get in front of the correct decision-maker.
  • In a previous role, he covered all of Virginia and is still connected with many of the industrial clients he worked with. 
  • He has an engaging personality and is not afraid to knock on doors and not stop until he gets the sale.
  • He resides in Virginia.

Candidate 3658SE:

  • Candidate 3658SE has his BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alabama and three years experience as a Sales Engineer primarily in instrumentation and control valves.
  • He describes himself as an aggressive Sales Engineer and has grown his territory significantly over the past two years.
  • He is comfortable with a large product line and believes in becoming an expert in what you sell.  He has sold into the oil and gas, power and chemical industries.
  • He spends 95% of his time in front of customers and gains trust through building relationships.
  • He has an engaging personality and has a passion for sales.
  • He lives in Alabama.

Candidate 221SE:

  • Candidate 221SE has an Industrial Technology degree, and has had career experience in manufacturing, quality, inside sales, and outside territory sales.
  • For the last 3 years he’s been selling contract manufacturing services to customers across the SE. His organization provides sheet metal fabrication of primarily laser cut and formed parts of various complexity.
  • He calls on industrial manufacturing facilities interacting with engineers, maintenance supervisors, plant managers, and sometimes the CEO.
  • He’s built some very sustainable, repeat business by calling on OEMs. He is the only outside salesman at his company, and drives much of the coordination and activity of the 6 inside sales reps, their process engineer and their quality manager.
  • Prior to working in sales, he was in manufacturing and quality with an organization that manufactured machined hydraulic cylinders and accumulators. He started on the assembly floor, then moved to maintenance and on to manufacturing engineering, then quality engineering.

Candidate 378SE:

  • Candidate 378SE is an engineer and holds an MBA. He has spent most of his career in applications engineering, technical sales and marketing.
  • He’s been on both the heating and cooling side of his organization’s HVACR product lines.
  • He spent 10-12 years in outside sales, both as a factory salesperson and manufacturer’s rep in central PA. He grew his territory from about $600k to $2M as a manufacturer’s rep selling instruments, valves, pumps, and an array of commercial and industrial equipment.
  • He has done route sales in steam and hydronic instrumentation and controls.
  • He understands the need to balance online marketing and lead generation with face-to-face consultative selling. His time in marketing has shown him how to take the personality and culture of the company, and figure out how to approach the market and understand who is buying product. He notes, “People buy product from people. You can’t lose sight of that.”
  • He lives in Virginia.

Candidate 902SE:

  • Candidate 902SE has his BS in Industrial Management, AS in Mechanical Engineering and extensive experience in Industrial Sales.
  • He has sold into a variety of industries and is comfortable meeting with the Director of Engineering to a maintenance tech. He is very accustomed to setting up calls on a weekly basis and typically meets with 3-4 people a day- holding lunch and learns, modeling or troubleshooting products, and building relationships.
  • Throughout his career, he has worked both independently as an outside sales rep as well as managed relationships with agencies/ manufacturing rep companies
  • He has managed up to 8 Direct Reports and would love to get back into a management role one day.
  • He is looking for a stable organization where he can make an impact and use his wealth of experience to increase profitability.

Candidate 25SE:

  • Candidate 25SE has a BS in Chemical Engineering and has worked as an Environmental Engineer for 2 years. He currently works as a Sales Support Specialist for a manufacturer of Nyloplast basins and pipes.
  • He understands how to price products/projects as well as negotiate them and he currently works in the most competitive territory for his products. Currently the customer sends their plans and he figures out their needs. He does 90% of the communication with the customer.
  • He has trained multiple Sales Reps. on his products and pricing structures.
  • He has experience establishing his company’s customers and handling their technical questions. He can create new business and has added 5 new customers in the past 3 months.
  • He currently generates leads for Sales Reps. on construction projects. He generates these leads by cold calling. His customers are mostly distributors and engineers.
  • He has a GREAT personality and is made for Sales.

Candidate 24SE:

  • Candidate 24SE has an MBA, a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering and 10+years experience in Technical Sales. He is able to identify and implement innovative solutions to enhance customer relationships.
  • He has experience in building and maintaining relationships, he can develop sales activities and map out opportunities through cold calling and getting to the decision makers.
  • He started his career as a Mechanical Engineer and has done equipment design. He feels this gives him a better ability to understand the products he will be selling.
  • He has sold chemicals and adhesives. He has extensive experience with the food industry, the automotive industry and many other types of manufacturing industries.  He understands injection molding from his time with Tier 1 & 2 automotive customers.
  • He has extensive experience dealing with Chemical manufacturing and Power Plants. Because of his background in manufacturing he has in-depth knowledge of motors, values, pneumatics, etc.
  • He has Management experience and has developed cross-functional teams to create cost savings programs. He has had 2 direct reports during his time managing Sales Engineers and up to 30 direct reports during his time managing at 3M in production.
  • He has experience interacting with internal and external customers overseas in Japan, Korea, and Germany.
  • He has trained proper application techniques, process improvement understanding, conducted project meetings and customer reviews throughout the project life cycle automotive assembly plants.

Candidate 23SE:

  • Candidate 23SE is an experience Outside Sales Representative with extensive experience in cold calling on industrial accounts. He has 10 years experience in Sales.
  • He currently works with an organization who rents filtration equipment to companies. He works with his customers and engineers to decide what equipment is needed.
  • He calls on EHS, Maintenance, and engineers. He is very technically minded and understands his product and the industries that use it very well.
  • He is very familiar with Atlanta and the surrounding territory and has called on the industries in Atlanta for many years. Industries such as Power, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Wastewater, etc.
  • He has a lot of industry contacts and is also very comfortable getting leads and landing new accounts. He is aware of the obstacles faced with getting to talk to the right person and he is able to get to ‘that’ person. He feels as long as you are able to show them how you can save them money they will listen.

Candidate 22SE:

  • Candidate 22SE has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and 3 year experience as part of a Sales Team. He is the Technical Representative on the team. He travels all over the country with this team.
  • In his current role and last position, he worked as an Inside sales support engineer as well. He has helped support the Sales team with generating technical proposals and cost estimates.
  • During his time as a Thermodynamic Performance Engineer he prepared performance modeling, performance testing, heat balance equations, mass flow, etc. He has extensive experience in the Power Plant industry.
  • He has mainly worked in the power generation industry. (Over 15 years) He has experience in all aspects of the performance of the equipment along with some commissioning experience as well.

Candidate 21SE:

  • Candidate 21SE has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and 20 years experience in Technical Service and Sales.
  • During his time with one organization, he first worked as a Service Engineer, but with a heavy outside sales focus for developing new accounts and expanding business with existing accounts. During this period, the organization did not have a Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast, so he took on this role and while he was in the field he took this opportunity to drive sales growth. Later, he worked as an Engineering Manager responsible for all technical operations of the business. In this role, he remained very engaged with sales, including supervising Inside Sales, and acting as the ‘closer’ in the field when new prospects or projects were approaching a commitment, and needed some face-to-face technical expertise to close the deal.
  • He played a key role in doubling sales over five years after the recession and received the Employee Recognition Award. He was the key technical lead at a facility that has been ranked as #1 out of 4  repair centers and recognized for increasing profit and customer service. His leadership skills have been demonstrated in the management of over 15 employees ensuring a high level of production and morale in the department.
  • At another organization, he managed inside and outside sales of a 700+ spindle line to a customer base that covered North/South America. They competed against other OEM’s to service the spindles as well as identifying and quoting support equipment like inverters, chillers, air filtration, cables, collets, tooling, etc.
  • He has experience calling on a variety of customers from senior management, manufacturing engineers, machine repairmen to vibration analysts.

Candidate 20SE:

  • Candidate 20SE has a BS in Chemical Engineering and extensive experience in technical sales.
  • He came from a start-up company and he handled establishing their brand new customer base by 100% cold calling.
  • In his next role,  he handled sales, business development, and customer service. He performed boiler efficiency studies, did site visits, looked at their current equipment, looked at the issues with that equipment, wrote up proposals to let them know what could be offered, talked about the technology, talked about return on investment, then help with installation and training! It was a true Cradle to the Grave experience.
  • In another role, he was also responsible for sales as well as project management, technical development and marketing. He understands thermodynamics and has extensive experience with boilers.
  • He has 5 years experience with Capital Equipment Sales in the Pulp & Paper, Power (Coal), Heat Recovery (Steel) and Wastewater Markets.

Candidate 19SE:

  • Candidate 4WL has a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Mgt.
  • He’s currently employed and managing a 20,000 Sq. Ft facility, worth over $100k stock inventory, and manages the full procurement to shipment cycle of over $300k capital equipment cross-docked monthly.
  • He has designed and created the inventory database including a custom ERP he built from the ground up with over 20,000 SKU’s in the system. He has experience in both Oracle and Peoplesoft platforms.
  • As well as experience in Supply Chain management he also manages some of the field operations such as oversing PO’s, all inventory, shipping & receiving. He currently has 30 indirect reports.
  • He is a Veteran in the military and has supervised as many as 60 personnel successfully.
  • For his next role, he specifically wants to be in a position that allows him to grow his responsibility and management.
  • Candidate 4WL is located in Georgia.

Candidate 19SE:

  • Candidate 19SE has a BSEE and 20 years experience in Technical Sales.
  • He has received five times The “Presidential Sales Award” for achieving/exceeding individual sales quotas.
  • He currently works for an electrical company selling electrical components to the HVAC market. He sells to contractors and manufacturers. Calls on Engineers and Maintenance Techs. He is the technical resource as well as the sales rep.
  • In his 20 years of projects as an Engineer/Sales manager, he has seen and dealt with many brands.
  • He is comfortable creating new business and believes understanding the product is key to doing just that. He gave an example of how he was able to gain a new order by walking the customer through the manufacturing process and explaining based on how his part performed it could actually save them money.
  • He understands how to set up his day and how to get to the decision maker, he is not afraid to keep calling until he gets that appointment set up. He currently works from a home office.
  • He has experience calling on several different industries: food and beverage, mining, wastewater, medical facilities, and HVAC

Candidate 18SE:

  • Candidate 18SE has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and 15 years experience with Thermodynamics.
  • In his current role and last position (5yrs total), he has worked as an Inside sales support engineer. He has helped support the Sales team with generating technical proposals and cost estimates.
  • He has 3 years experience going on Sales calls and being the Technical Rep/SME. He traveled all over the country with the Sales team.
  • During his time as a Thermodynamic Performance Engineer he prepared performance modeling, performance testing, heat balance equations, mass flow, etc.
  • He has been a project engineer on several teams. He is comfortable with technical writing and much thermodynamic software.
  • He has extensive experience in the Power Plant industry.

Candidate 17SE:

  • Candidate 17SE is a BSME with a strong mechanical and sales background.
  • He has a good understanding of filtration products and has served the Wastewater & Water Treatment, HVAC, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas and Power industries.
  • He has a strong mechanical aptitude and sells as a consultant.
  • He is comfortable managing a sales team.  In the past, he had a team of relatively new sales reps and he focused on being a mentor/ training them up on both business development and the products.
  • In addition to filtration products, he also has experience with compressors, heat pumps, blowers, etc. I had him take a look at Fluid Flows product line and he was very comfortable and familiar with most of it.

Candidate 16SE:

  • Candidate 16SE has been in Sales for 20 years, prior to that he played professional baseball for 6 years.
  • He does have extensive technical Sales experience and even a bit of Management experience (2 yrs.)
  • During his 5 years with his current company, he opened 78 new accounts while averaging 65% growth in total sales per year.
  • He knows how to get to the decision makers and deals with the same types of customers, engineers and maintenance techs.
  • He has to do a lot of hands-on training with his products and demos.
  • While most of his recent customers have been in construction, he also has experience with power generation facilities, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, food and beverage plants and even pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • He currently resides in Florida, but is interested in relocating to Atlanta, GA.

Candidate 15SE:

  • Candidate 15SE has 25 years Industrial Sales experience. He has been able to increase sales with each company he has worked with by 20-30%.
  • He understands how mechanical systems work; he used to work as a Project manager and an estimator. His job was bidding, servicing and replacing mechanical systems – including boilers pumps and accessories.
  • His next job was with a manufacturing representative handling copper finned tube high-efficiency boilers. There he attended their service and start-up certification class.
  • Now, as a regional manager he sells Lochinvar boiler and Precision boiler pressure gauges, Thermometers, transmitters, level detectors, temperature regulators, seals and pressure regulators.
  • He is an aggressive sales person and has brought many large projects to his companies. He understands how to get to the decision makers and is not afraid to make cold calls or drop by until that happens.
  • He has worked with multiple power plants: GE Power, Duke Power, etc. He is familiar with the plants in the Atlanta area. He understands how they work and has sold to them all. He is used to dealing with the maintenance or engineering personnel and can speak their language.

Candidate 14SE:

  • Candidate 14SE has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and 15 years experience with Thermodynamics.
  • In his current role and last position, he has worked as an inside sales support engineer. He has helped support the sales team with generating technical proposals and cost estimates.
  • He has 3 years experience going on sales calls and being the Technical Rep/SME. He traveled all over the country with the sales team.
  • During his time as a Thermodynamic Performance Engineer, he prepared performance modeling, performance testing, heat balance equations, mass flow, etc.
  • He has been a project engineer on several teams. He is comfortable with technical writing and much thermodynamic software.
  • He has extensive experience in the Power Plant industry.
  • He is a quick learner and feels he could become an expert on the inner workings of a boiler very quickly. He is already skilled on the outside of boilers.
  • Candidate 14SE is located in Atlanta, GA.

Candidate 13SE:

  • Candidate 13SE has his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University.
  • He currently works as an Inside Sales Engineer for a lighting organization- he has always had a desire to be in sales because of his strong communication skills and love of networking and traveling.
  • His current role does not allow him the opportunity to use his degree as much as he would like. He would love an opportunity to apply his knowledge of heat transfer and thermodynamics within a sales platform.
  • He has experience in manufacturing and strong communication skills.
  • Candidate 13SE is located in Sandy Springs, GA.

Candidate 12SE:

  • Candidate 12SE has a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Engineering from Middle Tennessee State University. He has a total of 25-year experience in Technical Sales
  • He has the ability to sell a technical product to customers by building relationships and negotiating to help company’s drive profits.
  • He is able to grow territories, increase sales to existing customers, and achieve all sales objectives and strategic plans.
  • He understands what it takes to close business opportunities, cold calling, networking, etc.
  • He has experience in steel, aluminum, automotive and energy, and understands thermodynamics in automotive through powertrain.
  • He has experience with several CRM’s and his resume shows multiple examples of his sales achievements.
  • Kevin is currently in a contract position and the contract is coming to an end.  He is looking for a full time opportunity with a stable organization.
  • He is currently located in Tennessee.

Candidate 11SE:

  • Candidate 11SE is a seasoned Sales Manager/Engineer with extensive experience in technical sales as well as a Masters in Industrial Technology.
  • In previous positions, he earned several outstanding performances for best salesperson for multiple years, and exceeded sales goals by introducing new accounts and matching their capabilities with potential customers.
  • He is an excellent communicator, skilled negotiator and able to present value analysis/value engineering to engineers, designers and purchasing departments due to his experience and technical education.
  • He sold to several industries: Automotive, Aerospace, and Consumer/ Textile.
  • He currently lives in Carrollton, GA and is available immediately.

Candidate 10SE:

  • Candidate 10SE has a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Sales Engineering.
  • He has 18 months experience working in Technical outside sales for an integrated power service provider of electric motors, generators, transformers, pumps, drives, metal-clad switchgear, metal-enclosed switchgear, and all rotating apparatus. His territory was 1/3 of Florida and he is comfortable with travel.
  • His day to day consists of getting new prospects as well as working with existing clients in ensuring that their equipment is serviced, maintained in a timely manner.
  • He uses CRM system to project management specific client activities and updates. He then uses this to prioritize his activity whether is working with internal management, engineers or his territory customers. He also used this to communicate internally on any issues or time delays on the original schedule.
  • His Mechanical engineering degree helps immensely from reading technical drawings to fully understanding specifications.
  • He fully understands thermodynamics not only from an academic perspective but also in a working environment, one of his clients was a global juice manufacture so he did apply some of that learning into understanding the process.
  • He communicates very well, is confident and is willing to learn and grow in his technical sales career.
  • He is located in Birmingham, AL.

Candidate 9SE:

  • Candidate 9SE has worked his entire career in Heavy Duty Parts and Aftermarket Sales. He is very knowledgeable of the Heavy Truck Aftermarket and loves what he does.
  • He has held several positions within his most recent company and was promoted many times throughout his career. This company actually moved him to Atlanta to develop the Heavy Duty Sales System.
  • Candidate 9SE has worked with manufacturing reps and has a good understanding of the rep structure.
  • He was recently laid off when his position was eliminated through corporate restructuring.  He is looking for a sales role and would love to stay in the Heavy Duty Market.
  • He is comfortable with travel and understands that a sales director role requires significant travel.  In all of his roles he has traveled 50-75% of the time. He would love an opportunity to speak further about the amount of travel required.
  • Candidate 9SE is located in GA.

Candidate 8SE:

  • Candidate 8SE worked at his last employer for 26+ years and was unfortunately let go in August of 2017 due to a restructuring.
  • He has worked most of his career in the automotive industry and Aftermarket Sales in North America.
  • He has 18+ years’ experience as a Sales Director and has managed up to 22 direct reports.
  • He has a successful profit growth record with annual revenue responsibilities from 100-200M.
  • He has a great communication style and is open to travel.
  • Candidate 8SE is located in GA.

Candidate 7SE:

  • Candidate 7SE has over 20 years in sales in a variety of product lines including medical devices, lighting, signage, automotive accessories, and cleanroom.
  • When he worked for previos companies his team sold through rep agencies including large MRO’s. He understands the challenge of getting product in front of distributors who rep a large number of brands. At this company he grew his BU from $26M to $56M in 6 yrs.
  • He has a very easy, engaging personality that would support relational selling.
  • His experience with manufacturer’s rep channels has been very positive. He states it’s about getting their mindshare aligned with your products and getting in the car with them to develop rapport and allegiance. He finds it a useful model to adopt from a cost perspective. He knows how to sell a product’s competitive advantages.
  • Candidate 7SE is comfortable with the traveling M-F.

Candidate 6SE:

  • Candidate 6SE has worked mainly in the Automotive industry and has experience with metal and plastic components and accessories.
  • He has experience managing Manufacturing Representative companies and handled Sales teams. He has provided coaching, mentoring and team-building. As well as helping his Reps. set sales goals, go on Sales calls and close deals.
  • He was responsible for Tier 1 Automotive suppliers for metal and plastic components for multiple manufacturing plants in USA, Canada and Europe.
  • Candidate 6SE is comfortable with the traveling M-F.

Candidate 5SE:

  • Candidate 5SE has over 19 years of sales experience, 15 of them in the filtration business.
  • In his current position, he managed a team of eastern regional sales managers selling into HVAC markets and developing national accounts. He was managing 3 branches in the NE and 4 in SE/FL.  He is supported by an inside sales rep and a customer service rep that report to him.
  • He currently manages 5 open territories: PA, NJ, NYC, Long Island, NY
  • He is currently he is focused on commercial and industrial sales working with distributors and making consultative sales calls.
  • He manages a $5M+ territory and he gets incentivized on the business he closes through his distributors. He hit his target in year one, and is tracking to exceed in year two.
  • He has also been inlvoved leading their CRM conversion from ACT to This was a key accomplishment in his career.
  • He states he had strong management grooming. He learned how to pick “A” players on his team and had a strong retention rate. He came up through the ranks, so he has a good understanding of what motivates and improves a team’s success.

Candidate 4SE:

  • Candidate 4SE holds a BME and an MBA and has a 20 years’ experience in the automotive and power generation industries. He has over 10 years’ of sales and sales management experience.
  • He currently manages business accounts in International markets, but also responsible for North American sales performance up until about a year ago.
  • He has developed business and contracts within heavy industrial manufacturing channels he also has used salesforce to drive their reporting and analytics.
  • Candidate 4SE is open to relocation to GA.

Candidate 3SE:

  • Candidate 3SE has been in Sales Management since 1999 primarily in two industries; computer sales and medical and dental equipment.
  • He managed his sales team utilizing DBS (Danaher’s lean process) and adhering to QDIP scorecard tracking.
  • His processes and approach to management have given him a successful growth track record.
  • He has significant experience with Salesforce
  • He managed KPI’s via log-ins and by stack-ranking usage of Salesforce as a tool.
  • He believes in following the process – find the gaps and fix them.
  • Candidate 3SE is located in GA

Candidate 2SE:

  • Candidate 2SE is a BSME with a strong mechanical and sales background.
  • He has a strong mechanical aptitude and sells as a consultant.
  • His current sales target is 2.3 million selling 100-200k projects.
  • He is comfortable managing a sales team. In the past, he had a team of relatively new sales rep and he focused on being a mentor/ training them up on both business development and the products.
  • He is very comfortable with data driven metrics. He has been using SalesForce since January and really likes the product. He is familiar with the various dashboards and the importance of recording activity.  He feels SalesForce is very intuitive.
  • Candidate 2SE is located in GA

Candidate 1SE:

  • Candidate 1SE is a highly successful and self-motivated Sales Manager with 21 years experience marketing products in highly competitive environments.
  • He is an expert in building/developing Top-Producing sales organizations, demonstrated capabilities to lead by example, to train, motivate and build a strong/loyal staff, and to install teamwork concepts. He has had up to 9 direct reports over 4 states.
  • He has a history of success and surpassing sales targets, Top Performer in target markets, bolstering Sales Growth by maintaining a healthy bottom line and achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Candidate 1SE is located in SC and open to relocation