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Candidate 17524:

  • Degree(s)/Certification(s): BA Business, MBA w/ Concentration: Global Supply Chain & Operations Management, LSSBB

  • Level: Mid

  • Industry(s) and # years’ experience: 10 years in Supply Chain Management and Inventory Analytics

  • Built an Excel tool that extracts parts from BOMs in the ERP to optimize supply planning for production builds

  • Reduced shipping costs by 14% by standardizing methods and reducing the need for expedited shipping

  • Current Location: metro Atlanta NW

  • Open to Relocation? No

Candidate 175523:

  • Degree(s)/Certification(s): BS in Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management

  • Level: Executive/ Mid/ Junior

  • Industry(s) and # years’ experience: 3 years experience in packaging/ pulp and paper

  • Supply Planner managing categories with a combined volume of 10 million cases across 20 converting assets 

  • Advanced level Excel and SAP knowledge

  • Understanding of S&OP process, demand planning and forecasting

  • Current Location: Atlanta, GA

Candidate 16761:

  • Candidate 16761 has her BS in Business Administration and 30 years experience in supply chain.
  • She has extensive experience in Tier 1 Automotive. 
  • She has experience with developing and monitoring supplier scorecards and understands that organization and accuracy is extremely important in maintaining supplier relationships.
  • In a previous role, she managed 10 direct reports. She describes her management style as hands on. She is always on the floor and willing to jump in and help so the team can accomplish their goals quickly and efficiently.
  • She has experience in Materials Managemen. She is proficient in ERP and has 3 years experience with Plex ERP.
  • She has extensive experience in purchasing and is skilled in negotiation.
  • In addition, she is a certified IATF 16949 auditor. She is also certified as a VDA external auditor.
  • She is LSS Green Belt certified and focused on using Lean methodologies to ensure cost savings and increased production.

Candidate 17056:

  • Candidate 17056 has her BA in Professional Studies/ Business with 13 years experience in Materials Management and 7 years experience in Purchasing.  She has 10 years experience in Tier 1 Automotive. 
  • Throughout her career, she has managed customer service,  scheduling, planning, engineering changes, MRP, ERP, Warehouse, and Inventory Management at a variety of facilities.  
  • She has managed a variety of products shipped directly to OEMs including just in time seating, assembled sunroofs, trailer hitches, and multiple plastic injection assemblies for major automotive manufacturers. 
  • In addition, she has been responsible for corrective action and supplier management.
  • Early in her career, she created systems and implemented processes at a start facility in order to become TS certified.
  • She is proficient in ERP systems (has used JDE and SAP most of her career) and Excel she says that you have to understand all of the ins and outs to ensure everything is set up correctly and accurately forecast/ mitigate risk.
  • She has managed teams of up to 100 employees. She describes her management style as very hands-on. She is open and direct and believes that communication is key.

Candidate SCM008:

  • Candidate has a Business degree from Georgia Southern and 10 yrs experience as a raw material Buyer and another 10 yrs as a Materials Manager/Sr Materials Manager
  • Industry experience in Mechanical Systems, Metal Fabrication and Medical Device
  • Implemented purchasing modules for two different MRP systems
  • Successfully negotiated cost reductions of $1.5 million annually in one sourced category
  • Located in NW metro Atlanta

Candidate 17256:

  • Degree(s)/Certification(s): none

  • Level: Executive/ Mid/ Junior

  • Industry(s) and # years’ experience: 20 years experience in supply chain- Industrial Manufacturing. 

  • In his current role, he was able to reduce inventory from 73 million to 54 million through implementing best practices in buying and planning.

  • He has extensive experience with ERP systems and has worked primarily in SAP and JD Edwards. He has been through ERP implementations and understands the importance of tracking and reporting to reduce inventory and maintain inventory accuracy.

  • Current Location: Kennesaw, GA

  • Open to Relocation? Yes

Candidate SCM564:

  • Candidate has 20+ years experience in supply chain and has worked his way up through a variety of roles which he believes allows him to understand all levels of the supply chain and relate to his direct reports- “I know where to go to get the answer”
  • He has a very engaging personality and is a natural leader.
  • He has extensive experience with ERP systems and has worked primarily in SAP and JD Edwards. He has been through ERP implementations and understands the importance of tracking and reporting to reduce inventory and maintain inventory accuracy.
  • In his current role, he was able to reduce inventory from 73 million to 54 million through implementing best practices in buying and planning.
  • He has a great attitude and would be an asset to any organization.
  • He lives in Kennesaw

Candidate SCM990:

  • Candidate received an Industrial Engineering degree in 2012
  • Began career as a Process Engineer in automotive
  • Transitioned into supply chain within a CPG manufacturing operation
  • Has led a team for the last four years in inventory management and logistics on a multi-national platform
  • Has demonstrated success in capturing data and developing process efficiencies for inventory visibility, tracking customer orders, and reducing late shipments
  • Located in metro Atlanta

Candidate 6766SCM:

  • Candidate 6766SCM has been involved in procurement and production planning in manufacturing environments for 12 years of her career.
  • Although her undergraduate degree is in life sciences, she has gained valuable experience working for an NG compressor manufacturer in Ohio and now in the manufacture of refrigerated food storage coolers in Georgia.
  • She completed her CPIM certification last year through APICS.
  • She’s currently responsible for Production Scheduling in a make-to-order assembly operation. She works very closely with the Materials Managers in her scheduling and planning role.
  • She did both production planning and procurement at a previous organization.
  • She went through a transition from AS400 to SAP  so she appreciates the gains made by capturing data in a system and being able to make decisions based on real-time numbers.
  • She’s on a team of 5 people which she manages handling scheduling, material planning, and replenishment. They are responsible for reviewing unit orders for engineering accuracy and double checking the legends to ensure material availability.
  • She resides in Georgia.

Candidate 765SCM:

  • Candidate 765SCM has been in procurement for nearly 12 years. He had an interesting start to his career – at age 16 he worked in the mailroom of a small regional bank and worked his way up to a VP level with a large bank. 
  • He secured a position as a Buyer with a metal company afterward.
  • He was there for close to 8 years where he advanced to a Sr Buyer level. His annual spend was around $60M/yr when he left and was more like $100M prior to the crash in the metals market.
  • He got hired on at another organization in their Flowery Branch operation where they make compressors. It’s a full machine tool operation, full fab shop, and one large assembly area. 
  • He works with four different engineering groups and does the material planning for four different production lines. It is an ASME shop – so they do a lot of the fabrication processes in-house to ensure both materials and fabrication quality meet ASME standards.
  • He says they are very focused on 5s there and use a Kanban pull system for material replenishment for some of their items.
  • He purchases the raw materials used to build compressors, pressure vessels and heat exchangers. He also purchases complete sub-assemblies and components that go into their assemblies. He has experience setting up VMI’s – mostly for commodities like nuts, bolts, gaskets, etc.
  • He gets into sourcing things like motors & starters, control panels, VFDs and other electronics that go into their compressors and large refrigeration units sold into cold storage warehouses.
  • He also handles all of the steel and copper spend for their NA facilities. He set up the tonnage contracts and manages the material coming in. 
  • When he first came on, they were spot buying. Keith converted them over to a planned-buy system.
  • He saved them a lot of money in 2018 by negotiating steel lots that he was able to bring in at pre-tariff hike pricing.
  • He estimates his annual material spend at around $5-10M/yr.
  • He has also used SAP and JDE/Oracle and been through system conversions on both. 
  • He resides in Georgia.

Candidate 7075SCM:

  • Candidate 7075SCM has his BBA in Management/ Marketing and will finish his MBA with a focus on Supply Chain Management & Logistics in December of 2020.
  • He is proficient in Excel and ERP systems. He considers himself very organized.
  • In his current role, he works to make process improvements in the cargo and loading process.
  • He communicates daily with 3PLs and Freight Companies to ensure freight is managed correctly and efficiently.
  • He is experienced in dealing with contracts, outbound logistics schedules, managing lead times and improving time and cost. 

Candidate 998SCM:

  • Candidate 998SCM has 20+ years experience in supply chain and has worked his way up through a variety of roles which he believes allows him to understand all levels of the supply chain and relate to his direct reports.
  • He has a very engaging personality and is a natural leader.
  • He has extensive experience with ERP systems and has worked primarily in SAP and JD Edwards. He has been through ERP implementations and understands the importance of tracking and reporting to reduce inventory and maintain inventory accuracy.
  • He does not hold a Bachelor’s Degree but is confident that his experience and extra training in inventory management and operations will bring a lot of value to an organization- he has “been there, done that” and has learned a lot through out his career.
  • He resides in Georgia.

Candidate SCM25:

  • Candidate SCM25 is an AWESOME communicator and has a ton of energy. He would be an asset to any supply chain.
  • He started at a technology firm (oil and gas industries) as a SQDC (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost) Manager – – a very high pressure/ detail-oriented position. He excelled at this role and was put on the fast track where he was promoted to a Sr Buyer and then Global Sourcing Procurement Lead within two years.
  • He has 10+ years’ experience in contract negotiations, vendor management a, d global procurement. The equipment he was responsible for purchasing cost upwards of $3 million.
  • He has experience with the strategic side as well as the tactical side of supply chain and has built successful vendor relationships, set up agreements, negotiated contracts, managed Master Service Agreements etc.
  • He was responsible for leading several projects in cost reduction and achieved $7M savings on one project. He understands a sense of urgency when it comes to procurement and on time delivery/inventory management.
  • He does not have a degree but has several certifications, and has gone through years of training including Six Sigma, 5S, contract negotiation training etc.
  • He lives in Georgia.

Candidate SCM24:

  • Candidate 24SCM has a 15-year history in CPG supply chain support, 12 of which have been in and around a major beverage manufacturer’s bottling and supply chain business.
  • During her time there, she works very closely with the plants, and her role was closely aligned with supporting production.
  • Although she has resided in the corporate office, she has provided analysis of raw material inventory for the bottling plants – everything from planning, purchasing and procuring for various locations.
  • She worked with suppliers to ensure availability of materials and that all material specifications were met.
  • She handled getting material quotes, and also monitored material requirements at the plants.
  • She was responsible for making sure the supplier was getting materials delivered in a timely manner.
  • She also reviewed shipment histories to determine cost saving methods using load consolidation while still maintaining timely flow to the plants
  • She has used Excel extensively to provide reporting and inventory visibility.
  • She analyzed data from supplier reports into one rolling estimate report to aid forecasting – She tracked cost, quality, dates, and spend, creating one report that was sent out to senior management.  She also created scanned analysis reports.
  • Their demand had some spikes and fluctuations due to things like promotional events, so she made sure she was tracking inventory based on event projections and lead time requirements ensureure inventory levels were adjusted for these volume fluctuations.
  • She checked in regularly with both suppliers and the plants to communicate projections and inventory status.
  • She used SAP for extracting data, and is continuing to use it currently in her contract role.
  • She is working a temporary contract in inventory management ending next week (Nov 2nd is her last day). She is filling in for someone on maternity leave.
  • She lives in Georgia.

Candidate SCM23:

  • Candidate SCM23 has his BS in Hospitality Management and 16 years experience in Supply Chain.
  • He has 6 years experience in SAP and has a broad range of knowledge within the software.
  • He currently has 5 direct reports and 11-12 indirect reports
  • He has extensive experience with procurement, vendor management, warehousing and inventory control, and shipping.
  • He enjoys being hands-on and would have no problem moving product or jumping on a forklift when needed.
  • Candidate SCM23 resides in North Carolina.

Candidate SCM22:

  • Candidate SCM22 has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business.
  • She began on the customer service side of a home and garden organization handling order management, inventory data and communications with their big-box accounts.
  • At the time she was managing order demand from their customers. She considers herself a bit of an expert at understanding this channel to market. She was able to improve fill rates, manage short ships, and improve customer service levels.
  • In 2014, she moved into a role as an analyst working with their buyers and planners to optimize product inventory and movement. She is an SAP expert user, and has applied that skill across the supply chain.
  • She was promoted roughly 15 months ago into a Supply Planner role where she currently handles the supply planning.
  • She uses both SAP and COGNOS in developing SC visibility. She has exposure to Logility which is primarily used by their demand planner.
  • She moved to supply planning because she wanted to try something upstream of the fulfillment side of their operation.

Candidate SCM21:

  • Candidate SCM21 has her  MBA and BS from Valdosta State University. She is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified and working on her APICS Certification which will be completed in January of 2018.
  • She started her career in the military as a Materials Manager. She has quickly worked her way up into management. She has managed up to 20 employees. He management style is very hands-on and open to associates. She creates an environment where they can bond with management. She expresses her gratitude for a job well done.
  • She has extensive experience with LEAN. She was certified in Lean through the Air Force and they focused a lot on Lean principles.
  • She is experienced in DPO(distribution process optimization), KPI monitor, standards creation, root cause analysis, process improvement, improved service level agreements and overtime creation. They also used the Kanban system. It was kind of implemented within WMS and SAP. Occasional discrepancies occurred when the systems didn’t communicate accurately so constant monitoring was needed. Once identified, adjusting one or both systems often a cycle count has been conducted is how the problem was rectified.
  • She has used SAP, Manhattan, WMS, and VoicePick.

Candidate SCM20:

  • Candidate SCM20 has his MBA in Supply Chain and has 12+ years experience in Supply Chain Management
  • He currently works in a 24/7 food manufacturing plant and is responsible for end to end supply chain- including tactile procurement/ negotiating contracts and running physical inventory three times a week.
  • He currently has 4 direct reports: purchasing, 2 warehouse managers and a logistics/ 3PL coordinator.
  • He describes his management style as “direct while holding people accountable.” He holds weekly one on ones with his team and gives goals for the week.  They meet the following week to review the goals and discover together why certain goals were not met- – he provides resources where necessary.
  • He is familiar with Lean and has implemented some 5S on the warehouse side.
  • He has experience with setting and maintaining budgets as well as with AS400 and Oracle based ERP systems
  • He has a great attitude and work ethic.

Candidate SCM19:

  • Candidate SCM19 has a Bachelor’s in Business, and is a certified CPIM.
  • She has been working for the last 4 years as a Supply Chain Analyst.
  • In her current position, she tracks stock levels and usage to provide intelligence to their planning team. She handles the crown moulding category for a large account.
  • Although most of their inventory is supplied in standard lengths, she has had some experience in tracking dimensional inventory.
  • She uses sales data and on-hand inventory to determine how much product to bring in.
  • She provides feedback to the plants that supply THD by developing projections driven from customer demand.
  • In her previous role, her analysis helped define inventory targets and service levels around sales forecasts.
  • She was hired for her current role to build their data visibility. She has been working with SAP for 6 years and considers herself very proficient in data extraction, manipulation, interpretation and reporting. She is also well versed in Excel tools and business objects reporting.
  • She really enjoys the systems/technology side of supply chain, and would like to be involved in ERP implementation as she develops her career.
  • Candidate SCM19 currently resides in Georgia.

Candidate SCM18:

  • Candidate SCM18 has his BS from Cal State and is working towards his MBA from UNC Wilmington.  He will receive his MBA in May of 2019.
  • He has 5 years experience in Supply Chain and Manufacturing and has a good understanding of end to end supply chain.
  • He has experience with vendor management and customer support. He has employed vendor scorecards as well as used ERP systems to track on-time delivery and quality to ensure proper vendor management.
  • He has 2 years experience with production planning, 2 years experience of cradle to grave direct procurement and has warehouse and inventory management experience.
  • He has a good understanding of lean methodologies and employed KanBan systems and FIFO.
  • He has experience with SAP and was a part of the implementation of SAP in his previous role.  He has only used SAP on the commercial facing side but is confident in his understanding and ability with SAP and other ERP systems.
  • He is a GREAT communicator and has managed from 3-7 direct reports (including some temp labor at ramp-up time). He describes his management style as more of a leader than a manager and believes in listening to employees to ensure that they are best utilized in the organization.
  • Candidate SCM18 is located in North Carolina.

Candidate SCM17:

  • Candidate SCM17 has been with a healthcare solutions organization in a project management capacity for about 2-1/2 years. Much of his charge is bringing operational excellence to the Supply Chain.
  • His projects have involved him in every aspect of their operation including logistics, strategic planning, scheduling, finance, project management, and demand planning and forecasting.
  • Most of his projects involve developing programs and resources in the plants and with their suppliers. He drives a lot of NPI and sustaining projects.
  • He is very data driven and tends to lay out multiple options when presenting to senior leadership. He likes to outline pros and cons and the risks to ROI for any proposed solution.
  • In his current position he does not have direct reports but all the teams involved in his projects indirectly report into him.
  • One of his projects involved overseeing the changeover process driven by one of their major suppliers changing one of their sources. This impacted everything from design/drawings, BOM, documentation of country of origin, ECO to several different product, packaging and label changes. He was involved in coordinating the design verification process, product testing, and working with engineering on regulatory compliance and quality. He took this project all the way through production qualification including going back to the plants to run trial lots of material to verify the process documentation, planning, and change documentation.
  • He is most proud of was a risk mitigation project in their supply chain. The organization was experiencing 35-40% YOY growth in a certain product, but they were getting hit hard with backorders that could affect their ability to service that growth. He was asked to take on the task of reducing $1M in backorders down to $100k in order to secure the supply chain. He pulled all the data from suppliers using 5 metrics (capacity, lead time, location, supplier agreement, quality) to create a high/low risk heat map. He then eliminated the extremely high risk suppliers. He visited the rest of their suppliers to share the risk metrics, and then he set up vendor managed stocking agreements and trained the supplier to improve lagging metrics. In 9 months, he was able to bring down backorders to $40k or below.
  • He comes from a production background where he was involved in inventory and production planning, procurement and logistics.
  • He describes himself as a very analytical and logical thinker. He doesn’t want repetitive duties – he likes tackling new challenges and making them best in class.
  • Candidate SCM17 lives in Georgia.

Candidate SCM16:

  • Candidate SCM16 is an Industrial Engineer with an MBA in SCM.
  • He’s spent most of his career with a mattress manufacturer, working his way up from the plant floor to corporate sourcing, procurement and leading initiatives in operational excellence.
  • He started off working in the plant as a Material Manager overseeing cycle counts and production planning. He had very hands-on inventory responsibility.
  • Once he moved to corporate, he focused primarily on procurement and sourcing. He was responsible for demand planning and forecasting on the supply side. He’s been closely involved in ensuring that their procurement and inventory data is correct. He worked with their team of buyers on populating data into the ERP to ensure meaningful data extraction and reporting. The company has used everything from JDEdwards to a homegrown ERP system, and he was very involved in establishing their procure to pay process by setting up fields and traceability markers.
  • He was responsible for reviewing company-wide logistics for the flow of materials.
  • His corporate engagement was more strategic, but he had tactical daily communications with their plants.
  • He handled supplier reviews, leveraged their volumes, and made determinations moving business to/from suppliers, and has used tools such as running lean events and VSM.
  • He’s managed material flow to the production lines and worked with internal data and suppliers for setting up safety stock, and was involved in setting up bar code scanning for tracking material and increasing inventory accuracy.
  • One of his best practices was setting up MRB meetings with Material managers where they would set up 30-45 min meetings/wk to look at levels, shrinkage, and determine root cause for any discrepancies or losses.
  • Candidate SCM16 is located in Georgia.

Candidate SCM15:

  • Candidate SCM15 has over 24 years of industry experience.  Most of his career has been working in Logistics and Supply Chain management roles within the manufacturing industries.
  • He has a BSc in Business Administration and a MBA in Supply Chain management.
  • In his current role, he is the Sr. Operations Manager for a logistics and supply chain firm contracted to a large technology firm. He manages a team of up to 55 people. His management style is “hands on” he is very much a coach and willing to train and mentor his team.
  • His approach when beginning with new department is to understand the daily operations first, then review what each person is contributing so he can get an understanding of current state. He would then want to understand future state based on strategy, goals or just general process improvement. He is very hands-on and willing to cross-train and improvement his team.
  • In his career, he has extensive experience with SOP’s, demand planning, inventory management, purchasing, and logistics.
  • With regards to 3PL, he has been involved in evaluating package shipments and whether its beneficial to utilize a 3PL vs internal providers. He has also worked on consolidating shipments and even “piggybacked” with supplier shipments to utilize that option.
  • He has used Six Sigma toolset such as DMAIC, 5S within warehouse/distribution centers to improve processes and change layout of the departments.
  • Candidate SCM15 is located in Georgia.

Candidate SCM14:

  • Candidate SCM14 has 5 years experience in tactical procurement, 3 years in warehousing, 5-6 years in logistics and 9+ years in inventory control.
  • He has experience in exporting and understands the importance of having customs paperwork filled out accurately- he prides himself at being organized and detail oriented.
  • He has worked primarily in the automotive (tier 1) and hotel management industries.
  • He has a strong background in management and customer service and has great communication skills.
  • He currently manages 8 direct reports and 750 indirect reports and explains that he always gives his employees a chance to learn and train but once they have covered something he expects to see improvement.  He loves seeing his employees excel at their jobs.
  • He has experience with two versions of SAP and considers himself adept in SAP.
  • He has a very strong Lean background and uses Lean and CI principles on a daily basis.
  • Candidate SCM14 lives in Alabama but is interested in relocating to Georgia.

Candidate SCM13:

  • Candidate SCM13 has his BS from the University of Wisconsin and his MBA.   He has worked as the Director of Material Management at an electrical manufacturer.
  • His responsibilities have included procurement, demand planning, and stocking levels across multiple operations including the final assembly plant in Mexico. Much of their components and sub-assemblies are procured through contract manufacturers.
  • He has a number of direct reports including analysts and buyers.
  • He has also overseen logistics and transportation before he grew into a more senior role in Materials Planning, and has also mnaged warehouseing and logistics in previous roles.
  • He has been able to change the methodologies by which they do demand planning and forecasting. He’s has brought a lot of framework to their SIOP.
  • He has a desire to get into a more challenging, innovative environment where he can have more end-to-end responsibility, and effect positive change through SCM and lean best practices.
  • Candidate SCM13 resides in Georgia.

Candidate SCM12:

  • Candidate 12SCM has worked in Logistics and Supply chain for 11 years.
  • She has worked in the Automotive industry, specifically Tire Manufacturing.
  • She has implemented various supply chain practices from reducing overstock warehouse inventory by over 75% and creating a rolling 3-month safety stock. She is also Subject matter expert in SAP and implemented SOP processes/policies to ensure inventory stock availability.
  • She has great experience in forecasting and planning by utilizing the ERP systems to understand spikes in historical demand and markets. She also understands importing/exporting policies for various countries such Mexico, Czech Republic, Germany, and India.
  • She has successfully negotiated supplier contracts and vendor managed including freight forwarders which she just got a 10% reduction.
  • She has working experience in implementing Six Sigma lean tools to ensure that cycle time and warehouse centers are optimized.
  • She has managed up to 3 Direct reports and 2 in directs. Her management style is very much “hands-on” but a coach she prefers to observe, be fair and have an open relationship which encourages people to feel no judgment but also ensure that there is accountability and urgency.
  • Candidate 12SCM communicates very well and is a capable supply chain professional.
  • She has a BS in Business Management and is currently working on her CSCP certification (exp. Dec 2018)
  • She is located Georgia.

Candidate SCM11:

  • Candidate SCM11 has a BS in Aerospace Engineering and 6 years experience in Project Management and New Product Launches.
  • He has managed up to 10 projects at a time, from quoting to launching.. He has exceptional communication skills and handles customers with great skill and experience.
  • He has a record of completing new project launches on time and within budget while keeping customers happy from first prototype through production rollout.
  • He has 5 years experience with Quality standards ISO9100 & TS16949
  • He has worked in Automotive Tier 1 & Tier 2 Suppliers most of his career.
  • He has experience with Microsoft Project, he has taught himself but his current company doesn’t use it enough, he would like the opportunity to become better.
  • Candidate SCM11 is located in Georgia

Candidate SCM10:

  • Candidate SCM10 has his BS in Industrial Technology, 2014.
  • His current role includes communicating daily with suppliers in order to successfully launch new products
  • He often visits suppliers to ensure quality.  He has experience with TS16949 as well as ISO standards
  • He is responsible for the New Model Trial Coordination at his current company- he coordinates all dry runs before mass production and assists in all quality checks, submitting data to clients etc.
  • Mervin has been in manufacturing his entire career and has significant experience in automotive manufacturing
  • He has great customer service experience and enjoys interacting with both clients and suppliers. .
  • Candidate SCM10 is located in Georgia.

Candidate SCM9:

  • Candidate SCM9 has a Industrial Engineering degree, and obtained an MBA
  • He has been involved in supply chain operations for 19 years of his career primarily in support of the automotive industry.
  • He has experience with primarily outsourcing components (forgings and castings) through a vendor resource in China.
  • He also has been a Global Category Manager in supply chain operations. He managed both automotive and temperature assured packaging categories and commodities along with 18 buyers that reported to him across both NA and Mexico. Part of his responsibility was supplier scorecards and evaluations.
  • He is very used to travel in his career. He has traveled many times to China, Taiwan most of the Asian markets. He even managed a plant in the Czech Republic.
  • For him the size of company doesn’t bother him – he’s a hands on type – he doesn’t sit round waiting for someone to provide him data.
  • He would like the opportunity to bring ideas that will drive revenue in an operation that has less red tape.
  • He wants to be in a manufacturing operation – purchasing, procurement and sourcing are his forte.
  • He likes working with an engineered product – something that offers a more competitive value add than just cost and volume.
  • His strong suite are sourcing suppliers internationally, developing metrics and has always been involved in simultaneous engineering with regard to new product development.
  • Candidate SCM9 is located in Georgia.

Candidate SCM8:

  • Candidate SCM8 has over 20 years’ experience in operations, supply chain, and sales.
  • His passion is supply chain effectiveness. He has devoted a good deal of his professional development and networking by staying up to date with new practices and techniques. He is certified – CPIM, CSCP, TQM and has six sigma training.
  • He has implemented multiple TMS and ERP systems during his career and works in daily.
  • He is experienced in pulling data from Oracle and JD Edwards DB’s for use in tracking on-time rates and inventory turns.
  • He believes in owning the data and being transparent with the data. – if you’re making your metrics, there’s nothing to talk about, if not, how can we fix it?
  • He has also has been a part of growing an organization from ~$30M in revenue to $400M . He believes success starts with leadership.
  • Greg has dealt with overseas suppliers in China – he was able to negotiate such good terms that they went from purchasing 2 containers to 400 containers/year.
  • He also knows how to maximize gains in international logistics. He knows how to cost out options such as Ex Works v. CIF. He is also good at laying out cost analysis driven by sales volume, landed costs, raw material sourcing, etc.
  • He’s also done new product rollouts while at the CPG company where they did about 40 NPI’s a year… mostly cleaning products – they didn’t want to lose shelf space.
  • He’s worked a good deal in steel sourcing with metal stampers and sheet steel suppliers throughout the supply chain. Candidate SCM8 is located in Georgia.

Candidate SCM7:

  • Candidate SCM7 has his BS in Productions and Operations Management, his MS in Management and 24+ years of Management experience. APICS Certified CPIM.
  • He has had  20 years Requirements Planning Management experience from DRP (distribution requirements planning) and  MRP (material requirements planning)environments. He has created forecasting models from sales data and actual build rates, plus he has worked with customers to understand their requirements for his companies products. At other times in the sustainment business, he has worked with engineering to predict failure rates and then create master schedules for products. he has been involved with MRP/APICS since 1989 when he served on the Board of Directors in Colorado.
  • He started his management career as a Logistics Manager, he managed anywhere from 15 up to 90 direct reports.
  • He has an expert understanding of LEAN and has driven several changes. He is constantly looking for ways to reduce waste, utilize space more efficiently, reduce footprint, and reduce time to market. He understands the seven forms of “waste” or MUDA and has used the techniques to solve manufacturing/inventory issues of his corporation.
  • He drove 30% space reduction initiatives and reduction in shipping delivery time into warehouse teams with Six Sigma/6S.  He has applied Lean principles addressing “wait”, “excess motion”, “defects” and “equipment breakdown”.
  • He lead a team for the production implementation of SAP and Maximo in several sites. He is MRP certified. He has used scorecards that show Inventory Dollars in excess, inventory accuracy (95%), defects on the manufacturing line, mispicks in the stockroom, etc.
  • For on-time delivery, he had a monthly delivery metric that depicted the total deliveries requested and actuals shipped against parts requested by customers. This was also shared with his upper management and he was required to add comments on anomalies for out of tolerance months. There was also a measure of waste out of the manufacturing area.
  • He has worked with procurement to make addendums to their purchased inventory held at the supplier, which saves our facility space and gives us flexibility and no expedite charges. He and Procurement have coordinated moving $11M in manufacturing tooling from their site to a new supplier. This included part approvals through quality and supplier qualification activities. He has also evaluated suppliers for rate of production, quality, and logistics for our site.
  • He has experience sourcing materials globally and has  suppliers all around the world.
  • Candidate SCM7 is would like to relocate to Georgia.

Candidate SCM6:

  • Candidate SCM6 is a Mechanical Engineer with 20+ years experience in strategic and tactical supply chain with a focus on Lean Six Sigma.
  • He uses Lean tools to improve processes and achieve cost reductions and source better materials
  • His background in Engineering and LSS lends him to be very data driven.  He is trained in SCORE and creates KPIs based on analysis of data/ metrics.
  • He has 20+ years experience in the Asian market and lived in Hong Kong for three years with current company where he re-located manufacturing plants and warehousing to reduce shipping costs and improve supplier relationships
  • In China, he developed a Supplier Portal system that allowed for better visibility and tractability of the various suppliers – – an inexpensive adjustment that resulted in significant cost savings
  • He has been involved in 3 ERP implementations and has used a variety of ERP systems throughout his career.
  • He is well-versed in S&OP and had the opportunity to work and develop a robust S&OP system.
  • He is a go getter who has advanced throughout his career.
  • He is targeting a minimum of 150k for his next role
  • Candidate SCM6 is located in Georgia.

Candidate SCM5:

  • Candidate SCM5 has 3-5 years experience in tactical procurement, 2 years in warehousing, 4-5 years in logistics and 9 years in inventory control.
  • He has worked primarily in the automotive (tier 1) and hotel management industries
  • He has a strong background in management and customer service and has great communication skills
  • He currently manages 8 direct reports and 750 indirect reports and explains that he always gives his employees a chance to learn ad train but once they have covered something he expects to see improvement.  He loves seeing his employees excel at their jobs.
  • He experience with two versions of SAP and considers himself adept in SAP
  • He has a very strong Lean background and uses Lean and CI principles on a daily basis.
  • Candidate SCM5 is located in Alabama but open to relocation to Georgia.

Candidate SCM4:

  • Candidate SCM4 has 13+ years experience in warehousing, logistics, and inventory control.
  • He currently runs 5 departments within a warehousing and fulfillment facility. One of the departments alone carries 150 million dollars in inventory
  • He has project management experience and is LSS Black Belt certified
  • Jeremiah has managed up to 105 associates and with a background in professional sports he describes his management style as more of a coaching style “I refuse to set up anyone for failure”
  • He has experience with SAP, DynamicsAX, and some limited Manhattan.
  • Candidate SCM4 is located in Georgia.

Candidate SCM3:

  • Candidate SCM3 has a strong background in Supply Chain and Operations within a distribution/ logistics setting.
  • She currently manages 7 direct reports and the day to day operations of a large distribution facility
  • She has experience on both the analytical and tactical side of logistics
  • She evaluates carriers and addresses issues with vendors on a regular basis.
  • Theresa has strong work longevity and has worked her way up in her career
  • Candidate SCM3 is located in Georgia.

Candidate SCM2:

  • Candidate SCM2 is a Management Major with a degree. He has over 17 years’ experience in manufacturing with the bulk of his professional activity in production planning.
  • In his career he has taught many individuals how to plan their processes with the corporate planning tools. He acted as a guide and mentor for employees and was instrumental in identifying problem areas and finding solutions to prevent reoccurrence.
  • In his previous company he was instrumental in sourcing, developing space utilization and turnaround logistics for accommodating the hardwood acclimation requirements and still meeting orders. He was involved in securing the glues, adhesives, catalysts, etc using Ariba purchasing software.
  • In his current company he handles production and inventory planning for the facility and manages much of the demand planning across five plants for finished goods distribution.
  • In his next career he would like He would like the challenge of working in a global market and in a company that is focused on process improvement.
  • Candidate SCM2 is located in Georgia.

Candidate SCM1:

  • Candidate SCM1 has a MBA and BS. She is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified and working on her APICS Certification which will be completed in January of 2018.
  • She started her career in the military as a Materials Manager. She has quickly worked her way up into management. She has managed up to 20 employees. He management style is very hands on and open to associates. She creates an environment where they can bond with management. She express her gratitude for a job well done.
  • Some of her key optimization and cost savings include performing Biannually full audits and daily cycle counts which helped to establish a baseline of their inventory and eventually increase accuracy by 20% in 5 months. Daily delivery of goods that had to be processed, picked and packed each day. Increased on time adherence by 15% creating a staggering time for inbound vs outbound associates. Learned method from another facility while in the development program months. Full cycle count was conducted within 3 months of me starting the position. By eliminating expired and obsolete products, was able to eventually reduce future inventory adjustments by 7% and recouping ~$500k
  • She has extensive experience with LEAN. She has focused a lot on Lean principles. DPO(distribution process optimization) is the guiding principle around 5s, KPI monitor, standards creation, root cause analysis, process improvement, improved service level agreements and overtime creation. She also has experience usingKanban systems
  • She has used SAP, Manhattan, WMS, and VoicePick stems.
  • Candidate SCM1 is located in Georgia.