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Candidate 6SC:

    • Candidate 6SC has built his career on managing retail and big box accounts for companies that promote consumer brands.
    • He is currently driving national sales for European consumer products which include a wide range of buyers in the US.
    • He feels that mass retail where he has the best traction for success. Throughout his career, he has been involved in marketing initiatives in his efforts to sell the brand message to retailers.
    • He’s launched new products with every company he’s been with and has worked with planning teams developing analytics around product movement and demand.
    • He is looking for his next opportunity to utilize his skill sets to be successful.
    • Candidate 6SC is located in GA.

Candidate 5SC:

  • Candidate 5S launched his consulting career in supply chain solutions with the bulk of his activity in the manufacturing and industrial space initially concentrating on lean, VSM, and Kaizen events. He has deep roots in manufacturing.
  • He likes the challenge of developing markets with his handprint on the project delivery.
  • In his past 10 yrs, Candidate 5SC has been focused on business development and client solutions in the Healthcare and Consumer Product Packaging sectors with a heavy emphasis on supply chain software platforms
  • He’s driven sales and delivery on a number of large scale projects for improving procurement, inventory control, packaging and logistics/transportation and his main contracts have all been forged with large Fortune 500 companies.
  • Typical SOW of projects include supply chain assessment around procurement and sourcing, streamlining business processes.
  • Candidate 5SC is located in GA but is used to traveling weekly.

Candidate 4SC:

  • Candidate 4SC began his career in consulting right of college.
  • He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • For a number of years, his focus was in operational excellence in manufacturing – products and services.
  • Past 4 years has been in communication industry Lean Transformation Services.
  • He generally sells as an SME, not so much as the business developer.
  • He really likes the CI/Lean Transformation side of his career
  • He has been involved in ERP – process cleanup – done it w CRM and Workforce Mgt.
  • He teaches LSS as a part of his SME services.
  • He is an LSSBB (George Group) – One of his BB projects involved a pharmaceutical packaging line where he was tasked with doubling productivity. He conducted a series of rapid improvement events, put in some visual scorecards, and was able to double output (he commented that they were only at 35% capacity when he began). He was only one on-site.
  • Candidate 4SC is located in GA.

Candidate 3SC:

  • Candidate 3SC has 22 years in project management, operational transformation, and consulting and 5 years experience in SC Sales.
  • He holds a BS Mechanical Engineering and an MBA
  • He is a Lean Six Sigma expert (Black Belt/Master Black Belt certified )
  • He has performed end-to-end resource planning. He redesigned a parts warehouse serving repair and aftermarket replacement – he was the consultant for offering solutions: 5s, Kaizens, lanes and demand planning. Helped improve yr/yr costs: inventory carrying, direct labor, etc.
  • Candidate 3SC is located in GA

Candidate 2SC:

  • Candidate 2SC has 15 years experience in Supply Chain, SAP and Project Management.
  • He has 10+years ERP Implementation experience with 5 full life cycle implementations.
  • Although he does not have traditional sales experience, he does have plenty of experience consulting and guiding clients through the planning and execution of business changes by way of technology.
  • He has extensive experience in supply & demand planning, Transportation Management, Transportation Network Design, Fulfillment Strategy, Distribution Methods, Warehouse layout & design and PFEP Development.
  • He brings plenty of business maturity and problem-solving skills to the table and is an independent thinker. He is a very strong communicator and well organized and able to work well autonomously.
  • Candidate 2SC is located in GA.

Candidate 1SC:

  • Candidate 1SC has over 20 years’ experience in supply chain operations planning, international sourcing decisions, global manufacturing decisions, logistics, and transportation planning.
  • He was a consultant for 8 years and his role was about 50% sales, and 50% project management. He has had his hand in Sales with every company in his career.
  • He has been involved in warehouse automation, warehouse design, internal design, inventory strategy and extensive sales.
  • He has extensive experience in Demand & Supply Planning, Transportation Management, Transportation Network Design,  Fulfillment Strategy, Distribution Methods, Network Analysis and Warehouse layout & design. ERP; he was a conduit to the customer during 10 very large implementations, has been mostly on the customer side, familiar with what functions customers want and delivering it to them.